Bruce And Derek Hough Featured In Another Television Industry Advocacy Awards Report

Derek and his Dad Bruce are featured in this report of the Television Industry Advocacy Awards courtesy of Celebrity Page. You can see them briefly at the 1:14 and 1:45 marks. Looking great and spot on as always!

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New Pap Photos Of Derek Hough And Marilu Henner – September 24, 2016

How about a fun Sunday wake up call? If you head to Just Jared, you can see some beautiful new pap photos of Derek and Marilu in Los Angeles. Gorgeous and Derek is in rare form as always as you can see here. And check out his hair and jeans here. I love Marilu in black too. So cute!

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Derek Hough Heads to the Staples Center to Support Kellogg’s Tour Of Gymnastic Champions

…also known as two of his former partners, Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin. 🙂 Of course, right when I’m ready to get off the computer after spending all day on it, he pops up on snapchat. 🙂

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Marilu Henner and Derek Hough – DWTS Season 23, Week 2 Screencaps (Part 3)

Here are the rest of the screencaps from the performance show; if you missed part 1, the preview and part 2 screencaps just click the links and check them out. And yes, I’m still in love with those blue jeans and that hair. 🙂 So fine…there are some great shots of Marilu in here too. Really pretty!

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Blair Underwood Talks On New “Give” Show, Derek Hough, And More In New Interview

At the beginning of September, we reported how Derek was working with Blair Underwood for a charity project called “Give” which is airing October 7th on NBC. Below Blair talks about it in a new interview with Yahoo. Read on….

You have another new show coming up — Give — on NBC’s Saturday morning schedule. I got teary just watching the sizzle reel of the series, which will help viewers get to know a lot of smaller charities that make huge impacts in their communities. How did the series come about?

I am so excited about this show. It premieres October 1, and we will do 26 episodes. This was an idea that was brought to me by my business partner, Gary Reeves. We went to Anthony Melikhov, who founded an organization called Unite4:Good. He’s a phenomenal philanthropist, and he said, “Yeah, I love this, I’ll finance this. I want you to produce it.” ‪I said, “Okay.” It’s about getting a team together: 30 minutes, one celebrity — like Derek Hough — two charities. We see the work the charities are doing, where they may have a need, and by the end of the show we give them some assistance. Jenna Bush Hager is hosting it for us. She’s in every episode. I’ll do at least three episodes as a celebrity ambassador, and I’ll come back and do some deliberations. ‪I tell you, we pitched the show around Hollywood and people said, “It’s a good idea, but how do you make it interesting? How do you make it engaging and compelling and entertaining?” You don’t want to make charity competitive. ‪Our thing is, every foundation is almost a business unto itself. Some work and operate more efficiently than others. Some can use help, whether it’s financial, maybe they need assistance in guidance, how to build and scale a foundation. They’re all doing good work, they’re all helping people. ‪Anyway, it’s one of those projects that is a win-win-win situation for everybody involved. At the very least, they all get some financial benefit, and the exposure is a win for the foundation and the charities.

Exciting! To read the full interview, see Yahoo.

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DWTS Season 23, Week 2 – Derek Hough and Marilu Henner Screencaps (Part 2)

Ahhh….the jeans. The Hair. Part 2. 🙂

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Brooks Laich Talks Derek and Julianne Hough, Marilu Henner and Dancing with the Stars

Nice long interview with Julianne’s fiance, Brooks. You might remember that he’s joined the Toronto Maple Leafs and is up there getting ready for their season. He was interviewed by 24 Hours Toronto about if he’d ever do DWTS, who he’s rooting for…and the wedding party. 🙂

Do you have any early predictions of who might take the mirror ball trophy on DWTS this year?

I always pull for [future brother-in-law] Derek Hough, obviously. This year, I’m on Team Henergy. There are some other good competitors — Gleb Savchenko and Jana Kramer will be tough to beat. But make no mistake about it, I’m Team Henergy. Derek and Marilu Henner. I’m all-in for them, all season long.

ON if they will do a choreographed dance at the wedding…

“We’ll have to do something fun, but I don’t have it figured out yet,” Laich tells 24 Hours. “I’ve been at weddings where people have done that, and I’ve kind of been like, ‘Ah, that’s not as nice. That’s poorly done.’ But I’ve got a couple resources here. There’s Jules that I could do it with, or Derek, her brother. He’s in my wedding party. He and I could choreograph something that we could surprise her with.”

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Dance “is a Human Activity that is Sort of Instinctual” – Derek Hough

Saw this nice little article pop up from – must be a slow news day because, while this is a great cause, it’s from more than a month ago. Kinda strange, but the photos are very nice and I liked what he said about dance. But it’s never too late to contribute! Excerpt below – click the link for the whole article and photos.

To Hough, dancing is more than performing or having the perfect technique.

“What I absolutely love about dance is that it’s universal. It’s a language that everybody understands. You can be from any part of the world but there’s something about dance that brings people together,” says Hough. “It’s a human activity that is sort of instinctual.”

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Derek Hough: Me in 30 Seconds – Video from the 2016 Creative Arts Emmys

Oh. My. God – this is amazing, gorgeous, amazing, beautiful…and now I need a cold shower. This is a compilation of all the things Derek has been working on over the past few months and it was clearly edited out of the Creative Arts Emmys broadcast. OMG. Thanks to Nine and Linz for the assistance on this one.

ETA: Here’s the web version of Derek and Marilu presenting – it’s much longer and more fun. Also, I had to screencap…see below.

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More Video from the TV Guide Television Industry Advocacy Awards Featuring Derek Hough

Unfortunately, he doesn’t talk in this video, but you see a shot of him and then one of him and his dad. 🙂

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