Derek Hough – Emmy’s Behind the Scenes

Thanks to Linz for finding these fun videos.

A Little More Derek Hough And Dean Norris Emmy After Party Dance Off Coverage

On Monday, we posted a clip of Derek in a dance off with Dean Norris at the Governors Ball Emmy After party. Below is a slightly longer version of it I think. Plus, you can hear the music (which I couldn’t hear in the clip Dean tweeted out). Too fun!

And doesn’t this pic tweeted out by Dean just say it all too? *awwww a night Derek and we will never forget!! Thanks to the Daily Mail for the clip above. Be sure to see the link for a fun article on it.


Derek Hough Wins Emmy – Media Coverage Part 3 (?)

Heh. Vogue and I are losing track of where we’re at. Too late last night, I’m thinking.

Here’s a video of Derek and Jules leaving the HBO Party last night – from the sound of it they were at at least three of the parties. I see that Dean is still with them as they are walking out. All that dancing had to make the guys tired. :-)

Here’s an article from World News Views that claims Derek is building a house (thanks to Gitte/Valerie):

Meanwhile Derek Hough, who already has a dazzling grin, picked up a Whitening Lightning Super Booster Teeth Whitnening Pen and was really impressed by the Couture by WETSTYLE tub, mentioning that he’s currently building a house.

Article on Derek and Jules from Access Hollywood:

“I was flipping out!” she told Shaun of his win. “Oh yeah, screaming!… He’s the most talented person I know. I have said that from day one and he inspires me every single day to be not only like not only an amazing human being, but like creative and living life to the fullest and l love this guy. He deserves it.”

Derek revealed to Shaun that his win brought out a side of his sister not seen very often.

“She was like in tears and was very, very proud and there may or may not had been a few curse words, but out of joy,” Derek said with a smile.

ETA: Heidi, I’m totally lost for sure now. 8O lol Did we post this “exclusive” from If not, fans can listen to Derek talk some more on the Emmy Red Carpet. They ask him on Amber and Dancing With The Stars. Derek is excited to be partnered with Amber because he loves to see her push the limits and bringing out the energy and entertainment that she does.

ETA2: Life & Style Magazine has posted an Allison Holker Emmy Album. This is so cool. Be sure you see it at this link!! It’s filled with pics from the entire night including some pics of Derek!

ETA: Heidi Here – check out this hilarious Derek/Julianne video. They’re towards the end. :-) But first…I LOVE this pic from Yahoo

Here’s the youtube version of the perez hilton video – thanks to @txhearts

ETA: Some nice words from Brooke on Derek winning an Emmy.

Here’s a better version of the backstage cam that I already have:

Elle spoke to both Derek and Julianne after Derek’s win:

If you’ve ever wondered what happens after you win an Emmy, here’s the run down. Your phone blows up. Emmy winner Derek Hough had 89 text messages and 234 emails on his phone after crossing the stage to snag his award.

Though one category made Emmy history: “Outstanding Choreography” stepped up from the minor Emmys league (The Creative Arts Emmys) to the majors (The Primetime Emmys). “We have Neil [Patrick Harris] to thank for it,” Derek Hough said, explaining that Harris pushed for the inclusion. “If you look back to the Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire days, dancing was a huge part of TV and movies. It’s nice that it’s starting to get back into the mainstream.”

Derek Hough Pre- and Post-Emmy Win Media Coverage (Photos, Interviews)

I put “pre” in there cuz I didn’t see this vid before, unless Vogue posted it and I missed it. Possible. :-)

Vogue here and below is Derek with Access Hollywood on the Red Carpet before the festivities started last night. Note how he says the other nominated choreographers might be coming on Dancing With The Stars this week (did I understand that right?). Also, note at the end where he mentions he’s not single anymore….

Also, Zimbio has loaded up more pictures of Derek in the press room after receiving his Emmy and also at the Governors Ball with Julianne. You can view them all here and here. Below are just a few examples of what you will see….



Getty Images has loaded up more pictures from the night too since our last reporting. Xfinity and E Online have chosen Derek as one of the best dressed men of the night! Also, don’t miss a cool Emmy gallery at which includes photos of Derek.

The LA Times interviewed Derek after his win.

Q: You have four mirror balls and an Emmy — how do they compare?

A: This is unbelievable — not only to be nominated and win, but to be able to take it home on the prime times. … It’s apples and oranges [to compare them], but this is very, very special. I’m speechless.

Q: What TV do you like?

A: I didn’t really watch that much TV until two months ago, and I’m a bit of an addict right now. I’ve seen every episode of “Game of Thrones.” I was just next to Khaleesi. Aaron Paul and of course Bryan Cranston — I just saw him and he was like, “Hey, I love your work,” and I was like, “Don’t even talk to me. I worship you.” TV has been unbelievable this year.

ETA: Heidi here with a video about Julianne’s dress that includes a whole bunch of gorgeous Derek. :-)

Stay tuned! We will post more media things as they come!! What a magical night!! x

ETA2: People has posted a cool Trophy photo of Derek and Julianne together “Inside the Winners’ Photo Booth”. Great great take and thanks to Lori for sending.

ETA3: GMA had some highlights on the night where they mentioned the choreographing number as one of their Top 5 favorite moments of the night. They interviewed Derek too! You can watch it here (dang, won’t they let us embed anymore? :( ).

Also, below is “Breaking Bad”‘s Dean Norris having a Dance-Off With Derek Hough after the Emmys! Visit Hyper Vocal to see some fun pictures.

ETA4: ABC also has a gallery of Emmy pictures. Be sure to see a picture of Derek at the trophy table. His expression is priceless.

ETA5: Below are a few more details on the Dance Off Derek had with Dean Morris last night from US Weekly. Be sure to read more at the link as well as seeing more pictures!!

