Derek Hough In New Good Morning America “Get Happy” Video

You can view the new cast of Dancing With The Stars including Derek in parts of this GMA ‘Get Happy’ video. This was put together for the International Day Of Happiness.

Derek And Julianne Hough To Be On Good Morning America!!

Just a quick update and an important one at that: According to ABC MediaNet, Derek and Julianne will be on Good Morning America on Tuesday, March 18th. “Big announcement“, anyone? Be sure to set your DVRs!!!

TUESDAY, MARCH 18 – “Pretty Little Liars” stars Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario, Shay Mitchell, Sasha Pieterse; chef Wolfgang Puck; GMA Contributor Cameron Mathison talks to “Dancing with the Stars” pro-dancer Derek Hough and his sister Julianne Hough

Thanks to Linz for the heads up!!! Ok, I’m off to shop! ~Vogue xx

Derek Hough: The Week in Twitter, March 9, 2014

Visualize Derek as a church mouse…as in he’s quiet as one. :-)  But we have seen random sightings, Ginger Zee and others tweeted a bunch of GMA, both on camera and behind the scenes, and we met Derek’s amazing new partner, Amy Purdy.  Then there are more photos coming out of Make Your Move, since we are a bit more than a month out from the Premiere.


Derek Hough on DWTS Season 18, Cast Reveal Week Videos – International Versions

I’m baaaack!! :-) Many thanks to Vogue for covering for me while I was away. Once I was back I went through the past couple days of videos embedded on this site from other sites and got versions that everyone should be able to see, including from Derek choreographing GMA’s salute to the Oscars. Enjoy!!

Yahoo Says Derek Hough And Amy Purdy Could Win DWTS, GMA Flashback, And More Media

The news is starting off a little slow today, but, for fun, here’s a GMA flashback of Derek’s second dance on Good Morning America thanks to Elmari.

As previously reported, if you missed this show in it’s entirety, you can now view it at Good Morning America’s official site at this link.

In other things, has a fun new Dancing With The Stars gallery up of the celebrities with quotes from either them or their partners which is fun to check out too when you get time. Amy’s pic includes a quote from Derek! And does she not have the most beautiful eyes? They remind me of Madonna’s a little!

Also, Yahoo has a cool article up on Amy on why she has the capability to winning Dancing With The Stars. She’s so amazing and with her determination I think she can do anything wants. Here is a take…

For “Dancing With the Stars,” Purdy won’t have to worry about public transportation, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s partnered with five-time mirror-ball champ Derek Hough, who’s undeniably one of the best choreographers in the competition. Everything Hough touches seems to turn to gold ― just ask fellow “DWTS” cast members Meryl Davis and Charlie White, who brought home the first U.S. Olympic gold medal for ice dancing after working with him. And speaking of Davis and White, Hough spent a lot of time helping to choreograph their “My Fair Lady”-themed short dance, so he may have the inside scoop on the duo’s weaknesses.

Viewer votes are a huge part of “Dancing with the Stars,” and America loves an uplifting story. It doesn’t get much more inspiring than Purdy’s.

“I always say snowboarding saved my life,” she told the Huffington Post in a recent interview. “It gave me a reason to focus on the future. … It gave me something to be passionate about.” Indeed, the driven athlete hit the slopes a mere six months after losing her legs, and she continues to look at the positive side of her situation: “I always felt really lucky that I only lost my legs, because it could’ve been so much worse,” she said in a video for Women’s Health.

She’ll need America’s support if she wants to stay in the competition… and if she wants to stay with Hough. The pro announced on Tuesday’s “Good Morning America” that there will be a little twist to the competition this year: At some point, the dancers will switch partners and it will be up to voters who goes to which pros.

Lastly, don’t miss a quote from Charlie White talking on Derek at RealLifeWithJane. Thanks to Elmari for sending this to us.

Charlie: We were so fortunate to be able to work with Derek. He’s a genius. He’s got a sense of what looks good on the dance floor, and he’s a great person to be around. He has wonderful energy and we really try to absorb that and put that feeling of exuberance and the love of dance when we’re out there on the floor at the Olympics. We were able to just chat with him briefly after and say “Thank you so much for being part of our Olympic season victory coming true.” He’s such a nice guy, and he’s always so humble. It was a great thing for us to meet him.

Ok, that is all for now. More later and all the best to Miss Heidi as she travels back home today. ~Vogue xx

Derek Hough Amy Purdy Dancing With The Stars Media Tidbits

Just a starter for the day! First up, wish Derek safe travels today as he travels to Sochi, Russia to join Amy so they can rehearse for Dancing With The Stars when she’s not competing. Below is an instagram from Amy for what Derek is about to see when he gets there. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?!! Also, don’t miss seeing some new pics of Derek at the cast announcement yesterday at Getty Images. Lastly, ABC7 has some coverage of the cast announcement with a mention on Derek and Amy in it. Too fun and SAFE TRAVELS, Derek! Miss Heidi is travelling too. Let’s wish her safe travels as well. ~Vogue

ETA: Oh, and one more thing, if you’d like to watch Monday’s Good Morning America in full, you can now view it at their official site now at this link. It’s worth it being our video footage from Monday’s postings didn’t include all the mentions on Derek, etc.

ETA2: Derek was interviewed by E Online. He talks of the switch up dance and how it was his idea. Be sure to see it HERE!! Thanks Kaitlyn!!


High Quality Photos Of Derek Hough On GMA During Oscar Tribute

Hey, just a shortie, All!! If you’d like to see some amazing, high quality photos of Derek on Good Morning America for their Oscar Tribute which took place Monday, see this ABC link. They are beautiful! Thanks to Elmari for the heads up!! ~Vogue

GMA Oscar Salute with Derek Hough (Video)

As I said on twitter, I’m not getting GMA in my area today due to weather, but I did manage to get some video off the stream. Not all of it – I missed the opening dance – but we beggars can’ t be choosers.

ETA: Thanks to The Vocal Vault (please follow this you tube page. She’s got some great stuff!), below is Derek dancing in the opener on GMA today…


ABC Entertainment News | ABC Business News

GMA Oscar Salute Coverage With DWTS Derek Hough (Pics, Videos)

And so the fun begins. Derek and company opened Good Morning America today with some slick hot moves in salute to the Oscars. Here’s a pic courtesy of @GMA to get us started. Check out that black and white tux. Ooola. :) Stay tuned! More coming. Watch for updates after the first picture….


ETA: Below is some rehearsal footage from GMA with Derek, Ginger Zee, and the other dancers….

ABC Entertainment News | ABC Business News

ETA2: More new pics of… Continue reading GMA Oscar Salute Coverage With DWTS Derek Hough (Pics, Videos)

Derek Hough: The Week in Twitter, March 2, 2014

He’s been virtually invisible this week, hasn’t he. Well, now we know why anyway – choreographing for GMA’s Salute to the Oscars! I sense that we will have a much bigger Twitter roundup next week…. ;-)