Derek Hough: The Week in Twitter, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter, everyone!! Between Make Your Move and DWTS, we have a lot of good one’s this week. John is obviously still working on a fix for the gallery function. :-)

Derek and friends recording “Let Me In”

Derek and Amy playing with a hat. Jive Rehearsal?

Certain to make your ovaries explode. :-)

Derek Hough And Amy Purdy Featured In New ABC Dancing With The Stars Commercial

For those who haven’t see this commercial yet, it’s awesome and you can see Derek and Amy through out it. Here’s to tomorrow night!! ~Vogue

Derek Hough at the Grove (and Shirtless…but not at the Grove)…

Heh. How’s that for a confusing title?? I’ve got some nice pics of Derek at the Grove, below, but Just Jared has him in all his shirtless glory. :-)

Photo Credit: Josiah True/

Pure Derek Hough “Make Your Move” Exclusive From The Heart Fan Reviews


There are the professional reviews of Derek Hough’s new movie “Make Your Move” from the many various news sources out there currently and then there are the FANS REVIEWS!! We don’t know about you, but, Heidi and I think the FANS reviews of “Make Your Move” are more important and significant. They also get to the “heart of the matter”.

So, let’s begin. Below are some fan reviews of “Make Your Move” being sent to us so far. We’ll both add them as soon as we can, so keep checking back to this post. Again, if you’d like to review “Make Your Move” and have us post it, write to us at or as Heidi specified in this post. Ok, without further ado….

From MeeshLotus:
I went to the first screening today of Make Your Move. I was really excited to see our Derek but honestly, wasn’t expecting much of the movie itself. As most critics are saying, the plot was predictable. I knew he would blow it away on the dancing but was pleasantly surprised by his acting. The character required him to be gritty and I thought he nailed it. Derek’s voice was deeper, he seemed to walk taller and it was funny to hear him sling a few cuss words. I could get into his character and not think I was just watching Derek. He expressed a lot of emotion in his actions and racial expressions and it wasn’t overdone. He pulled back and made it believable.

As for the dancing, his tap was off the charts great. All the dance scenes were fantastic. I especially loved the ending when he is dancing while one of the COBU girls drumming. He and BoA danced well together too and although the critics are saying the “foreplay” scene in cheesy – I loved it. Watch his face when he is taking off her boots…Heidi, I need sceencaps of that pronto! Girls, watch out for that scene! His face pretty much screams LUST ;)

For all Derek Hough fans, this movie is a must. The theater is about 45 minutes away (not bad) and I will go see it again. So proud of Derek. I was a bit worried about it being sort of cringe worthy and it wasn’t at all. I really hope it is theaters for a while. Either way, Derek has shown he can handle a leading man role. I mean really, his first film with a leading lady who didn’t know much English nor couple dancing and their chemistry was HOT.
aka MeeshLotus

From Bernadette:
Went to MYM tonight in Denver Co; I really enjoyed it. True the story line is a little on the “younger” side for me but the acting was decent and believable. The dancing was awesome! Derek is outstanding; some of the best I have seen from him. The tapping was great. Nappytaps out did themselves in the choreography. You can see that Derek Hough gave his all!! If you are a fan of his you will not be disappointed.


From Roseann: “Dance is Love, Love is Dance”
Romeo and Juliet meets Dancing with the Stars and taiko drumming and dance, dance, dance.

I have been looking forward to this opening weekend of Make Your Move for a long time now. In a respect I knew what it would be like because I have watched every trailer and teaser and bit of video that has turned up on youtube or anywhere else. But in a sense I was not prepared at all.

You all know by now that the basis of the story. Donny, a parolee tap dancer from the streets of New Orleans, comes to New York looking for more lucrative dance work and discovers Aya, a Korean taiko drummer and club dancer in the US on a work visa. Their older brothers own rival dance clubs and there is a major feud going on between the two of them, which complicates the love that grows between Donny and Aya.

The most outstanding feature of the movie is of course the dancing. Not only that of Derek and Boa but also the rest of the dancers who provide talented eye candy to enlighten the movie. Boa I knew little about but was favorably impressed with her abilities and how well she adjusted to partner dancing that she had never done before.

Derek was nothing short of phenomenal. I still find it hard to believe that he had never tap danced before this movie, he does it with that much finesse and grace as to look like he has done it all his life. And the romantic dances with Boa are steamy enough to melt the film off the projector. What you love about his dancing on DWTS is well represented here, with and without shirt. LOL

But I was also taken with the story of young love which was warm and sweet and tender. Derek was strong where he should be strong and infinitely gentle when that was called for. And Boa responded shyly to him, which was a contrast to the feistiness of her dance responses to him.

So I was enthused anew by this movie and not disappointed in any way. I only hope that it will go into wider release and be available at a theater closer to me so that I can see it over and over again.

