Vote For Derek Hough for Design a Dance!!!

The dance is the Paso Doble and we all know what Derek can do with a Paso Doble. To vote go to the DWTS Design a Dance site, click on the “vote for the pros”, vote for the female of your choosing, then vote for Derek!

You can vote as often as you like – if you have trouble, switch browsers or clear your cache and cookies. ┬áThe voting doesn’t end until October 28th, which means that the pros who win have fans who spent a lot of time voting for them – it’s not about who has the most fans, it’s about fans who want to win badly. ┬áDon’t do it on Monday nights though – that’s Drickilous. :-)

The first ever Design a Dance was Derek and Julianne – and, IMO, the best one of all.

Here is the one from Season 11 with Derek and Cheryl Burke – another great dance!

Way back in Season…8? Derek, Julianne, Mark and Lacey did this cute quickstep to “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing”.

Congratulations to Derek and Julianne Hough for Emmy Nomination!!!!

According to two sources, The Live Feed and Pb Pulse TV Talk, Derek and Julianne were nominated for an Emmy for Best Choreography for their Jive set to Great Balls of Fire. This dance was from Season 7 and was a result of Derek and Julianne’s first win for Design a Dance. It had me on my feet, for sure – now, hopefully, it will have Emmy voters also on their feet.


Thanks to dwtsfan2008 for the nice video!! :-)