Bethany Mota’s Book Signing – Guest Blog By Cathy

“I learned so much more than just dance from Derek…I learned a lot about inner strength from him.” ~Bethany Mota

Cathy sent us a new blog on her experience at Bethany Mota’s new book signing. She asked her or Derek too while there. Lots more in detail by Cathy below including some photos. Enjoy and THANKS CATHY!

Bethany Mota’s Book Signing
“Make Your Mind Up: My Guide to Finding Your Own Style, Life, and Motavation!”
Bookends ~ Ridgewood, NJ
June 14, 2017
Guest blog by Cathy

As soon as I found out that Bethany Mota, Derek’s S19 partner on DWTS, was going to be in Ridgewood, NJ on 6/14 as part of her book signing tour, I knew I had to attend this special event. First of all, I wanted to buy her book since I was very interested in reading her personal story, and I knew she was going to offer many inspirational and MOTAvational messages along the way. Plus I wanted to meet her and have a chance to talk with her about Derek, of course…and this book signing was the perfect occasion to do it all!! Continue reading

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Move Beyond Live on Tour Denver Show – Guest Blog By Jeanette

Jeanette has written us a fun “Move Beyond” blog on the Denver show. She adds some more info on the VIP that I missed in my blog and so much more. She also sent us photos! Enjoy and be sure to thank her for her time! THANKS Jeanette!! xx

Move Beyond Live on Tour
Denver Show June 8, 2017

By Jeanette Barbie

I remember the morning that they announced they were going to go back on tour, I was beyond excited . I made sure that I watched them on GMA that morning and when they said they were hitting the road again for the summer, I was surely hoping that they would come back to Denver. Once i found that they were coming back I wanted to check with my Best friend to see if she wanted to attend and if so if she wanted to get the VIP package again, and of course we did.

On the day of the show I went about my day as if it was any normal Thursday and went and did a few errands before I finally got ready. I was so excited that I felt nervous and had butterflies in my stomach. As soon as we arrived to the Theatre I started to kind of relax a little more. I felt like It was a dream and that If some one pinched me that I was going to wake up and it wouldn’t be real and that I was going to have the chance to meet them again for the second time. Luckily I’m happy it wasn’t a dream and that it really did happen.

Before the meet and greet started, while everyone was waiting it was really cool to look at the Display case that they brought that has all of there belongings in them like the Emmy’s and the Mirror Ball Trophy’s. It was definitely cool seeing all of those in person besides just seeing what they look like in photos and on television. It was also really fun getting to do the Green screen and getting the picture with them as the awesome background.

Continue reading

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Derek Hough, Julianne Hough, And The Move Beyond Tour Amaze In San Jose, CA

Once again, fans were amazed by Derek, Julianne, and cast of Move beyond in San Jose, California last night. Below are some fun photos and videos including some from ElmariL! Yayy! We included some coverage from other shows as well. I can’t get of The Arena performance at any angle. So powerful! I love Julianne’s fan dance too. Unforgettable!

Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes of MOVE Beyond: Derek Hough Instastory – June 14, 2017

And it’s monkey time!! The whole cast seems to be having fun playing with the monkey…but it seems the monkey might be the only girl in the world who isn’t a Derek fan. 🙂

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Bethany Mota Writes Of Derek Hough In Her New Book “Make Your Mind Up”

Be sure to pick up Bethany Mota’s new motivational book “Make Your Mind Up”. As you know, Bethany Mota was once bullied when she was young (like Derek). She writes all about it and how she found ways to overcome it. In one part of her new book, she talks of how much Derek helped her. When she joined Dancing With The Stars she had no idea how “beaten up” she might feel by the competition. She got super nervous. She also felt “emotionally drained” and even “physically sick” at times. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, Derek helped her find an inner strength by asking questions like: “How can we handle it? How can we take action”? Bethany also talks of rehearsals and how funny Derek was. He was always in tune with his “inner child”. And now, Bethany considers Derek to be one of her most cherished friends. To read more, pick up the Bethany’s new book at a book store near you or you can order it at Amazon. Special thanks to Hannah (@hannah__rob at twitter) for all the fun information.

Bethany Mota & Derek Hough – Jazz by Codebear2

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Sacramento, California Coverage Of Julianne And Derek Hough In The “Move Beyond” Tour

Last night the Move beyond Live Tour rolled into Sacramento, California. Below are a few photos and videos of Derek, Julianne, and their amazing cast. You can some goodies from past shows too. San Jose, you are next!

#moveliveontour #Sacramento #MoveBeyond #derekhough #juliannehough

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#moveliveontour #Sacramento #MoveBeyond #derekhough #juliannehough

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And these…. Continue reading

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Derek Hough Talks On A Health Problem That Almost Ruined His Career

Derek is living his dream of dancing, touring, and judging now on World Of Dance, but, he’s had his issues with Allergies at times that have taken it’s toll. To read how he has been able to manage them, see Life Script. Here is a take from the link….

“I’ve been living on a bus and in the theater, and haven’t seen daylight for months,” he told Lifescript while nursing a sunburn after a day by the pool in sunny Los Angeles. “I decided to lie out yesterday and fell asleep,” he laughs. “I’m covered in aloe vera because I’m burned to a crisp.” Read more: Crazy Health Scares of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Even worse, Hough has a chronic health problem that almost dashed his stage career in 2006, when he starred in the West End London production of Footloose: The Musical.

More at Life Script.

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How Did Derek Hough Do On World Of Dance Week 3?

Can you believe we are in the third week of “World Of Dance? It’s so true how time flies fast when you are having fun.. So, you know the routine. Let us know how you think Derek did with judging in comments. Also, we plan to post any photos or videos of him that might come out in the space below. So, keep checking back. To follow along with our LIVE blog on “World Of Dance” and to comment on the dancers, etc, see Pure World Of Dance.

Loving this face. It says it all….

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Derek Hough And The Popcorn Hangover (Video)

This is just too cute. Thanks to Linz for the heads up.

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Derek Hough Writes On “The Dance Of Being A Judge” On “World Of Dance”

Derek has written a cool piece for TV Insider for why he decided to judge “World Of Dance” and more. You will love this. Read on and see the link for more.

As the judges score the contestants, we break the performances down for choreography, creativity, execution and audience connection. I like that we can touch on all those things instead of just giving a general number. Many times I had somebody going through to the next round, but the other judges didn’t and the contestant went home. Some weeksI was disappointed in the result—I went home and was sick to my stomach for days. You get invested. But I guess that’s what makes it good TV. We have different opinions and we’re going to disagree.

When it comes time to vote on the winner, I will be freaking out. We are making a decision that will change someone’s life! I definitely feel that pressure.

The greatest lesson I have learned from the experience was to really listen to my instincts and trust my opinion. This is my first time judging, but it felt very natural. I love coaching. I love teaching. I love learning and seeing things I’ve never seen before. Watching people push their limits inspires me. I’m not done dancing, by any means—I’m certainly here as a judge, but I’m very much still in the peak of what I’m doing in my career. These dancers inspire me. They fuel me. They excite me.

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