Derek Hough at the Grove, May 18, 2015 (HQ Photos)

A bit of a bizarre ensemble, but he’s hot regardless. :-) Been so busy that I just saw these.

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Access Hollywood Covers Dancing With The Stars Finale, Derek Hough Included – Video

Derek is included in this new Access Hollywood Dancing With The Stars finale coverage just posted. Check it out….

ETA: With international version with far less Val. :-) ~Heidi

Derek on Extra 051915 by dereklvr1013

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Julianne Hough Writes On Her DWTS “Elastic Heart” Performance With Derek Hough

Julianne has written a new blog about her performance with Derek on Dancing With The Stars and how it came to be. Here is a little bit of “insider info”….

A little insider info: It was Sia who contacted Derek and said she wanted him to perform to her song. Meanwhile, Derek and I have been prepping for MOVE Live on Tour, and we already planned on putting this song in our show. Derek always envisioned it as a romantic love story but I saw it in a way that expressed the difficulties that come with a family’s love. In our lives, we’ve had experiences where we want so badly to keep the peace in our family. The lyrics say, “I’m like an elastic band. If you pull too hard, I’m going to snap.” We came up with a concept based around family dynamics and how a family’s love can be difficult, too.

Just because we’re family and we’re expected to always love each other, that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard at times. So for us, this was a chance to show how we dealt with this when we were kids versus how we deal today as adults. As children, we can tease each other one minute then quickly move forward to playing together. Whereas today we build up so many walls that in the end we’re really just fighting against ourselves.

The dance was a representation of going back to our childhood and identifying those moments. The younger dancers Emma and Joey represented the younger versions of us. Every time we would interact with them, it symbolized Derek and I trying to reconnect with our childhood selves.

Too awesome. To read more, see this link. Thnaks to Lori for the heads up.

ETA: Entertainment Tonight reported about Julianne and a wardrobe malfunction last night, but, they also reported on Derek and Julianne’s performance…. Continue reading

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Derek Hough Attends Dancing With The Stars Wrap Party – Paps Video

I haven’t watched this all the way through yet, but, you can see Derek at the 8:34 mark in this paps video covering the Dancing With The Stars Wrap Party last night….

ETA: Here is another Paps video….

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Derek Hough, Julianne Hough, Nastia Liukin and Amy Purdy: DWTS 20 Finale Screencaps (Part I)

Quite a wide variety of photos here and not just Derek, Jules, Nastia and Amy, but also Mark and Sasha!!

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Derek Hough “Behind The Scenes” Of The Dancing With The Stars Season 20 Finale

Renee Spei You Tube has a cool behind the scenes video of Derek rehearsing/performing for the opening number. Don’t miss watching it at this link (I wish I could embed these, but, they have it shut off). Take a look at her other videos too as you might see Derek walking around the set and doing more.

And by the way, if you missed any of the dances last night on Dancing With The Stars and would like to see them all, see this link. Al worked over time trying to get everything up last night.

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HQ DWTS 20 Finale Performance Photos Of Derek Hough, Nastia Liukin, Julianne Hough, Sasha Farber, Amy Purdy, And More

Wow! So many breathtaking performance photos of Derek, Nastia, Sasha, Amy, Julianne, and more from Dancing With The Stars last night!! Below are just a few. See Getty Images for lots more!!

ETA: You can also see some photos at the Daily Mail.

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DWTS20 Finale With Derek Hough, Nastia Liukin, Julianne Hough, And More – Preshow Goodies, Videos


At this time last week, many of us didn’t think we’d get to see much of Derek in the finale of Dancing With The Stars. Well, he’s not only dancing the Charleston with Nastia one more time(as you know from previous postings), Derek is doing something with Amy Purdy, Noah Galloway, …and Sharna Burgess too. You can listen to Sharna talk about it at the 3:10 mark here. HINT: “The impossible is possible”.

Derek will also be dancing with Julianne to Sia’s “Elastic Heart“. Derek describes the story of the dance as “incredibly meaningful and personal” and an honor to work on. This performance will make a fun teaser for what’s to come of the new Move Live On Tour.

And speaking of the Move Live On Tour, listen to Julianne talk with Yahoo about it in a little part of this new interview. She says she won’t be doing a Rumba with Derek…ever. LOL

That’s it for now. Stay tuned. Heidi and will post videos of their dances and any other possible goodies as soon as we can in the space below. Be sure to let us know in comments what you think of everything. Here’s to tonight and thanks so much for all of your love and support for this site. You are the magical just like Derek!xxx

ETA: Isn’t this a fun pic? Nastia just tweeted it of dress rehearsal. Let’s get this party started….


And who is that way in the back?


ETA2: If you go to this tweet, you can see a video of Derek and Nastia walking outside the studios.

ETA3: And we’re rockin’ and rollin’. Look at the beautiful set design and what an impressive opening number too. And look at Derek GO!! WOO HOO!

Commercial break: can we take a time out for this? Dyinggg 😯


ETA4: Derek, Amy, Sharna, and Noah’s danced a cool little tango. It was so good to see Amy again doing all of those sleek moves. She tweeted that it only took her 2 hours to learn this dance. Amazing. Beautiful and so inspirational. These two couples have taught us all so much. Nothing is impossible. Not sure we can get video of this one? If we do, we’ll be sure to post.

Finale Derek Amy Noah Sharna by dereklvr1013

ETA5: Oh my, Derek, Nastia, and Sasha just danced their “Honey I’m Good” Charleston again. One of my most favorite dances of the season. It has “EMMY WINNER” written all over it…again. Not sure if we’ll be getting a video for this dance either?

ETA6: Wow, and Derek and Julianne just blew it away with the most amazing, touching dance together dancing to Sia’s “Elastic Heart”. I’m completely speechless. My jaw just dropped to the ground. Wow just wow…. this was Emmy material as well.

Derek Pooped!! ~Heidi

Derek pooped lip sync by dereklvr1013

ETA: Derek, Nastia and Sasha’s Charleston!!

Derek Nastia Finale Charleston by dereklvr1013


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New Dancing With The Stars Photos Of Derek Hough And More


Are you ready for tonight’s dances with Derek? I’m so glad he is going to be a big part of the show tonight! In getting us geared up even more, don’t miss seeing some new photos of Derek arriving to rehearsals yesterday at Just Jared Jr. He’s in fine form as always and looking very chipper And isn’t the photo above sweet of Derek and Noah Galloway? Derek posted it at his instagram telling Noah his freestyle was “one for the books” and that it was. Derek had some kind things to say about the other couples too. See his instagram to see more.

Also, just a site note and for easy and fast access to get Move Live On Tour Tickets: Miss Heidi changed the NYSS tickets page in the header menu (at the top of the page) to a “MOVE TICKETS” Live link. Too fun! So, be sure to get your tickets if you haven’t yet….or get MORE tickets as you’ll want to see this show more than once. Isn’t that right? :)

Ok, more later! Here’s to tonight! #DanceLikeAMagician

A video posted by Derek Hough (@derekhough) on

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DWTS Season 20, Final Performance Show…and Derek Hough is Backstage on All Access (Video)

I may not do too many of these but I find it funny that the guy goes to the studio to watch instead of at home like a normal person. :-)

Derek on All Access Final 1 by dereklvr1013

Derek on All Access Final 2 by dereklvr1013

Derek on All Access Final 3 by dereklvr1013

ETA: Updated with Mark talking about Derek’s Birthday Party

Mark on All Access Final by dereklvr1013

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