Derek Hough and Bethany Mota – Finale Night 2 Videos, Including Miscellaneous Clips and “Thankful”

Wow…loved that Thankful clip so much. 🙂 And for a more than two hour episode, Derek and Bethany weren’t in the final night nearly enough. 🙂

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7 Responses to Derek Hough and Bethany Mota – Finale Night 2 Videos, Including Miscellaneous Clips and “Thankful”

  1. nobleze says:

    I am thankful to Derek Hough for always bringing his best to the dance floor (well, in life in general, actually), and at the same time bringing out the best in his partner. I am thankful that he doesn’t let the negative take away the positive, and by doing so, he helps others view life in the same manner. I am thankful that he always share memorable family moments to inspire us and make us smile. I am thankful that he is such an eye-candy–his photos always make me giddy and feel like a teenager again, LOL! I am thankful that he has reliable/loyal, classy, intelligent, talented, positive, funny, level-headed fans who help make sense of the crazy showbiz world that Derek works in. I am very thankful I found this site, where everything Derek is served fresh, hot and sizzling.

    Thank you so much, Miss Heidi! Thank you to Voguerista, too, and all Derek fans who make this site so enjoyable to visit (several times a day, LOL)!

  2. mimi f. acworth says:

    I was sooo thrilled for them that they got the encore ! It and the paso were just so beautiful. It just really hurt to see them eliminated after the amazing , entertaining dances they produced. And yes Derek, I am so grateful too, that you have a chance to do and share what you love to do. I really think that altho by the end of a season you are tired, that when its over you miss it as much as we miss you. It is a unique show and I understand why you love it . The scenario of this show seems to fit your need to create and share and have a large production crew that can make your visions happen, perfectly. It also prevents boredom and complacency because each person you dance with is new, different and so it’s almost like a “season 1” each time. Thank you so much for all the hard work and for trying and sharing so many beautiful works.

  3. Rose Rus says:

    I loved watching Derek and Bethany perform their Paso again. I liked it better this time with her hair in this style. She was so beautiful and regal. Derek just takes my breath away when he dances a Paso! And this one is one of his best. I wish it were longer. I love the drums. The whole production of this paso appeals to my personal nature. I realized my heart was really pounding when this number finished. LOL 🙂

    Their Freestyle Encore was so exciting. The whole group was so in sync. It was just beautiful the way they moved through the routine . . . almost like a machine.

    I saw so much I had missed when I watched it before. I had some network problems.
    Thank you Heidi! Without your wonderful clips I would not have seen some of this. You are a wonder!

  4. Voguerista says:

    Thanks so much. These are wonderful. And you are so right how they weren’t in the final night long enough. I thought that too while blogging on it.

  5. Cathy says:

    What a perfect summary of finale night! Having all these videos together to reflect on this most memorable evening is fantastic! Derek and Bethany’s encore freestyle was another epic performance, and I just loved watching their favorite routine again…the paso doble, which is also one of my favorites! And Derek’s “Thankful” clip…so touching, so simple, and so genuine, and his humility and gratitude shine through every word. Just beautiful.

    Heidi, ditto to what Julliana wrote! We are all like one big, happy Hough family because of you and Vogue! THANK YOU! 🙂

  6. Julliana (@JuCutolo) says:

    Thank you Heidi and Vogue for everything! If it wasn’t for you guys, there wouldn’t be such a strong and united Derek’s fandom! You are amazing for giving so much of your time to keep us updated and never miss a blink of our favorite blonde! standing ovation

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