New Pictures Of Derek Hough Carrying Mirror Ball

Derek Hough Picture Alert!! Just Jared Jr. has some new photos of Derek Hough pictured in Los Angeles that were were taken sometime before he left on tour. Note how he is carrying a Mirror ball too….so, maybe these were taken when he did Emmy thing he did a few weeks back? Anyway, he looks great and I love his hats as always. :)

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MOVE Live on Tour in Tulsa – Fan Blog by Kelsey (Photos and Video)

Everyone be sure to thank Kelsey and all others who take the time to share their experiences at MOVE. Vogue and I really appreciate it, and I know you all do to, so be sure to let them know. Kelsey sent us a ton of wonderful pictures and video; her blog, photos and some of the videos are posted here. If you want to see all of Kelsey’s videos (too many to put in a single post) visit the Move Live on Tour Daily Motion Page I set up for just this occasion. :-) Here’s Kelsey:

My experience at Derek and Julianne’s show was truly amazing! I had purchased the Ultimate VIP package as a gift because I recently graduated. My excitement building up to the show was almost untamable. Knowing I was going to get to meet two of my idols, and two of the best dancers I have ever seen in my life was really just making me so excited! I arrived at the venue to pick up my package and get ready for the backstage tour. They asked us all to step to one side and they would begin the tour shortly. We moved to the right side, and through the doors I saw Derek and Julianne and the rest of the dancers on stage rehearsing. Seeing that made it all begin to sink into my mind that it was really happening. We went on our tour, and afterwards were all brought to the auditorium for our Q&A with Derek and Julianne. The Q&A was a ton of fun! Derek and Julianne were super sweet, and they were also very funny. I really enjoyed their answers of admiration for each other. Continue reading

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Julianne Hough Thanks Fans, Updates On Derek Hough And Move Live On Tour

Julianne Hough has updated her official site on the tour. She titled her piece perfectly with “We are on the MOVE” and isn’t that the truth!! Speaking of moving, have you seen Derek’s home for the next 2 months. I wonder if Julianne has one of these too? Amazing….


Anyway, be sure to visit Julianne’s official site for an update with pictures and a “thank you”!!! Below is a little take…

We always wanted you guys to enjoy it, but this encouragement is so overwhelming, and we are humbled and grateful. You all inspire US. Derek, the dancers, and myself are all riding high and can’t wait for tonight’s show in St. Louis.

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Amy Purdy Talks On DWTS And Derek Hough On Good Day LA

Amy talked on her time on Dancing With The Stars this season with Good Day LA this morning. While doing so, they mention Derek. Note how she’s got that new book deal and she plans to write on her experience.

Los Angeles Local News | FOX 11 LA KTTV

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Friday Flashback: Derek And Julianne Hough “A Quadruple Threat” (Picture, Video)

We’ve seen this Good Morning America interview before with Julianne and Derek, but, with their new show starting this week, we thought this might be a fun Friday Flashback to take in again. I love these descriptions for how they described the show. Would you say this is correct?: “a quadruple threat” and “a full on show, not just a dance show

And for a picture flashback, how about this one taken October 11th, 2011 when they performed together on Dancing With The Stars?

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MOVE in Kansas – Fan Blog and Pictures by Rachel W.

Many thanks to Rachel for the blog and the pics – love hearing how everyone is having such a great time!! We already posted Rachel’s videos (I believe) in an earlier post! Some of the pics you may have seen before, but these are in all their full size glory.

I’ve been a dedicated viewer of Dancing with the Stars for years so based on what I have seen on the show for the past 18 seasons I thought that I had a clear grasp on what the concert was going to be like. I was so wrong. I went to their very first show in Park City, Kansas in Hartman Arena and I was so honored to be one of the lucky few people to see the premiere of the tour. What Julianne and Derek brought to the stage was something that is hard to describe and can only be fully appreciated if you are watching with your own eyes. Their energy was electric and they had the crowd on the edge of their seats throughout the show. They really made you feel like a part of the show! I loved the fact that when Julianne went backstage to change costumes Derek would be onstage keeping everyone entertained. He was cracking jokes left and right and is definitely a people person! During the country segment of the show he ran around the floor randomly picking people out of the rows to dance! He is so spontaneous and even took a selfie with a girl during one of his dances!

The show seemed to be pretty evenly split between Derek and Julianne preforming separately as well as together. The sibling duo seemed to share the spotlight well but not without a few quips along the way! They sang the song, “Anything you can do I can do better” with each of them competing to see who could better the other. Julianne bragged about being in several movies when Derek replied back with a smug smile while saying, “I won an Emmy!” with Julianne making faces at him behind his back! Julianne sang several songs including one of her own that she wrote. She has an amazing voice and is an incredible singer to hear live! And I know that many people were wondering if Derek sang his song “Move”. Unfortunately he did not, but the songs he did sing blew me away by how well his voice sounded live! One of my personal favorite moments was when Derek and Julianne sang “Say Something” together. Their voices complimented each other the way only siblings could. The duet captured the audience’s attention and you could have heard a pin drop.

