Derek Hough on Entertainment Tonight and GMA Talking Davis and White and “Let Me In” Video

My goodness, so much media today!! First up, yesterday’s Entertainment Tonight has Derek talking about writing “Let Me In” for his movie “Make Your Move”. Sorry about the volume.

Then, on today’s ET, the error they made in yesterdays video is corrected and he talks Davis and White (TV version tomorrow). Thanks to Kaitlyn!

Derek was also discussed on GMA this morning, regarding his assist to Davis and White!

“Make Your Move” Theatrical Trailer!

I think this trailer is only slightly different from the previous one – or maybe I’m nuts and it’s not different at all. But it is now on Yahoo, so watch it three or four times. :-) It’s also important to comment ON YAHOO about the video and how much you love it and how excited you are for the movie. :-)

It’s Time To Go To the Movies!! See A New Trailer for “Make Your Move” Starring Derek Hough and BoA!

Finally!! Duane Adler says that a new trailer for Make your Move will be released online Thursday and in select theaters on Friday. You can be damn sure I’m going to the movies to see if I can see it on the big screen!! There are two ways to try, I think; either it will be on a reel with a movie being released by the same distribution company (Lionsgate? Ask @makeyourmove3D) OR it will be on a separate reel by theater. That’s what I’ve always understood anyway. Here’s a pic Duane tweeted. :-)

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Derek Hough: The Week in Twitter, November 3, 2013

This week, we had two episodes of Ellen, lots of Halloween Parties, DWTS, a DWTS after party – and Romie in a bee costume and a Derek flashback. We’re still seeing pics of the promo posters around the world for Make Your Move – hopefully we’ll start seeing them here in the US after the first of the year. :-) That they’re spending money on it is a good sign. :-)

Derek Hough: The Week in Twitter – July 21, 2013

Another somewhat slow and mysterious week in Derek-land. :-) There was some mysterious photo shoot – we don’t know for what – Shirley alluded to “the boys” looking for a new home, Derek partying with the DWTS pros in Malibu and finally, some Tony Robbins thing in Chicago. Whether “the boys” are Derek and Mark or Derek and Romie, I have no idea. We also found out that Derek is dancing with Emma Slater at Cal Phil next weekend. Oh…and TWO EMMY NOMINATIONS. :-)  Even when nothing seems to be going on, stuff is going on. :-D  So, here is the week in twitter via photos…and video.

Derek made this little video for @stephjewell75 while he was at Tony Perkin’s.

@derekhough this just made my day! Thanks so much for the per... on Twitpic

And if you wanna see some Romie action, check out the video of him drooling on the realtor’s car (according to Shirley).

Derek Hough, Kellie Pickler and Make Your Move….News and Notes

There’s been some action on twitter the last few days regarding Derek’s movie, Make Your Move. (Click, click, click!!) It appears that there are quite a few European release dates out there and Duane Adler hopped on twitter and updated us on what’s what. (read from the bottom, up)

Duane 3

Duane 2a

Duane 2

Duane 1

As for Kellie, her video with Derek was number 1 in Country and number 3 over all on iTunes yesterday….and you can vote for the video on GAC, EVERY DAY. :-) Rose screencapped this:

itunes screencap

News on Derek Hough’s Movie “Make Your Move”

Exciting!! Not just news, but European release dates, a possible movie poster, and new stills from the movie one of which is linked, below. For all the latest news and information about “Make Your Move”, be sure to visit the fan site

Click this link at your own risk. :-)

Derek Hough – The Week in Twitter, April 21, 2013

There are a whole bunch of pictures of Derek from yesterday in Virgnia Beach. I’m not going to post them all in this post, but I’ll post facebook links in the description of each photo so you can go see and “like” them all.  Before Derek went to VA Beach for STYLElicious, we found out he is choreographing for Olympic Ice Dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White and we got another shot from Cheryl of when they were much younger and competing. We also got a new short of Romie!!

Derek Hough on Twitter – March 3, 2013

Lots of stuff happened this past week! We found out that Derek is back on DWTS for one more season, dancing with Kellie Pickler, and that he and Julianne have created and are Executive Producing a TV series (scripted drama) for Starz called “Blackpool”. Then Derek and Kellie flew to Nashville to rehearse and “do the town”. :-) Here’s the week on Twitter…in pictures.

How Much Longer Until Derek Hough’s Movie “Make Your Move” alias “Cobu 3D”??

Because really, if he’s going to tweet pictures like this, the movie best be imminent. :-) He’s killing us.

Derek Hough and BoA Cobu 3d aka Make Your Move