Sasha Farber Dancing For Derek Hough In Dancing With The Stars 10th Anniversary Special

US Weekly is reporting on Derek and his injury. They also said Derek won’t be dancing in the Dancing With The Stars 10th Anniversary Special which is being filmed tonight. Sasha Farber will be taking his place. The same might happen for Monday night on Dancing With The Stars. Read on….

So much for a reunion! The upcoming Dancing With the Stars 10th anniversary special is bringing back some of your favorite celebrities from the past decade of the reality competition. Unfortunately, five-time champion Derek Hough won’t be participating due to a last-minute injury, and fellow pro Sasha Farber is dancing in his place, Us Weekly has learned.


“He can’t dance tonight — hurt himself in rehearsals last night,” a show source told Us Weekly, and the prognosis isn’t looking good for Monday’s regular DWTS with partner Nastia Liukin, either. “Not sure if he can dance next Monday or not,” the source added.

More at US Weekly. Keep up the positive thoughts, wishes, and prayers, All!!

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Entertainment Tonight Interviews Derek Hough Before Injury On Dancing With The Stars – Video

Entertainment Tonight posted on Derek’s injury. They also interviewed him before the injury. More below including a video….

Just hours before the injury, the 29-year-old dancer even told ET that he was actually in better shape now than he has been in previous seasons.

“It’s funny, when I’m actually here [LA], by this [point in the] season, I’m normally a lot more sore, a lot more tired,” he admitted. “I think it’s because I’ve personally been taking care of myself so much more than I used to. I’m getting a cardio workout everyday doing the shows so I actually feel more in shape than I normally do at this point.”


No word yet on how Derek’s injury will affect his future on the show this season, but a source tells E! News he may have broken a toe, as well as severely sprained his ankle, suffering possible ligament damage. An MRI is reportedly scheduled for today to see just how serious the injury to his ankle is.

But Derek told ET on Monday that he’s used to performing “in pain.”

“When you’re used to pain, you know, someone’s like, ‘Oh my ankle hurts, or my… I don’t know why I did this, my boob hurts,’ but no, you get used to it, you have to be,” he shared. “You’re never 100 percent.”

Continue reading

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10 Year Old Correspondent for Extra Interviews Derek Hough And Nastia Liukin After DWTS

A 10 year old correspondent for Extra interviewed the couples after Dancing With The Stars last night. Derek and Nastia are interviewed at the 1:13 mark. Cuteness!!!!

ETA: International version

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New Promo Teaser For Mark And Derek’s Excellent Flip, Shirley Ballas Checks In – Video

How about an “Excellent Flip” teaser? If you go to HGTV at this link, you can view Shirley Ballas getting in on the action. Too cute!

Thanks to Dari for the find!

ETA: There are more videos at this link. Some of them we’re reported on before and some not.

ETA2: Here are a few of the videos, just in case some of you can’t see them. They are actually behind the scene videos, not commercials. And all are pretty funny. :-) ~Heidi Continue reading

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DWTS Season 20 Week 6 HQ Photos Of Derek Hough, Nastia Liukin, And Team Yolo

Aren’t these new photos just divine? For more, see Getty Images.

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Derek Hough Hurt Foot (or Leg), Had To Go To The Hospital After Dancing With The Stars

First, don’t panic, but, according to Derek and Mark ballas’ instagram accounts, Derek had to go to ER last night. Apparently, he hurt his leg or foot…or maybe both? Below are the instagrams. Let’s be hoping and praying Derek is ok. We’ll update this post as soon as we learn more.

ETA: Here is what Gossip Cop is reporting for when Derek got hurt…

A rep for “Dancing with the Stars” only tells Gossip Cop, “We can confirm he was injured rehearsing for the ‘DWTS’ 10th Anniversary special.” See photos below.

Keep those positive thoughts, wishes, and prayers coming, All!!

Scroll below for updates…



ETA2: From Maria this morning.

ETA3: Here is what E News is reporting…

So how severe is Derek’s injury? A source exclusively tells us he broke his toe and severely sprained his ankle, with possible ligament damage. Our source adds that an MRI is schedule for today to see just how serious the injury to his ankle is.

