Make Your Move Behind the Scenes Clip

Derek’s movie is out on DVD and BluRay on Tuesday – have you preordered??  If not, get on it!! :-) Dance Spirit Magazine has an “exclusive” behind the scenes clip on their site – check it out.

Remember back in March, when we gave you the inside scoop on Make Your Move, a Romeo and Juliet–inspired dance film starring Derek Hough and K-Pop celeb BoA? Well, the movie was every bit as awesome as we thought it would be based on our interview with director Duane Adler. The choreography featured a pretty spectacular mix of hip hop, tap, contemporary, even aerial dance—a crazy-genius mish-mosh that only choreographers Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo could have concocted. And rather than take time-outs for dance breaks, the movie incorporated dancing into the story itself. 

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More Coverage Of Armen Way, Julianne And Derek Hough Visiting The Primary Children’s Hospital In Utah

Wow, what an amazing, heartwarming set of pics at Sugar Rush Photography Facebook. Be sure to see think as they posted 176 photos of Derek, Julianne and Armen Way yesterday at Primary Children’s Hospital and this quote. Thanks to Lori for sending!!

Today was amazing. The Forever Young Foundation made it possible to bring Derek and Julianne Hough to Sophie’s Place at Primary Children’s Hospital to visit and perform for the kids! I am always so blessed to get to be a part of these events by capturing them, and always love coming home! These two were absolutely the sweetest people ever, and everyone was so excited to meet them. Amazing day.

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Derek Hough “Taking The Lead” Book Signing At The Mohegan Sun August 8, 2014

Another book signing …this time at the Mohegan Sun! Be sure to go if you live in the area. For dates of all of Derek’s book signings so far, see our Calendar link in the top or side bar.

Mohegan Sun’s Reality Check Presents Derek Hough of Dancing With The Stars

Derek Hough of Dancing with the Stars joins Mohegan Sun for an exclusive Reality Check event where he will sign copies of his new book, Take The Lead: Lessons from a Life in Motion.

Friday, August 8th
7:00pm – Book Signing Event
The Shops at Mohegan Sun

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Hough Family Union In Utah, Derek Hough Dances With His Mom Move Live On Tour

What a great show in Utah it must have been in Utah last night!! Below are some videos from Paul Karmiryan, Derek, and @HarriettEloise. Check out how Derek even danced with his Mom too. One video shows Julianne dancing with the family looking on….

Adding another video of Derek dancing with his Mom….

Also, aren’t these fun Hough reunion pics fun? We’re having some serious awww moments again, are you? Continue reading

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Derek Hough at the Young Hollywood Awards and Ameska in Mexico

A couple of news tidbits courtesy of tracy g – thanks Tracy!! First up, Derek is slated to appear at the Young Hollywood Awards on July 28th. The tour is done by then, so it’s plausible. Wonder if that means he won one? :-) I am skeptical – the competition is rough in both categories. :-) Via Broadway World:

HOLLYWOOD HONORS THE STARS OF TOMORROW WITH HOST KELLY OSBOURNE – Since its inception, the Young Hollywood Awards have served as a launching pad for the future careers of many of today’s top actors, directors, and entertainers.

The star-studded event will be broadcast from The Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The show’s performers and presenters will include musical artist Trey Songz, Kellan Lutz (“Twilight”), Derek Hough (“Dancing with the Stars”), Bella Thorne (“Shake it Up!”), Nikki Reed (“Twilight”), Kat Graham (“The Vampire Diaries”) and Gina Rodriguez (the upcoming “Jane The Virgin”).

Next up, Tracy and I THINK that this article (translated screen cap below) means that Misty Copeland is performing Ameska at the Gala De Danza in Mexico. But the translation software is rough, as you can see. Don’t know what else it could be though.

Gala de Danza

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Derek Hough, Julianne Hough, And Armen Way Visit Primary Children’s Medical Center

How cool is this?! Derek and Julianne the spent the morning today performing and taking pictures with the children at the Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Armen Way joined them too. According to Sophies Place Music they helped to put smiles on the children’s faces. So sweet.

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“After you ‘move’, don’t you feel good?” – Move Live On Tour Blog By Voguerista

Well, first of all…..when you run into pictures of this guy everywhere, you know what city and State you are in, right?

LOL! Hi all!! I’m back and wow wow wowwww, what a night in Denver! Let’s just say, my “Move Live On Tour” experience could not have been more spectacular. Talk about “Motion=Emotion”….I think I went through every emotion there could be while “moving” through each and every single song and dance performance with this awe-inspiring, entertaining, passionate, and joyful cast.

Like so many of you have written, it started with a fun backstage tour with the amazing Ann. She couldn’t have been more welcoming to all of us and informative. I found the part about the buses especially interesting as most nights after the show, they travel on to their next destination so they are at the next town early. They sleep as they travel and are welcoming to hotels when they have a day off. Then right at the end when Ann was about finished, I heard these Michael Jackson type squishy and beating sounds on the speakers. It was a familiar voice to us all. Guess who had just entered the theatre while Anne was wrapping up? Yes, Derek himself with Julianne…both looking so cool and beautiful! At that moment in time, I think a million sparklies must have shot straight through me. We all went nuts while they yelled a “hello” to all of us. Continue reading

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Derek Hough’s 5 Tips for Maximizing Your Workout

This man is just covering ALL the bases these days, ain’t he? :-) Anyway, there’s a slideshow with Derek’s tips at Everyday Health. Thanks to Carolyn. Click the link to see the whole thing.

