Derek to be on E! News??

Just guessing, based on Jason Kennedy’s tweet. :-)

Derek on E! News, June 14, 2012

Just a tiny clip from the Cars Opening, talking about co-hosting E! News

Derek Hough on E! News Jun 14, 2012 by dereklvr1013

More Pre-DWTS 14 Media!!

Maria was on Jimmy Kimmel last night – click the link to see her hilarious interview. :-)

Christina interviews the cast for E! News and pretty much stakes a claim on Derek – but who can blame her? :-) Thanks again to Elmari for keeping me relatively sane.

Derek in Glamour Magazine - click the link to read the whole thing.

Glamour: What’s the process like each week?

Derek: We actually don’t even pick our music, we get assigned it. Then we choreograph it, teach it, dance it and even design the costumes.

Glamour: You design the costumes?!

Derek: I’m literally the costume department with a pen and paper and I’m like, “I want fringe here, I want beads here, I want rhinestones going down to the navel.” You want your partner to look good, and costumes are useful because they hide certain things. Like, if her legs don’t look great in the dance technically, then we’ve got to hide that, so we design something to cover it.

Glamour: How does a dude do rhinestones tastefully?

Derek: There’s a way! For me, at first, to go on national television wearing a rhinestone shirt was embarrassing, but then you just deal with it. You have to commit to it. The most important thing is who is the costume. If the guy is masculine and dances masculine, then he can be wearing anything and it should be alright. It’s more about the way you wear the costume.

Glamour: OK, so who would be your dream partner?

Derek: I’m kind of vibe-ing on Charlize Theron lately! I’ve had a few odd encounters with her in the past year, and I’m wondering what’s going on. I will always see her out and around, and maybe it’s just me, but she’ll be like… Derek Hough. And then she’ll look at me and then walk away. And I’m like… We need to talk about what’s going on here. Do we need to dance? She’s amazing.

Glamour: Were you and Julianne competitive with each other?

Derek: I never was, but Julianne was! Maybe because when we competed, she never really beat me. So when we got on Dancing with the Stars, she was like, “Yes! I beat my brother!” But for me, I feel more protective than competitive, because she’s my younger sister. And proud.

Brooke talks about Derek to Vegas Deluxe

She reveals her admiration for former dance partner and “DWTS” pro dancer Derek: “Derek and I have so much history, and he’s like family,” she says. “But aside from that, he is the most brilliant choreographer ever. He has this way of making his partners look amazing. I have a lot of compassion for everyone going through it because I did, but even more so for his partners because I know how tough he is and how hard he works. He’ll always be my personal favorite, for sure. That’s not the politically correct answer, but that’s the truth!”

And the paparazzi videos begin again. :-)

DWTS Season 14 – Team Menough Media

Well, that has a nice ring to it. Someone tell me if I spelled it wrong. :-) And George Penachio is back in action!! Thanks Elmari for the help!

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E! News After the Performance Show

Thanks to ns_23_23 for this one – I missed it the other night. I don’t think they tag it with Derek’s name.   NOTE: I have several weeks worth of entertainment shows on my TiVo – that will be showing up over the next week or so. Also, still working on my versions of GMA and the View. Will probably be tomorrow before they’re done.

Derek Talks to E! About His Fender Bender…and Other Cool Stuff

Well, it would have been cool. He was planning on Broadway but re-shoots for Cobu got in the way? Boo. Ah well, re-shoots are often necessary in films and that’s his first commitment. He’s finally found a good answer for the relationship questions too. :-) Read the whole story at E! News:

Sounds like the perfect excuse to get Mr. Hough dancing without his shirt on. We don’t want him to suffer anymore than he already has.

After this season of Dancing wraps, Hough needs to do some reshoots on his upcoming dance flick, Cobu 3D. “I was also planning to on doing a Broadway show actually,” he said. “Unfortunately, the scheduling didn’t work out. That’s something I definitely want to do.”

And I know y’all are wondering what Hough is saying about Lauren Conrad.

How about nada?

“Definitely for the past couple of years, I’ve just kind of been very private and I will continue to be,” he said. “I just try not to say anything.”

Entertainment Wise also has some great pictures of Derek from his fender bender. I’ve put two below but you’ll have to go to their site to see them all.

Team D-Rickilous on E!!!

Thanks to Blondie for the heads up on this one – I somehow missed that there was video on the bottom of one of the articles I was looking at. :-) And dang, Ricki looks good!!


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Is Derek the Next JT??

That’s the question Marc Malkin of E! asks and Anna Trebunskaya (my favorite female pro who just solidified that position :-) ) says, yes, he is!! Marc Malkin (be sure to click the link to give Marc positive reinforcement):

“He’s really a triple threat,” Hough’s pro pal Anna Trebunskaya told us at the premiere of Waiting for Forever. “He’s a great actor, dancer, he can sing… I’ve actually seen him three years back before Dancing With the Stars on the West End in London and he was the lead in Footloose and he was excellent!”

Sound’s like Hough may have what it takes to join Hollywood’s exclusive triple-threat club, which already includes gorgeous guys like Social Network star Justin Timberlake and Mr. Wolverine himself Hugh Jackman.

“I’m going to miss Derek a lot [though],” says Trebunskaya. “I love Derek. I love his energy, his perfect hair, always perfect, but I’m very happy and excited for his new project. He totally deserves great things because he’s awesome.”

Cobu 3D Goes Mainstream Media

Finally. :-)  Both People Magazine and E! News have picked up Derek and BoA’s movie plans.  First People (thanks to Lisa G):

Dancing with the Stars will be a little less fabulous when it returns to ABC in March.

“I’m taking season 12 off,” three-time champ Derek Hough tells PEOPLE. The Dancing pro, 25, will be busy playing the lead role in the upcoming dance movie Cobu 3D, which is slated to film in New York and Toronto this spring.

Hough will play a New Orleans street dancer who moves to New York and falls for an Asian drummer (played by Korean pop recording star BoA). The Romeo and Juliet-style love story (their dance groups are rivals) will be accented by “some incredible dance numbers,” says Hough. “People will see a much edgier side of me and these other styles of dance I’m capable of doing.”

Hough has already started training for the film by working out in the gym and brushing up on his tap dancing skills. He says he’s put on “about 10 lbs. of muscle” for the film, “which is a lot for me.”

Ten pounds of muscle?? :::swoon:::  Remember when I was wondering aloud why Derek was going to the gym every morning during DWTS when he said he didn’t like to do that normally? :-)  Next, E! Online:

Hough will play opposite BoA as her romantic interest, reports Deadline. They’re dancers from two different worlds caught in a Romeo and Juliet-themed love affair—set to dance numbers.

Their brothers are rivals who run competing dance clubs in New York’s underground dance scene. Save the Last Dance and Step Up writer Duane Adler wrote and will direct the movie.

Derek, who starred in London’s West End theater production of Footloose, is taking a cue from Julianne, who left DWTS after she landed the female lead in the remake of Footloose.

This is all to exciting. :-) Here’s the pic People uses – be sure to follow the link to both sites so they get the hits. They will be able to tell they came from this site, so they know Derek fans are reading. The more hits, the better for Derek. :-)