Poll Result: Which of Derek Hough’s Iconic Dances is Your Favorite?

The results from my poll round up continue!! And this is another close vote that will require a run off! Here are the results:

Favorite Iconic dances

Now that you’ve seen the top four dances again, which one is your FAVORITE?? You can only vote for ONE.

Poll Results: Which of Derek Hough’s DWTS Freestyles Was Your Favorite?? (Plus Runoff Vote)

More results from my polls from a couple weeks ago! Wow, this was a close one between Kellie and Shawn!! Check it out! We’ll have to have a run off with the top three, with these kind of votes!

Favorite Freestyle

Okay, of the top two freestyles, which one is your absolute favorite?? You can only vote for ONE.

Poll Results: Which of Derek Hough’s DWTS Partners Was YOUR Favorite??

The Results are in on the poll I have a couple weeks ago and I’m going to start handing out the results. First, which of Derek’s partners was your favorite?? See below:

Favorite Partner

DWTS Poll Roundup: Which Was Your Favorite of Derek Hough’s Winning Freestyles Plus New Polls

Back on December 2, Vogue asked Derek fans two questions: Who was your favorite of Derek’s winning partners and which of Derek’s winning freestyles was your favorite?

The answer to Question 1 (Favorite Winning Partner):
1. Kellie Pickler (36 Votes)
2. Amber Riley (23 Votes)
3. Nicole Scherzinger (6 Votes)

The answer to Question 2 (Favorite Winning Freestyle):
1. Kellie Pickler (42 Votes)
2. Amber Riley (18 Votes)
3. Tie – Jennifer Grey and Nicole Scherzinger with two votes each

Now, I see how many hits the site gets each day and I have to say that the vast majority of people coming to the site just didn’t vote. This poll was done by comments as opposed to clicking a button, which might make a difference. It was also done right after the season ended. What I also noted was that there were lots of people wishing they could vote for Shawn. I also agree with the person who said that Kellie and Amber might be getting the lion share of the votes because they are most recent. I will also add, however, that Derek has evolved tremendously from season to season. One only has to go back and watch the dances with Brooke and then look at his dances with Nicole…and then move forward to Kellie and Amber. I still think that Nicole is his best partner in terms of technical perfection and difficulty of dances, but that’s me. :-) Some people tend to like the first partner the best, others like the most recent. But I was thinking: now that it’s been a couple months since we’ve seen Derek dance on DWTS, have your feelings changed? And how many people really love Shawn but couldn’t vote for her in the last polls?? So, I decided to do a poll round up where you can click buttons. Be sure to tell me in the comments why you voted the way you did. :-) Hey, not everyone is watching the superbowl! And in a couple weeks we find out if Derek worked out his contract or not and what kind of new partner will be added to the list – so, go to it!! And that’s about the time we will discuss the results of these polls. :-) HOWEVER – you only have one week to vote. Continue reading DWTS Poll Roundup: Which Was Your Favorite of Derek Hough’s Winning Freestyles Plus New Polls

Derek Hough: Five Mirrorballs and An Emmy (Fan Tribute Video)

This is a great video made by @Elmaril that showcases the incredible run Derek’s had on DWTS – give it up for her!! Can you believe how young he looked back in season 7?? And how much hotter he is NOW? ;-)

Derek’s Best DWTS Competitive Dance….?

Okay, so we know that fans picked the top four of Jennifer, Nicole, Maria and Shawn in terms of chemistry and dance. Now, IN TERMS OF DANCE AND CHOREOGRAPHY, which dance with each of those four partners was the best?? I’ll let you vote for the best TWO dances for each woman. We’ll eventually work our way to the “best dance”.  We’re not talking chemistry here…were talking choreography and execution. Do your homework – no hardship with these four dancers, eh??  Tell us your picks and why in the comments.

Derek Fans Think He had the Most Chemistry With….?

This poll is a bit fluffier than the dancing poll, but the results are more interesting. :-) Same top for as best dancing, but different order and #1 isn’t even close to a majority like it was in the dancing poll. :-) In fact, it’s nearly a tie – and the top 2 will likely surprise no one.

4th Place with 7% of the vote…Jennifer Grey!

3rd Place with 13% of the vote…Nicole Scherzinger!

2nd Place with 32% of the vote…Maria Menounous!

AND in 1st Place with 34% of the vote…Shawn Johnson!

Derek Fans Think He Danced Best With….?

The polls have been up for a while and we got a lot of votes. The results are in! I’m going to post the first dance of each of the top four (except Nicole) – be prepared, the next poll will require you pick the “best” dance of each of the top four. :-)

I have another question for all of you and I want you to weigh in in the comments. The question was “with whom did he dance best?” So…do you think it was a question of *dancing* or Choreography, or a combination of factors, that lead you to choose your number 1 choice? The top 3 were all talented dancers…is it a coincidence that his youngest partner, who is an olympic gymnast, is also the one that overwhelmingly got first place?? He could raise his own game tremendously, compared to Jennifer who was his oldest partner – but also a talented dancer. So…what was it?

In fourth place, with 7% of the vote…Maria Menounous!

In third place, with 13% of the vote…Jennifer Grey!

In second place, with 21% of the vote…Nicole Scherzinger!

In first place, with 53% of the vote…Shawn Johnson!

Dancing with the Stars – Who Was Your Favorite of Derek’s Partners?? (Poll)

Well, since we’re not getting much Hough action these days (I DO appreciate all his interesting tweets, though), I figured we’d have a little poll action. What I’ll do is ask everyone to vote for their top 3 favorites in both categories. Then, out of the top 3 we’ll pick the favorite dances for each. Then we’ll have a best dance poll. Yes, we’re killing time between Derek sightings. :-) Play along! I’ll leave the poll going for a week or so.

I think in terms of best dance partner, I have to go with Shawn, Nicole and Jennifer. Best chemistry? Hmmm…I can think of two but I can’t decide on the third. :-)

Fantastic Derek Hough Tribute Video!

This is a really good video – love it. Thanks to @donamadrina for tweeting it so I saw it. :-)