During the breaks throughout the show Derek and Julianne would constantly be saying thank you to their fans and just seemed so humble and down to earth. It was so refreshing to know that not all of the celebrities are caught up in the money and fame. For those of you who are wondering about merchandise you won’t be disappointed! For my venue they had an area for merchandise set up in the corner. There were several different kinds of t-shirts as well as sweatpants, tank tops, posters and an official program. The prices were pretty reasonable as well I don’t think I saw anything over $50, and for all of the different concerts I’ve been to I thought that the merchandise wasn’t overly expensive. Some tips for future concert goers; be on time or be early if you can! Take lots of pictures but have fun and live in the moment! If I had to pick a favorite dance it would have to be when Derek danced to Justin Timberlake and Jay Z’s song “Holy Grail”. I guess you could say that my decision may or may not be swayed by the fact that Derek as well as his backup dancers were all shirtless! And Derek was in fact shirtless for a lot of his dances!

Some other songs that they danced to was Beyonce’s “Grown Woman”, OneRepublic’s “Feel Again”, Pharrell Williams song “Happy”, Kesha and Pitbull’s “Timber”, Justin Timberlake’s “Let the Groove Get In” as well as a slew of older classic songs including the Isley Brothers famous song “Shout”. I thought that the music was very diverse and accommodating for people of all ages. As for their costumes, it seemed like they just borrowed clothes from the glittery, sparkly filled closet of Dancing with the Stars! It made me feel like I was in Hollywood watching from a seat in the ballroom. The costumes seemed to tie everything together and would always go along with whatever genre of music they were dancing to! The concert was unbelievable and I would definitely want to go again!! And finally amid confetti and giant balloons spiraling from the ceiling, Derek and Julianne wrapped up the show by encouraging and inspiring everyone to “Do what you want to do today! We dare you to live and we dare you to MOVE!”
-Rachel W.

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Move Live on Tour Hits Kansas! Fan Blog by Andrea

Many thanks to Andrea for sharing her thoughts on last night’s show!! Keep those blogs coming people!!

“When I first entered the arena, it just hit me that I was now in the same space with Derek Hough, and that brought a huge smile to my face! As I made my way to my seat, I saw a couple of tables for merchandise and people were selling programs for $20.
I found my seat, which was to the right of the stage. I’ve never been to Hartman Arena before, and I was happy to find that it was a fairly small venue (about 3800), because my seats weren’t that great. I was unable to afford floor seats, but I would definitely recommend them because Julianne, Derek, and the dancers all came into the aisles at different parts of the show.
The first half of the show was definitely more intense and dramatic. After the big opening number to “Happy,” there were a few contemporary pieces, including Derek and (I think) Haley dancing his and Kellie’s freestyle. Of course I teared up again because it was such a beautiful dance and song, and they even included the leaning move from the original dance.  Then Julianne, Derek and the dancers did some samba, paso doble, Argentine tango and hip hop. I’m sure you already heard that Derek and Julianne also sang a duet to “Say Something,” which was amazing. You will also be happy to know that Derek was shirtless for most of the first act. lol I really enjoyed the music because it all seemed to be remixes of current popular songs, sometimes ending in a more classic song. For instance, Julianne and the girls did a dance to a “Grown Woman”, “Respect” remix that was cool.
I was noticing toward the end of the first act that Derek and Julianne were not interacting with the audience as much as I thought they would, but then the second act started and they proved me wrong! Derek did a lot of talking to the audience, including talking about how we should not focus on one big thing (like a mirrorball trophy), but keep track of the smaller moments in life. He also talked about how Amy Purdy has taught him to not wait, and to go do the things you want to do NOW!
The second half of the show included more classic dancing and music, such as the “Great Balls of Fire” jive and the “Hey Pachuco” quickstep. It was amazing seeing Derek and Julianne’s fast footwork and doesn’t even compare to seeing these dances on TV. There was also a “country” section of this act in which Julianne picked a guy from the audience to come up on stage and basically have all the girls dance around him which she insisted he record on his phone!
Even though the whole cast put on a great show that I wish I could see again and again, the thing that struck me the most was Derek’s sharp dancing skills and how he seemed so genuinely excited to talk to the audience and get people up dancing. He seemed like a kid in a candy store as he bounded up and down the aisles and even climbed over walls to get to the audience that was not on the floor. I hope I can bring even a fraction of the passion that he exudes into my everyday life.”
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More New Video from MOVE Live on Tour

It just keeps rolling in. :-)  The opening act…

ETA: This is still awesome. :-)

There’s never too much shirtless Derek!

ETA Again…Mustang Sally

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MOVE Live On Tour – No Surprise, It’s Popular!

According to Broadway World and the hundreds of tweets asking for second shows so people who missed out could get tickets – second most popular theater ticket to get! Click the link to read the whole article. Also, if you want to keep track of where the show is on a given day, don’t forget our calendar! Tonight, Tulsa, tomorrow St. Louis!

South Windsor, CT — Performing siblings Julianne and Derek Hough are teaming up for a live dance and music show called Move Live on Tour, and it will visit more than 40 cities across North America this summer. The tour kicks off today, May 28 in Park City, Kansas and concludes on July 26 in Los Angeles.

Both Hough siblings made names for themselves as professional dancers on the hit show “Dancing with the Stars.” Julianne has also been seen in films such as Burlesque and Rock of Ages. Derek starred in the London theatrical production of Footloose. Now, they are bringing their dancing and musical talents together for a huge, interactive show their fans will not want to miss.

Tickets for Move Live on Tour have been proving extremely popular. The tour unseated Wicked the Musical as the second most popular theater event on*, still beaten only by The Book of Mormon.

Check out this great shot from Debbie Perry!
Derek and Julianne MOVE Kansas

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New Move Live On Tour Interview With Derek And Julianne Hough (Video)

Too fun….

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