SYTYCD Mary Murphy Comments On Derek And Julianne Hough, So Proud Of Them

So You Think You Can Dance’s Mary Murphy talked with E Online about Derek and Julianne. She doesn’t plan to give Julianne any judging advice for Danding With The Stars because she has done a lovely job in the past. She comments on Derek too and how “he’s living the dream” right now. More below….

“I have no advice for her, because I saw her guest judge before and she’s absolutely lovely,” Murphy told E! News. “She did a great job then and I know she’ll do a great job now. I’ve known her since she was like this high. I’m so proud of her and so excited for her. I think she’s going to be a great addition.”

And as for Julianne’s brother Derek, in addition to returning to DWTS as a pro dancer for Season 19 (with his own sister as a judge!), he’s also set to guest star on Nashville in a major arc this season…but Murphy had no idea he had set his sights on acting. In fact, we were the ones to actually break the news to her!

“He’s going to be on Nashville? I love that show! Oh, that’s exciting!” Murphy said. “I didn’t hear that. That’s great. He is definitely living the dream right now.”

Murphy is proud to see the Hough siblings landing so many great opportunities like these. “These kids are both on the right track,” Murphy said. “They’re both hard workers. Ever since they were seven years old, I’ve seen them dancing and I’m just so proud of them. I love watching them blossom like this and it’s great seeing everything that’s happened to her and Derek.”

More at E Online.

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More Derek And Julianne Hough 2014 Emmy Awards Coverage

The Huffpost has some video of Derek and Julianne on the Red Carpet at the Emmy Awards. They also report on the big dance Derek had with Sophia Vergara at the HBP after party. And since I last checked, Getty Images has added more pictures of Derek and Julianne like the one below. So cute!! AP Images has some photos too. Be sure to check the links to be sure you see them all.

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Derek Hough Dancing With The Stars Rehearsal Arrival Photos

What an exciting day for news and photos. To make things even better, Just Jared Jr. posted pictures of the cast of Dancing With The Stars Season 19 arriving to the rehearsal studios over the weekend. Be sure see Derek at this link. He is such a doll as always.

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Julianne And Derek Hough Glamming Up Before The 2014 Emmy Awards (Photos)

Julianne Hough posted about getting all “glammed” up for the Emmy’s last night at her official site. She posted some adorable and fun shots of she and Derek before they left for the show too. Beautiful. Be sure to see them at this link. Below is one of them and one her instagrams too.


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Watch Derek Hough And Sophia Vergara Dance In Full At HBO Emmy After Party

…or almost in full. You an also see the mystery brunette (Jessica Lee Keller?) and Julianne too. Thanks to People for this coverage. OMG HOTNESS!

Also, be sure to tune into E News on TV tonight as they may show footage there too.

ETA: And also, below is another instagram we haven’t posted yet. Thanks to Gayle for sending.

ETA2: Another video of the dance has been added below. Thanks to Vered.

ETA3: E Online now has a video posted as well. Also, check out Variety. They have a fun Emmy gallery with photos of Derek and Sophia.

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Derek and Julianne Hough – After the 2014 Emmys (HQ Photos)

Lookin’ gorgeous. Hanging with Nigel, it seems. :-)

Photo Credit: Adriana M. Barraza/ and Winston Burris/

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Derek And Julianne Hough Talk On Going To The Emmys Together (Picture)

Derek and Julianne were mentioned in a Show Bits piece at Yahoo! Below is quote from an interview. Thanks to AP reporter Beth Harris for the report and picture.

Julianne Hough and her brother Derek finished each other’s sentences.

“I’m just here to protect the jewelry,” Derek joked, though he noted the siblings are like best friends.

“We’re just buds,” added his sister.

Coming off their summer dance tour, the Houghs will be reunited on “Dancing With the Stars” this fall. She’ll be judging and he’ll be dancing.


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Derek Hough Dances With Sofia Vergara At HBO Emmy After Party (HQ Photos)

Wow, what a wake up call I’m having! I’ve always loved Sofia Vergara. She’s always been on my Dancing With The Stars Celebrity Wish List and here is Derek dancing with her at HBO’s Official 2014 Emmy After Party at The Plaza at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, California last night. This is probably the closet I’ll get to my wish, so, I’ll take it!! More photos at Getty Images. And thanks to Daisy Odell for the instagram too who said the night was “pretty epic”! Yeah, we can see why! Thank you Derek and Sofia! Beautiful!!

ETA: Getty just keeps uploading new pics. They are showing Derek dancing with a brunette too last night. Who is it?

ETA2: You can view more pics at the Daily Mail. I thought at first the brunette was Sarah Hyland, but, it’s not. Still a mystery?

ETA3: Instagram below added of Sophia and Derek dancing. Thanks to Julliana for sending.

ETA4: Another part of the dance with Sophia is added below (thanks Vered). Also, there is a fun 360 GlamCam at E Online of Derek at the Emmys. Be sure to see it here. E Online has also just written on the dance with Sophia.

Who better than Derek Hough to show her how to shimmy? After the star-studded crowd got down to The Isley Brothers’ 1959 classic “Shout” at HBO’s Emmys afterparty Monday night, the Modern Family star, 42, and the Dancing With the Stars pro, 29, got their groove on to Ray Charles’ 1961 hit single “Hit the Road Jack.” As an eyewitness tells E! News, “Everyone formed a giant circle around them to watch!”

The event took place inside The Plaza at the Pacific Design Center. At one point in the night, Hough jumped on stage and performed with the Golden Oldies’ band.

And…. Continue reading

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Derek Hough Talks About His New Book With The Lowdown’s Diana Madison

I don’t think we’ve seen this interview? The Lowdown’s Diana Madison sat down with Derek Hough at his Los Angeles book signing event. They talk about some of the lessons in his new book “Taking the Lead”. They also talk on his hard work ethic and a little on Dancing With The Stars. Fun interview. You can watch it at this link.

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HQ Photos Of Derek And Julianne Hough At The 2014 Emmy Awards

And Jimmy Fallen is pictured with Derek and Julianne too! Stunning…all of them. More photos at Getty Images here and here. Keep watching the links. They may add more.

ETA: If you visit Just Jared Jr., you can view more pictures.

And…. Continue reading

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