New DWTS Rehearsal Exit Photos Of Derek Hough And Amy Purdy, Moved Wynonna Judd To Tears

If you head to Just Jared Jr again, you can view more new pictures of Derek and Amy exiting rehearsals yesterday! According to the article, their practice for Dancing With The Stars was a “long” one. The article also mentions Wynonna Judd and her husband Cactus and how they were in the audience last week and Wynonna cried. Here is more from Amy on it… ~Vogue

The 34-year-old athlete captioned with the image: “I grew up listening to The Judds and last night Ms. Wynonna Judd and her husband Cactus came to the show to support. She sat in the front row and cried during @derekhough and my dance.”

Amy continued, “Interestingly enough, when Cactus lost his leg a few years back, I reached out to them to offer my support but was unable to get in contact with her and now, they are here supporting me. Thank you @wynonnamusic for always being such an inspiration to me and for your love and support! #dwts”

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Derek Hough’s Blog – DWTS Season 18, Week 5 – Jive is going well!

Another great blog from Derek at TV Guide. I’m posting and running…on my way to see Make Your Move. :-)

This week, we have the jive for Party Anthem Week. The jive was another dance I was worried about when the producers were telling me about Amy before the season because of the flicks and kicks. But it’s going well so far. Amy is a rock star, as you know. I don’t want to give away too much, but she’s got all these different types of feet that allow her to do these amazing things. Every week, I’m just blown away at what we can do with them. The pair we’re using for the jive is one we’ve used before. I’m also glad we have a lively dance. Firstly, the slower the dance, the more difficult it is for Amy, so the jive is a great change of pace from last week. The waltz wasn’t stressful, but it was challenging. It’s Party Anthem Week and we want to celebrate. This is the point in the competition where everyone starts to get tired and hit a wall, so I want to remind ourselves to go out there and have fun.

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It’s TIME, Derek Hough Fans – MAKE YOUR MOVE

Okay kids, time to do your part to not only enjoy Derek’s new movie, but help him be successful.   There are several ways to do this. Most important: if the movie is playing near you go see it THIS WEEKEND. That means Friday (today), Saturday or Sunday. This weekend will likely determine if it opens wide.  It isn’t wide enough now to rank in the top ten, and it’s not a big movie, so don’t expect that – it only has to do as well as they expect. Once you see it (2 or 3 times), there are a couple things that you can do that would be really helpful.

  1. Rate the movie on Rotten Tomatoes. Be honest. And don’t just click a rating, leave an actual comment.
  2. Same thing on Fandango.
  3. Same thing on Moviefone.
  4. Same thing on IMDB.
  5. Same thing on Yahoo Movies.

Piece of cake, right?? :-)  Then, once you’ve done that, write your own review and send it to me at and I will post it here for other fans to see.  Most of all ENJOY Derek’s first movie!!!

ETA: Another clip, this time from Movies Coming Soon

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DWTS Season 18, Week 5 – Derek Hough and Amy Purdy Waltz Screencaps (Part III)

Don’t miss Part 1 Screen caps or Part 2 Screen Caps!! We’re still working on a fix for the gallery feature. Until then, click twice to see full size. ;-)

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More “Make Your Move” Reviews From Major News Sources Across The US

Below are more “Make Your Move” reviews coming out in major news sources across the country. They are raving on the dancing and music. We’ve provided some quotes below (note the positive reviews in bold text!), but, be sure to see the links for the full reviews. Also, if you didn’t catch our earlier posting with a review from the New York Times, be sure to read it too. ~Vogue

From the New York Daily. Note how they give it 3 Stars:

Director Duane Adler’s energetic dance flick is bound to be dismissed as a “Step Up” wannabe. But most of that series’ recent sequels were not as good as “Make Your Move.

“It’s cheesy fun for sure, but fun nonetheless.”

From the Los Angeles Times:

…writer-director Duane Adler’s film is a celebration of cultural hybridization. Its core dance styles are a wonderfully frenetic fusion of tap and hip-hop and a truly novel blend of Japanese taiko drumming and K-pop girl-group choreography.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

The Romeo and Juliet-inspired plotline basically serves as a framing device allowing the opportunity for a plethora of exuberant dance sequences that particularly show off Hough’s considerable talent. Although it takes a while for the main characters to hook up, Hough’s Donny seals the deal with an impromptu dance duet in which he removes his shirt to reveal his admirably chiseled torso. While the Astaire-Rogers movies used dance as a metaphor for sex, in these modern variations it’s an elaborate form of foreplay.

From The Washington Post:

If you want a dance drama, Duane Adler is the man for the job. He wrote “Save the Last Dance,” “Step Up” (and its many sequels), “The Way She Moves” and “Make It Happen.” Now he’s back at it, writing and directing “Make Your Move,” a “Romeo and Juliet”-inspired addition to his guilty pleasure niche.

