Media On The Eve Of The New York Spring Spectacular Official Opening

Hey All! Time Out New York has some fun photos with the cast of New York Spring Spectacular some of which include Derek. Be sure to check them out. I can never get enough of the spring colors.

And this is a good read from New They follow Laura Benanti for a day. Here is what she said about Derek and the cast….

I’m a fast walker. It’s my exercise. I got to Radio City Music Hall and I did our matinee. At this point, we had been doing performances since Thursday, so I was a little bit tired. It was probably the most in my body I had felt doing this show. When you get a few under your belt it just gets a little bit easier. So I had fun. The Rockettes are incredible. They’re like superheroes. They’re artists, but they’re athletes. They have an incredible work ethic. They’re really diligent and egoless. Their whole thing is precision and unity, and being part of a whole. They’re just really wonderful people. And Derek Hough is a sweetheart. He is so energetic and working so hard and never complains. He just really has a good heart. And Warren Carlyle, our director and choreographer, has a huge task in front of him that he’s taken on with such aplomb. He’s incredible.

She described Derek so well, didn’t she?!! Also, I think we have posted this video below before, but, it looks like it might have been edited with more of Derek playing his part in the show? If not, it’s still fun to watch again. Thanks to Elmari for the heads up!

So, here’s to the official “opening” of the show tomorrow night. It will be fun to see Derek sings and dances more? For tickets, see this link. GO FOR IT, DEREK!

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Beautiful New York Spring Spectacular Photos Of Derek Hough, Laura Benanti, And More


Hey All!!! Laura sent us some awesome photos of Derek and the cast performing in New York Spring Spectacular. As she said to us privately, “Let the pictures speak for themselves” and that they do!! I’m loving all of Derek’s facial expressions, joy, and passion she caught (and a KISS? WHA?). Be sure to click on them to see them in a bigger size and send her some love for taking these for us!! THANKS LAURA!!! Beautiful! *passes out!

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Derek Hough And Nastia Liukin Talk About Dancing With The Stars, NYSS, And More On The View – Video, Photos

Today, Derek and Nastia were guests on The View to talk about Dancing With The Stars. Derek also talked about doing New York Spring Spectacular. Below is a video of their segment thanks to @Idolxfactor1. It will work for our International viewers as well. Photos below courtesy of The View, Derek, Natashankpr2, Nastia, and Snooki. What a fun interview!!

ETA: You can view some beautiful photos of Derek outside ABC Studios in New York City at Zimbio. Thanks to Elmari for the find.

ETA2: More photos from twitter and instagram have been added below. Also, check out Rex Features for more hot photos of Derek!!

ETA3: Just Jared Jr. has some photos as well.


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Derek Hough In New York Spring Spectacular “Did Not Disappont” – Review

How about another New York Spring Spectacular review ….this time from Broadway Wiz. This writer has never seen Derek perform LIVE before and she was impressed to say the least. Read on….

My favorite dance number that the Rockettes performed was the opening “Welcome to New York” by Taylor Swift. It was a great, energetic way to welcome the audience to the show. It made me wish I was a Rockette! Another great number was “Singin’ in the Rain“, where the Rockettes dance with actual water falling on them. Derek Hough is an awesome dancer, I especially loved how he imitated Gene Kelly. It was also great to see LaVon Fisher-Wilson perform “Coming to America” when the show makes a stop at Ellis Island. I saw LaVon many time while she was in Newsies, her voice is so powerful that I could listen to it over and over again.

This was the first time I got to see Derek Hough perform live. I have been watching him for years on Dancing With the Stars and he did not disappoint. Every move he made was flawless. I also got to meet him at the stage door; he is so gracious to all his fans.

More at Broadway Wiz.

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Fun Press Review Of New York Spring Spectacular With Mentions On Derek Hough, Jared Grimes, The Rockettes, And More

I’m loving this New York Spring Spectacular review from…especially the part below. Read on to see why and then visit for more. Too fun.

Another over-the-top experience is a “Singin’ in the Rain” dance routine featuring Hough and Grimes.

“It’s 500 gallons of water pouring down on me and Derek Hough every night,” Grimes, 31, says with a chuckle. “After you do it, you feel good. You’re working in the elements. Once your costume gets wet, you gain some water weight. And when your shoes get wet, you gain some shoe weight, too. But just to be able to pay homage to dancers like Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor is a joy.”

Grimes, too, was bowled over by the venue’s size.

“It doesn’t really dawn on you that it’s 6,000 seats in rehearsal,” he says.

“I have never seen this many people come to one place on a nightly basis to have this kind of party. My mouth hits the floor every night. And it makes your performance bigger. You want to reach everybody. You get a little more animated, a little more crafty, a little more creative.”

Dancing on the Radio City stage is a thrill, he says, but he had no idea he’d be joined by “36 or so dancing machines.” Yes, he shares the stage with the Rockettes.

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Derek Hough’s Week 2 Blog – the “Down to the Wire” Rumba

Another great and very interesting blog from Mr. Hough!! An excerpt from TV Guide – click to read the whole thing:

I can’t believe we topped the leader board! Nastia was great. I’m so proud of her. It was a pretty hectic week last week and it’s only going to get crazier, so to come out and kill it like she did last night was so awesome and encouraging. I was nervous because I hadn’t seen her the whole weekend until Monday morning. If I hadn’t made my flight, I wouldn’t have gotten in until 10 a.m. Monday. I literally rushed to the airport and made the flight and got in at 2 a.m. We had rehearsal at 8 a.m. for two hours. We changed a few things and it was really down to the wire.

