Derek Hough And Amy Purdy Dance Videos For DWTS Season 18 Week 5

For starters, let’s start with the opener. Keep checking back. We’ll add more as the night goes on!

From Idol X factor….

Opening Group Number – Entire Cast – DWTS 18… by IdolxMuzic

Ok, and below is Derek and Amy!! Wow wowwww wowww! So enchanting at it’s best.

Amy Purdy & Derek – Waltz – DWTS 18 (Disney Week) by IdolxMuzic

ETA: Below is a video which includes their package….

Are You Ready to “Make Your Move”? Opening Friday!

Here’s a bit of Korean Promo with BoA, Derek and Duane Adler. For any and all information on the film, be sure to visit This post from them features cute messages from Derek and Duane to BoA at the Korean showcase. Also, see my previous post on the film and how and where to see it.

Some Fun In DWTS Rehearsal Parking Lot With Derek Hough, Mark Ballas, And Amy Purdy

I was hoping we’d get something fun for #DanceDay! Thanks to Pop Candies for some rehearsal parking lot fun (good job Mark to hitting back with the house question too!)! Don’t forget to VOTE like crazy for Amy and Derek tonight! You know what to do! Let’s do “our thing”! ~Vogue

Derek Hough, Amy Purdy and NeNe Leakes – DWTS Season 18, Week 4 Dances and Misc Clips

Okay, here are all the bits of Derek (and Amy and NeNe) from last weeks DWTS. Enjoy! Get ready to do your voting tomorrow!! Also note that in the recent upgrade, we lost the tweet button on the right side of the post, but there is still one located on the bottom of the post. Hopefully, John will also fix the gallery function so it goes back to the way it was. :-)

Derek Hough: The Week in Twitter, April 13, 2014

All kinds of fun photos from the week today, mostly DWTS or MOVE related. In addition, you can see more pics of Derek and Amy arriving to rehearsal at Just Jared.

Derek Hough and NeNe Leakes – DWTS Season 18, Week 4 Screencaps (Part III)

Derek Hough, Amy Purdy and Mark Ballas – DWTS Season 18, Week 4 Screencaps (Part II)

New DWTS Rehearsal Arrival Photos Of Derek Hough And Amy Purdy

Awww, these two! Be sure to see the Daily Mail for some new pics of Derek and Amy arriving to rehearsals for Dancing With The Stars yesterday. We can never get enough! Go Amy and Derek!!

UPDATED with additional photos from Just Jared!

Derek Hough, Amy Purdy and Macy’s Stars of Dance Screencaps – DWTS Season 18, Week 4 (Part I)

Oooooo…..steamy….. :-D Plus, a ton of Photos from the Kaleidoscope Awards last night.

Dance Scene Featuring Derek Hough and BoA – Make Your Move

Found this video on Just Jared Jr – can’t wait till next week! Also, Derek fan Lori sent us a link to a very random picture of Derek in an article about google glass. Kinda funny.