MassLive Gives ‘The Move Live On Tour’ An “11” – Press Review

Stay tuned! We have more to report from the Move Live On Tour in Connecticut last night including a little report from Cathy. For now, check out this fun review from on the show last night.

If the “MOVE Live on Tour” performance at the Mohegan Sun Casino on Sunday night had been an episode of “Dancing With the Stars,” it would have scored an 11.

“DWTS” stalwarts Derek and Julianne Hough brought their fancy footwork and more to the main arena for two performances on Sunday.

For 90 minutes, the siblings and a troupe of 10 dancers mixed music and routines ranging from traditional ballroom to hip hop and nearly everything in between. They even did the Mash Potato.

Less than a month ago, the official “DWTS” tour stopped at Mohegan Sun. “MOVE Live on Tour” eclipsed that fine show in terms of dazzling choreography, unstoppable energy, classy costumes and top notch production and staging.

Whether it was gliding across the stage to Bobby Darin’s “Beyond the Sea” or going wild to Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock,” the Houghs lived up to their impressive resumes.

At age 11, Derek Hough started dancing in his hometown of Salt Lake City and a year later moved to London, where he studied under Corky and Shirley Ballas. His younger sister joined him a year later.

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Derek and Julianne Hough Return to the Mohegan Sun with MOVE Live on Tour!

Two shows today. No idea how well they sold but the place looks full from the photos. Imma drop a few tidbits before I get offline for the day. 😉

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Derek Hough: The Week in Twitter – July 12, 2015

A whole bunch of lucky people meeting Derek and Julianne at MOVE Live on tour….and a few other odds and ends. :-)

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The 2015 Emmy Awards!! Derek Hough Nomination Predictions and Guesses

Nominations happen on July 16 (11:30 Eastern time – new time) – you can watch the main nominations on Keep an eye out here and we’ll let you know what happened as soon as the full list is public.

So, do you think Derek Hough will be nominated for an Emmy this year? If so, which dances will get a nomination? What dances do you WANT to see get a nomination? I think it will be a tough year to get a nomination, but if anyone from DWTS does it will likely be Derek or Mark or Sharna – I have to review some videos to figure out my guesses. I’m not sure that anyone else had anything Emmy worthy. Here are the rules you need to know:

  • The eligibility period is June 1, 2014 through May 31, 2015. HOWEVER, because of submission requirements, it’s very possible that the last few weeks of Season 20 may not be eligible. It’s hard to say. All entries must be submitted by May 4th, but you can modify your entry until May 31st.  Meaning that if a choreographer has a better dance after May 4th, they can switch out one of the ones submitted on May 4th.  There is also normally a DVD submission deadline that falls after May 4th and they probably have to make that. Usually, I believe the last two to three weeks of the spring season don’t get submitted because of the DVD deadline. It has to be shown on TV and a DVD of that airing submitted. Obviously, because the show is live, if it hasn’t aired, it also can’t be recorded to DVD and submitted.
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“Words Cannot Describe…” Move Live On Tour From Camden, New Jersey – Fan Reviews, More Photos, Videos


Here’s to the Move Live On Tour once again! Night after night, the show amazes the masses. Be sure to see Miss Heidi’s first report from Camden, New Jersey to see what I mean. Her post also includes photos of our very own Dari who posts here. You can read a little of what Dari says on the show in this instagram. She was even picked to dance. She’s promised us a blog to tell us more. So, stay tuned. Below are more fan reviews, some incredible photos, and videos from the night along with a few extras from previous shows. Also, check out a photo of how one girl did up her nails. I so want….

Jonasfan4life93 aka Dari WOW. WOW. WOW. AMAZING SHOW!!!! #MoveLiveOnTour Thank you for an incredible and amazing night @derekhough @juliannehough I love u both!!

kendra_kara: it’s 4am and i just got back home from MOVE. i will never forget this night. thank you @derekhough & @juleshough

dxrrxh: words can not describe what an amazing time i had tonight. it was fun, emotional, sexy af, and most of all inspiring. everyone did an amazing job and i am so glad to call these two amazing people my idols. i am so happy that after so many years of watching them on dancing with the stars that now i was finally able to see them live. this is a day i will never forget.

kailen_michele: Such an incredible show tonight!! So many talented dancers who are definitely living the dream

iswabamac95: Best part of the night! <3 Had a blast with my besties(: Derek’s one speech tonight was so touching!

funsized2467: @moveliveontour was absolutely incredible! @derekhough and @juleshough did an amazing job! Loved all the energy and the passion! Thanks for an exciting show!

katiehunter3 if I could define my heroes: it would be them @derekhough @juleshough #moveliveontour

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Derek, Julianne Hough (and Brooks Laich) and MOVE Live in Camden, New Jersey…and Other Odds and Ends

I have a lot of miscellaneous things tonight, only some of it is from Camden. First is this adorable pic from Derek of a few of them (and Lexi) watching the fights on the bus.

Derek UFC MOVE Bus

Next, Nappytabs tweeted this awesome video today. Loved it.