Those taking in the impromptu performance also included Norris’ costar Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren Parsekian. Hough’s sister, Julianne Hough, also cheered the guys on while snapping photos on her iPhone. “Dean was totally rocking out, he had sweat dropping down his cheeks! He and Derek were goofing off and loving the attention,” the eyewitness adds. Norris was trying to be more funny as the professional dancer did a few more serious moves.

As the competition began to die down around 1 a.m., Derek and Julianne went back to hanging out with Parsekian for most of the night. The DWTS star sipped on a Heineken and even asked Parsekian to take a photo while he held his Emmy.

But alas, after some small talk there was still some more dancing to do! At about 1:30 a.m., Under the Dome star Norris and Hough went back for round two — this time dancing to Jackson Five’s “ABC 123″ and “We Are the Champions” by Queen. Norris took off his tuxedo jacket as the guys glided and twirled behind one another during the Jackson hit. To top it off, Paul clapped along with the beat and eventually the dancers gave high-fived each other and proudly clapped for themselves before the night was over.

Congratulations to Derek Hough for Best Choreography Emmy Award (Video)

WooHooooo!!!! No one has ever deserved it more!! I’m working on more video, but for now, here is Derek back stage after winning the award. :-D

Look what trended. :-)

Derek Trend

The Package for the Dance

The Dance – which was, by the way, extremely awesome!!


A bit more of Derek backstage

ETA: In other news, sorry ladies – Derek is no longer single.

Derek Hough on AH before the Emmys by dm_522b53c92ff33

Derek Hough and Allison Holker on Backstage at the Emmys!!

I expect there will be more later. Watch this space. :-)

More Hints On The Emmy Awards Dance Number With Derek Hough

Neil Patrick Harris talked to On The Red Carpet this week about hosting the Emmy Awards. He also talked of rehearsing for the dance number for which Derek will be dancing in as well as helping to choreograph. By the sounds of it, he’s learning a lot about dancing. Also, Derek tweeted of what the costumes might look for it. @NAPPYTABS also tweeted out a picture of Derek, Napoleon Dumo, and Travis Wall diving for the Emmy which you can view all below. Too fun!! Two more days until Emmy night! Let’s keep our fingers crossed Derek is going to win in his nominated categories. ~Vogue



DWTS Derek Hough Attends Hollywood Reporter Emmy Party (Photos)

Wow, doesn’t Derek look absolutely gorgeous in these new pictures? Last night, he attended the Hollywood Reporter Emmy Party at the Soho House in West Hollywood, California. More fun takes at Zimbio Pictures and Getty Images. ~Vogue



ETA: Below is also an instagram tweeted out by Hollywood Reporter and Derek and Julianne!


Also, here is Derek and Maria Menounos! Poor Maria! It looks like she spilled her drink.


ETA2: Below is some video coverage of the Red Carpet. You can see Derek at the end…

Allison Holker Talks Derek Hough, Emmy Nominations and Choreographing for Neil Patrick Harris (New Pic)

Great article/interview with Allison Holder and Sonia Tayeh, both nominated with Derek for Emmy’s and choreographing with him for the Emmy Telecast. From TV Guide:

Tayeh and Hollker, the latter of whom collaborated with Derek Hough for her showstopping Dancing number, join an impressive list of nominees: Warren Carlyle for Live From the Lincoln Center: Carousel, So You Think You Can Dance choreographers Mandy Jo Moore, Travis Wall, Napoleon and Tabitha D’umo (aka Nappy Tabs), and Hough, who scored a second nomination for his individual work on Dancing. Together, this group will collaborate on a big number that will also incorporate Harris. “He has a really big job that evening, so we’re not trying to make it too extensive, but also to present him in a way because he’s an amazing performer anyway,” Tayeh says. “It’s not going to be this huge thing where we throw him into the thousands of dancers that will be there. It’s suited around his needs and what he wants to do.”

Adds Holker, “Neil Patrick Harris was so ecstatic to see what all of us would create together, and he really wanted to be hands-on with the experience with us. He’s so excited, and it’s so cute to see how excited he is.”

Will you be performing yourself as part of the big Emmys dance?

Holker: I can’t tell you how we’ll be in the piece, but I’ll say you will see all of us throughout the number, which I think is super-exciting. We’re doing a lot of different things and repping the dance world and ourselves. Then we’ll be presenting after.

Allison, you and Derek showed off your choreography skills with an insane routine. How did that all come about, especially with the slow-motion and rain effects?

Holker: We approached Dancing with the Stars producers with a million ideas, and they decided to allow us to use a slow-motion camera, which in the history of TV, no one has ever used a slow-motion camera live. It’s actually very difficult to choreograph. You have to minus seconds out of your choreography… Also if you use a slow-motion camera and have bad timing, that could be a bad bum shot. They could have caught us taking off at the wrong time, and you have to live with that moment for eight seconds. You’re really exposing yourself as a dancer and you can’t really make up for a loss. We also had it rain on us, which was absolutely incredible. I think it’s anyone anyone’s dream to be in a Nicholas Sparks film. I feel like that’s what we kind of did with this. We had slow-motion cameras, the romantic element and it rained on us. We just did it live. We took so many risks.

Click the link to read the whole article. Here is one of the dances that Allison and Derek are nominated for.

Nappytabs posted this pic of all the choreographers, dancers and Neil Patrick Harris.

Emmy Choreographers

“Life Changing Summer” For DWTS And Emmy Nominated Derek Hough (New Interview With Access Hollywood)

There has been so much awesome coverage of Derek at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ Performers Peer Group cocktail reception last night! Below is another new interview with Access Hollywood. LOTS more coverage in our previous post HERE including more interviews and new pics. What a night!!!