Over the weekend, I had to teach her via text! What happened was Henry was there to go over camera-blocking on Sunday. They don’t really rehearse together because it’s very loose. I saw the video and I got a little concerned and I started questioning my choreography. “I wanna change this and that.” I got concerned about what looks good, so I just texted her and had them make a few adjustments. Nastia is a quick learner and she was able to do it. I think the rumba also really suited her and her flexibility. She’s got beautiful legs and feet. I’m happy because we have the foundation for the Latin dances now. We have the technique and the connection, so hopefully we can start moving at a different pace.

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New York Spring Spectacular “Derek Was Incredible, as Usual” – Fanblog by Mia

Mia claims she’s not very good at blogging, but I think she did a great job…and her photos are amazing!! Give it up for Mia!

nyss 029

So I’m not very good at blogging but I figured I’d give it a shot and at least share the pretty in picture form from the 2 PM 3/22 New York Spring Spectacular show.  This was my second time seeing the show as I also attended the first preview performance on 3/12.  For the first show I was not sure exactly how strict they were going to be with cameras so I only brought my iphone and sadly sitting towards the back of the orchestra and without checking my settings I basically ended up with dark, blurry images that sort of looked like Derek if you squinted really hard.  However, after seeing that pretty much everyone had cameras I came prepared for this show with my DSLR.

I was actually supposed to be sitting in row 5 to the left but about 15 minutes before curtain the usher came over to me with a woman following her and asked me if I would be willing to let the woman have my seat as she had split up her tickets in order to get her daughters close to the stage(they were next to me) but she was uncomfortable when she realized how far back she was from them in row WW.  The look on my face must have showed that there was no way I was moving 12 rows back even if I did feel for the mom because the usher immediately said, “We have a seat for you right there if you can do the switch” and pointed to 2nd row center.  Needless to say, I agreed rather quickly.

The show was amazing, just as it was the first time, although I did notice a couple of little differences from the first night, a few script tweaks, some song tweaks but nothing really all that different.  Derek was incredible as usual and I love to listen to him sing.  There were a few mishaps that can happen in the course of a live show as well.  One of the Rockettes slipped pretty badly in the water on stage during the beginning of Singing in the Rain and went down on her backside.  Although being the professional that she is, she quickly got up, did a spin and headed off stage.  She came back later in the show so I assume  all was OK.  I have to say though that after seeing that, I had a bit of fear watching Derek slip sliding around in those puddles.  There were also some funny moments, Derek broke out into giggles during the scene with the NYPL Lions which had the crowd breaking out into their own giggles.  There was also a lot of cast laughter during the audience question and answer.  That’s the beauty of a live show.  All in all it was another fun performance of a show that is full of everything and anything.  They have the Easter Bunny as a techno DJ at Fashion Week, that right there is theater genius worth seeing.

Derek didn’t make it out to the stage door after this performance but people didn’t wait long as the stage door manager came out and stated that Derek was sorry but he did not have enough time due to the next show starting in an hour.  It was nice that they announced this rather than have people wait in the cold.

I kind of went a little bit picture crazy but I was so close and he was so cute I couldn’t help it.​​​​

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HQ Photos Of Derek Hough And Nastia Liukin DWTS Season Week 2

Getty Images is starting to release photos from Dancing With The Stars Season 20 Week 2. Below are some photos of Derek and Nastia. Aren’t they stunning?!! Click the link to see more.

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Finally – Derek Hough and Mark Ballas HGTV Show Debuts!!

Finally, we get to see “Mark and Derek’s Excellent Flip” – April 28th. According to Enhanced Online News:

NEW YORK–(EON: Enhanced Online News)–Derek Hough and Mark Ballas of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars will choreograph a whole new move in their latest project—to renovate and flip a house in HGTV’s Mark & Derek’s Excellent Flip. Premiering Tuesday, April 28, at 11 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. ET/PT, the four-episode series will follow the multi-talented entertainers and first-time house flippers as they and their team of experts transform an outdated Los Angeles-area home into one of the best homes on the block.

“We’re taking on our very first house flip together,” said Mark. “And we’ve only given ourselves four weeks to complete it before the open house.”

“This is a huge financial investment for us and we are on a budget,” added Derek. “It’s a big risk—and we may not always agree on every design detail—but it’s a risk worth taking, worth putting our blood, sweat and money into to get the job done right.”

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DWTS Season 20 Week 2 Press And Media After The Dance With Derek Hough And Nastia Liukin

How about some media after dance night with Derek and Nastia (Man, did last night’s Rumba really happen? It was one of THE best Rumbas I’ve ever seen!)? Below is a recap of the night with ABC7 in LA. Note how Nastia and Derek are interviewed as well (let’s hope we get more!). ABC7 also have some breathtaking photos at this link. The Daily Mail also has some cool photos and screen caps. Maria MacLean also sent us some pics from the press line via merijuan on snapchat. Don’t miss seeing Derek getting ready for the show in the parking lot at Zimbio as well. Gorgeous and check out that smile! We hope to have more press a little later. Keep checking back! Note: Next week is Latin Week!!

ETA: According to Nastia’s Instagram, she and Derek have a Samba next week!!!

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