Derek Hough on the Emmy Bash Photo Splash (Video)

Here’s the little bit with Derek. If you want to see the whole video, check it out on youtube. Very cool to see Derek included with all these notable people. :-)

Derek Hough’s “Emmy Winner” Portait

Well, I don’t remember seeing this before!! E! printed Emmy Winner Portaits from Emmy Magazine and Derek’s is just GORGEOUS!! Thanks to Tracy g for the find!!

Emmy Winner Derek Hough!!

Here’s another fun little treat (As always, be sure to click on the little box on the bottom right that says “view full size”):

Derek Hough (and Friends) – The Week in Twitter, September 29, 2013

And what a great week it’s been!! Started it off with a great Emmy win, followed up lots of Emmy party craziness and then with a great night of dancing – just all kinds of fun. And Derek seems….happy. ;-)

Emmy Party!!

Derek and Amber being weird and funny…

Derek sleeping with his Emmy backstage at Access Live

Derek spent some time in the recording studio this week working on one of his songs. Hmmmm….

Derek Hough’s Emmy Nominated Dances for 2013!

If this doesn’t get him the win, there is no justice. :-) He’s never been better than this.

Derek Hough Odds and Ends – July 12

A few notes and reminders. Emmy Nominations are next Thursday, July 18th – I’ll be up bright and early watching to see if Derek gets a nomination – watch this space. :-)

As previously reported, don’t forget Derek is performing with Cal Phil July 27 AND July 28th – I know there are a couple Derek fans going, so I expect we might get some pictures if everyone asks nicely. :-)  Cal Phil is at Santa Anita on the 27th and the Disney Concert Hall on the 28th.  Derek tweeted the below picture of the Disney venue. He also responded to a fan with an affirmative about the 27th. How this affects Dizzy Feet and his participation (if any) I have no idea.

Disney Concert Hall

TMZ caught Derek out on the town (and tipsy?) and got this rather amusing video.

Seems that TMZ caught him outside the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, judging by these photos from Fashion 24/7. :-) Not a fan of this look, but of course he’s cute.

According to Jenna on Twitter, Derek is going to be performing with Ballroom with a Twist at the Wolf Trap next month. Like she says, it appears he was just added, because the site to buy tickets has a pic but no bio. Interesting. Maybe Jenna will take pictures? Please? :-)

ETA: Derek has also been added to the New England stop of Ballroom with a twist – thanks to Cath for the tweet. :-)

Last, but certainly not least – Nice review of Someone Somewhere Tonight the music video from Taste of Country:

The video is simple, but it’s so aesthetically pleasing and visually arresting, thanks to the bright, natural lighting and the movement of Pickler and Hough’s bodies. The scenes that find Pickler alone, sitting on the wooden floor, are also captivating, since she is so vulnerable and beautiful.

The country songstress could have easily done a slice-of-life video featuring clips related to the scenarios in the lyrics, but that would have been too easy and too predictable. Instead, she opted to do that other thing we now know she does incredibly well: dance.

Derek at the ET Emmys Party

He went to the party and he looks fab. :-)  Thanks to Dee for sending me the picture. Hopefully there will be more later.

ETA: Swooon!!

The Creative Arts Emmys – Tomorrow!!

Crystal found the time and I have guessed right!! 3 pm Pacific and you can follow it on twitter. :-) From the LA Times:

Since the Emmys’ Creative Arts Awards aren’t televised live, it can be frustrating trying to find out who wins. Gold Derby will post results as soon as we can. I’ll be doing double duty, moving back and forth between the ceremony and the press room back stage at the Nokia Theater, but will try to get the news noted here in a timely fashion.

I’ll also post reports too, of course, but maybe not so quickly. For example, It will probably take me a while to figure out a family-friendly way to recount Kathy Griffin’s inevitably scandalous acceptance speech.

The ceremony runs roughly from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific time Saturday Aug. 21.

A reminder of Derek’s nominated dances:

What was he nominated for LAST year, you ask?? JIVE!!! One week after Julianne had her appendix removed.

Derek Hough…For Your Consideration

So, based on something I said last night about Emmy’s, and Lisa’s response to my comment disagreeing with my selection of the Paso with Chelsie, I thought I would post this little guessing game. Of course, the problem with this game is the possibility (shocking as it seems to me) that he doesn’t get nominated for something. There is another problem with this game – the dances eligible for an Emmy had to have aired between June 1, 2009 and May 31, 2010. That sounds all well and good, right? But in looking at the rules, you actually have to submit by April 30, 2010. Fine for taped shows – they can know it will air before May 31st, but still easily submit it by April 30th. Since DWTS is a live show, some of Derek’s best dances from this season are eligible, but impossible to submit because they haven’t been performed yet. Anyway, I was in the process of getting depressed until I read the submission/eligibility rules in a little more detail and I *think* I found a loophole.

2. Entries made before the deadline may be modified by the entrant until 5:00 PM on May 31,
2010. An example of a modification would be the replacement of the episode submitted for judging
with another eligible episode.

That gave me hope. After all, if his management is as crafty as I am, they’d submit ANY great dance and then replace that submission with a better dance before the deadline of May 31st. But then I read this again:

1b. DVD/Tape Deadline: All program category entries and certain individual achievement
categories and areas require DVD/tape masters to be submitted by the entry deadline. If the program
or episode has not aired, or if the DVDs are not ready by the entry deadline of April 30, 2010, the
final deadline for DVDs to be submitted to the Television Academy will be May 14, 2010.

So, I think the deadline is May 14 – I’m assuming the choreography individual achievement category is going to require a DVD submission, right? Also, Lisa was technically correct in her comment that he can only submit one – UNLESS he’s part of a team or teams. Say, if Chelsie submitted the Paso with Derek as part of her team, then Derek submitted by himself for one of his other eligible dances. I think that’s how it works. Wanna read these rules for yourself because you’re a dork like me or just bored (also like me) —-> Emmy Submission Rules 2010

So, assuming that Derek’s people know the rules and that Derek DID submit an episode or episodes, what ARE the possible submissions??  Well, that Paso Doble with Chelsie, for one. Unfortunately, both the 50′s Paso AND the Foxtrot were performed on May 10 – technically eligible, but too late for submission – early enough for an edited submission though. Same goes for that fantastic argentine tango.  They’d have to be on top of it for sure. Let’s assume they are. :-)

Here are the videos that I think are probably more than worthy:

From Season 9, The Futuristic Paso Doble

With all the fantastic dances Derek produces in Season 10, I think that any potential from Season 9 is limited to that Futuristic Paso. I also think that the execution of that dance isn’t as crisp (as much as I loved it) or as difficult as some of those he produced in Season 10. That’s one of the reasons DWTS doesn’t get as many Emmy nominations as SYTYCD does – amateurs are dancing in the former and the execution likely affects the nominations – or even the submissions. On to Season 10, which is rich with potential submissions.

The Pretty Woman Tango -

The Quickstep – keep in mind that Emmy voters don’t care about DWTS rules. It’s about choreography

The beautiful Foxtrot

The dramatic 50′s Paso Doble

The dances that were unable to make the submission deadline? The Argentine Tango, the Prince Cha Cha, the final Rumba, the Freestyle, and the last Jive. Assuming that the Paso with Chelsie is submitted, which of the above would YOU pick as the second submission?? Or have I missed a dance that you would choose?? Tell me!!