The Deseret News Writes About Derek And Julianne Hough’s “Superhero Day” Visit To The Primary Children’s Hospital

Deseret News has a nice piece up on Derek and Julianne’s visit to the Primary Children’s Hospital. Especially check out what Derek said to each child. So sweet!

“Being in the hospital, I think for anyone, is extremely difficult, especially since they’re young children,” Orton said. “They’re dealing with very tough things, whether it’s heart problems or cancer or unexpected accidents. So I think these kind of events, these small things that we can do, provide an opportunity for them to get their minds off of the medical stuff.”

Julianne and Derek Hough provided such a distraction for each child in attendance.

“They went out into the crowd and they met with every single patient in that room,” Orton said. “They were cute with the children, and you could tell they really enjoyed being there. It was really fun to see them interact with the kids and how sweet they were with them.”

In conjunction with the superhero theme, staff members hung a poster in the playroom that read, “Spider-Man’s real identity revealed,” which featured the picture of a young patient.

“Derek noticed the connection,” Orton said, “and walked up to the kid and said, ‘Hey, can I shake your hand? It’s really cool that I now know who Spider-Man is.’”

Orton said the event was a success because it provided patients and family members a much-needed break.

More at Deseret News including pictures.

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MOVE Live in Salt Lake City! Fan Blog by Harriet!

Here’s a great blog from Harriet who was lucky enough to attend the Salt Lake City show the other night! Thanks, Harriet! If you want to see her videos, check out her channel –> Harriet’s channel

Sometimes going back for seconds is totally worth it.  The week after I saw the Move Live On Tour in San Antonio, I started scoping out tickets for another show.  It was such an incredible experience the first time that I felt the need for another fix. I definitely wanted to get the VIP package again and after doing some searching, I bought a ticket for the West Valley, Utah show.

This week has been one full of fun and life lessons.  My plan was to fly in Tuesday night, see the concert Wednesday, fly back Thursday, and go to work on Friday.  Well, the Universe always has its own agenda (Life Lesson # 33). Wednesday morning, I took a lovely tour of SLC that took me to places like Temple Square and the state capital as well as a mini organ concert at the Mormon Tabernacle.  When walking around Temple Square, my evil brain started playing the song “Baptize Me” from Book of Mormon.  Seriously, my mind at times can be quite warped, inappropriate, and plain rude. Anyone else have that problem? After my tour of SLC (this city is quite beautiful and the people are very friendly), I got an email and call in the early afternoon saying the concert got postponed to Thursday due to a car accident that deterred the tour from making it to West Valley in time.  It’s been a couple of days since that accident, and hopefully everyone involved is doing well.

At this point, I was left with a big choice to make: 1) get a refund for the show and go home Thursday morning or 2) stay an extra day, go the concert on Thursday, and miss work on Friday.  I pondered this decision all of one minute and decided to stay for the concert. In doing so, I had to change my flight, call the vet to see if my dogs could stay one extra day, email my boss to say I wouldn’t be at work Friday, call all my families to reschedule their Friday speech therapy appointments with me, and check with the hotel to see if they had room (which they didn’t). I had to sweat it out until 9pm before the front desk at the hotel called to say they had a room available for me for Thursday. On top of all this, I was fighting a nasty sinus infection. In the end, everything worked out for the best.  It was nice to have a day off where I could sleep in, stay in bed and do nothing except finish season 2 of Arrow on my iPad without any dogs barking to be let out or requesting a stroll around the neighborhood.  The Universe also decided to throw at me another life lesson via Zen quotes on a Twitter:
“The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick  walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.”

- Randy Pausch The Last Lecture

So true!
My hotel was within walking distance to the Maverick Center. As I was exiting the hotel, I noticed two older ladies walking the same way and I asked if they were going to the concert, and sure enough they were.  As we walked over, we talked about meeting up after the concert to walk back to the hotel together. Well, wouldn’t you know the Universe had a plan for us three? Not only did we walk out of the hotel at the same time, but our concert seats were right next to each other. They were seated in the center section of row 9 seats 1 and 2 while I was in row 10 seat 1. It was fun talking with these ladies and well as meeting other people like Kathy, an uber Derek fan. She screamed when she met Derek and confessed that she may have scared Derek. Meeting other fans and sharing our mutual admiration for Derek and Julianne was an added bonus for me at both concerts.

