Derek Hough’s Message to Amy Purdy on the Meredith Vieira Show

He’s so sweet, ain’t he? :-)

ETA: Vogue here and below is more with Amy. She talks about Derek and what a “mad scientist” he is…

She is just so “special” isn’t she? What angels are made of…

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Julianne Hough Talks On Derek Hough And His GLSEN Award

Julianne Hough was on Good Morning America today. She talked about judging Dancing With The Stars, fashion, and more. However, she also talked about Derek and his GLSEN Inspiration Award which he’s receiving Friday night. She talked of how proud he is of him. More below and thanks to @idolxfactor1 for being so speedy for us…

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Derek Hough Headed Back To America – Bethany Mota Interview

Below is Bethany talking to Smallzy in Australia. If you go to the 2:00 minute mark, you can hear her talking about Derek and Dancing With The Stars. Note how she said Derek heads back to the US “tomorrow morning” ….which probably means he’s headed back (or already back?) as I type (with the time difference)? Safe travels back home Derek and Bethany!

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Nashville Season 3 Episode 5 “Road Happy” Promo With Derek Hough

Oh my! This Nashville promo with Derek is looking tasty, isn’t it? :D

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Derek Hough Visits the Ellen Show, Dances Tango With Bethany Mota on Week 6, DWTS 19

Nice little round up post for Wedneday night. :-)

First, Noah and Juliette (Derek and Hayden) film a sex scene for the Patsy Cline movie, and Noah sees/hears Avery yelling out Juliette’s secret next week on “Nashville”.

Next, Derek is reportedly on Ellen Degeneres on October 22 – just Derek, apparently, according to The Late Night TV page. Is this about the Oscars, Nashville or what? Because Bethany isn’t listed.

Finally, according to Derek’s photo, below, he and Bethany are dancing Tango next Monday!! Yay!!

Derek Beth Tango

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“The Badie Show” Returns, Bethany Mota And Sadie Robertson Talk About Their Partners

These girls are a hoot. I love it!! Let us know what you think…

ETA: International version – let me know if there are issues with this video. It’s not buffering for me well and I’m on my old laptop. I’ll redo it when I’m back in Nashville if necessary.

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Derek Hough Visits Kym Johnson In Australia (Photos)

Awww, aren’t these some great photos? Kym Johnson and Derek Hough met up in Australia this week!! Derek remarked at his instagram that is was so great seeing her in her native country. So fun and lookin’ good! Both of them!

ETA: If you head to the Daily Mail, you can see some coverage as well. Thanks to Cath and Vered for sending.



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More Derek Hough, Sadie Robertson, Mark Ballas, And Bethany Mota Media

If you head to E News, you can hear Mark and Sadie talk on their dances last night. Mark raves about Derek and how much he helped Sadie. They mention Bethany too and how much she killed it.

ETA: Mark has written a new blog at Hollywood Life too. Below is an excerpt. I don’t blame him for being bummed on he and Bethany’s scores…

To be honest, when I found out that Sadie had Derek for the switch-up, it was a huge weight off my shoulders. I was relieved and I knew that I could relax because she would be safe in Derek’s arms because he is incredible and like my brother! We had a lot of fun all week during rehearsals; Derek and I were FaceTime-ing, texting, and calling to check in with each other. He was giving me tips on Bethany and I was giving him tips on Sadie, so it was really a team effort! I thought both of the girls did incredibly well. I was so thrilled with Derek and Sadie’s dance. I thought she did an incredible job, and I loved the routine! It was really cool to watch as a fan at a distance than be her partner because my POV is usually her face and being up close, but it was nice to be further back and able to watch her just kill it!

I was a little bummed on Bethany’s score. I felt like she could have gotten a couple of 9’s, and I took it to heart afterwards because we worked so hard on getting a little more “oomph” out of her in her performance. Even the judges said she had improved on that, but she still got the same score as the week before. I was being a little hard on myself backstage, but as the night went on, it seemed like the scoring got increasingly worse. The vibe backstage definitely reflected that, people were really down about it, so I thought maybe I shouldn’t be so upset because everyone was going through it, too. Still, the scoring was on the lower side across the board and it’s tough because these people are not professional dancers, but they’re out here doing the best that they can. The judges were throwing up 5’s and giving some tough criticism. I know it’s their opinion and it’s professional and they want to be constructive, but I felt that it was just a little too harsh.

And I can’t get enough of these pictures, can you?

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HQ DWTS Photos Of Derek Hough, Sadie Robertson, Mark Ballas, And Bethany Mota

Wow, such breathtaking photos again at Getty Images. Click this link to see more.

ETA: Just Jared jr has some pics too. Though I think they are the same as at Getty Images?

Continue reading

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Variety: Derek Hough to be Honored for Work To Prevent Bullying

I highly recommend you go to Variety to read the entire article and see the fantastic pictures!! Excerpt from the article is below.  ETA: Check out Dan Doperalski’s web site to see a bunch more beautiful photos of Derek!!  Gorgeous!!

However, Hough admits that it can sometimes be a challenge to be the bigger person.

“We’re all guilty of being a bully at some point,” he notes. Hough adds that he’s even caught himself acting out of line on occasion. “Growing up in the dance world and having to be a perfectionist, it suddenly becomes acceptable to behave a certain way, because it’s ‘for the art,’” he says, “And the truth is, it’s not.”

Teaching is one of the tools Hough advocates for prevention. “The more collective knowledge (about bullying) that we have, the less a person wants to bully and the more a person being bullied understands what’s really happening. But to get to that point, it’s about enlightening and educating kids, and even adults.”

By sharing his own experiences, Hough hopes to inspire tolerance, and encourage kids to be unafraid to raise their voices. Accepting GLSEN’s Inspiration Award is “amazing – it’s a massive honor,” he says, and it’s “incredibly fulfilling, because it’s one of those things where you feel strange accepting an award when it’s something personally driven, especially when you’re still working on yourself and striving to be better. But I’m very, very honored,” he says.

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