New DWTS Rehearsal Exit Photos Of Derek Hough And Amy Purdy, Moved Wynonna Judd To Tears

If you head to Just Jared Jr again, you can view more new pictures of Derek and Amy exiting rehearsals yesterday! According to the article, their practice for Dancing With The Stars was a “long” one. The article also mentions Wynonna Judd and her husband Cactus and how they were in the audience last week and Wynonna cried. Here is more from Amy on it… ~Vogue

The 34-year-old athlete captioned with the image: “I grew up listening to The Judds and last night Ms. Wynonna Judd and her husband Cactus came to the show to support. She sat in the front row and cried during @derekhough and my dance.”

Amy continued, “Interestingly enough, when Cactus lost his leg a few years back, I reached out to them to offer my support but was unable to get in contact with her and now, they are here supporting me. Thank you @wynonnamusic for always being such an inspiration to me and for your love and support! #dwts”

Derek Hough’s Blog – DWTS Season 18, Week 5 – Jive is going well!

Another great blog from Derek at TV Guide. I’m posting and running…on my way to see Make Your Move. :-)

This week, we have the jive for Party Anthem Week. The jive was another dance I was worried about when the producers were telling me about Amy before the season because of the flicks and kicks. But it’s going well so far. Amy is a rock star, as you know. I don’t want to give away too much, but she’s got all these different types of feet that allow her to do these amazing things. Every week, I’m just blown away at what we can do with them. The pair we’re using for the jive is one we’ve used before. I’m also glad we have a lively dance. Firstly, the slower the dance, the more difficult it is for Amy, so the jive is a great change of pace from last week. The waltz wasn’t stressful, but it was challenging. It’s Party Anthem Week and we want to celebrate. This is the point in the competition where everyone starts to get tired and hit a wall, so I want to remind ourselves to go out there and have fun.

DWTS Season 18, Week 5 – Derek Hough and Amy Purdy Waltz Screencaps (Part III)

Don’t miss Part 1 Screen caps or Part 2 Screen Caps!! We’re still working on a fix for the gallery feature. Until then, click twice to see full size. ;-)

New Photos Of Derek Hough And Amy Purdy, Julianne Hough Writes About Kaleidoscope Ball

Oh, how I love waking up to new pictures of Derek arriving to rehearsals for Dancing With The Stars again. If you go to the Daily Mail, you can see what I mean. Does he spell “coolness” with the way his hat is tipped or what? Our beautiful Amy is pictured as well.

Also, for media things this morning, be sure you read Julianne Hough’s recent blog as she mentions Derek and wrote about their night at the Kaleidoscope Ball. She posted a few pictures too. More coming! Stay tuned! ~Vogue


Derek Hough, Amy Purdy….DWTS Season 18 and Make Your Move Round Up

I’ve been gone all day, and I will be gone half a day tomorrow and Saturday, off watching Make Your Move a couple times with a friend. :-) And Vogue may be as well, so updates could be slooow. But I’m here now to update – slightly sunburned.

First, you can see a behind the scenes video of Make Your Move at Seventeen magazine. Awesome video talking about Derek and BoA. I would embed it here, but it won’t let me….besides, it’s better if you go see it on their site because they will notice how many hits it gets. That is often why I don’t make my own versions and put them here – it’s better if the other sites get the traffic for some thing. Keep that in mind when watching MYM promo – don’t watch ripped versions, go back to the original source. :-)

Next, I know there have been several links to pictures put up early today by Vogue – but I don’t think she included Just Jared. The pictures are very similar, but i LOOOOOVE this one. :-) Taut Tummy.

Derek is apparently a “Hot Speaker for 2014″ in Campus Activities Magazine. I imagine this is the beginning of the rumored motivational speaking thing that we heard whispers about a while ago? Beats me, and since Derek never shares will just have to figure it out. I’m trying to get someone to make a better scan of this so I can actually read it, but you can get some gist.  :-)

Oh, and here are some pics of Derek and Julianne from Just Jared. :-)

Derek Hough Picture Morning Start-Up, Rehearsal Video Teaser Of Next Dance With Amy Purdy

Picture morning start-up, want some? If so, head straight to the Daily Mail. Derek is pictured in fine form in his latest black fedora and aviators! Such a doll as always!! Also, below is a little rehearsal teaser with Amy and Derek. Nice! Go get em, Guys!!

ETA: Check out Getty Images for MORE pics!

Derek Hough and Amy Purdy Waltz! DWTS Season 18, Week 5 Screencaps (Part II)

I neglected to include Access Hollywood in one of my earlier posts, so I’ve included it here. :-)

Derek Hough’s Next Big “Production” for Macy’s Stars of Dance

I’m sure all of you heard about the next Macy’s Stars of Dance being prepared with Derek’s oversight, but ABC’s latest press release gives a tiny bit more detail on the “production”.  Creative oversight…the last one I believe he choreographed, but I wonder if he’s choreographing all of them.  ”Creative Oversight” doesn’t necessarily mean “choreography” but I would be surprised if he’s not at least part of the team doing all the choreo. Either way…I can’t wait!! :-)

“Macy’s Stars of Dance” returns for its second installment of the season with creative oversight by Emmy® Award-winning Choreographer and Pro Dancer, Derek Hough. In honor of “Party Anthems Night,” the ballroom will be transformed into a modern day soiree and the piece will feature the Pro Dancers as well as two surprise performers that are not to be missed.

Afterbuzz TV Team Completely Moved By DWTS Derek Hough And Amy Purdy

Below is the new Afterbuzz TV episode for Dancing With The Stars Season 18 Week 5. Kristyn was out of town (cries, I miss her!)), so Suri ran the show. Julz Tocker and Anna Trebunskaya help her in breaking down the dances. You can listen to what they said on Derek and Amy at the 24:00 mark. Like us, all three were completely touched on Derek and Amy’s package and performance! Note how Suri watched them 5-6 times! I also love how Anna explains the package and how it strips you and makes you vulnerable. She also explains how key it is for your soul to show through for what you are dancing to. I think that is exactly what happened. Though note how Anna didn’t think it was right for Carrie Ann not to call Derek and Amy on their lifts. In my opinion, Carrie Anne was right, compassionate, and a class act for how she handled it…after all, it’s not like she gave them a perfect score. More below. Let us know what you think and if you agree with them! ~Vogue

DWTS Season 18, Week 5 – Derek Hough and Amy Purdy Screencaps (Part 1)

Here’s the screecaps from the opening number which was, IMO, the best of the season. LOVED it. Only problem was I was singing “Step in Time” all day at work. A tad annoying. To my coworkers. :-D  Click each image twice to see the full size, since we still haven’t figured out how to fix the gallery back to the way it was most recently.