Lip Sync Battle With Derek Hough And Julianne Hough Premiering April 2nd – Trailer

Hey, remember when we told you about Derek and Julianne doing the “Lip Sync Battle“? Well, if you head to Buzzfeed, you can watch an official trailer with Derek and Julianne in it. You can also watch some promos at the official Lip Sync Battle site. The premiere of “Lip Sync Battle” will air April 2nd at 10 p.m. ET on Spike TV. Too fun! Thanks to Melissa Romero for the find.

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Derek Hough and Nastia Liukin Interview with DWTS Radio

There doesn’t appear to be an option to embed the interview this year, but you can find it at:

DWTS Radio – Derek Hough and Nastia Liukin

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Derek Hough’s First Blog of DWTS Season 20!!

Good lord, you have to go to TV Guide just to gaze at the gorgeous photo. Anyway, as I was saying, Derek’s blog can be found at; I’ve put a small excerpt below.

Originally, I was supposed to be dancing with someone else and at the last minute, she pulled out. I’m not sure what happened. So then I thought I wasn’t going to do the show. Then, like two days later, they called and said, “We found somebody based in New York who is willing to do the travel.” Nastia is at NYU right now, so she has to be here in New York as well, not just because of me. We met and we hit it off. It was serendipitous and meant to be.

We both knew going into it what the schedule is going to be like, so we’re prepared as you can be, I guess, for this. Nastia is busy too, not just with school, but she has other prior commitments. This week, she has to be in Vegas. A lot of people ask me if I think I’m hurting her by doing both shows and I would say no. Because for me, it’s about getting ahead and utilizing every moment I have. When I’m here with her, I’m rehearsing with her and creating a routine. We’re both excited to be part of the experience. We’re not really worried about the results. As you know with me, I want to create a moment and routines that will be remembered that will hopefully mean something to viewers. I also see this as a challenge and you know I love challenges! Last year with Amy was a challenge. Could I do this? Is this possible? Can I do 10 shows a week and travel back and forth? I want to try my best and find out.

I will say that from a health standpoint, I will probably be more healthy this season because there is a sense of extra care when you have a lot on your plate. There’s more thought that goes into the planning and management. I literally have five meals a day now. I take vitamins and all sorts of stuff, so fingers crossed I won’t get my usual midseason illness!

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“New York Spring Spectacular” – New Videos Featuring Derek Hough, Jared Grimes and the Rockettes

Many thanks to Anne for sending these to me. Much appreciated.

Playing in Central Park

Singing in the Rain

ETA: Here’s a vid of Derek at the Stage door.

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Jib Jab Fun “St. Patrick’s Day” Video With Derek Hough

Lol! This is so cute and funny. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, All!!

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DWTS20 Week 1 With Derek Hough And Nastia Liukin – HQ Photos And Media After They Dance

Media time after Derek and Nastia’s first dance! You ready? First up, visit ABC7 from LA. They have a recap, a video with George Pennacchio (for some reason, there is no embed. sorry), and a link to some beautiful photos from the night. The Daily Mail has an article and a photo with them here. And how about these lovely photos from Getty Images? Aren’t they breathtaking? *sigh More here….and more media to come. Stay tuned!

Scroll below for updates….

ETA: How about some coverage with ABC with Derek and Nastia included… Continue reading

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DWTS 20, Week 1 – Derek Hough and Nastia Liukin BTS Videos

Keep checking back because I will update as I go along, plus I’m hoping that the producers will send me some videos to share.

First, Derek in the skybox – and the skybox camera kinda sucks.
Continue reading

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Derek Hough And Nastia Liukin DWTS Season 20 Premiere Discussion, Watch Them Dance – Videos


“You’ve got this, Nastia, and “D” is for “Derek” and “Dance”
VOTE: 1-855-234-5604

It’s time!! The moment we’ve all been waiting for…the premiere of Dancing With The Stars! Miss Heidi and I thought we’d start our Show Post a little early in case you’d like to send Nastia and Derek some good wishes before show time.