Try This Calorie-Burning Workout

Dance workouts are a great way to burn calories while having fun – just ask Derek Hough, dancer and choreographer on “Dancing with the Stars.” We caught up with him recently at Kellogg’s Recharge Cereal pop-up bar, where he was highlighting the benefits of an energizing breakfast. Afterward, Hough shared his easy tips to get the most from your dance workout sessions.

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The Examiner Raves On The Denver Move Live On Tour (Review, Photos)

What a wonderful review of the Move Live On Tour show in Denver from the Examiner. Below is a little take. They posted 20 stunning photos too at the link. Hey, and you can see my head in some of them. lol More later with my review.

How do you incorporate some of the best dancing, best vocals, best theatrical performance and have it all on one stage? The answer, you welcome to the stage the talented sister and brother act that has come along since Donnie and Marie – Julianne and Derek Hough. Julianne and Derek teamed up for their first tour and brought their Move Live on Tour show to the Paramount Theater Tuesday night at the Paramount Theater in Denver, CO and there was standing room only. They shared the stage with 10 other talented dancers that helped pack the house. And they did not just keep their dancing on the stage. Julianne and Derek took it to the audience and interacted with various audience members. But aside from dancing, Julianne and Derek shared many songs as well as Julianne sang many of her original hits.

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“A Night I Will Never Forget!” – MOVE Live in Denver Fan Blog by Bernadette

Everyone give props to Bernadette for a great blog! Thanks, Bernadette – I appreciate it very much. :-)

Denver July 15, 2014, a night I will never forget.  Please feel free to change anything that you deem is not proper language or too long winded etc. (Heidi’s Note: I like it all. :-) ) I’m not sending any pictures cause I’m terrible at taking them with my phone.  I’m not to mechanically minded!  Besides I just wanted to watch every single move and expression of this show.  I was not disappointed.  WOW…AMAZING is all I can say.

I didn’t get VIP tickets and of course mad at myself for not doing so.  My finger was so close to the purchase button but I chickened out.  However I did get me and my dear friend of many years (we were babies together, our parents were friends) third row, second from the isle seats!!  Pretty impressive I thought.

We were very close to the stage and talked with a lot of VIP ticket holders. Everyone around us was friendly and excited and so happy to be there.  Young and “older” like me; we were all thrilled to be watching this event.  And yes, that close to the stage you can see everything and man the sweat was just pouring off of poor Derek. Denver is pretty high altitude but all of them seemed to be handling it pretty well. Young and in shape is guess!  The music, dancing and their duet was beyond belief, not a missed step, beat, note or lull in the pace of the show. You just can’t describe it.

Like many others have said watching Julianne and Derek and there wonderful troupe is beyond explanation.  They put their heart and souls into the performances.  Derek is more than just a dancer / performer.  He perfects every single movement and is so engaging to the audience.  Of course he was my favorite.  Not to take anything away from Julianne because she is great and what a wonderful voice!  But Derek is who I went to see.  Gosh I just wanted to knock out the two people sitting next to me on the isle seats and reach out and touch Derek as he ran by but I didn’t want to make a fool of myself.  Alas no dancing with or interacting with Derek!  I do want to give credit to the crowd as they did get up and move and cheer.  I was worried there would be to many dead beats but Denver came through!!!

The venue, The Paramount Theatre, is a historical landmark and located downtown Denver.  In fact I worked there many moons ago as a teenager (ah what memories).   As we were parking and walking to the theatre my friend and I noticed 5 huge buses so we thought OK this is where we will come after the show to wait for Julianne and Derek.  After the show we walked and back to the buses but never saw any other people or happenings.  After an hour we thought ah hell…. no meeting the D-man. We were bummed but also thought that just seeing the show and Derek so up close was enough.

Well, the gods were with us cause as we were driving down a street to go home low and behold there were the real Move Live Tour buses parked and about 30 or so people waiting.  We quickly parked and joined them. It rained off and on most of the night so there were not a lot of people. Several of the dancers had come out and talked with the crowd before we got there, so we didn’t get meet any of them. I’d say we all waited about another half hour longer and low and behold here comes Derek.  He is so cute and friendly and considerate to everyone, he is just such a thoughtful young man.  Me and my friend were the last two in line and he signed our programs.  I said Derek I don’t want a picture cause I’m terribly un-photogenic may I have a hug instead?  He was so gracious and said of course and hugged me and same for my friend.  YES, I actually got to hug Derek, can’t believe it, Woo Woo!!  He then scurried off to the bus and that was it.  My night was complete and the months of waiting were done.  I would go and see all the rest of the shows if I could. This was WONDERFUL and now I can say that Derek is just as I pictured him to be and my expectations have more than been met!

Thank you Heidi and all of your people who put this site together.  We could not not enjoy Derek and his many talents so much if it weren’t for you.  I am not the least bit disappointed in my experience of tonight except to say it was too short.  Best wishes to you, Bernadette (ette).

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