Derek Hough, Julianne Hough, And Brooks Laich Drawings And Photo By Debbie

Last night during the ‘Move Live On Tour’ Meet and Greet in Nashville, Debbie gave Derek and Julianne five drawings she made. She was so gracious to share them with us. Aren’t they amazing? You can also see Debbie pictured with Derek and Julianne during the Meet & Greet. THANK YOU so much for sharing, DEBBIE!!! They are truly precious! What a talent you are!

Special Note to Add: Debbie used to draw hockey players and rock stars when she was a kid in hopes she could give them the drawings if she went to a game or show.

Move Live On Tour Nashville By Debbie 2

Move Live On Tour Nashville By Debbie 3

Move Live On Tour Nashville By Debbie 4

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An “Out Of This World” Night In Nashville, More Move Live On Tour Coverage – Videos, Photos

What a night in Nashville last night! If you haven’t see our first report with an exclusive scoop from Miss Heidi, see this previous post. It’s a must see. Andrea was at the show too. She said, “It was fantastic. Unbelieveable. Out of this world.” Below is more coverage including some photos and videos from Andrea and other fans at the show. There are some extras from Chicago and Canada as well. Rock On Move Live On Tour!

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It’s “Move Live On Tour” in Nashville, Tennessee Time, Exclusive Scoop From The Show And More

It’s “Move Live On Tour” in Nashville Time!! And what a treat this pic was before show time courtesy of Derek and his sisters at the Grand Ole Opry….

Derek Hough And Sisters In Nashville

And thanks to Miss Heidi for this fun tidbit:
Could “Singing In The Rain” on Broadway be in the works for Derek? Tonight in the Q & A at the Move Live On Tour in Nashville, Heidi asked Derek why he doesn’t sing more. They talked about New York Spring Spectacular and Derek said that Harvey Weinstein wants him to do “Singing In The Rain”. It sounds like Derek is interested, but, is trying to get the time commitment shorter. Hmmm? Wow, wouldn’t this be so awesome??!!! Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope this new project happens. THANK YOU so much for the scoop from the show, HEIDI!!! Dance rock on, Girl!!

Stay tuned and keep watching this post. More coverage soon….

ETA: Some beautiful photos and fun videos are starting to come out of the show. Some of these photos were taken by Miss Heidi. Ok, I’ll be back in the morning!

A video posted by Caitlin (@iamcaitlinkoch) on

A video posted by DenaGraham (@denagraham) on

@juleshough @derekhough #MoveLiveOnTour #GrandOleOpry

A video posted by Ashlyn (@ashlyn_araki) on

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Derek Hough The Week In Twitter For July 26, 2015

I think we might have just hit a record for “The Week In Twitter”! 8O Below are mega fan pics from the Move Live on Tour and seeing Derek before and after the show. You can also see pics of Derek with fans at a baseball game while they were stopped in St. Louis. And then there are the pics Derek posted at his Instagram like those below that always take one’s breath away! What another incredible week!

ETA: One more pic has been added of Adrianne Haslet and Derek Hough dancing in Boston courtesy of Adrianne’s instagram.

ETA2: Scroll below for a new video of Derek with fans.

Shawn Johnson Derek Hough

Canada Landscape and Derek Hough

Derek Hough Columbus by moveliveontour

Move Live On Tour Boston Derek Hough and Adrianne Haslet

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Move Live On Tour Slays It On “National Dance Day” In Chicago July 25, 2015 – Fan Reviews, More Photos, Videos

Move Love On Tour Chicago July 25, 2015 by christophles 2

Oh, Miss Heidi posted so many goodies from the shows in Chicago, Illinois last night. Don’t miss them here. Afterwards feast your eyes on more below including some fierce fan reviews. @Dee_upclose22 was at the show last night. She said it was “amazing” and Derek’s eyes got her “all tripped up”. So cute! And now it’s Miss Heidi’s turn tonight in Nashville!! HAVE THE BEST TIME, HEIDI!!! #MoveLiveOnTour #PureDerekHough #GetReady #DanceLikeNeverBefore

@Dee_upclose22: Amazing time at #MOVELIVEONTOUR So nice finally meeting you @derekhough Your eyes got me all tripped up though!!

rusherinspired: Such an amazing night, I didn’t want it to end! It was everything everyone said and more! I’m so happy I got to go and hopefully they go on tour again next summer!!

