E News DWTS Cast Announcement Teaser Includes Derek Hough And Kellie Pickler

Hey Guys! Just a little Dancing With The Stars Cast Announcement teaser piece from E News! They talk of the epic slim downs on Dancing With Stars one of which includes Kellie Pickler. Derek can be seen in some the footage as well looking cute as well. At the end, they wrap it up with a note on the new Dancing With The Stars cast announcement taking place on Wednesday. Let’s do it! We’re ready!

Derek and The Sims 3

Okay, there’s an article on the Gifting Lounge they had at the DWTS Finale – basically, for those who don’t know, gifting lounges are typical at award shows where everyone who participates gets a huge gift basket worth thousands of dollars. Supposedly, the stars and the cast of DWTS got gifts worth 30k. Yowza!! One of those gifts was the Sims 3 – which, coincidentally, I LOVE. :-) I even created a Derek sim.
Derek Hough Sims 3

ETA: Here’s a video for something called the “Wrapadoo” which was also featured at the Gifting lounge/party/thing. There is a shot of Derek right at the beginning and then a shot of Team Tango. Interesting little video. Lots of the cast is pictured.

More Team DJ Media from Week 9

I don’t know that I posted this ET Interview. My day job is killing me, so forgive me for any repeats. :-)

Derek Hough Leona Lewis CD Release Party
Derek Joanna Kelly Louis
Derek Joanna Kelly Louis 2
Derek Joanna Kelly Louis 3
Derek Hough Shannon Elizabeth P Diddy bday Party

Team DJ Media and Stuff – Elimination Week

Derek has a very special (and important) fan – Kenny Ortega (Google, people). :-)

Derek and Joanna (plus Kelly Osbourne) on Access Hollywood:

Nice Radar Online Video with Kelly, and Derek/Joanna. I like Kelly.

Did this air on The View???  I edited quickly.

I really liked seeing this bit on the Professionals from the results show this past week:

Derek and Shannon at P. Diddy’s birthday party.
Derek Hough Shannon Elizabeth at P Diddy birthday party

Team DJ – Elimination Media

Dallas Morning News:

Tuesday night’s semifinals elimination confirmed the one immutable law in the Dancing With the Stars universe: Celebrity appeal trumps dancing ability every time. As expected (not to mention predicted here after Monday night’s show), R&B singer Mya, the best dancer, and Donny Osmond, the biggest celebrity, were spared. That left swimsuit model Joanna Krupa and rock daughter Kelly Osbourne. Despite being the better dancer (by far), the little known Krupa was cut, while reality TV princess Osbourne moves on to next week’s finals.

The LA Times:

Well, Mya and Dmitry Chaplin were a no-brainer – they had the highest scores coming into Tuesday night’s results, and the singer’s been riding high in first class on the groove train straight to Mirrorballville for a couple weeks now. And even though Donny Osmond got tangled in a wardrobe malfunction that had him and partner Kym Johnson tied up in knots and at the bottom of the leader board, his ginormous fan base (which no doubt includes the entire state of Utah) helped pull the likable entertainer through to the final week of the competition as well. No, the slight surprise was that the Princess of Darkness, Kelly Osbourne, and partner Louis Van Amstel nabbed the third finalist position, edging out model Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough.

Maybe it was the crotch dip that turned people off. Or maybe their futuristic paso doble was too ahead of its time. But although Joanna and Derek have consistently performed better and scored higher than most of their counterparts, Joanna’s previous stints in jeopardy showed that maybe she didn’t have quite the fan base that Donny and Kelly have. And judging by Derek’s raised eyebrows and resigned smiles on stage while awaiting their fate, it sure looked like he was expecting to be ousted, didn’t it? Luckily, he and Joanna were able to go out gracefully and with their heads held high: The couple performed Monday night’s waltz as their final bow, a dance that was elegant and lovely and blessedly crotch-dip free.

Derek_Joanna_V Waltz

E! News from last night when I was too tired to do anything with it:

Meaning Joanna and Derek’s run came to an end tonight, despite her second-place showing on the leaderboard and the obviously stunning figure she cut on the floor.

“It’s been such an amazing experience and I’ve grown as a person,” the 30-year-old model said after hearing the disappointing news. “Thank you to the judges. Thank you for giving me the opportunity. I had a great partner.”

