Derek Hough: The Week in Twitter, December 22, 2013

Busy week! Derek went to Disneyland after a conference and then on to Park City, Utah. And we found out the title of his book coming out in May! Very exciting. :-)

Doin’ a little dancin’.

Derek Hough Seen At The Earth Bar And Disneyland Over The Weekend (New Photos)

This weekend, Derek Hough was seen coming out of the Earth Bar again in Los Angeles, California. You can view some new photos of him at All Access Photo Agency!! Thanks to Irina for the heads up!

Also, fans from twitter are posting all kinds of sightings of Derek in Disneyland yesterday!! Below are just a few!! Let’s hope a photographer was in the area and we get more at some point today?? ~Vogue

New Old Derek (and Family) Video

This is from…last summer?…when Derek and family went to Disneyland. Super cute video with Derek’s nephew helping the paps. :-) ¬†Thanks to Elmaril for finding this one. It wasn’t showing up in a search for me, for some reason.

Derek and Julianne Hough – An Early Halloween at Disney (Photos)

The first few were tweeted by Juliannne – like I said on Twitter, the Jedi is super hot. :-)

This one is from Derek…

This picture came from MouseWait

Derek on E! News, June 14, 2012

Just a tiny clip from the Cars Opening, talking about co-hosting E! News

Derek Hough on E! News Jun 14, 2012 by dereklvr1013

Derek and Family Attend the Opening of Disneyland’s Car Ride Opening

And they’re all so gorgeous it’s not quite fair. :-) Got these pictures of Derek, his mom, Katherine, Marabeth…and Aiden and Ari?…from @DWTSGossip and @Elmari. :-)

A few more from Zimbio…someone got a haircut…

I love this one from @MisterE9 on Twitter:

Also love this one from @KathyBuckworth on Twitter:

Derek and Family at Disneyland

Looks like the family had fun the other day. Thanks to n_s_23_23 for finding these for me so they were waiting when I got home. Sorry, though, this article from Celebuzz is utter CRAP. So, Julianne is in three movies and all Derek has been doing has been globe trotting with Cheryl Cole? Who? Kiss my lilly white….well, you get what I mean. This sort of crap just incenses me in it’s ignorance. DO SOME RESEARCH, people. :::whew::: Okay, rant over for now. The other source of photos?? Their worst infraction is claiming that Marabeth is with Derek and Julianne when I think it’s actually Katherine. Again, research instead of laziness (or narrow CC mindedness) would be very nice indeed. Just click the ¬†link from daylife – they have all the photos that Celebuzz does and more.

Anyway, Derek looks adorable as does Julianne. :-)