Derek and Julianne Hough at the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, Cincinnati Children s Hospital (Video)

I know we saw photos from this visit before, but I don’t think we got the video. The article at is dated today so I’m assuming it’s new.  :-) There are lots of photos too, some old some new.

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Julianne and Derek Hough “Rock” Grand Forks, North Dakota (Pics, Fans and Press Review)

Aww, this is what we love to hear…more raves on the Move Live On Tour. This time they are from the Grand Forks Herald. They said Julianne and Derek rocked the Alerus Center last night in Grand Forks, North Dakota. More below from some of the people they interviewed. Hey, and they provided pictures as well. Be sure to click the link.

Anne and Ben Defoe, of Winnipeg, made the drive to see the performance. The couple said they are big fans of the shows and have seen every season.

“It’s great to come and see them dance in person,” Anne Defoe said. “We’ve been watching them for all of these years on TV, and now to see them in person is really incredible.”

Patti Wilson, of Crookston, brought her two daughters, who are both involved in dance, to the show. Wilson said she hoped the show would inspire her daughters with their dancing.

“Me and my daughters absolutely love to dance, so this is hopefully something that will motivate my girls in the future,” Wilson said.

Also, a fan at Alerus Center Facebook had this to say about the show.

The BEST show EVER!!!! I laughed, cried, laughed and cried again!!!! I was DEFINITELY “MOVED” by the performance!!! Such a true energetic and heartfelt performance. They are AWESOME!!!! Hope they tour again!!! Their show crew were amazing to work with.

So exciting. I’m willing and ready! :D

Adding: keep your thoughts with Derek. According to his twitter, he acquired a little injury at the end of last night’s show and wasn’t able to say Hi afterwards. So understandable. Derek, hugs and please take care and get better soon!! x

ETA by Heidi: Channel 6 in Grand Forks posted an article about the show that looks very much like what Vogue posted above. Click the link if you want to check it out.

Also, the Chicago Theater posted a ton of great photos from their show!

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Update on the Killick Klassick and Participation by Derek Hough and Mark Ballas

Thanks to Elmari for finding this information. She originally saw it on Facebook but the users settings are private so I’m having a hard time sharing it on PDH’s page. Luckily, I saw a link to the web page where Shirley has posted the same information. Click the link and scroll down a bit.

It appears that, if you read the writing on the poster, in addition to a “live performance” of some kind Derek will also be doing a book signing! Congratulations Florida fans, you get a signing. :-) As to the performance? Well, with these two guys it could be anything couldn’t it?? Dancing, singing…one singing while the other dances? Separately? Together? It’s hard to say when you’re talking about these two multi-talented guys. I’m really hoping that someone can go and share all the details with us. :-) As for the “in-depth” Q&A – color me skeptical. :-D We know that Derek the politician’s son knows how to avoid answering questions he doesn’t like, don’t we? ;-)

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Rave Review Of The Move Live On Tour From The Sioux City Journal

The Sioux City Journal has a fabulous new review posted of the Move Live on Tour last night. Here are some takes, but, be sure to read the link for much more. I loved how they described the show with… “their Move on Live Tour performance Saturday at the Orpheum Theatre had everything an Ed Sullivan show could have provided, ratcheted up about three notches.”

Even if you have never seen Derek and Julianne Hough on ABC’s reality show, “Dancing with the Stars,” and aren’t a big fan of dance in general, their Move on Live Tour performance Saturday at the Orpheum Theatre had everything an Ed Sullivan show could have provided, ratcheted up about three notches.

Right out of the chute, the brother-and-sister pair with 10 support dancers brought on their high-impact, aerobic workout to a medley of tunes, with a bass sound that vibrated the walls, floor and seats.

“Sioux City, you guys are awesome!” Julianne shouted at the end of the song.

“We feed off of your energy,” Derek pointed out. “So the more energy you have, the harder we will dance for you.”

and… Continue reading

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Move Live On Tour “Here To Inspire Millions” (Pics, Video)

Hey All! Just a little fun photo update for your Sunday wake-up! If you head to this facebook page, you can view 75 fun pics of the Move Live On Tour from New York City. Aimie Lynn took some fantastic shots. Thanks to @MoveLiveOnTour fan for this heads up.

Also, if you visit the Orpheum Theatre facebook page, you can see some photos from last night’s show in Iowa City, Iowa.

