Is Derek Hough Directing a New Music Video for Mark Ballas??

Possibly. George Pennachio says so (see below) and Mark hints a bit on Twitter. This does not surprise me – Derek is going for quintuple threat or something. :-)


Derek and George

Derek and George

Derek Hough and George Pennacchio – Photo by George

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Amy Purdy Shows Off Her New Dancing Feet to

This woman is just so amazing – and her partner ain’t bad either. :-) To think of what they go through each week, figuring out which feet will work for which dance. And, despite what Derek says about not complaining about feet hurting, I can’t imagine that other parts of Amy aren’t hurting from this activity. She’s inspirational – the two of them just work it out! Click the link to read the whole People article, I’ve put an excerpt below.

During a break in rehearsals for Dancing with the Stars, Purdy, 34, whose legs were amputated below the knees when she was 19, displayed the special prosthetics molded to fit high heels.

“I wasn’t able to get the hip motion with my everyday feet,” she tells PEOPLE. “So I decided to try these other feet. I originally got these just thinking they were a little bit prettier and I could wear a taller heel and maybe for a tango.”

When she attached them, “It freed my hips up so that I could move how I wanted to,” she explains.

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New Afterbuzz TV Review, Henry Byalikov Explains The Macy’s Stars Of Dance Routine

Kristyn Burtt is back this week! She, Suri Serano, Anna Trebunskaya, and Henry Byalikov break down the dances for Dancing With The Stars Season 18 Week 6. They talk of the Macy’s Stars Of Dance at the 29:35 mark. Henry explains how long rehearsals took, the technicalities, and gives Derek and Allison huge props for how they put the routine together! He describes Derek as “phenomenal” and Allison was a “beast”. After that you can listen to their review of Amy and Derek at the 50:35. Like us, they loved them and thought they were amazing. Amy’s costume was Suri’s favorite costume of the night (mine too!). Note how Henry mentions that Derek’s elbow got jabbed doing rehearsals when Amy did her cartwheel and how they carried on. Amazing! Another great interview of the show! Check it out and let us know what you think! ~Vogue x

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New Derek Hough And Amy Purdy DWTS Arrival Rehearsal Pictures

Oh my goodness! I’m still fainting from Miss Heidi’s new Dancing With The Stars High Quality Picture post of Derek and Amy, but, be sure to see the Daily Mail this morning too. There are some awesome takes of them arriving to rehearsals for Dancing With The Stars yesterday!! ~Vogue

ETA: And see more photos at Just Jared Jr. So cute!!

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Carrie Ann Inaba Blogs about Derek Hough, Amy Purdy and the Macy’s Stars of Dance, Week 6

Carrie Ann blogs about DWTS Week 6 for Parade and she has a lot to say not only about all the couples, but about Macy’s stars of dance. I suggest you go read the whole blog. I’ve pasted an excerpt from the blog that pertains to Amy and Derek and their incredible Jive. I think CAI pretty much hits the nail on the head and she says what I’ve been trying to convey over at PureDWTS.

And there is another contender…that would be Amy Purdy.

Amy and Derek’s wedding-themed performance to “Shout” blew the roof off the ballroom! She faltered in the middle of the dance and lost her balance a few times–so I couldn’t give a 10, however, WOW! She gave us kicks and flicks like I’ve never seen before. The energy was moving the right way, down and out as opposed to just outward and, I don’t want to get too technical here, but after watching this performance I realize how incredibly detailed she and Derek have to be about the catalyst of every movement due to her unique circumstance. She is understanding the movements in a way most people would never have to and it’s created (when it’s possible) a highly-detailed understanding of the technique. This is what is helping her to perform these almost miraculous performances. I’ve read a lot of feedback about Amy–a lot of people feel she is getting special treatment and a lot of people feel she’s nothing short of a hero. I think that people think she’s getting special treatment because at least one of the judges comments about how incredibly special she is, but people have to understand to watch her dance is to see this. She is special, we can’t ignore it. As dancers ourselves, this is something to be in awe of. What she does baffles the brain. If we see mistakes, we have to take off for them, but it will never take away from the incredible ability she has to put a whole ballroom in awe.

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Derek Hough and Amy Purdy Jive – HQ Photos, DWTS Season 18, Week 6

Lots of lovely photos from last night via Getty.  What’s not to like about all of them? :-) Visit Getty to see all of them.

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Amy Purdy Chats About Derek Hough’s Choreography On DWTS And More

The new Los Angeles Times has posted their new interview with Amy Purdy. Below is one question I always wanted to know about Derek and his choreography…

Let’s talk about rehearsals a little. When do you find out your music for the next week’s dance, and how long does it take Derek to work out all the choreography?

The dance begins to take life on Tuesdays, that’s when we get the music. That’s the most creative, private time we have all week to think through what we want to do. It’s just us listening to the music and finding inspiration, trying new moves. Derek basically says ” try this” and we try a move and if we like it we know we will put it somewhere. Derek doesn’t come in with a set dance that he teaches me, we build it together and sometimes we don’t even know the beginning or end until Fridays. Sometimes depending on the difficulty we won’t even put it to music until Fridays. Sometimes we even change moves at the last minute. Derek is such a brilliant choreographer that I’m sure there are countless possibilities running through his head all the time. So while the dance really begins to take shape on Tuesdays it often takes a couple of days before we have finalized a routine, then by Saturday and Sunday we’re trying to fine tune it and come Monday it’s showtime!

Fascinating. More at the Los Angeles Times.

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More Late Night DWTS Rehearsal Coverage With Derek Hough And Amy Purdy

Henry of PopTVDotCom caught the couples going into rehearsals after the show last night! I love how Derek comes out dancing from his car. lol

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DWTS Season 18 Week 6 Derek Hough And Amy Purdy Media, Pictures From Late Night Rehearsals

Wow, what a night last night! I will be watching Derek and Amy’s dances over and over again! So for media starters today, don’t miss heading to ABC7 to see a recap video or you can watch it below. On The Red Carpet and the Daily Mail also have some fantastic shots of them. Also, if you go to Just Jared Jr., you can see Amy and Derek arriving for rehearsals for the Team Dances last night. Derek is dressed in black!! Here is my fave…I love that gorgeous smile. Ok, more later! ~Vogue and Heidi


ETA: Below is a recap of the dances on Good Morning America. Drew and Cheryl were also interviewed. Note how Cheryl thinks it will be between Meryl or Amy who win Dancing With The Stars….

Drew Carey & Cheryl – Exit Interview – GMA 4-22-14 by IdolxMuzic

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Derek Hough and Amy Purdy – DWTS Season 18, Week 6 Screencaps (Part I, teaser)

Yeah, just a teaser for you kids up late enough to appreciate it. Great night of dancing, all in all – Amy totally wowed me with her Jive. I could kinda tell from her excitement that it was going to be a good dance. And it certainly was. She might actually be Derek’s best jive partner in several seasons!! Anyway, up first is just a few screencaps from the opening dance and then Derek watching NeNe’s dance. :-)

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