A Few More Photos Of Derek Hough At The 2015 Killick Klassik

Just a few more photos of Derek at the 2015 Killick Klassik! I can’t get enough!!

Here’s a little video for someone that missed the competition. Nice Derek!

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Derek Hough In New Dancing With The Stars Season 21 Promo

I can never get these videos to embed right from twitter, but, if you go to this twitter link, you can see a new Dancing With The Stars Season 21 commercial with Derek in it. Hopefully, Miss Heidi or @Idolxfactor1 can cap this or fix it for me.

ETA: Let’s try this. My recording last night was a FAIL. :-) ~Heidi

ETA2: Ok, here’s a You Tube version….

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Derek Hough Greets Fans While Arriving At LAX Airport – Video

So cute and again, I’m loving his choice of HATS!

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Derek Hough: The Week in Twitter – August 23, 2015

Well, this pretty much sums up Derek’s weekend in Boca Raton. :-)

But besides the Killick Klassic? We have a bit of Move and a some vacation! And some old DWTS – video uploaded yesterday of BTS at the finale. Can’t embed (kinda silly – SOME people will just rip it if they can’t embed it), so click the link to watch. There’s also another view of Uptown Funk – so hot doing this dance, I tell ya.

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Coverage Continues Of Derek Hough At The 2015 Killick Klassik At The Boca Raton Resort, Florida

Ice Cream Yum Derek Hough

What a weekend it’s been for Derek and all of those who attended or took part in the The 2015 Killick Klassik. Below are more photos from Saturday’s events and from Friday too (I can’t get enough of the ice cream photos. 😯 😀 ). For even more photos and videos, see Killick Klassik Facebook, Killick Klassik 3 Facebook, and Shirley Ballas Facebook (keep checking these links as they may post more now and in the coming days). Too fun!

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More Photos And A Fun Review Of Derek Hough At The 2015 Killick Klassik

Wow, I think I just passed out. 😯 First, if you go to Ryan Kenner-Photography’s Facebook page, you can see some breathtaking photos of Derek at the 2015 Killick Klassik last night. After you check out that page, you can read a review of the Meet And Greet and see more photos of Derek at Dancebeat.com. Below is a take from the link. Go Derek!

First in the early afternoon, it was the “Meet and Greet” with Derek Hough. For those of you that don’t watch TV he is one of the celebrity ballroom dancers on the now iconic show, “Dancing with the Stars.” We were a little late for the affair as most Floridians or should I say South Beach Floridians are, but it was a good thing. We got to ride in the elevator with Derek’s own personal entourage and looked totally part of the “Elite.” When he first entered the room you could hear the cameras clicking away and I just hope we, the Dance Beat team, are not in half your pictures, LOL.

Derek was a delightful guest and entertainer answering every question for his adoring fans, (mostly women). He managed to answer the questions and elaborate into some very interesting things we did not know about him. He talked about some of his personal challenges and how he prepares before going out on the floor and how he copes with different challenges every week (in our words, he takes it all in stride one step at a time). He said a wonderful thing to the fans many of them dancers, “you create your pain you create your fears, no one does it for you. If you can talk yourself out of it, you will just be fine.” I wish many of our dances will take this very sound advice from this young man, because it is the truth, we create many of the obstacles we see and they don’t need to be there.

He talked about what the show has done for him personally and in his life, some of his explanations were very detailed making him seem real and almost like your best friend. The attendees were treated to some champagne and food before Derek got there and some beautiful views from the 25th floor suit where it was being held. As we looked out we thanked heaven for Florida, we sure love our home state, not one cloud in the sky, just blue all over from the sea to the sky, you could see for miles across the Intracoastal Waterway.

Later in the ballroom, Derek led a high-energy conga line with most of the audience and many of the judges joining in!

More at Dancebeat.com. Thanks to Linz for the fun finds.

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Part 2 Coverage Of Derek Hough At The 2015 Killick Klassik

Derek Houh Killick Klassic 2015 by Shirley Ballas

First of all, be sure to see our first posting of Derek at the 2015 Killick Klassic last night. Miss Heidi updated the post with more photos and videos. Then check out Shirley Ballas’ Facebook page as she’s posted more breathtaking photos of Derek and the event. Below are also more videos of Derek dancing and speaking in the ballroom too. What a night!

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Coverage Of Derek Hough At The 2015 Killick Klassik

As you know from previous postings, Derek and Mark Ballas are both in Florida for the 2015 Killick Klassic. Currently the Meet and Greet/Q & A is taking place. Shirley Ballas is starting to post photos at her Facebook. Derek is wearing a light blue jacket.

Stay tuned! We hope to add more photos soon!!!

ETA: Ok…here we go. The sources have been credited if you click on the photos. Keep watching for updates…

ETA2: Check out Derek dancing at the Killick Klassic facebook page here. It looks like he is having a great time. Thanks to Jennifer for the find. Be watching this link as they may post more video and photos.

Derek rocking the house

Posted by Killick Klassik on Friday, August 21, 2015

Party at Killick Klassik with @derekhough! #MBDPA #derekhough

A video posted by MarkBallasDance&PerformingArts (@markballasdance) on

Derek Hough#queencityballroom #manonthemicrophone

A video posted by Queen City Ballroom (@queencityballroom) on

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Derek Hough Talks With WPLG Local 10 About Dancing With The Stars And More – (Video)

Miss Heidi posted some fun photos of Derek with some of the ladies at WPLG Local 10 earlier in this previous post. Below is the interview. He looks rested and ready to go. I love that HAT!

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ETA: International version, below. ~Heidi

Derek Talks With WPLG Local 10 by dereklvr1013

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Derek Hough Talks DWTS and Brooks Laich to Hello Magazine

Not really too much new information – but I do find it so interesting that all these entertainment outlets are all over Derek because his sister got engaged. Is this yet another sign of huge popularity? 😉 From Hello:

It is no surprise that Derek Hough and younger sister Julianne are two peas in a pod, having grown up dancing together and continuing down the same career path. Earlier this week, it was announced that Julianne and her boyfriend Brooks Laich became engaged, and Derek couldn’t be happier for the couple. “I think that when somebody lights you up, they light you up, and that’s it,” he told Hello! at the 2015 Industry Dance Awards & Cancer Benefit show in Hollywood about what makes them so great together. “I think they have a great dynamic together.”

He continued about the NHL player: “I think it helps that he is sort of separated from this world so he is like, ‘Let’s go fishing.’ He’s a phenomenal guy. He’s a dude’s dude. He’s a guy’s guy. They are a perfect match so I’m thrilled for both of them. It’s amazing.”

With an available seat next to his sister, would the 30-year-old ever consider trading in his dancing shoes? “I would be too antsy behind a desk. I would want to get out there and move and dance,” he confessed. “I think I still got a lot more in me. So no plans on slowing down right now.”

We’re just happy to know that the five-time mirror ball winner will be dancing across our TV screen again soon.

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