And isn’t this a fun instagram by Armen Way? He captioned it with: “Move Live on Tour – the only show where there is no back up dancers. We’re all the dancers, we’re the same team and we’re here to inspire thousands. #moveliveontour”… Continue reading

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“Comprehension of MOVE Live” – Fan Blog by Belle W

Everybody give it up for Belle for sending me this great blog of the Chicago show!! To say this girl had to travel to see Derek and Julianne is probably the understatement of the year. :-) Australia?? Holy crap! Also, a lesson: beware of mean venue employees. I can’t believe what she said to Belle!

Comprehension of MOVE LIVE

Chicago 11th of July Show

Its 3am, I’m sitting on my hotel room floor eating salted caramel fudge and that is the moment I decide to start writing. Tonight, I find myself at a loss for words (a near impossible feat) and I do not know how to put into words how I feel. But I shall attempt it anyway and hope that those who feel similar can relate to me. Continue reading

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Derek Hough: Angel on Earth! Fan Blog by Holly P

Holly saw the show in South Bend, Indiana and very graciously is sharing her thoughts and a few pictures with us. How sweet is it that Derek gave up his own hat?? Give it up for Holly!! :-)

It’s a couple days after the show but I needed to take a some time and let everything soak in, it was a surreal moment for me. I traveled about 1.5 hrs from Michigan to Indiana for the show; I bought my VIP ticket the day they were for sale, never before have I done anything for myself so I figured it would be a nice treat since I’m a Derek fanatic and who knew if anything like this would come close to home. I arrived at Morris Theater about 4:45 pm, checked in there. I got my VIP badge, ticket and gift bag. Waited around til about 5:20ish before they opened the doors to seat us for the meet and greet and pics. Trust me when I say EVERYONE was excited for this moment. First they brought us into the theater and sat us down saying we were going to take pics first then we would do the Q&A. Moments later Derek and Jules come walking through the left door and everyone started screaming and clapping they waved and went to the hall where everything was set up for photos. Continue reading

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Derek and Julianne Hough: MOVE Live on Tour Update, July 12, 2014

Wow, lot’s of photos since the last update!! Crazy week. Emmy nomination. Old girlfriends showing up at shows. Fans falling for Derek left and right. :-)

I have to ask, though – am I the only one skeptical of that photo of the two little boys that Mark tweeted?? People believe things so instantly, without question, but I have two reasons I’m not sure about it. Well, three actually. One, I was under the strong impression that Derek and Mark met around the time Derek was 11 – those boys are much younger. Two, look at the hashtag Mark added to the pic (#orisit). Three, Mark and Derek both have tweeted photos before that weren’t actually them, but a joke (the baby doing a pushup for one). Anyway, I’m highly skeptical. :-) Continue reading

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Souix City Journal Calls The Move Live On Tour “The Hough Wheelhouse”

This piece from the Soiux City Journal is featuring some older quotes in it, but, it’s a fun new read just the same as Iowa prepares for Derek and Julianne Hough and the Move Live On Tour gang.

“Move: Live on Tour,” however, isn’t a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll, it’s the Hough’s wheelhouse, complete with intricate Derek/Julianne Hough choreography that shows why the two have won seven mirror-ball trophies competing on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Before the ABC competition show, the Houghs were best known on professional dancing circuits where they won awards – and got cameo roles in films. (Both were in the first “Harry Potter” film, but look quickly.)

Coached by Mark Ballas’ parents, the Houghs studied in Great Britain.

“My daily schedule there was: Wake up, get on a train, go to school from 9 to 4, get a train back home, eat, go to Latin practice until midnight, then start the whole thing over and get ready for a competition on Sunday,” Derek Hough told the Journal in 2008.

Oddly, he and Mark Ballas weren’t looking to be dancers. “We were musicians,” he said. “We wanted to get a record deal. The opportunity to dance just presented itself.”

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Derek Hough And Shawn Johnson Reunited In Chicago

Awww, isn’t it fun seeing these two together again? Below is former Dancing With The Stars partner Shawn Johnson and Derek. They bumped into each other since both are in Chicago currently. As you know, Derek is performing tonight in the Move Live On Tour while Shawn is doing events for Nike. I wonder if she will be at the show tonight? Too fun!


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