“Derek Hough Brings Me To Tears AGAIN” – Move Live On Tour Guest Blog By Elisabeth

Give Elisabeth a huge hand, Everyone! Even with some health issues with her fur baby these last few days, she worked tirelessly to get this new guest blog to us. She also sent us pictures. This previous posting yesterday was just a teaser for what was to come as below are even more photos. Enjoy as Elisabeth takes us on her and her 12 year old daughter’s “Move” adventure in Hollywood, Florida…and not without a few road blocks along the way. THANK YOU for your wonderful and passionate blog, Elisabeth!!! Heidi and I can’t thank you and all of our Guest Bloggers enough for all you do!xx

On June 26 I saw the Move on Live Tour at the Seminole Hard Rock Live Arena in Hollywood, Florida with my 12 year old daughter. This was the second time we had the opportunity to see Derek perform live in three months. We were fortunate that we, along with my mother, saw him dance in Radio City Music Hall’s Spring Spectacular on April 4 before he injured himself. We were also lucky to meet and talk to him and get some pictures with him. At the time I blogged about the incredible feeling of meeting Derek whom my family has watched on Dancing With The Stars since his first guest appearance with Julianne Hough and Apolo Ohno and how he is without a doubt our favorite pro. That blog is called Seeing Derek Hough and New York Spring Spectacular on April 4 (posted April 12) which you can still read in the Guest Blog section. The reason I mention this blog is because I have now reached the conclusion that seeing Derek Hough in person brings me to tears! I’m sure Derek has no idea of this fact and I struggled to figure out why, but concluded that Derek is just so special in every way that he touches something deep within me. In my previous blog I said, “Meeting Derek was different, maybe because when you actually meet him, not just see him on stage, you feel how special he is, how gifted and kind to everyone. There is truly an aura that seems to emanate from him.” Seeing him again just reaffirmed that for me. All around us everyday we see horror, people committing horrendous acts of inhumanity. When I see Derek I see something so pure, so filled with kindness and good, an abundance of love and joy for all that radiates from him. More about that later so keep on reading!


So our seeing the show was not without drama. Last year we missed the show when I tore my retina with a huge hemorrhage and was unable to drive. This year my family was scheduled to be away from the June-July Florida heat and humidity for a month and we could not make any tour dates work at any of our northern destinations. On June 7 I was diagnosed with a peptic ulcer and severe anemia and the doctor told me we couldn’t travel as I needed to be under medical care for at least 6 weeks. Although extremely disappointed, taking a page from Derek’s book of optimism I got tickets from Stub Hub for the show. So on Friday my daughter, the third generation of Derek Hough fans, and I drove the 60 miles to Hollywood and went to the show. Imagine our shock when our tickets were scanned and we were told someone was already in the show with the same tickets. After dealing with the incredibly great security and box office at the Hard Rock and speaking to Stub Hub, we were told the tickets were sold more than once so we had no seats. Stub Hub immediately refunded our money. You can only imagine the feelings we felt, tears filled my daughter’s eyes and mine but the Hard Rock ticket office quickly had me purchase incredible seats (I’ve always heard they hold back house seats) and we were quickly ushered to seats right on the center aisle 11 rows back (one row behind our original seats but right on the aisle.) We were so excited and grateful and sat down just as the show started and what a show it was! I knew it was going to be an amazing experience from reading everyone’s blogs this year and last but until you are actually sitting in the audience (or jumping up screaming, dancing and clapping) you really can’t do justice to the show in writing. It definitely is a must see show. Continue reading

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Derek Hough And Julianne Hough “Move Live On Tour” Florida Extras

Elisabeth’s new guest blog is coming up shortly. In the meantime, how about just a few more extras coming out from the recent Move Live On Tour shows in Florida? As always, you can see the credits when you click on the picture.

A video posted by Pedro Garcia (@discotetris) on

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Amazing Photos From The Move Live On Tour In Hollywood, Florida


Elisabeth (@LabFmly at twitter) is writing a new ‘Move Live On Your’ Guest Blog for us from the Hollywood, Florida show. She sent Miss Heidi and I gobs of fun photos too. Below is just a small teaser for what’s coming soon by Elisabeth. Aren’t these beautiful and she even caught Derek, Julianne, and the cast in mid air in several shots. Beautiful! Thanks Elisabeth!! More coming soon!!

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Derek Hough, Julianne Hough, And The Cast Of “Move” Visit Disney World

Aren’t these some fun photos?!! Looks like Derek, Julianne, and the cast of “Move” took some time to go to Disney World in Orlando, Florida today. Also, read this post at Disboards.com for what happened with a fan when she ran onto him there and told him she was going to the show. #AwwwwMoment That’s our Derek!!!

ETA2: You can see a report on Derek and Julianne visiting Disney World at the Orlando Sentinel. They have a picture posted of them too. More photos have been added below.

ETA: And another photo update!



