Nastia Liukin Guests On Access Hollywood, Talks On DWTS, Derek Hough, And Sasha Farber

Here is Nastia on Access Hollywood today talking about Derek Hough, Sasha Farber, and Dancing With The Stars. Note how she says Derek might not be sitting for their Trio dance. They also have a JIVE for their trio dance.

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New Video Featuring Derek Hough in New York Spring Spectacular

From the Rockettes. No, I don’t think this means he’s going to be back in the show, it just means this is the footage they have. :-) And it’s good stuff too!

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DWTS Season 20, Week 7: Derek Hough, Nastia Liukin and Sasha Farber Screencaps (Part 1)

Surprising there was actually enough screencaps for part 2. Lucky for us, Derek didn’t make himself scarce. :-)

Derek Nastia Wk 7 Charleston 3 Continue reading

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Would You Like To See Derek Hough As Caesar In The Paso Doble Or Should He Sit In The Audience?

Many of you might have seen this at twitter and instagram last night, but, if you didn’t, be sure to reply to the instagram below and/or to twitter at @DancingABC and let them know what you’d like to see. I don’t know about you, but, I’d like to see Derek play CAESAR!! YES!

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New Photos Of Derek Hough At The DWTS Rehearsal Parking Lot

Awwww, just how I like to wake up! If you head to the Daily Mail, you can see some new photos of Derek! That smile and goofiness has returned!!!! Check him out! Way cute!

ETA: Just Jared Jr. has some photos too. Nastia is there as well. She’s wearing a Paso skirt. :D

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Derek Hough, Nastia Liukin and Sasha Farber: DWTS 20, Week 7 Miscellaneous Clips (Video)

Lots of nice little shots of our trio up first, followed by a new version of the dance.

Derek Nastia Sasha Wk 7 Misc Clips by dereklvr1013

Derek Nastia Sasha Wk7 Charleston by dereklvr1013

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Derek Hough: “Hearing a song and not being able to dance is Frustrating” (New Derek Blog)

I love Derek’s blogs – they’re so informative. His whole attitude about his injury and how it plays into his creativity is just amazing!! Go to TV Guide to read the whole thing, excerpt below:

I was psyched to get the OK to dance (a little) this week. Once I told my doctors what I had in mind, they were like, “OK, just be careful.” It wasn’t about me needing to be in the dance. It was more about, how can we be creative? How can we make lemonade out of lemons? How can we make this a positive thing? The other part of it is that we had the Charleston, which is a looser, less restrictive dance, so it was easier to incorporate me and Andy Grammer into it. But the whole routine is how I view this whole situation. Sometimes when something bad happens to you, you have to go down a different path and you end up finding something new and exciting, so you should just go with it and see what’s down there.

I’m not gonna lie though — the pain of hearing a song and not being able to dance was incredibly frustrating. I choreograph to feeling — the way it makes you feel, the momentum — so not being able to feel it and do it was awful. It’s a new muscle to get used to. It’s also frustrating for Nastia because I’ll say something and Sasha will say something different, so she’d be like, “Wait a minute, what should I do?” So sometimes I’ll just step outside for a second because I have to know when I’m being productive and counterproductive, and not let my frustration of not being able to dance bleed into Nastia.

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OK! Magazine on Derek Hough’s Injury (Video)

OK! has video of Derek leaving the rehearsal hall and he’s still got a pretty good limp. But he’s so much further ahead that I expected him to be that I’ll take it. :-)

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Nastia Liukin Discusses Dancing With The Stars, Derek Hough, Sasha Farber, And More On KTLA – Video

Loving all of these interviews this week and this one is no different….

HEADS UP: Right after this interview took place, KTLA tweeted that they made a mistake. Nastia isn’t touring on the DWTS Live Tour like they mentioned.

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Orlando Sentinel Calls Derek Hough “Stand Out Pro”

I would agree wholeheartedly. I didn’t agree with a couple of his other choices, but when he chose pro, he chose well!! Excerpt from the Orlando Sentinel – click the link to read the whole thing.

Standout pro: Derek Hough, whose injuries kept him from performing in the special. He has won a record five times with Brooke Burke-Charvet, Nicole Scherzinger, Jennifer Grey, Kellie Pickler and Amber Riley. He was outstanding with Amy Purdy, who placed second her season, and his work with Nastia Liukin this season has been first-rate. He won an Emmy for his choreography, and his imaginative contributions help keep the show fresh. “Dancing” has benefited from excellent dancers, notably Mark Ballas, Cheryl Burke, Kym Johnson, Julianne Hough and Karina Smirnoff. Tony Dovolani combines the skills of being excellent and patient — so crucial in this show.

Most memorable dance: Derek Hough’s routines with Amy Purdy were beautiful and inspiring. In the retrospective, Carrie Ann Inaba celebrated that team’s emotional contemporary dance. During the routine, Purdy, a double amputee was carried by Hough and walked on air to her weeping father. The dance reflected how the show has touched people, smashed stereotypes and transcended being a contest. You don’t have to win “Dancing” to triumph. You just have to try.

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