Poll Result: What Was Your Favorite Team Dance?

This one is kinda surprising to me, mainly because I’m not as fond of that more recent team dances (love Foxing Awesome though) as I am of the first few. Mainly because they were ballroom and they were just GOOD. The latter ones were too, but you remove some of the difficulty when you make them Freestyle. Anyway, here are the results:

Favorite Team Dance

Poll Result: Which of Derek Hough’s Iconic Dances is Your Favorite?

The results from my poll round up continue!! And this is another close vote that will require a run off! Here are the results:

Favorite Iconic dances

Now that you’ve seen the top four dances again, which one is your FAVORITE?? You can only vote for ONE.

Poll Results: Which of Derek Hough’s DWTS Freestyles Was Your Favorite?? (Plus Runoff Vote)

More results from my polls from a couple weeks ago! Wow, this was a close one between Kellie and Shawn!! Check it out! We’ll have to have a run off with the top three, with these kind of votes!

Favorite Freestyle

Okay, of the top two freestyles, which one is your absolute favorite?? You can only vote for ONE.

Poll Results: Which of Derek Hough’s DWTS Partners Was YOUR Favorite??

The Results are in on the poll I have a couple weeks ago and I’m going to start handing out the results. First, which of Derek’s partners was your favorite?? See below:

Favorite Partner

Derek Hough: The Week in Twitter, February 17, 2014

What another great week for Derek!! As the new Twitter Round-up reflects, Derek flew to New York City to spend some time with friends and see a private screening of his upcoming new movie “Make Your Move 3D”. Then he flew to St. Johns, Newfoundland in Canada to do a “Bust A Move” work shop and then back to New York City again Sunday! Amongst Derek’s busy schedule, he posted that he was watching thinking of Meryl Davis and Charlie White at the Olympics. He also ran into former Dancing With The Stars partner Shawn Johnson. Other pics below include some fun fan art and other miscellaneous pictures from Ballroom With A Twist, Mohegan Sun, and more. You can view more photos of the Newfoundland “Bust A Move” event at our facebook page. And now here is to the week ahead with more “Ballroom With A Twist Shows in North and South Dakota…and another “Bust A Move” event at the end of the week!! So which picture below is your favorite? ~Vogue

DWTS Poll Roundup: Which Was Your Favorite of Derek Hough’s Winning Freestyles Plus New Polls

Back on December 2, Vogue asked Derek fans two questions: Who was your favorite of Derek’s winning partners and which of Derek’s winning freestyles was your favorite?

The answer to Question 1 (Favorite Winning Partner):
1. Kellie Pickler (36 Votes)
2. Amber Riley (23 Votes)
3. Nicole Scherzinger (6 Votes)

The answer to Question 2 (Favorite Winning Freestyle):
1. Kellie Pickler (42 Votes)
2. Amber Riley (18 Votes)
3. Tie – Jennifer Grey and Nicole Scherzinger with two votes each

Now, I see how many hits the site gets each day and I have to say that the vast majority of people coming to the site just didn’t vote. This poll was done by comments as opposed to clicking a button, which might make a difference. It was also done right after the season ended. What I also noted was that there were lots of people wishing they could vote for Shawn. I also agree with the person who said that Kellie and Amber might be getting the lion share of the votes because they are most recent. I will also add, however, that Derek has evolved tremendously from season to season. One only has to go back and watch the dances with Brooke and then look at his dances with Nicole…and then move forward to Kellie and Amber. I still think that Nicole is his best partner in terms of technical perfection and difficulty of dances, but that’s me. :-) Some people tend to like the first partner the best, others like the most recent. But I was thinking: now that it’s been a couple months since we’ve seen Derek dance on DWTS, have your feelings changed? And how many people really love Shawn but couldn’t vote for her in the last polls?? So, I decided to do a poll round up where you can click buttons. Be sure to tell me in the comments why you voted the way you did. :-) Hey, not everyone is watching the superbowl! And in a couple weeks we find out if Derek worked out his contract or not and what kind of new partner will be added to the list – so, go to it!! And that’s about the time we will discuss the results of these polls. :-) HOWEVER – you only have one week to vote. Continue reading DWTS Poll Roundup: Which Was Your Favorite of Derek Hough’s Winning Freestyles Plus New Polls

Derek Hough at the Primetime Emmy Awards Tomorrow (Video)

Tomorrows the big day, kids – the Primetime Emmy Awards. They’ve moved the Choreography award to that telecast and based on what’s been said it will be somewhere in the middle of the show. If you want to see all the nominated dances/choreographers, check out Kristyn’s blog. Derek has TWO nominations, one by himself and one with Allison Holker. This is the first time I’ve ever said this, but – this is his year, and if he doesn’t win at least one Emmy then there’s something wrong. Walking on Air has Emmy written all over it. So, cross your fingers, say a little prayer…but remember, it is a tremendous honor to be nominated (twice) in this category with these nominees.

