Pap Video Of Derek Hough And More Photos In New York City

The paps caught up with Derek in New York City yesterday. They ask him some fun questions and he asks them some too. He also took photos with fans. So handsome, sweet, and humble as always. Be sure to catch the video HERE courtesy of artphot. Below are also some photos Jennie and Cath sent us from his snapchat that I thought were so cool.

ETA: Don’t miss some new pap photos at Getty Images. So cute.

ETA2: Derek made E Online’s “Today’s Hot Photos” with THIS PIC from New York City. I love that million dollar smile.

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More HQ Photos of Derek Hough and the “World Of Dance” Gang at Press Day

These were too gorgeous not to share. Wow. That’s a lot of hotness from Derek, JLo, Ne-Yo and Jenna!!  World of Dance can’t happen soon enough.  Be sure to click “View Full Size” so you can see them in all their glory. 😉

Photo Credit: Nelson and Fayes Vision

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Reunited and it Feels So Good!! Derek Hough and Kellie Pickler Photos

Houghaholic_03 found these fun photos of Derek and Kellie reunited today in NYC.  So cute. 🙂

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Derek Hough to Appear on Harry Connick Jr’s Talk Show (?)

According to this tweet that we saw, he could be appearing (twice?) in April. We’ll let you know when we find out more!

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“Bustle Live” Has One More Interview of Derek Hough (Video)

Dang…no wonder Derek was sleeping in the back of his car! We’re running out of fancy titles. 🙂

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Derek Hough Talks to Cheddar Live (?) (Video)

The question mark is because I’ve not heard of this show before – but Derek sure is making the rounds today!!

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Jenna Dewan Tatum’s Respect For Derek Hough

The Hollywood Reporter covered the “World Of Dance” Press Day. Check out this quote for what Jenna Dwan Tatum said on a dancer’s wages. Even joking, you can tell she very much respects Derek and what he’s done with his dancing….

Lopez will judge the dancers alongside Ne-Yo and Derek Hough, with Step Up alum Jenna Dewan-Tatum serving as host and mentor to the dancers.

“We’re not only giving the respect dancers deserve, we’re giving them the compensation,” says Dewan-Tatum. “Dancers don’t make a million dollars.” She then joked, “Well, maybe Derek does.”

On why Lopez wanted to add the project to her resume, she said, “To create an opportunity for dancers was the best thing I could have ever done. It just reminded me of all the reasons why I love dance.”

More at Hollywood Reporter.

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Derek Hough Sends A Message To Fan (Video)

Derek sent a message to a fan today. This is so awesome. Check it out….

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Derek Hough Chats On World Of Dance And More With New York Live

Derek was interviewed by New York Live today. He talks all about “World of Dance,” “Dancing with the Stars,” fighting off allergies with Flonase and more. He’s so cute.

For some extra fun, see Kelly Pickler interviewed too as she gets excited Derek is in the studio too. Thanks to Linz for the heads up.

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More Quotes From Derek Hough At The NBC Summer Press Tour On “World Of Dance”

What a great piece by Kristyn Burtt on the “World Of Dance” Press Day at Dance Network. She writes of how the show is going to take dance to a new level. The piece also has quotes from Derek as well which you can in part below. Also NOTE: there wasn’t enough time for the judges to do a dance number, but, within the first half hour of the show, we are going to laugh, cry, and dance.

“There has to be respect for one another and a joy to be around each other,” Lopez explains. “I think we have that. We’re lucky. I’ve pulled together my dream team. These were my first three choices.”

It won’t be harmonious every moment, though. Hough warned that they did disagree from time to time.

“There’s definitely disagreements where somebody went through or in the scoring,” he reveals. “We had different opinions on certain things. There were little mini-battles happening.”

The one disappointing note to the new series is that there wasn’t enough time to shoot a dance number with all of the judges. World of Dance was pre-taped this winter. They hope to rectify that situation if there’s a second season.

However, Lopez promised that the show comes right from an authentic place — her dancer’s heart.

She sums up, “I guarantee within the first half hour of the show, you are going to laugh, you’re going to cry and you’re going to dance.”

More at Dance Network.

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