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MOVE Live on Tour: “It’s a Life Changing Experience!” Fan Blog by Falyn

Everyone give it up for Falyn – she’s done a great job on this blog and I, for one, enjoyed reading it. As always, we greatly appreciate all of our guest bloggers!

Wow, MOVE at Radio City is a night I will never forget! Where to even begin…. I guess back in March when the announcement that our favorite sibling duo would be reprising their tour is a good place. When I was looking at the locations, I was so happy to see that they’d be coming to Radio City! I remember last year how excited Julianne was to play the Beacon and could only imagine how she felt about playing Radio City! And Derek- I can’t even imagine how great it must have felt to be back up there! Me and my mom got tickets during the pre-sale and let me say we got an amazing deal (we got seats at the back of the orchestra and they were each 15 dollars cheaper than our tickets for the New York Spring Spectacular, where we were in the front on the second balcony). Derek kept on saying how this tour would be bigger and better than last year, which I didn’t think possible given how perfect last year’s was. But leave it up to Derek and Julianne to top perfection- this tour definitely was! Everything from production to wardrobe, even the crowd was louder, which may have been because THEY SOLD OUT RADIO CITY!!! Continue reading

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“WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!” – A MOVE Live on Tour Fan blog by Jules

Really, what more is there to say? After watching the live stream last night, I couldn’t have said it better. :-) Many, many thanks to Jules for this fun blog. Give it up!!

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. I know I always say this but I really have NO idea where to begin when describing my experience last night about MOVE at Radio City last night. I’m writing this in tears because of post show depression and because it was such a magnificent and inspiring night!!!!!! This show and entire experience in general was above and BEYOND what I was expecting.

First off, the special day began with my Ultimate VIP experience. It all became real as I checked in at the VIP station and got my bracelet and laminate. I was then sent downstairs and because I had Ultimate I was told to sit and the nerves really kicked in when I realized I’d be meeting THE Derek Hough. As we waited, I talked to 2 sweet girls beside me, Jeanie and Brittany. I also talked to Deana (@Mommyof4boysD) and Keziah (@withlove_KayKay) who I have met before and love SO much! They had regular VIP so they waited in line whereas I had to sit. Then finally, Courtney the great VIP host came out and asked if we are ready for the Houghs and explained all the rules to us. Then they came out and we all went wild. Let me just say: TV does NOT do him or Jules justice they are BEAUTIFUL! They were getting us so pumped up and told us they want tons of energy from us. Then, the regular VIPs took their pictures and were told to leave the premise so then it was our turn to take pictures and I thought I would faint. Then, it was my turn and I walked up to Derek first and gave him a huge hug and then Jules. They thanked me for coming and I said I was so excited and I had Derek take our selfie. Then I hugged them again and he told me “thank you for coming, baby” and I just about died. Then came the q&a and I raised my hand first and he called on me but some guy in front of me jumped up to talk and Derek kind of made a face like “I meant to call on her” but then he winked at me, smiled, and said “you’re next.” I told him how inspirational he was and how he helped me become more positive and caring just to name a few and that him and Jules have a beautiful heart and I told Jules I love her website too! My mind went blank while talking LOL and I kept saying “ummm” and they giggled. He put his hand on his heart and said “awww thank you sweetheart. That’s so sweet and it means a lot.” Some other questions were what is his favorite ninja turtle (Michaelangelo) does he match his socks (LOL yes he does but at the moment he had on none because he couldn’t find any) and I forgot what the question was (I think it was about life lessons) and he said him and Jules recently saw “Inside Out” in theaters and it made him cry so much but it was a great movie (awww that’s our Derek). Then, he taught us all a move he wants us to do collectively and it was a lot of fun even though it was short. Then they thanked us for coming and we went on our merry way before the show began. Continue reading

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Important Information for Derek Hough Fans

Hi guys. I just want to take a moment to put a little warning out for Derek Hough fans.

I shouldn’t have to tell you that not everyone on the internet is a nice, harmless person. I occasionally hear stories or get information on people posing as someone close to Derek and approaching his fans, for a variety of reasons. Most recently, I heard of someone getting text messages from someone claiming to be Derek’s personal events coordinator. This person does not exist. Derek himself said this person does not exist. I have no idea what this person’s goal was in reaching out to a fan – I don’t want to know and I don’t want any of you to find out the hard way.

Please, do not respond to people claiming to be close with Derek in some way. Please DO let me know if someone contacts you or approaches you in this manner and I will be happy to pass the information on to see if it’s for real or not. Be smart. Be safe. Be slightly cynical, like me. Okay, well, I can be very cynical. 😉 And always remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

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Move Live On Tour At The Palace Theatre In Albany, NY And Extras – Photos, Videos

What a show again last night at the Palace Theatre in Albany, New York. Below are some photos and videos from fans who were there. There is also some photos and videos from other shows. Thanks to all the fans tweeting and posting at instagram. Stay tuned. We have more coming up!! 😉

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