Emmys Outstanding Choreography Nominee Reception This Sunday

Will we see some new photos of Derek this Sunday? Let’s hope so as the Emmys Outstanding Choreography Nominee Reception takes place. Thanks to Linz for the heads up.


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Access Hollywood Covers Derek And Julianne Hough With Friends And Family On Vacation In Idaho

Access Hollywood covered Derek and Julianne’s vacation in Coeur D’Alene last week. Check out this fun footage.

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A Dance Class “Move Interactive” With Julianne And Derek Hough – HQ Photos And More

What another successful night for “Move Interactive”. If you haven’t seen Miss Heidi’s first fun report, see this post. Then afterwards, see Zimbio, Getty Images, and Wire Images for some high quality photos. Below are more instagrams too. Be sure you read what each of them say for some heart warming stuff and great reports. I love how one of them said it was a moment in her life that was “just grace”. Well done, All!!

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This Week’s MOVE Interactive – Dance, Dance, Dance with Derek and Julianne Hough!

Well, this looks like a ton of fun – wish I was there. Way more fun than doing a kettlebell work out in your living room. 🙂 The first video is Derek’s Instagram Story and the second is a combo of Derek and Julianne’s snapchats.

Derek Hough MOVE 082316 by PureDerekHough Continue reading

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Lindsey Stirling Talks On The Arena Video Which Includes Derek Hough In New Interview

Below is a cool interview with Lindsey Stirling. The Arena video with Derek and her is shown through out. She starts talking about it at the 4:05 mark. How I LOVEEEE this video!! It’s truly one of my most favorite music videos of all time. You can buy Lindsey’s new album “Brave Enough”which includes “The Arena” now at iTunes.

ETA: Lindsey answered questions from fans today. Here’s one about Derek and rehearsing….

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Derek Hough In Gene Kelly Birthday Tribute

If you go to Magic 106.7, You can see a cool birthday tribute to Gene Kelly. What’s cool is they also made Derek a part of it especially being Mr. Kelly was such an inspiration. They picked some awesome dances too.


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Derek and Romie Hough have Fun by the Pool – August 22, 2016

I love watching Derek and Romie play together, getting a fun little workout. 🙂

Derek and Romie 082216 by PureDerekHough

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Tune in to E! TV Therapy Tonight To See Derek Hough Discussing Hairpray Live and More!!

Okay, someone clue me in. TV Therapy? Well, if Derek’s on it, I’ll take it. Set your DVRs!! ETA: I was in a super hurry and didn’t read carefully – it’s on facebook live in a few. I’ll post it here as soon as it appears.

ETA2: Here it is…

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Derek Hough, Hayley Erbert and Mark Ballas Visit SYTYCD

And Derek tries to feed a fake cat. Yes. You read it here first. Then he makes fun of Mark, but that’s not really a new thing. 🙂  They are likely visiting Jenna because SYTYCD tapes at the same studio that DWTS does and Hayley and Mark probably had to be there for some reason. Derek…is a tagalong. 🙂

Derek Hayley Mark Jenna by PureDerekHough

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Audition for a Dancer Part in Hairspray LIVE by Watching Derek Hough!

Well, this is super interesting!! In Baltimore – the setting for Hairspray – they are holding auditions for a “Dancer” per WBALtv.com. In order to audition you have to learn a dance that Derek is apparently going to videotape – don’t know if he has yet, as Dee (thanks for the find) and I can’t seem to find them!!

Maddie Baillio, who plays the lead actress Tracy Turnblad, will join an NBC on-air producer and an associate show choreographer to judge the dancing talent auditioning on the stage at the Hippodrome Theater in Baltimore on Sept. 15.

Here’s how you go about it…besides needing to be in Baltimore. 🙂

Here’s what you need to do:

First, make note of the date on your calendar! Block off Sept. 15 if you want to be a part of this audition!

Next, read the Official Rules, link below. Understand not only how to be a part of this audition, but review the time commitment you’ll need to make if you are chosen!

Watch the videos featuring Derek Hough. You’ll see the dance you’ll be expected to perform, and watch Derek take you, step-by-step, through the dance moves.

Complete the registration form by downloading and printing it. Bring the completed form with you to the audition that day. It will speed up the process for everyone. No printer?? No worries. We will have copies there for you to complete, on site!

ETA: Well how nice of someone to ask! image

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