Derek Hough and Kellie Pickler – The Finale Dances (Video)!!

So far just the quickstep – I will add the others as I see them. VOTE!! If you can’t get on ABC to vote, keep trying. If you have to go to bed, get up early and vote then!!

The Freestyle!!

Cha Cha Relay

ETA2: The Freestyle for those who want to skip the package and go straight to the dance:

Derek Hough and Kellie Pickler – DWTS 16, Week 6 Screencaps (Part II)

Screen caps from the performance show, including Team Samba

DWTS Season 16, Week 6 – Derek and Kellie’s Quickstep, Package and Team Samba

We’ve got the Quickstep package and some miscellaneous clips, the quickstep dance, the Team Samba Package and Team Samba dance…..The Results Show and Derek’s pro dance are in an earlier post.

Quickstep package and Miscellaneous clips

The Quickstep – included Derek jamming out to the band before their dance

Team Samba Package

Team Samba

DWTS Season 16, Week 6 – Derek and Kellie’s Quickstep (Video)

Team Shawnough Week 3 Videos – Performance and Results Shows

Finally got all the videos together for one post, including the miscellaneous clips. I feel like that one might be missing a piece. If so, I’ll redo it later. :-)

The Package

The Quickstep

The Encore…watch at the very end where Derek pushes Shawn back into the pit. Then Shawn pushes Derek into the pit. :-)

Miscellaneous results show clips – definitely left a piece out of this one. Will fix it tonight. When I remove this comment, you’ll know. :-)

HQ Screen Caps of Derek and Shawn’s Fantastic Quickstep!!

Many thanks to @xMRCfanx for sending these to me!! Greatly appreciated. :-)  (Gallery, click till you get full size)

Derek Hough and Shawn Johnson Post Performance Show Media, Week 3

See, this is how you act when you break the rules. :-)

Daily Mail OnLine – Thanks Catherine for the heads up.

Last week judge Len Goodman issued a challenge to the stars who perform their most eye-popping routines ever: ‘Push the boundaries! Show me something amazing.’

And this week the All Stars recreated an iconic dance from past Dancing With the Stars seasons.

With creative direction left to the non-professionals, the third week of competition had many highs and a few lows for the contestants.

But the best was saved for last when Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough pulled off a high-powered acrobatic quick step, dubbed the ‘Best Dance in 15 seasons’ by Bruno Tonioli.

And everyone’s favorite, George Pennachio!

Nice article from Zap2It

Unfortunately, because the pair bent the rules a bit, their 26.5 score doesn’t reflect the rave reviews.

And that doesn’t bother them a bit.

“The judges are there to enforce the rules — I get that,” Derek told us backstage after the show. “Honestly I was expecting lower scores because of that. The fact that Carrie Ann said she had to dock Shawn and me and still gave us a 9 — I was like, She was going to give us a 10! But she wouldn’t have given us a 9 unless we did that full-out performance.

“The scores are so close anyway,” he added. “I feel like they are slightly redundant in a certain area. When they are so close, sometimes they become irrelevant. And it really is the people at home who vote who are going to get you through.”

“Best dance ever” is “quite the title,” Shawn enthused. “I love it. It just made it worth it. It was so fun — we would’ve loved it if we’d gotten 5s and 6s and the judges hated it.”

Interview with Shawn from Today:

The Clicker: You took a higher plunge off the stairs at the end of your dance than you did in rehearsal.

Shawn: I did. It was the adrenaline. It wasn’t really more dangerous. Where we were originally was pretty high. I just went a little higher.

The Clicker: Is Derek open to your ideas when it comes to pushing the envelope?

Shawn: Yes, definitely. Derek is extremely respectful. He asks for different ideas and opinions. I’ll give them. He loved the different ideas that I brought this week.

Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough’s AMAZING Quickstep!!

Check out the air they get on some of these moves!! The Week 3 quickstep.

ETA: Check it out – Derek and Shawn trended in the USA!! Thanks to Dee for capturing it for me.

Team Menough – Are You Ready To Vote Again?

Team Menough is doing great, so far, but they need you all to vote on Monday night.  Below is our voting collage created by Elara – if you need more instruction, visit the Voting Instructions Post.

Did you forget what you’re voting for?? Here’s a clue. :-)

The Cha Cha

Menough Wk 1 Package by Heidi2011Ho

Menough Wk 1 Cha Cha by Heidi2011Ho

The Quickstep

Team Menough Wk 2 Quickstep by Heidi2011Ho

Menough Misc Clips week 2 by Heidi2011Ho

And here’s an Afterbuzz Red Carpet that was just posted and I just saw it. :-)

DWTS 14, Week 2 – Team Menough Quickstep (KEEP VOTING)!!!

Fantastic dance!! Loved it!!