Also, note that we plan to post a video of their first dance as soon as we can in the space below (we hope it will work for International viewing as well). Let us know what you think of their first dance afterwards and, most importantly, DON’T FORGET TO VOTE and as much as you can. Here’s to this awesome team. “Break a leg”, Derek and Nastia!! You can do it!! Pic above courtesy of Nastia’s Instagram.

Don’t forget to watch the DWTS All Access at this link. They will have six cameras running.

ETA: Ok Guys! Here we go LIVE. How about a little teaser from Derek first. What a Dollface… Continue reading

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Nastia Liukin Posts First Dancing With The Stars Season 20 Blog and Photo Blog

Nastia posted her first exclusive Dancing With The Stars Photo Blog at Just Jared Jr. today. Don’t miss it as it has a picture of her and Derek dancing in rehearsals today and more.

ETA: Nastia also posted a text blog at the Huffington Post. She’s a beautiful writer. Here is a little take. Be sure to read more at the link.

With that said, it has been such an enjoyable few weeks of testing myself and really doing something that is completely out of my comfort zone. Derek and I are so excited for our first dance. He is a great teacher and is very open and receptive to my ideas. We were actually even able to incorporate certain aspects of my gymnastics style into the routine, which was pretty cool. The journey so far has given me an enormous appreciation for the professional dancers who are tasked with teaching us all such intricate dances. It takes so much patience on their part.

On top of perfecting each dance, every week we are also responsible for our costume design. From my years of performing, I know just how important music and costumes are…they truly make or break the performance. Setting the tone is so important! You have to find a way to connect with the audience and make them feel as if they are a part of your performance. As for the costume designs, this is a process that I am involved in every step of the way. I know that a lot of young girls look up to me, which is truly such an honor, and a role that I take very seriously. I want to represent myself through my costumes, making sure the way I look on the dance floor each week best portrays me. I hope that when viewers see my costumes this season my love of fashion and my personality shines through. I know that if I feel confident in my outfit and comfortable with the music selection, it will allow me to give the best performance possible and be proud of myself.

This is such a fun picture too that she posted at her twitter account today.


Go Derek and Nastia! We’re ready to VOTE!

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Derek Hough Says Nastia Liukin Is An Amazing Girl And She’s Going To Bring A Lot To Dancing With The Stars

The Star Tribune has a feature posted with Derek and Nastia. Nastia talks of the challenge it’s going to be to dance, but, she’s happy her partner is Derek. Derek thinks Nastia is amazing and is going to bring a lot to the ballroom this season. Read on for more….

“I was so excited when I learned Derek would be my partner,” she says. “He’s so talented. Amazing isn’t even the right word for him, because his choreography is just out of this world. It’s so creative, so unique.”

For his part, Hough says, “I’m just happy to be able to be part of this, especially with such an amazing girl, who I think is going to bring a lot to this season.”

Athletes in their prime often have an advantage on this show, but Liukin stresses that she has a long way to go before she can hope to hoist the championship Mirror Ball trophy (which is gold this season, in case you believe in omens).

“There’s a lot for me to learn and it’s actually been quite a struggle,” Liukin says. “Ballroom dance moves are completely different from the way I was used to moving in my floor routines.

“There’s a lot of muscle memory from 20 years of gymnastics that I have to adjust.”

Traipsing across the floor in high-heeled shoes won’t be a picnic, either. She is accustomed to performing in her bare feet.

All these adjustments are happening with a fast-approaching deadline. At the time of her interview last Tuesday, Liukin and Hough had had only four days of rehearsal together.

“Winning would be amazing, but that’s something I’ve got to keep in the back of my mind,” Liukin says.

“For now, I’m just excited about this journey. I’m excited to get to know Derek. I’m excited to get to learn how to dance.”

For the full article, see the Star Tribune.

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