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Move Live On Tour “On Full Afterburner” In Clearwater, Florida – Fan Reviews, More Photos, Videos


It’s rave reviews again from fans who saw the Move Live On Tour in Clearwater, Florida yesterday and last night. You can read a few of them below (I’m especially fond of the last one). Also below and above are more instagram photos and videos from the shows. There are a few videos from the St. Augustine show included too. The last instagram video is my favorite. Check out how Derek made a fan’s dream come true while singing “Jail House Rock”. Lastly, if you are able to, see Shirley Ballas’ Facebook for more pictures and videos from the last night (Thanks Elmari for the heads up and for your help with some fun You Tube finds). For Heidi’s first report on the Clearwater shows, see this post (the photos she found are incredible!).

gatorgirlc: @derekhough @juliannehough 2 hrs of Hough&Co. on full afterburner. Amazing show!

briannarenaee” Wishing I could watch this show over and over these two are seriously so talented!

kellidyan: Fantastic show!! @derekhough and @juleshough you two were great!!!

aribarich: Tonight was probably one of the best nights EVER!!!! The show was amazing!!! Derek and Julianne Hough are choreography genius’!!!!!

kramire: Had the most amazing time with Derek and Julianne Looking forward to next year

lindsaymarano: I cannot recall a time I a have been this happy since I was like 5. Derek Hough you are the light at the end of my tunnel. THANK YOU

Continue reading

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Derek, Julianne Hough and the MOVE Crew Do Two Shows In Clearwater, Florida

But first, a nice slideshow from StAugustine.com’s Spotted. I put a couple photos below.

MOVE by StAugustineCom 1

MOVE by StAugustineCom 2

Now on to Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater…

Move Clearwater by gatorgirlc

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Derek Hough: The Week in Twitter – July 28th, 2015

Whoo Hoo….my favorite video of the week is of a dance that I don’t remember seeing in full before yesterday. Check it out!

Vogue here: And here is my favorite photo of the week taken by Jo Swafford. Look at the steam coming off Derek. You can feel the passion and the power from them both. Magnificence at it’s finest.

MLOTheyjoheyyo 2

And on we go…

DerekHough Continue reading

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“Non-Stop Fun From Start To Finish” – Move Live On Tour Guest Blog By Christine

How about a new Guest Blog from the Hollywood, Florida show? This time, Christine takes us on her adventure from the pre-show activities, meeting Derek (which she thinks he remembered her from the first Move Live on Tour), to her enjoyment of the show itself. Read on and be sure to thank her for her time and pictures (which are just precious as can be!). THANKS Christine!!!

Move Live on Tour Pt. 2
Hollywood, Florida
Hard Rock Live

By: Christine

My day at the venue kind of started off on the wrong foot. There was a bit of confusion with my tickets since I had purchased them off of Ticketmaster because I need the disabled seating rather than purchasing them directly off of VIP Nation, but I won’t bore anyone with those details.

After that fiasco got solved which took about an hour, I was let in to wait for the photo op and Q&A to begin. While waiting, the Merchandise table was open so I bought a program (this was before the VIP Nation lady gave me the signed copy that everyone else got because she “forgot” to give it to me before) and I also bought a t-shirt. I wanted the sweatshirt that Derek has been wearing in some pics, but I was thinking of how hot it is in Florida and decided against the sweatshirt. After that, all of the people that had VIP (whether Ultimate or Regular) were told to wait by the doors where the stage was and we were all put into 3 lines: Ultimate VIP: Green wristband (which I had) against the wall, Regular VIP: (I believe was a red wristband) next. Then it was the people with no wristbands at the front. As we were waiting, Derek and Julianne came out to talk to all of us for a minute. There was one young girl in the Regular VIP line that started crying when she saw Derek, which I thought was really cute!


For the photo’s, the people with no wristbands and red wristbands were told to leave so that the people with the green wristbands could do our pictures and the Q&A, if I remember correctly, last year both regular and Ultimate VIP could do the Q&A. Another change was that there was no backstage tour as the package on the website promised. After a really long wait, it was finally my turn to take a selfie with Derek and Julianne. We took about 5 pictures with my phone and 2 happened to be funny ones which I had no idea happened until after it did (we all laughed when I said that!). Continue reading

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A “Sizzler” Move Live On Tour In St. Augustine, Florida – Fan Reviews, More Photos, Videos


My! Between Miss Heidi’s first HOT “Move” St. Augustine report and Elmari telling us they dance a little to Michael Jackson in the opening number (first video below), I’m dying here this morning. 8O :D It’s SSSssss Sunday! These fan reviews say it all….

k_siebert: It might’ve been hot but Derek was hotter.

meagaaannnn: Front row! No big deal. These two never disappoint.

bethburkhardt: The Move show tonight was so awesome!!!

hay_hoe: Thanks @derekhough for an awesome night. Call me anytime.

stephaniemhilll: So incredibly impressed with the amount of talent on stage tonight! The Houghs sure put on an amazing show!

chyxx.x: Amazing show inspiring and entertaining & loved every minute of it.

thesoulco: “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” Amazing! #moveliveontour #motionequalsemotion @derekhough @juleshough

soniaifigueroa: Thank you @derekhough @juleshough #MoveLiveOnTour for sweatin’ it out for us in St. Augustine! The show “moved” me!!

mandabear4911: Getting so inspired by the best dancing I’ve seen in my whole life. Julianna & Derek & their team are incredible!

And below are more pics and videos (some of the videos are from some previous shows too thanks to Andrea and Elmari for sending)…

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MOVE Live on Tour Takes Derek and Julianne Hough to St. Augustine

…to an outdoor venue where Derek stands half naked and glistening in the sun like a greek god. :-) Today is a good day. I went shopping for my kitchen remodel, had dinner with a friend, then we went to see Jurassic World (great movie)…and I come home to half naked, glistening Derek. :::happy sigh:::

MOVE StAug by nicolecouceiro

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