Derek was rehearsing a special routine for the upcoming anniversary special with former partner Maria Menounos when he suffered the injury. And Maria tells E! News exclusively that Derek hurt his foot after he smashed it on a piece of equipment, and when he went to grab ice to put on it, he fell down the stairs, rolling his ankle. Fortunately, Maria was right behind him and helped Derek out before Mark took him to the hospital. Maria reposted Mark’s E.R. photo on Instagram, adding, “ugh Mark when I heard him scream I knew we were in trouble! #fingerscrossed #getbetterfast.”

Just before Derek’s injury, Maria almost suffered one as well, hitting her head against the dancefloor. Fortunately, she was fine, and posted a video of the scary moment on Instagram. “@menough is back….within minutes @derekhough already injuring me! Lol,” she wrote, adding the hashtags “#prayingforderek” and “#hopewecanstilldance.”

And is reporting Derek is out for tomorrow. Maybe this is good news, if they are only reporting tomorrow? ~Heidi has confirmed that five-time Dancing with the Stars winner Derek Hough will not appear in the April 22 performance of the Rockettes’ New York Spring Spectacular. According to E! Online, Hough sustained an injury during rehearsals for DWTS’ 10th Anniversary special. Taylor Frey will step in as Jack.

Frey’s Broadway credits include How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and Finian’s Rainbow.

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DWTS Week 6 Media With Derek Hough And Nastia Liukin

What a great Tango last night! Let’s go straight to some media! First make a pit stop at ABC7. They have a recap and some beautiful photos. Don’t miss some photos at the Daily Mail and Entertainment Tonight as well. They’ve taken some fun screen caps.

Ok, that’s all for now unfortunately. Maybe we’ll get some more media later? In the meantime, don’t forget to VOTE! Also, don’t forget to VOTE for Derek and Nastia’s song and dance for “America’s Choice” at this link.

ETA: Apparently, Derek was injured last night. See this post for details.

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DWTS Season 20, Week 6 – BTS Videos of Derek Hough and Nastia Liukin

Derek and Nastia’s interview. Get the sense Derek isn’t really cool with the scores.

Random stuff…

I got lucky on this one….Derek goofin’ in the balcony and dancing with his mom on the dance floor…

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Derek Hough and Nastia Liukin – What are they Dancing Week 7 of DWTS Season 20??

Why, that would be the Charleston, according to our sources. :-)

Keep in mind they need to make it through to next week in order to do this dance. Scary thing is Tom commenting that there’s only 0.5% difference in votes between the bottom two. That illustrates how important it is to VOTE. The other reason to vote like crazy is that next week is DOUBLE ELIMINATION!! EEK!! Vote Vote Vote!!

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DWTS20 Week 6 Derek Hough And Nastia Liukin: Videos, Live Blog, Review Their Dances In Comments

Ready for another night of dancing? Tonight on Dancing With The Stars, Derek and Nastia take on a Tango for “Spring Break” Night to ““Summer” by Calvin Harris . Heidi and I can’t stress enough how important it is to VOTE as this competition is as stiff as EVER this season. Don’t for a minute think Derek and Nastia are safe…and especially with a double elimination coming up next week. Phone Number: 1-855-234-5604! Do that first and then come back to let us know what you think in comments on the night. We plan to post all the videos to their dances (and any other updates) as soon as we possibly can. Thanks, Everyone!! Heidi and I appreciate you all so much!!

ETA: How about a message from Nastia before show time? And doesn’t she look amazing?!!! VOTE!

Stay tuned. We’re just getting this party started…

ETA2: Derek and Nastia just danced their Tango! Wow, they were like angels dancing on STEAM!!! What beautiful spins and gorgeous lines. The stage production and their costumes were so beautiful. “That’s how you attack a Tango”, says Bruno. The judges seemed mixed on it, but, Bruno said it all for me. They scored a 34 (2 nines, and 2 eights). VOTE VOTE ALL! It’s so important more than ever. Let us know what you think in comments….

ETA3: So, what did you think of TEAM YOLO? OMG, they blew the roof off of Dancing With The Stars. WOO HOO! What a fantastic group dance….and with such fun choreography. I loved the scarf tricks. Every couples dance was just perfect. Just excellent!

What a NIGHT!!!!

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