From Cathy:
Yesterday was the big day…the day we were all waiting for! I was so excited to be able to attend the first showing of “Make Your Move” on opening day, and…WOW!! Totally UNBELIEVABLE!! I LOVED it…just everything about it! The movie captured me from the beginning to the end. When I first saw Derek’s name appear on the big screen in the opening credits, all of a sudden…reality check…I immediately thought…big-time movie star!! It was just such a drastic change from seeing Derek on TV on stage for DWTS! I’m so used to seeing Derek always being himself; it was so different seeing him play another character! Derek’s dancing…there simply are no words! His tap dancing, and all of his dances and different types of dances throughout the movie…I just watched in complete awe! We all know that Derek is THE most amazing ballroom dancer since that has been his training for so many years, and his contemporary and jazz are equally as sensational. But since the promo clips only represent a small fraction of his dances, I had no idea what I was about to see. From the opening tap number, which left me totally speechless, to the grand finale, Derek’s dancing is off-the-charts outstanding! And the level of difficulty…outrageously high! It is almost unfathomable to think that Derek literally never tap danced in his life, and to see that he trained and learned how to tap dance for this movie in less than three months…totally incomprehensible! I’m just blown away by his extraordinary talent, combined with his tremendous hard work. As for Derek’s acting, he is phenomenal…very natural and authentic. The choreography by Nappytabs is absolutely magnificent and dynamic. The music is delightful. The love story is so sweet and interesting between two different cultures, and the chemistry between Derek and BoA seems so real. Overall, this movie is a perfect combination of everything. Derek’s song “Let Me In” is truly beautiful, and it’s going to be playing in my head for quite some time! I’m still pumped after watching this amazing movie! It’s a must-see for all DH fans! I certainly hope “Make Your Move” becomes a huge success, just like “Dirty Dancing” did! It so deserves it! I’m off to see it again!

Derek, CONGRATULATIONS to you on your debut on the big screen! Theater, TV, live shows, and now movies…the world is yours! Between your multiple talents as a dancer, choreographer, actor, singer, musician, composer, author, artist…you can do it all. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary talents with us, and may you continue to be blessed in everything you do.

ETA 2:

From jsmith:
I went to see the movie today with my mom and a friend. My friend heard of Derek Hough but didnt know how much. Now she is a huge fan of his now. This movie was amazing in all aspects. The acting. I literally felt the emotions when Derek was acting. He seemed to be very comfortable at what he was doing. His chemistry between him and Boa was just amazing. They really worked awesome together. I felt the love and feelings between them. The dancing from beginning when he was tap dancing on the street of New Orleans to the end with Boa it was amazing. It blew my mind that his feet could go that fast. All the dancers were awesome. Best part to me was when Derek and Boa danced to Let Me In. My heart was beating so fast. And when they were on the floor with the song pausing I could hear my heart beat fast. I was in awe with the drumming. I was like this is amazing. I hope everyone gets out that can and go see it. It was worth traveling a half hour to see the movie. Duane and the casts and choreographers and everyone who worked on this movie did a great job. And Congrats Derek with this Movie. I hope to see more acting form you.

ETA 2:

From jl2285:
Hello Derek fans!

I live in OC, California and saw Make Your Move today (4/19).  I tweeted earlier that my hubby said he would go with me but decided he would ruin my fantasy by being there so I went alone. And he was right! LOL .  I really enjoyed the movie much more because I wasn’t worried about what he thought.  I needn’t have worried though because the movie was wonderful!!  I loved the story, the acting was good (especially Derek) and the dancing was stellar!!  I was quite impressed with Derek’s acting, especially for his first film role.  He was very natural and conveyed every emotion from anger to love effortlessly.  Absolutely loved the dance sequence for Let Me In…beautifully choreographed and performed.  He and BoA had such great chemistry.  But for the entire film I couldn’t take my eyes off Derek any time he was on screen.  He just draws you in.  I’m going to try and see it again because I loved seeing him on the big screen.  I will definitely purchase the DVD when it becomes available as well.  I can’t tell you how excited I was just waiting in my seat for the film to start.  I’m so proud of Derek in this film and I hope to see him in many more.  Can’t wait to meet him during the MOVE tour this summer and tell him in person!  Thanks for reading, and see you on Twitter!  jl2285

Derek Hough “Five Ways To Make Your Move”

Backstage has such a cool article up on Derek and the “five ways” you can “Make Your Move”….from going the extra mile, not letting downtime stress you, training gives you freedom, doing what makes sense, to following what you love. This is cool. Read this and then check the link for more.

Go the extra mile.
“The character is a tapper, a hoofer, a street performer in New Orleans and I’ve never tapped before in my life,” says Hough. “It was actually one of the things that fascinated me about it and excited me because I knew it was going to force me to learn a new skill.” Although they offered to use stunt feet, it was important to Hough to do all the dancing himself. “I wanted every sound and every movement to be my own, and to be honest about it and to be true.” Hough trained for two and a half months, but luckily, since he was a drummer, picking up the rhythms was fairly easy.