His nominated dances with Allison:

His nomination for “body of work” as solo choreographer:

Derek Hough’s Emmy Nominated Dances for 2013!

If this doesn’t get him the win, there is no justice. :-) He’s never been better than this.

Derek Hough Visits a Children’s Hospital While Conrad Green Touts his “Emmy Worthiness”

Derek and his dad, Bruce, did some golfing the other day for a worthy cause. That worthy cause was Primary Children’s Medical Center and the Forever Young Foundation founded by Steve Young. I’ll be posting a variety of pictures tweeted of them golfing with my usual Sunday round up, but here’s a bit of an article from ABC Channel 4 in Utah:

An emotional time as Sophie’s Place is unveiled in the hospital, a state of the art room where children will come for crafts, games and music therapy.

Friday’s celebration is the result of a partnership with the Forever Young Foundation and the Hospital Foundation.

But today the benefits are hitting a high note; doctors are even writing prescriptions for music therapy.

Progress that is drawing a star studded lineup to Friday’s celebration. Linkin Park, Stone Temple Pilots and Utah’s own Derek Hough from Dancing with the Stars were all in attendance.

“The fact they are bringing in music therapy to the hospital is a fantastic thing, I really believe in it, I think it’s beneficial and I think it’s going to help the kids,” said Derek Hough, from Dancing with the Stars.

Meanwhile, Conrad Green, the executive producer of DWTS spoke to the Tolcan Times (I assume there was a media junket of some sort) and Margie Barron wrote a great article about the show and Conrad’s comments. Click the link to read the entire article – very nice. I’ve put a relevant excerpt below. Conrad talks about how amazing the professional dancers are and how they work harder than most…but it is, of course, Derek that is at the forefront of his mind when discussing the Emmys and Choreography. As it should be. ;-)

But it’s the Choreography that deserves the most credit for creativity. The pro-dancers/choreographers have to teach awkward celebrities to learn new dances and compete. Plus the choreographers have passion projects they do, routines for Macy’s Stars of Dance. “Last season Derek Hough pulled off a Macy’s routine that took place in a revolving room. It was amazing, live, and flawless. He did that on top of teaching an amateur how to do two professional dances in less than a week. It’s an incredible feat. Derek has been nominated, but neither he nor any of our dancers have won an Emmy for Choreography. More than one Emmy can be given out for exceptional Choreography, and given how much more complicated our show is from almost every other live show, the recognition is well deserved,” Green insists.

No kidding, Conrad. My thoughts: for the past several years, it has been my opinion that NO ONE is more deserving of the Choreography Emmy than Derek – and I watch So You Think You Can Dance religiously. That show has had some great dances, but sorry kids, but Derek has you all beat this year. I don’t know if he will actually pull off a nomination (it would be a crime if he didn’t) or a win. I tend to think he will be nominated but will again be beaten by some contemporary routine. Why? Politics. Also, it’s a panel decision and I think that most dancers are contemporary dancers….and certainly most of the people voting…so that’s what they know and understand. Plus, I get the feeling that some (Nigel Lithgow, I’m looking at you) don’t appreciate the difficulty or the passion that goes into ballroom dancing. They don’t get it. I’m trying to think of a good analogy here…it’s kinda like the rapper and the opera singer. Is the rapper going to vote for the opera singer for record of the year?? Over other rappers? I doubt it. I’m sure there are some in both groups (contemporary dancers and rappers) that have a great appreciation for the ballroom dancers (and the opera singers) – but do they VOTE for them when they are more worthy than they have ever been?? Or do they stick with their clique?? Or is it just that most of them have a better shot at working on SYTYCD??

I guess we will find out, because this is Derek’s year more than any other. IF I understand the rules correctly (and it’s possible that I’ve missed some nuance), Derek is eligible for as many as four nominations – more than ever before. The rules say that the eligibility period is from June 1, 2012 to May 31, 2013. Unfortunately, the entry deadline is May 3. A work has to have been entered by that date. If it’s in preparation but not completed, they still enter it then have until May 31st to complete it. HOWEVER, since DWTS is a live show and there is a required DVD submission by May 17th – EVERYTHING has to be aired and done before that date, not May 31st – I think. That means (if I understand it correctly) only dances completed and aired before May 17 can actually be nominated for an Emmy. And you all know what that means….no freestyle. I believe that if they enter Derek for a “body of work” nomination and he does a dance AFTER May 3 that is better than what they entered, I think they can substitute, but only up to May 17th. Something like Defying Gravity, which aired right after the deadline, was hopefully entered as a separate nomination with Jamie Goodwin before May 3rd – they should have made the DVD deadline easily on that one. It’s really hard to say and the rules are not that simple to understand – they are caveated all over the place. Like this caveat which is #2 on page one of the Emmy rules:

2. Entries made before the deadline may be modified by the entrant until 5:00 PM on May 31,
2013. An example of a modification would be the replacement of the episode submitted for judging
with another eligible episode

This gives me a tiny bit of hope that ALL of Derek’s dances are eligible. That said, as much as I loved that freestyle with Kellie, I don’t know if it can beat a contemorary dance done by contemporary dancers. I think Derek’s best hope lies in ballroom for body of work and for Defying Gravity.  Here is what I think he’s eligible for (and I sure would love it if he would correct any errors I make….or even TELL ME what he submitted :-) ):

* “body of work” on DWTS as a solo choreographer – this would cover selected dances with Kellie and Shawn from seasons 15 and 16 (up through one of those deadlines I outlined above). I believe they enter up to THREE individual dances by the solo choreographer for this one – how on earth they could limit it to three from the past two seasons of Shawn and Kellie dances I have NO idea.  The dances that stand out in my mind are Shawn’s Quickstep and Mambo (and Freestyle), and Kellie’s Jazz and Freestyle. ALL of them stand out and were excellent – this choice was likely hellish – but those are the dances that come to mind from the last two seasons.  If I were Derek I would likely pick Shawn’s Mambo OR Quickstep and Kellie’s Jazz and Freestyle. Or Kellie’s Jazz and Shawn’s Quickstep and Mambo. Hell.

* Team Nomination with Allison Holker for that Contemporary Piece to “Heart Cry” – I thought this one had a great shot until I saw “Defying Gravity” :-)

* Team Nomination with Mark Ballas for the Contemporary Spaceman Piece – my dancer bud Courtney thinks this was a great shot for Derek and Mark…but again, that was before Defying Gravity

* Team Nomination with Jamie Goodwin for Defying Gravity

I have no idea where his dance with Brilynn Rakes falls in this, if that is a separate Team (he and Brilynn) or if that is a solo number.

Unfortunately, DWTS once AGAIN brought Derek’s main competition into the DWTS ballroom – Stacey Tookey, Jason Gilkison, Allison Holker with Twitch…I’m sure there are more. And I’ll tell you what, if choreography by a non-DWTS pro AGAIN takes Derek (or any other DWTS pro) spot on the Emmy nomination list, I’m gonna be very, very angry. This dance deserves an award. A big, fat, EMMY.

DWTS All Stars Finale – Fan Blog by Helen

Everyone thank Helen for this great blog from last season – now seemed like a good time to post it, right before the season 16 finale, as Helen is going to the Season 16 Finale as well!


Mum had been a fan of Strictly Come Dancing from the start but I was slow to warm to ballroom dancing, until I saw the more glitzy and better presented American version, but it was seeing the futuristic Paso that Derek did that really made my jaw drop and take a second (and third) look at ballroom dancing, not to mention go online to buy DVDs of all the previous DWTS seasons.  We have both loved and looked forward to Dancing with the Stars ever since and especially to see Derek’s brilliantly innovative and watchable “show within a show” routines which have amazed, bedazzled, wowed and made me come to love ballroom dancing.

So when we heard that season 15 may be Derek’s last series, plus it was an all-star season and he would be partnered with Shawn Johnson, whom I love as I am a couch sports fan and Gymnastics is one of the sports I love to watch, I knew I had to go and see him dance live at least once…

I knew you could apply through on camera but even if we did get lucky, coming from the UK, we wouldn’t have enough notice so I began searching online for other options.  I discovered that VIP tickets were occasionally auctioned online for charity and found some on eBay to support US Friends of David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which was perfect as I adore animals and try to support wildlife charities as much as possible and so we got ourselves two VIP performance show tickets.

Next decision was which show to go to , really wanted to see the freestyle that Derek would choreograph with Shawn’s abilities but that would be taking a chance they would get to the final.  I had confidence though, especially after seeing their quickstep, who after that wouldn’t vote to see them do a free-style!  Hence we asked our seller for tickets for the final performance show, she agreed and it turns out that the seller is also one of the show producers and when we mentioned being huge fans of Derek’s she said if we could stay for another day for the final results show, if Derek was there and available she would introduce us – woop woop!!! Continue reading DWTS All Stars Finale – Fan Blog by Helen