DWTS Season 15 With Derek Hough And Shawn Johnson: Which Dance And Pro Dance Was Your Favorite? (Polls)

As promised by Miss Heidi, below are the new Polls for Dancing With The Stars Season 15 with Derek and Shawn Johnson. VOTE to your best ability for your Favorite Dance and Pro Dance. If you need to review the dances again, see this link. Let us know how you voted in comments. Thanks, All! You are the best.xx

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Julianne Hough Talks On Her “Slogan” With Derek Hough And More

Julianne Hough mentions Derek and their “slogan” in a new interview with Brides.com. Here is more…

Hough is all about that rise-and-grind life. “I like to [work out] in the morning,” she says. “My brother’s [Derek Hough] and my slogan is, ‘The way you move directly affects the way you feel.’ So if you’re not physically active, sometimes you get into a ‘bleh’ kind of mood. If I start my day off right and I move, I have the endorphins, I feel good, and I’ve done something for myself before I start my day.”

It’s so true!!! These two have taught us so much. #Motion=Emotion More with Julianne at Brides.com.

OMG!!!!! ???????????????? this is sooooo good!!! Thank @houghaddict for creating this!! @derekhough @brookslaich

A video posted by Julianne Hough (@juleshough) on

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People Covers the TV Upfronts 2016 and ‘Hairspray’ Live with Derek Hough

The upfronts are a huge event in NYC every year at this time where the broadcast networks present their new shows for the fall season – I guess they might talk summer too, these days, but I’m not that clear on it. Of course, People Magazine and every other outlet covers the upfronts and what was presented by each network. They had this to say about “Hairspray Live”:

Nairspray Live! (NBC)
Stars: Harvey Fierstein, Jennifer Hudson, Martin Short, Derek Hough

Why we’re excited: You can’t stop this beat. Fierstein reprises his Tony-winning role as gravelly voiced, kind-hearted mama bear Edna Turnblad. And though the actress playing heroine Tracy Turnblad is yet to be cast, the star power of Hudson, Short and Hough alone is worth the price of admission. –Lanford Beard, Staff Editor

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Derek Hough Dancing With The Stars Quickstep Mash-up (Video)

This is such a cool mash-up of Derek Hough’s Quicksteps on Dancing With The Stars courtesy of @DereknMarkFans. Enjoy!

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Lineup Up Of Special Guest Stars Including Derek Hough Made “Jane The Virgin” Season 2 A Success

CW tributes “Jane The Virgin’s success in it’s second season to it’s amazing line up of guest stars including the one and only Derek Hough!! Be sure to read this link to see what they reported in full. If you missed Derek’s appearance, see this previous post.

Derek Hough
The Emmy award winning Derek Hough of Dancing With The Stars did just that on Jane The Virgin – danced. In one of many of Jane’s daydreaming sequences, Hough does a Salsa routine with a thesis character of Jane’s.

Derek Hough Jane The Virgin by jaimecalydavidb

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More Photos Of Derek Hough And Family In West Hollywood, California

Just Jared Jr. has load of new photos of Derek, Julianne and Brooks Laich when they celebrated Derek’s birthday at Craig’s Restaurant in West Hollywood, California. Be sure so see them here. Derek is looking gorgeous as always.

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Nashville Season 4 Episode 20 – Derek Hough and Hayden Panetierre Screencaps (Part 2)

I know Juliette has had issues over the year on this show, but kicking Derek…I mean Noah West outta bed is a whole other level of crazy. 😉 He’s SO fine. But perhaps he’s just too “good” for her. :::sigh::: I think I would find a way. 😉

Derek Hough Nashville 051816 41 Continue reading

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Beautiful Big Sur With Derek Hough And Brad & Hailey Devine (Tour Video)

What is 6 hours in car like with a Derek Hough? Find out below courtesy of Brad Devine. BREATHTAKING!

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Derek Hough on “Nashville” Episode 20 – Screencaps (Part 1)

There are no words for how gorg Derek is in this episode of Nashville. And the baby that plays Cadence is just too cute!!

Derek Hough Nashville 051816 28 Continue reading

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“Noah West” Returns to ‘Nashville’ – Derek Hough Stars in Season 4, Episode 20

Oh, he only gets better looking and he’s just so great as Noah West!! I’ve been in Juliette’s shoes before…but still!! Girl, my “too nice” guy was never that hot!! Check out his scenes in the video below. 🙂

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