Derek Hough’s DWTS Partner Marilu Henner Is Ready For “Eras Night”

Wow! Isn’t this photo of Marilu breathtaking? Just a little hint of what’s coming tomorrow night on Dancing With The Stars. Bring it on, Guys!!!

We're roaring and ready for #ErasNight on Monday. Comment if you are too! #DWTS

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Derek Hough Attends Hollywood Horror Night 2016 At Universal Studios – Photos, Videos

Last night, Derek attended Hollywood Horror Night at Universal Studios with some friends including Hayley Erbert, Paul Karmiryan, Brittany Cherry, and more. Below are some photos and videos some fans captured on Instagram and Snapchat. Thanks to Jennie for her help. Too fun!

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A “Jersey Boys” Review With Mark Ballas – Guest Blog By Lily

This is so fun. Lily wrote us a fun review after seeing Mark Ballas in “Jersey Boys”. Below is a little take of how Mark blew her away. To read her full story and see more precious photos, see

But Mark blew me away with his performance!!! I was very surprised with his falsetto, and he nailed all of the songs!!! I had chills when he sang “My Eyes Adored You” !!! “Sherry”, “Walk Like a Man”, “oh, what a Night”, “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, “Working My Way Back to You”, so many hits! Oh course, there were the dance moves!!!!

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Marilu Henner Has Always Been A “Fangirl” Of Dancing With The Stars

Rare has posted an interview Marilu, but, I’m not sure we posted it. Marilu is so cute as she explains how she’s always been a fangirl of Dancing With The Stars. Be sure to watch it at the link.

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Another New ‘Hairspray Live’ Poster Including Derek Hough And Cast

Would you like to see another new ‘Hairspray Live” poster with Derek? If so, head straight to Glamour and scroll down the page. Too fun.

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First Day Of “Hairspray Live” Rehearsals With Derek Hough And Cast – More Photos And Videos

In a previous report, we posted photos and video from the first day of Hairspray Live Rehearsals. Well, below are a few more goodies including a video snap at lunch. You can also see some other instagrams courtesy of some of the other cast members just to show you how fun they all are. I have a feeling Derek is going to have a blast doing this show. Do you agree? Special thanks to Jennie for some snap captures.

ETA: And here’s another official photo! ~Heidi


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Derek Hough and Marilu Henner – DWTS Season 23, Week 6 Miscellaneous Clips and MORE!

We have some fun miscellanous clips this week – you can tell that Derek and Marilu are really relaxing into their partnership in a lovely way. I’ve also added the package and the Cha Cha below the misc clips…and a fun little photo from the Team Dance rehearsals. 🙂

Derek Marilu Week 6 Misc Clips by PureDerekHough

Derek and Marilu Wk 6 Package by PureDerekHough

Derek and Marilu Wk 6 Cha Cha by PureDerekHough


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Derek Hough and the Cast of Hairspray Live! in People Magazine

Check out this week’s People Magazine for Derek and the Cast of Hairspray Live!!

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Derek Hough At His First Day Of Rehearsals For ‘Hairspray Live’

Thanks to Happy Hough for capturing this video of Derek at his first day of rehearsals for “Hairspray Live” ….and looking gorgeous as ever I must say. So exciting…

#1stDayofschool #HairsprayLiveRehersals #Derekhough as #Cornycollins #tableread #NBC #DWTS and my man looks hot too

A video posted by HappyHoughBert (@happyhough05) on

ETA: Here’s a photo too….

ETA2: Thanks to Dee for the heads up on this fun photo!

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Derek Hough Blogs Team Dance and The Charleston…and the Chalsa!

I just love his blogs – always chock full of tidbits of interesting info. My personal opinion on the Nappytabs thing that Vogue posted about earlier? MOVE Live on Tour! That is NOT insider info, just a guess. Anyway, here’s an excerpt from Derek’s blog, but be sure to read the whole thing as he also talks Mark and Hairspray!!

This week is going to be pretty fun. It’s Eras Week and we have the Charleston. I had a really busy day Wednesday. I was doing another project for something else all day, so I wasn’t able to see Marilu, but I went in last night and choreographed the routine. After I get done with Hairspray rehearsals today, I’m going to go over and rehearse with her. So to answer the question you’re probably thinking: No, we haven’t gone through the whole routine yet! Tonight will be the first time. I think it will be fine. I’m trying to stay ahead of the game and pre-plan so that way tonight when we finally rehearse, we can go full at it. I put a little surprise in there as well.

Oh yeah, there’s a team dance too! We’re on Team Future with Laurie and Val, Terra and Sasha, and Jana and Gleb. We’re going to do a full rehearsal tomorrow or Saturday. We have a really weird song, but we figured out a narrative. There are still things to create and figure out. It’s things that you think in your mind might be brilliant but when you try it, you’re like, “Uh, maybe we should try something else.” I would say right now, there’s some stuff in our heads and we have to make them a reality when we get together.

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