Derek Hough on Live with Kelly – February 6, 2012 (Part 1)

From Live with Kelly’s website – very cute BTS video.

And a few pictures to wet your appetite for the rest of the show…which won’t be up until tomorrow. Technical difficulties and a shockingly slow internet connection. Keep clicking on the pics till you get the full large size. :-)

Derek Hough: DWTS, Dizzy Feet, Kelly Ripa and More!

Lots of random little tid bits of Derek info came out over the past week and I’ve been saving it up for one post. :-) Mainly because I’ve been very busy. Heh. Understatement.

First, and most important (to me) is that Derek is getting another shot at being Kelly’s cohost on February 6th. Yay!!  From Zap2It’s TV by the Numbers:

February 6, 2012 – “Dancing with the Stars” professional dancer and Season 13 finalist DEREK HOUGH kicks off the week as Kelly’s guest co-host for the day. The guests are actress Debra Messing, and, from “The Middle,” young actor Atticus Shaffer.

We don’t know for sure that Derek will be on the next season of DWTS, but we will find out for sure the Week of February 28th when the cast is announced, provided he doesn’t tell us first. :-)

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Derek has gotten involved in a very worthy cause – the Dizzy Feet Foundation

I am officially a DizzyFeet Foundation Board Member. Look forward working with a great group of people to help the arts .
Derek Hough


Nappytabs gave us a picture from Cobu 3D filming – Derek, BoA and Napoleon working on camera blocking:

Sally Han (@SallyHan_Psalms) posted this photo from BTS at Cobu – go friend her on facebook or say hi and follow her on Twitter.

Vacation OVER!! Let the 2011 Retrospective Begin!!

2011 was an interesting year for Derek fans, wouldn’t you say??  He filmed his first movie (and it better not be his last) and killed it in another season of Dancing with the Stars, with another wonderful partner.  To top it off, we had an embarrassment of riches in terms of fantastic Derek-choreographed pro dances….all in one season!!  We got to see him dance with his little sister, a new female pro (by new I mean, not his typical partner) and the lovely Allison Holker…one of his newer friends.   I think we also witnessed the beginning of The Rise of the Hough….Derek Hough. :-)

So tell me….what were your Top 3 Derek moments of 2011??  It doesn’t have to be DWTS or Cobu 3D…it can be ANYTHING.  It just so happens that my Top 3 are probably not unique from anyone else’s. :-)

3) Anything related to hearing about Cobu 3D – but ESPECIALLY when we get to see Derek really tap dance.  AND be great at it…no surprise. :-)

2) Co-Hosting Live with Kelly. Nothing says “making it” more than co-hosting this show. :-)



1) Derek Hough and Allison Holker – damn, that was satisfying. I hope he dances with her again. :-)

Honorable Mention: Derek and Ricki – the Psycho Tango. Yes, I’m cheating. It was a pretty significant year for Derek…as shown above…but I can’t leave out one of the most brilliant dances that Derek has ever done with one of my favorite celebrity partners. :-)

Derek on Live with Kelly – Screen Caps, Part III

These are the last of them. Until next time. :-)

Derek on Live with Kelly – Screen Caps, Part II

Mmmhmmm….cutie. :-)

Derek on Live with Kelly – Screen Caps, Part I

Ummm….so handsome. Lots more to come, along with screencaps from the finale. :-) Yes, I’m way behind.

Derek Hough Co-Hosts Live! With Kelly

More later on this, I’m sure, but for now a couple videos from the Live!  Site.

Thanks to @DWTSGossip for finding these!

Miscellaneous Derek Media and Upcoming Events – December 3, 2011

Okay, there are several things floating around the net right now and lots of people have been asking me about all of them, so I figured I better post about all of them.

First – “Derek says he’s signed up for Season 14 of DWTS”.  People, you know how this show works by now. The pros usually don’t know for sure until a few weeks before the show starts.  IF Derek said “he’s signed” then it likely means that he’s signed a contract to do the show for season 14 – this does NOT mean that he will actually do it.  They might not find a partner for him. He might have something else come up – we have no idea what any contract might entail.  That said – he might not have even said that.  This is a print article – unless you hear the words come out of Derek’s mouth, you can’t be sure it’s really true.   Just a week or so ago, he said “probably” in regard to DWTS – that is not a “yes”….it’s a probably.  I believe it’s also what Julianne said after her last season and we know how that turned out. :-)  This article came from the Las Vegas Weekly (or the Sun – both carried it) – and it also says that Derek says he was injured for the first time this season and we know that’s not true, right?  Remember the neck injury?? Please don’t believe everything you read.

Pro champion Derek, who presented Submission of the Year, told me he’s signed on for the next season of “DTWS” that starts in March. He said that he was injured for the first time this season with a dislocated shoulder. “I still feel that,” he admitted. “I now know how the fighters feel. I admire their dedication and discipline — it’s the same as a dancer. There are a lot of similar techniques between the two sports. There’s a lot of dancing in MMA. … I love going to the bouts. I have hopped over to Vegas to watch many of them because my mom has lived here now for 13 years.”

Derek also cleared up my misunderstanding of his years spent here training at Las Vegas Academy. “No, that was Julianne [Hough, his sister]. She was here. I was 10 years in southeast London, but obviously came here many times for family events.” He’s excited about his debut 3D movie “Cobu” that he’s completed filming and will be released in the spring. Like Julianne in “Footloose,” this features him dancing.

Don’t forget to watch Derek on Live with Kelly on Monday!! This article from MTV News says Monday and Tuesday, but it might only be Monday. Hard to say.

With the likes of Neil Patrick Harris and Jerry Seinfeld having already stepped up, many more actors and musicians are now in line to co-host “Live!” according to ABC. On December 5 and 6, “Dancing With the Stars” pro Derek Hough will join Ripa, while singer Josh Groban will fill the spot on December 7, 8 and 9.

Before he goes to audition…I mean co-host with Kelly ;-) Derek is apparently going to the KIIS FM Jingle Ball tonight – heard it on Twitter from @Katie_Krause who is looking for good interview questions for Derek, among others. Remember her – she’s the one who did that great 10 Questions interview with Derek a while back. If you wanna watch a live stream of the carpet, go here —-> Red Carpet Stream

Lastly – I’ve had a few people tell me, with great joy, that Derek is now dating Nicole. While I love Nicole and think they would make an absolutely gorgeous couple, I kinda doubt this one is true. I think that they DO hang out together – Derek did say that of all his partners he had the most in common with Nicole – but I tend to think this is someone’s fantasy or wishful thinking. We will see, but again – please don’t believe everything just because someone on the web says it’s true. Would you believe ME if I said I was dating Derek?? :-)

Derek Hough Co-Hosts LIVE! With Kelly!!

We had heard from Derek himself that he was doing this – now we know when, thanks to The Wrap:

Derek Hough, Jonah Hill, Jerry O’Connell and Josh Groban will try to fill Regis Philban’s big, well-worn shoes when they fill in as Kelly Ripa’s cohost’s on the recently renamed “Live! With Kelly” in the coming weeks.

“Dancing With the Stars” professional Hough, who will co-host Dec. 5, and Hill, who will join Ripa the next day, are co-hosting for the first time.