trishyybaby: @derekhough and @juleshough and all the #moveliveontour I can seriously die happy after tonight!!! Just an incredible show at the #chicagotheater

emily_traci_marie: Great day because I got to see @derekhough @juleshough at the #MOVELIVEONTOUR show along with a group of amazing dancers. Best day ever, got to see them, made some friends and Derek freaking Hough was like 10 ft away from me at one point so great day! Thank you grandma! ♡♡♡ #shineyourlight #Motion=Emotion #idols #chicago #bestdayever

pamgmz3: Today was #NationalDanceDay and I had the best opportunity to see my favorite dancers and performers, but most important the people who inspired me to keep dancing, to love it and enjoy. The show was incredible, WORDS ARE NOT ENOUGH. And as a dancer this is one of my dreams i hope i can achieve to transmit so much with my dance and to if not have a show to have the chance to support such an amazing show as #MOVELIVEONTOUR and to dance with such talented people as Julianne & Derek Hough.

christophles: What an amazing show I just saw! Words cannot express how awesome this show is!

@JonathanA_IL:#MOVELIVEONTOUR @juliannehough & @derekhough you guys lit the stage UP your energy, talent and effortlessness. Amazing!! #Chicago

osizzle124: Never have I been so mesmerized by the beautiful intimacy of dance!! Just beautiful!! @derekhough @juleshough

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MOVE Live on Tour – Two Packed Shows in Chicago, Illinois!

One was sold out – the second one may have been as well, but I didn’t check. :-) Mainly because my show is tomorrow and I can’t focus. :-) Whoo Hoo!! Anyway, a few tidbits for you before I shut it down for the night.

A video posted by Courtney Larkin (@cldancer) on

A video posted by Osama Abbasi (@osizzle124) on

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Derek Hough and MOVE Live on Tour in Indy – A Very Special Fan Blog

This blog by Michaele just made me weepy. Such a great story she has shared with us. Thanks so much, Michaele – I’m so glad you are doing better!! Everyone, be sure to thank her for sharing. Thanks to all of our guest bloggers. :-)

This is probably more a story of my journey over the last year than a rendition of Move Live last night in Indy, but I think if you understand my story a little bit, you will understand why meeting Derek last night after the show was so special to me.

This dates back to last year, shortly after Derek’s book had been released. I’m a fan of DWTS, and especially Derek, Mark, and Julianne. I was able to take my girls, aged 13 and 19 now, to Move Live last year in Cincinnati. It was incredible. And incredibly hot! I have no idea how those dancers made it through 2 hours of non-stop dancing without heat stroke. But that tells you a little about Derek’s, Julianne’s, and their team’s dedication and love of the show! Continue reading

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Derek and Julianne Hough: MOVE Live on Tour Mashup (Video)

This very fun MOVE compilation video was created by Madeline, who also wrote a blog for a us a few days ago. Give it up for Madeline – this is awesome!

MOVE Live on Tour from madeline hawkins on Vimeo.

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“MOVE-ing” In The Fabulous Fox In St. Louis – Move Live On Tour Fan Reviews, Photos, Videos

Move Live On Tour At The Fabulous Fox

So the Move Live On Tour continues it’s reign and this time to the glorious Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis, Missouri. You can view some photos of the show at St. Louis Fox Theatre Facebook. Below are reviews, more photos, and videos from the night and a few extras from precious shows too. I love how one fan said, “This show is phenomenal!!! You can feel the pure they get from dancing!!” Isn’t that the truth!!

elysebertani: Absolutely loved #MoveLiveOnTour tonight at the Fox Theatre! Fantastic production!

ischmidy: So this happened tonight!!!! It was seriously the best night of my life, I got to meet my hero!! The show was fantastic, it was the most fun and energetic show!! I love you Derek!!!

caremitch: The show tonight was absolutely perfect… Can’t wait so see another! Seeing Derek shirtless was def worth every penny

sperryyyyy: So much fun!!! An absolutely amazing performance by this group of dancers! I loved every second of it!

hannahchow: Best show I’ve ever seen!Reminded me why I love to dance all over again. Thanks @juleshough @derekhough for an amazing night!!! And thank you so so much Julie for taking me!

meshorte: This show is phenomenal!!! You can feel the pure they get from dancing!!

ashleysessentials: We really love Derek and Julianne and all the dancing and all the moves and all the sequins and fringe.

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Derek and Julianne Hough in This Week’s US Magazine – July 24, 2015

Many thanks to JennKat for sharing these bits from the Magazine that was shipped to subscribers today!! Double Hough! Derek pictured with Nastia and Julianne at LSB – where it mentions Derek as the winner. ;-)

Derek and Nastia US Mag

Julianne Hough US Magazine

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