Don’t let the downtime stress you.
One challenge for Hough working on “Make Your Move” was all the downtime in film. “It’s like you’re ready to go on, you’re ready to do a scene, and then it’s like, ‘Oh we’ve got a problem with the cameras.’” Hough prefers to keep going nonstop. “I don’t take breaks. I like to kind of keep going and keep moving, and for me, that was the most difficult part about it.”

PDH Discussion Post: Have you ever dreamed about Derek Hough?

So, last night, I slept really good and all through the night (which is a rarity, lol). In the process, it was one of those nights for dreaming! I also rarely dream about artists or celebrities, but, every now and then I do. Last night was maybe my second or third dream about Derek. I think it had to do something with the premiere of his movie “Make Your Move”. I dreamed that he was really anxious. He was in this hallway full of other dancers walking fast ….all seeming to have a place to go. Anyway, he was walking back and forth. He was thinking too (maybe in the creative stages?) and it seemed like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. It wasn’t a bad dream and he wasn’t sad or anything. I could just feel his pressure in this intense and natural way. When I woke up, it got me thinking about how much pressure he really does have to keep up with the schedule he has right now….doing Dancing With The Stars, the Macy’s Stars of Dances, promoting Make Your Move (and hoping it will do well) and Dancing With The Stars, thinking and creating for future projects (music too?), and getting ready for a tour with Julianne. Seriously, how does this man do it all? It’s funny as I wonder the same on Heidi sometimes…and then it dawned on me for how she’s a “Gemini” and how they are able to handle intense schedules and pressure. Derek is a “Taurus”, but, he was also born close to the cusp of Gemini in the “Week of the Natural” (according to my big Astrology book “The Secret Language of Relationships”). “Work” is also one of the areas where they feel at their utmost best and most creative.

So, have you ever dreamed on Derek Hough? If so, how many times and what have you dreamed (Cath, be good, lol)?

Also, my thoughts are with Derek and wishing him the best as he keeps up with everything! Seriously, how does he do it? ~Vogue

New DWTS Rehearsal Exit Photos Of Derek Hough And Amy Purdy, Moved Wynonna Judd To Tears

If you head to Just Jared Jr again, you can view more new pictures of Derek and Amy exiting rehearsals yesterday! According to the article, their practice for Dancing With The Stars was a “long” one. The article also mentions Wynonna Judd and her husband Cactus and how they were in the audience last week and Wynonna cried. Here is more from Amy on it… ~Vogue

The 34-year-old athlete captioned with the image: “I grew up listening to The Judds and last night Ms. Wynonna Judd and her husband Cactus came to the show to support. She sat in the front row and cried during @derekhough and my dance.”

Amy continued, “Interestingly enough, when Cactus lost his leg a few years back, I reached out to them to offer my support but was unable to get in contact with her and now, they are here supporting me. Thank you @wynonnamusic for always being such an inspiration to me and for your love and support! #dwts”

Derek Hough’s Blog – DWTS Season 18, Week 5 – Jive is going well!

Another great blog from Derek at TV Guide. I’m posting and running…on my way to see Make Your Move. :-)

This week, we have the jive for Party Anthem Week. The jive was another dance I was worried about when the producers were telling me about Amy before the season because of the flicks and kicks. But it’s going well so far. Amy is a rock star, as you know. I don’t want to give away too much, but she’s got all these different types of feet that allow her to do these amazing things. Every week, I’m just blown away at what we can do with them. The pair we’re using for the jive is one we’ve used before. I’m also glad we have a lively dance. Firstly, the slower the dance, the more difficult it is for Amy, so the jive is a great change of pace from last week. The waltz wasn’t stressful, but it was challenging. It’s Party Anthem Week and we want to celebrate. This is the point in the competition where everyone starts to get tired and hit a wall, so I want to remind ourselves to go out there and have fun.

It’s TIME, Derek Hough Fans – MAKE YOUR MOVE

Okay kids, time to do your part to not only enjoy Derek’s new movie, but help him be successful.   There are several ways to do this. Most important: if the movie is playing near you go see it THIS WEEKEND. That means Friday (today), Saturday or Sunday. This weekend will likely determine if it opens wide.  It isn’t wide enough now to rank in the top ten, and it’s not a big movie, so don’t expect that – it only has to do as well as they expect. Once you see it (2 or 3 times), there are a couple things that you can do that would be really helpful.

  1. Rate the movie on Rotten Tomatoes. Be honest. And don’t just click a rating, leave an actual comment.
  2. Same thing on Fandango.
  3. Same thing on Moviefone.
  4. Same thing on IMDB.
  5. Same thing on Yahoo Movies.

Piece of cake, right?? :-)  Then, once you’ve done that, write your own review and send it to me at and I will post it here for other fans to see.  Most of all ENJOY Derek’s first movie!!!

ETA: Another clip, this time from Movies Coming Soon

DWTS Season 18, Week 5 – Derek Hough and Amy Purdy Waltz Screencaps (Part III)

Don’t miss Part 1 Screen caps or Part 2 Screen Caps!! We’re still working on a fix for the gallery feature. Until then, click twice to see full size. ;-)