Since, this concert was a homecoming of sorts for Julianne and Derek, I got to experience firsthand their friends and family cheer them on that night.  While we were waiting for the Q&A and picture session, I noticed that some people had a blue wrist band, some had yellow, and some had none.  The blue bands were for the Ultimate VIP while the yellow bands were for friends of the family.  At the San Antonio concert, I think all the VIPs had a yellow wrist band.

The picture session came first which was different from the San Antonio show.  For the last month or so I have not only been practicing a better pose for the picture (in my first photo with Derek and Julianne, it looked I had no chin and some big chipmunk cheeks) but also what I would say to them.  So when my turn came up, right away I told Julianne and Derek that I saw the show in San Antonio.  Then, I tried to pose the way I had practiced for the camera (fingers crossed it worked). After the picture, Derek commented that the San Antonio show was great in which I agreed and said something along the lines that I had such a blast that I decided to come to this show, thanked them for that show, and said I was looking forward to tonight’s show.  I was proud of myself for being coherent (or so I think I was), but dang it, the eye contact thing eluded me again.  I just couldn’t look into their beautiful blue eyes. Now, if Derek and Julianne had asked me about language development, I know I would have looked them in the eyes as this is something I talk about five days a week as a Speech Pathologist.

At this Q&A, there didn’t seem to be as many people raising their hands to ask questions. Initially, I didn’t raise my hand, but after others asked a few questions, I got brave and raised my hand.  Well, guess what, Julianne pointed in my direction, and I waited for her to specify who she was pointing to since others in my area had their hands up too.  Then, drumroll please, she said “the girl/lady from San Antonio”.  She remembered that I had said this at the picture session!! So, I’m pretty sure she said “girl,” even though, I old enough to be well….her older sister and would have been fine being called a “lady”.  Heck, I’m not type that gets offended when called a lady or even ma’am. Geez, I even use “ma’am” with the toddlers I work with like “no ma’am, put that toy down.” So I stood up and I calmly asked “if you could choreograph or star in any Broadway show past, present or future, what would you pick?”  Julianne replied with “Wicked” and “Frozen” which are great choices.  Unfortunately, I stumped Derek and he said he would have to think about that one.  Then, the little insecure person in me thought, maybe I asked a stupid question, but after thinking about possible suggestions for him, I can see why I stumped Derek. If “The Princess Bride” comes to Broadway I think he would make a great Wesley.  As far as choreographing, all I can think of is turning movies into musicals, but that could be because that’s the current trend. In a more classical Broadway production maybe choreographing Funny Face (the Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire movie), Top Hat (Fred and Ginger movie), or The Great Gatsby (yes, I am stealing that idea from Smash).  Now something a little more outside the norm, maybe choreographing Blade Runner, Edward Scissorhands, or The Labyrinth. I am having a little too much fun contemplating this.

Most of the questions, seemed to be ones that they answered in San Antonio like “Are you returning to DWTS,” “what’s your favorite dance you have done on DWTS,” and “what would you recommend, for kids wanting to learn to dance that don’t have the resources for classes due to living in rural areas?” Again, Derek emphasized how useful YouTube can be and even said one of their dancers picked up dancing this way. Someone asked Julianne “how was it working with Tom Cruise?” She said had so many good things to say about him. Derek chimed in and said when he first met Tom Cruise (this guy apparently doesn’t blink as it is a sign of weakness…I learned something new), he was totally starstruck.  The way he described this first encounter was quite hilarious.
My seat at this concert was not as close to the stage as the one in San Antonio, but it was still pretty great.  Probably 3 to 4 rows in front of me, sat Derek and Julianne’s family. That is one gorgeous family!  I even got to see Derek and his mom dance right in front of me.  It was so sweet and cute!  During his part of “Mustang Sally”, Derek walked all over approaching different fans, found someone to jump over (again, right in front of me), and then finally he said he was looking for a special lady named “Marianne”.  It looked like he caught his mom by surprise. They both had the biggest smiles on their faces as they danced together.  It was so great to witness this and I’m glad I got video of it too that I could share with his fans. Julianne and Derek’s family were the biggest cheering squad, giving standing ovations multiple times. Their enthusiasm was quite infectious because when they stood, I stood, and when the cheered, I cheered along.  I bet you their family gatherings are a blast!  During parts of the show, either one of the dancers or crew came around with a video recorder on some kind of long wand-stick. I’m not sure if they have done this at other shows too. I was hoping they might make a DVD of the tour.