ETA: 3 out of 4 Stars from Roger

Derek Hough will be familiar to fans of “Dancing with the Stars,” and when he is allowed to let loose here and really show what he can do, he is an absolutely thrilling performer. And BoA, whose fame is enormous in Japan, is wonderful, bringing ambition, humor, and smarts to her character. You like them both.

“Make Your Move” has an underlying sweetness that serves it well. It understands the need for community, for expression, for family. It’s kind to its characters. It features a diverse cast, accurately reflecting the dance world and its inhabitants. Adler and Middleton know that when we come to a dance movie, we want a chance to see, really see, those dances. They find a way to do just that.

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Broadway World Reviews Derek Hough’s “Ameska”

Linz discovered an interesting article on Broadway world that reviews the YAGP Gala, for which Derek choreographed a piece for Misty Copeland. The entire review is very interesting reading, in a way, and is entitled “YOUTH AMERICA GRAND PRIX Comes of Age With Grace, Artistry, and Professionalism”. Regarding the piece Derek did:

Of the numerous professional pieces on Thursday and Friday, I was particularly taken by the world premiere of Derek Hough’s stylish and jazzy “Ameska” featuring three male ballroom dancers and ABT’s Misty Copeland on pointe, dazzling not only because of her glittery costume but because she has emerged as one of those rare artists capable of projecting across the footlights to the very back of the auditorium.

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Thumbs Up Review For “Make Your Move” From The New York Times

What a fun “Gotta Dance (Together)” review from the New York Times. They review “Make Your Move” and, let’s just say, they liked it. Below is a take from the link for what they write about it and Derek. Be sure to read the link for the full review. They also include a fun picture with it. ~Vogue

Duane Adler, the writer of “Step Up” and “Save the Last Dance,” capably directs “Make Your Move,” a soapy, flashy confection that juxtaposes Mr. Hough’s tap dancing with the Japanese drumming style Taiko, tossed with liberal helpings of contemporary hip-hop moves. Mr. Hough, a “Dancing With the Stars” champion, impresses with his footwork and sufficiently fulfills his romantic-lead duties. BoA is cute and appealingly impudent, but a bit more remote.

On the floor, however, their chemistry ignites. And when Aya expresses her gratitude that Donny doesn’t try to control her, the movie’s heart is in the right place. Tragedy? Not at all.

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New Photos Of Derek Hough And Amy Purdy, Julianne Hough Writes About Kaleidoscope Ball

Oh, how I love waking up to new pictures of Derek arriving to rehearsals for Dancing With The Stars again. If you go to the Daily Mail, you can see what I mean. Does he spell “coolness” with the way his hat is tipped or what? Our beautiful Amy is pictured as well.

Also, for media things this morning, be sure you read Julianne Hough’s recent blog as she mentions Derek and wrote about their night at the Kaleidoscope Ball. She posted a few pictures too. More coming! Stay tuned! ~Vogue


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Derek Hough, Amy Purdy….DWTS Season 18 and Make Your Move Round Up

I’ve been gone all day, and I will be gone half a day tomorrow and Saturday, off watching Make Your Move a couple times with a friend. :-) And Vogue may be as well, so updates could be slooow. But I’m here now to update – slightly sunburned.

First, you can see a behind the scenes video of Make Your Move at Seventeen magazine. Awesome video talking about Derek and BoA. I would embed it here, but it won’t let me….besides, it’s better if you go see it on their site because they will notice how many hits it gets. That is often why I don’t make my own versions and put them here – it’s better if the other sites get the traffic for some thing. Keep that in mind when watching MYM promo – don’t watch ripped versions, go back to the original source. :-)

Next, I know there have been several links to pictures put up early today by Vogue – but I don’t think she included Just Jared. The pictures are very similar, but i LOOOOOVE this one. :-) Taut Tummy.

Derek is apparently a “Hot Speaker for 2014″ in Campus Activities Magazine. I imagine this is the beginning of the rumored motivational speaking thing that we heard whispers about a while ago? Beats me, and since Derek never shares will just have to figure it out. I’m trying to get someone to make a better scan of this so I can actually read it, but you can get some gist.  :-)

Oh, and here are some pics of Derek and Julianne from Just Jared. :-)

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Derek Hough Picture Morning Start-Up, Rehearsal Video Teaser Of Next Dance With Amy Purdy

Picture morning start-up, want some? If so, head straight to the Daily Mail. Derek is pictured in fine form in his latest black fedora and aviators! Such a doll as always!! Also, below is a little rehearsal teaser with Amy and Derek. Nice! Go get em, Guys!!

ETA: Check out Getty Images for MORE pics!

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