So the incomparably polished Mya, fan favorite Donny Osmond and little-reality-star-that-could Kelly Osbourne will be dancing for bragging rights on next week’s two-part season finale.

Both Dmitry and Louis are in the finals for the first time, while Kym has been runner-up twice, with Joey Fatone and Warren Sapp.

Perhaps this year she’s half of the pair that’s going all the way to the top.

I certainly think she is. :-)

The Orlando Sentinel:

The celebrity who had been the most consistent performer this season. Model Joanna Krupa is gone.

That means Mya, Donny Osmond and Kelly Osbourne will compete for that ugly mirrorball trophy next week. Mya, of course, is the best dancer left. Osmond and Osbourne are probably more popular. Can the best dancer win?

Krupa should have been in the finale. A Joanna vs. Mya finale would have been more exciting. But given the way the show has ejected models in past seasons, it’s surprising that Krupa made it this far. It’s a testament to her skill.

“Joanna, you’ve been, for me, the most consistent,” judge Len Goodman told her before the results were revealed.

“It’s been such an amazing experience,” Krupa said in her farewell. “Thank you to the judges. I’ve grown as a person. Thank you for giving me the opportunity. I had a great partner.”

The show broke tradition by having Krupa and partner Derek Hough dance a waltz to say farewell — and to remind viewers how great they were.

People Magazine. Awwww….

As the weeks went by, Kelly Osbourne often talked about how close she and partner Louis van Amstel became with Krupa and Hough. So it was no surprise that the foursome huddled together for a private moment during a commercial break.

“We basically said, ‘Whatever happens happens. It was an amazing experience,’” says Krupa, recalling what they talked about before the final couple was announced. “We both came in here with no experience, so whoever gets to the next level, we’re going to root for, and I’m definitely going to root for Kelly to win.”
Krupa, who appears on the December cover of Playboy magazine, says she’ll miss the long hours she spent rehearsing with Hough.
“I’m sure I’ll be missing him and I’ll call and say, ‘Can you come over? Let’s rehearse a samba,’” she joked. “‘Teach me some new moves.’”

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Derek and Joanna on their way to NYC for The View:
Derek and Joanna - to NYC

Team DJ – Week 9 Media

Derek and Joanna on the Ryan Seacrest Show.

ABC Local LA Affiliate – George has been temporarily replaced and I could feel it in this interview. :-)

DWTS Week 9 on Radar Online

Little bit of Team DJ on Access Hollywood

A Little More Team DJ Media from Week 8

Derek and Joanna on Reality Chat – be sure to watch to the end. :-)

DWTS on E! with Special Correspondent Mark “cheesey” Ballas. :-)

E! Again – please tell me that Mark Ballas was not the one asking Derek about his sister’s relationship? Normally I wouldn’t post about their relationship, but there’s other DWTS stuff in there, not to mention Derek with his costume unzipped. Oh the dilemma. :-)

Team DJ Results Show Clips – Week 8

Hee. Hilarious. Derek imitates Vampire in this one. Lips meet neck (1:20). ;-)

Congratulations to Derek and Joanna – Semi-Finals, BABY!!

Good lord, I’m imitating Donny Osmond. :-) Congrats to Team DJ for making it to the semi-finals. I have a couple videos for your viewing pleasure. This is only a sampling of it, the rest will have to wait until morning. That includes the video that shows Derek nibbling Joanna’s neck – he’s either auditioning for a part in the Twilight series (AWESOME idea) or he’s really thirsty…or he’s a bad, bad boy. ;-) Teasing. I’m sure the kissing of Joanna’s neck was all in good, clean fun. ;-)

First, Tv.Com has a new video up.

From the results show – The Futuristic Paso Encore. STILL the best dance of the night, bar none. :-)

Some miscellaneous clips including Derek and Joanna – Team DJ SAFE!!!

ETA: Derek and Jo interview:

Team DJ Media for Week 8 (Part 2)

A different one from Radar Online —-> Radar Online – Peeves

ET Online! Here’s part of the write up that goes with the video:

Calling partner Joanna Krupa “Super Krupa” for her futuristic comic book character inspired outfit, Derek Hough praised her commitment, saying, “A sign of a true champ is somebody that goes through a struggle, doesn’t do quite well, but then can pick themselves back up, sink or swim, and she swam, [and] did a great job in the Paso and really proved that she deserves to be here.”

Access Hollywood with LaToya. Eep.