Video Interview of Derek Hough at the Emmy Choreographers Nomination Reception!

Thanks to Holly J!!

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Derek Hough Talks To Access Hollywood About His New Book

Lot’s of press today for Derek’s new book and Dancing With The Stars. Below is a take from a new Access Hollywood interview where Derek talks on bullying. For more including a picture, see this link. Let’s hope they post a video too. If they do, we’ll be sure to add it. Thanks to Linz for the heads up!

On Monday, Access Hollywood Live guest co-host Samantha Harris asked Derek about the bullying he wrote about facing, and how he became such a confident adult.

“For me, the essence of the book that I wanted to try and capture was a phrase that I heard that I absolutely love and it’s, ‘What if the world wasn’t happening to you, but is happening for you.’ And I look at those experiences and reflect on them and thinking like, ‘What could I have learned from that?’” Derek said. “I almost have more compassion for the guys and why they felt like they had to overpower somebody. And also, not just young kids, but adults as well — why does somebody feel like they have to overpower somebody and bully them and put them down?”

ETA: Ok, here’s some videos. He dances too! At the end they try to get him to confirm he’s coming back to Dancing With The Stars and he won’t.

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KTLA Interviews Derek Hough about DWTS and Taking the Lead

Another awesome interview – the discussion about DWTS is quite interesting. :-)

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Derek Hough Talks To Ryan Seacrest About “Taking The Lead” And Dancing With The Stars

Another fabulous interview with Derek! This time he talks with Ryan Seacrest about his new book, Dancing With The Stars, the Move Live On Tour, Romie, and more….

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HQ Photos Of Derek Hough At The 2014 Emmy Reception

Just handsome gorgeous as always. You know where to go for more….Getty Images. Derek also had this to say on the night at his Instagram. #awwww moment:

“Great night accepting our Emmy Nominations! Love my peer group . Real talent , true artists but most of all beautiful human beings . #emmys #artisticathletes”

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Derek Hough at the Emmy’s Choreography Nominees Reception!!

Looking divine, as usual. And if you’re wondering, pretty sure that’s Nina that he’s imitating. :-)

The Television Academy’s twitter (@televisionacad) tweeted these:

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HQ Photos Of Derek Hough From New “Taking The Lead” Portrait Session In NY

Wow, check out AP Images as soon as you can!! They have 17 new high quality photos of Derek from a portrait session for his new book “Taking the Lead: Lessons From a Life in Motion,” that were taken this past week in New York City. Beautiful!!! I am especially loving this one!!

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Derek Hough: The Week in Twitter (Part II), August 9th, 2014

Yes, you may have missed the Twitter update earlier in the week – we did it because there were just so many photos of Derek flying around twitter and instagram. We’ll go back to Sunday’s next week. Probably. :-)

DerekErika Continue reading

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Derek Hough on HuffPost Live (Youtube Version)

Still a great interview…

Note: Please don’t click on links on twitter for trash web sites sensationalizing parts of this book in ways that aren’t true – the hits from fans just make them do it more. If you’ve read the book, you know they’re trash and you know what’s true and what isn’t.

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Taking the Lead in Long Island with Derek Hough – Fan Blog by Deana

Everyone give it up for Deana! Another fun blog!

Derek’s Long Island NY Taking The Lead book signing at Barnes & Noble in Carle Place ~ A fan blog by Deana

After the Move Tour show when I heard one of his few book signings would be on Long Island by me, I was so excited! Other then the original DWTS tour shows and one BHB event, I usually have to travel into NYC to see Derek.  I decided I wanted to Take the Lead and be there early! ;) ha ha Hey maybe a #1 Fan could be #1 in line! ;) I called the store and pre ordered the book which was released the day before the signing in our store.  I purchased the book the day before, first thing in the morning hoping I could read it before I saw Derek the next night.  I also had pre ordered his movie Make Your Move DVD from that store a few weeks before and purchased it there, but more about that later.

After asking several employees how the event would go and about the bracelets, I thought getting there at 7am, two hours prior to opening would be early enough.  For this event you needed a bracelet after buying a book to attend and they were handing out bracelets starting that morning of the event at 9 am.  I arrived shortly after 7 am & was surprised to see people lined up already and some with chairs.  I took my chair and book to line up too and read it while I waited. As soon as I walked up, I asked the guy that was first on line when he arrived and he said an hour before at 6am, so I joked that I was late! ;) I met a nice lady Laura who was right in front of me on line.  She was excited to meet Derek, she went to his Move tour show, but didn’t have VIP and had never met him.  I was 10th in line, but within the next hour the line grew to about 100 and when they opened at 9 the line was around the corner.  A lady came out explaining you needed a book with the receipt you bought it from them or purchase a book right then so you can get your bracelets.  They also gave a sheet that stated some “rules” of the event.  Times to arrive based on # and clearly said no photos with Derek.  Knowing Derek and his love of his fans, I knew that wouldn’t be the case.  I also knew from a fan Dari after she attended the NJ one the night before, that Derek took pictures at her event.  I ended up with bracelet #22, because the people in front of me took more then one for other people in their party.  I also took 3 bracelets, 2 for a fellow fan Faina and her son.  Even though the paper said to arrive at 6:15 for bracelets #1-60 I wanted to be early.  I planned on arriving at 5:30.  What is usually about a 20 min drive, took almost an hour for me.  I caught every light and there was so much traffic I thought it had to be because of Derek.  I talked to Faina before I arrived and she said she called the store mid day and they said they had given out over 300 bracelets and were still going.  I was shocked! Even the paper only stated up to 300.  I was thinking this was going to be an unusually busy event for this store. Continue reading

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