New Move Interactive Event On Saturday In Fryman Canyon!!

Sometimes it pays to be at Facebook as Derek just released this video. He’s inviting everyone to come to a new Move Interactive event at Fryman Canyon tomorrow at 1:00pm Pacific time.

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Media And Fans Rave About Derek Hough And Michael Buble’s “I Believe In You” Video, Bloopers, And More

Run to ET Canada as soon as you can. They have some fun bloopers behind the scenes of Michael Buble’s “I Believe In You” video with Derek. He’s a hoot to say the least. I love how they rave on Derek as well. Derek and the new video is capturing attention everywhere. Entertainment Tonight has a nice piece up HERE. Same with Broadway World. The Sun is calling it Michael’s “music comeback” as his son continues to improve. Lot’s more HERE. Also, the Daily Mail did a nice feature on the new video with fans comments from all over the world. They also some great screen shots. People has a fun article up on the video as well. Also note that not even 12 hours out with it’s premiere, the video has garnished over 51,000 views at this time. What a great premiere for it’s first day!

Fans flocked to social media to express their emotion at the video, calling it ‘heartwarming’ and ‘an inspiration’.

One wrote on Twitter: ‘That was absolutely beautiful, chills and tears!!’ while another added: ‘Heartwarmimg song, lyrics and video.’

Yet another penned: ‘Incredible, moving, beautifully done!! You guys are the best in the industry! Artistry at its best!’

Many wished their best to Michael’s son Noah, writing: ‘Love your song and love the video – speechless! Continued prayers for your family.’

Another added: ‘Michael’s music is an inspiration. Noah is a brave boy and I’m glad everyone came together to help support them.’

Derek Hough, who stars and directed it, was asked to step in for Bublé as one half of the couple in the video, as the singer has vowed to take a break from career commitments.

ETA: Here’s the blooper reel. Meant to get it yesterday and forgot 🙂 ~Heidi

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Derek Hough Behind The Scenes Of The Michael Buble “I Believe In You” video

Below is Derek behind the scenes of the Michael Buble “I Believe In You” video. I think we’ve seen some of this before, but, it’s fun to watch it again…especially with Michael just posting it at his You Tube Channel.

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WATCH Michael Buble’s “I Believe In You” Video Directed And Starring Derek Hough

The title of this post says it all. Let us know what you think in comments. Derek has completely outdone himself. B-EAUTIFUL, touching, romantic!!! It has it ALL! WELL DONE, DEREK!

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Rehearsals and House Hunting – Derek Hough’s Instastory, February 9, 2017

The rehearsals are likely for the Television Academy thing. The House Hunting? Good question. That he’s with Shirley afterward makes me wonder if she’s looking for a house. Seems possible.

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Olympic Skater Gracie Gold Wants to Dance with Derek Hough on DWTS

Well, I was pretty sure he was never going back to DWTS – but if she wants to dance with him badly enough, they might could lure him back for a season. In any case, girl has GREAT taste in dance partners. 🙂 Thanks to Dee for the heads up.

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Sneak Peek of Michael Buble’s New Video, Directed by and Starring Derek Hough

Whoo Hoo….can’t wait to see this tomorrow (Friday). So looking forward to it.

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Confirmed – “I Believe In You” starring Derek Hough to be Released Tomorrow!

As we reported a couple days ago, tomorrow is the day we get to see Derek’s work on Michael Buble’s beautiful song, “I believe in You”!! Straight from the horse’s mouth. 🙂

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World of Dance and Romie – Derek Hough’s Social Media, February 7 and 8, 2017

The title pretty much says it all…only it’s the World of Dance Industry Awards. 🙂 There’s a work out in there too – a short video but well worth watching, if you know what I mean.

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Television Academy Announces Choreography Peer Group Which Includes Derek Hough, Nappytabs, And More

This is awesome. According to Deadline, Derek and other choreographers like Nappytabs and Mandy Moore are responsible for starting a Television Academy Choreography Peer Group. Also note how there will be a special event on February 16 which Derek will participate in. More below….

Heidi’s Note: Note that Derek and Nappytabs have been working on this for nearly three years now – we reported on it way back in 2014!

“We are thrilled to recognize choreographers and their contributions to television with a peer group of their own,” said Television Academy Chairman and CEO Hayma Washington. “Inclusion of all professionals creating content in our medium is a top priority for the Academy, whether they are working in a significant artistic or technical segment of the industry, in established formats, or evolving digital platforms.”

Director Gail Mancuso, producer Nigel Lythgoe, choreographer Mandy Moore, choreographer Derek Hough, choreographer duo Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo (known as Nappytabs) and choreographers Michael Rooney and Christian Perry were instrumental in establishing the group’s stand-alone status, which was previously recognized as a subgroup of the Directors Peer Group. Those eligible to join the peer group are choreographers, co-choreographers, creative directors, associate choreographers, assistant choreographers and dancers.

To kick off the formation of the new peer group, top choreographers will be taking part in “Whose Dance Is It Anyway?” – an exclusive membership event on February 16 including a series of original pieces, memorable works and artist-to-artist conversations. The event will feature renowned choreographers Mandy Moore, Kathryn Burns, Kenny Ortega, Derek Hough, Napoleon and Tabitha D’umo (AKA Nappytabs), Travis Wall, Anthony Morigerato, Rich + Tone Talauega, Christopher Scott and Fatima Robinson along with music group District 78 who have created an original piece of music for the celebration.

For the full article, see Deadline.

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