Julianne brought two friends on stage during her “Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy” bit.  Rick, one of the guys, was her and Derek’s first dance teacher.  Both of these guys had some great dance moves!  At the end of the jive where Derek goes to stand in front of Julianne and she then kicks him from behind which is all supposed to be a joke, she actually kicked the crown jewels this time.  Poor Guy had to sit and recuperate for a little bit. (Heidi’s Note: Yeah, I think it’s still a joke as they do this every show. J )
Another great night spent at the Move Live On Tour! Bravo to everyone involved in this tour!!! The show was pretty darn fabulous and went by too fast again!  It was so worth the trip to see the show a second time.  I am beyond grateful that I got to experience the Move Live On Tour twice and I would go back for more, but at my job, there is a little thing called PTO and that’s running low now.  Here’s some pictures I took of the show.  Man, I was lucky that Derek kept running down the aisle were my seat was. I also posted a few more videos of the SLC show on my YouTube Page. Thank you ladies and gents for reading this, and for those lucky enough to attend one of the shows, I hope you had the time of your life and are inspired to move your body more, work hard, discover new passions and not let brick walls deter your dreams.

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Derek Hough To Perform At The 2014 Young Hollywood Awards

We told you in a previous posting that Derek would be appearing at the Young Hollywood Awards on July 28th at 8:00 ET on the CW. Well, not only is he appearing, he’s also set to PERFORM!! Thanks to @DWTSgossip for this scan of Derek at Facebook showing his excitement.


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HQ Photos Of Derek And Julianne Hough And The Move Live On Tour In Riverside, California

Check out!! They have some beautiful high quality shots of Derek and Julainne Hough and the Move Live On Tour performing in Riverside, California over the weekend. Just beautiful!!!

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Derek Hough Sings Happy Birthday To Julianne Hough On Tour

This is just too cute and fun for words! Awww Moment in Phoenix last night with Derek and Julianne Hough at the Move Live On Tour. A fan at Facebook said the whole audience joined in to wish Julianne a “Happy Birthday”. #MoveLiveOnTour Special Moments!

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New Interview With Derek Hough About The Move Live On Tour And More

Make sure you head to AZ Central first thing!! They have a great new interview posted with Derek! He talks on the Move Live On Tour and more! Below is a little take. You know where to go for more!

Q: How difficult is the show?

A: It’s extremely challenging. We’re in every single number. It’s pretty relentless.

Q: So how do you relax after that?

A: That’s the thing. I went straight from “Dancing With the Stars” to this show and then will go into my book tour (his first book, “Taking the Lead,” will be published in August). It’s momentum. It’s always good, to keep moving and keep going.

Q: What’s more pressure: Being judged on “Dancing With the Stars” or doing this?

A: I wouldn’t say there’s more pressure. There’s just more of a standard, if you know what I mean. I always hold a certain standard for myself, whether you’re playing for 6,000 people or 700 people. I always want to make sure I go up there and give the best performance I possibly can, and I want to get better and better.

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Derek And Julianne Hough, Armen Way Teach Dance Class At The Boys And Girls Club In Phoenix

Today, Derek and Julianne along with one of their fellow dancers from the Move Live On Tour, Armen Way, taught a dance class in Phoenix while visiting the Boys & Girls Clubs. Check it out. Hotness!! And also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Julianne Hough! You are the tops!!

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Derek and Julianne Hough: MOVE Live on Tour Update, July 19, 2014

What more is there to say? It’s pretty darn good bein’ a Derek Hough fan. :-)

So cute…
DerekKaraHolmes2 Continue reading

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Derek Hough on the Cover of the Boca Raton Observer

Lookin’ very handsome indeed. :-) It’s the August issue and you can read it either by clicking below or going to the Observer site. I read it and looked at all the gorgeous photos by clicking on the “index” button and clicking through the pages. The first time it only would go to page 35, so I tried again and read the whole thing. :-)

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Make Your Move Behind the Scenes Clip

Derek’s movie is out on DVD and BluRay on Tuesday – have you preordered??  If not, get on it!! :-) Dance Spirit Magazine has an “exclusive” behind the scenes clip on their site – check it out.

Remember back in March, when we gave you the inside scoop on Make Your Move, a Romeo and Juliet–inspired dance film starring Derek Hough and K-Pop celeb BoA? Well, the movie was every bit as awesome as we thought it would be based on our interview with director Duane Adler. The choreography featured a pretty spectacular mix of hip hop, tap, contemporary, even aerial dance—a crazy-genius mish-mosh that only choreographers Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo could have concocted. And rather than take time-outs for dance breaks, the movie incorporated dancing into the story itself. 

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