Derek Hough and MOVE Live on Tour in Indy – A Very Special Fan Blog

This blog by Michaele just made me weepy. Such a great story she has shared with us. Thanks so much, Michaele – I’m so glad you are doing better!! Everyone, be sure to thank her for sharing. Thanks to all of our guest bloggers. :-)

This is probably more a story of my journey over the last year than a rendition of Move Live last night in Indy, but I think if you understand my story a little bit, you will understand why meeting Derek last night after the show was so special to me.

This dates back to last year, shortly after Derek’s book had been released. I’m a fan of DWTS, and especially Derek, Mark, and Julianne. I was able to take my girls, aged 13 and 19 now, to Move Live last year in Cincinnati. It was incredible. And incredibly hot! I have no idea how those dancers made it through 2 hours of non-stop dancing without heat stroke. But that tells you a little about Derek’s, Julianne’s, and their team’s dedication and love of the show! Continue reading

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Derek and Julianne Hough: MOVE Live on Tour Mashup (Video)

This very fun MOVE compilation video was created by Madeline, who also wrote a blog for a us a few days ago. Give it up for Madeline – this is awesome!

MOVE Live on Tour from madeline hawkins on Vimeo.

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“MOVE-ing” In The Fabulous Fox In St. Louis – Move Live On Tour Fan Reviews, Photos, Videos

Move Live On Tour At The Fabulous Fox

So the Move Live On Tour continues it’s reign and this time to the glorious Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis, Missouri. You can view some photos of the show at St. Louis Fox Theatre Facebook. Below are reviews, more photos, and videos from the night and a few extras from precious shows too. I love how one fan said, “This show is phenomenal!!! You can feel the pure they get from dancing!!” Isn’t that the truth!!

elysebertani: Absolutely loved #MoveLiveOnTour tonight at the Fox Theatre! Fantastic production!

ischmidy: So this happened tonight!!!! It was seriously the best night of my life, I got to meet my hero!! The show was fantastic, it was the most fun and energetic show!! I love you Derek!!!

caremitch: The show tonight was absolutely perfect… Can’t wait so see another! Seeing Derek shirtless was def worth every penny

sperryyyyy: So much fun!!! An absolutely amazing performance by this group of dancers! I loved every second of it!

hannahchow: Best show I’ve ever seen!Reminded me why I love to dance all over again. Thanks @juleshough @derekhough for an amazing night!!! And thank you so so much Julie for taking me!

meshorte: This show is phenomenal!!! You can feel the pure they get from dancing!!

ashleysessentials: We really love Derek and Julianne and all the dancing and all the moves and all the sequins and fringe.

Continue reading

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Derek and Julianne Hough in This Week’s US Magazine – July 24, 2015

Many thanks to JennKat for sharing these bits from the Magazine that was shipped to subscribers today!! Double Hough! Derek pictured with Nastia and Julianne at LSB – where it mentions Derek as the winner. ;-)

Derek and Nastia US Mag

Julianne Hough US Magazine

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Derek Hough IN DEMAND for Season 21 of Dancing with the Stars

The title is a bit tongue-in-cheek, seeing as how the sources for this information are WAY less than reliable. LOL. First up, from the UK, Pippa Middleton is apparently dying to be on DWTS with Derek as a partner. From The Hollywood Gossip:

As for Pippa’s boogying ambitions, the guard claims Kate’s younger sister desperately wants to appear on Dancing With the Stars, but her dream has repeatedly been shut down.

“She wants her sister’s fame, that’s for sure. I heard she’s desperate to be on Dancing with the Stars but the palace asked her to back off. They felt it would sully the image of her sister.

“Well, I tell you she did not care! She supposedly contacted Derek Hough somehow and he’s a big fan of the idea.”

Next up, Amanda Bynes is supposedly in the running for this season of DWTS and she wants Derek or Mark. Oy veh. :-) From Hollywood Life:

In keeping with the good news, our sources tell us that Amanda is in the running to star on the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars — that is, if she remains healthy enough to compete. “They want her! If she does it, she wants to dance with Derek [Hough], 30, or Mark [Ballas], 29,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “She is in very, very loose discussions and absolutely nothing has been set in stone but as long as she is mentally stable, she is basically a lock for the next season.”

Take all of this with a huge grain of salt as neither outlet has a stellar track record when it comes to DWTS. ;-)

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MOVE Live at Casino Rama – “Unbelievable!!” Fan Blog by Sharon

Many thanks to Sharon for this lovely blog about Move in Orilla, Canada – I loved reading it. As always, give it up to all the great fans like Sharon who take the time to share their experience with us!

UNBELIEVABLE – just the one word that I kept repeating the entire show. I had flown to Ontario from Alberta, Canada to attend a family reunion and figured out that I should stay a bit longer and attend the Move show at Casino Rama.

This is my first time seeing Move and seeing Derek Hough in person. I was in awe, first because of the awesomenous of the show and seeing Derek live. TV does not give justice to the light, confidence, humbleness, kindness, warmth, fun, exuberance for life that comes out of the body of this wonderful young man. When he gets on stage he is MAGIC.

In my opinion, this whole show is magic. The different dances, skits run seamlessly on and on and when it’s over I was thinking WHAT how did that go so fast. You just are mesmerized and get immersed into the whole production.

I loved all the dances, opening and closing. I loooooove his singing, wish he had done more. The special part of the evening was when Derek spoke about his injury and us touching our hearts – there were 5000 people at this sold out show and when he spoke you could hear a pin drop. He commands the stage and his smile warms all our hearts.

I don’t have any pix/video worth sharing (too shaky from all the excitement). He ended up right behind us at one time but I’m sure my mouth was hanging open because of his gorgeousness so those pix were for naught.

Derek is the consummate performer. I can’t understand why he hasn’t been snatched up by some Hollywood big wigs.

This show is a standout by all the performers, Derek, Julianne and all the dancers, lighting, staging personnel-so well done.
See it people – it will blow your mind.

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Derek Hough And Julianne Hough In Move Live On Tour 2015 Mix – Videos

Actually, I think we’ve seen this before, but, it’s so cool to watch again…

And this is awesome too by Jennifer Ritchie….

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“Moving with MOVE!” Derek Hough Fan Courtney Blogs FIVE Shows!!

Wow, wow, wow!! Courtney has had a crazy couple weeks and I’m so grateful that she’s sharing her experiences with us. Over the past couple weeks, you’ve probably seen Courtney’s photos and videos on the site as we’ve posted them as we’ve seen them. Now…here’s her blog. Thanks Courtney!!

Moving with MOVE!

Where do I even start? I should first apologize that this blog is so long because I have to fit in five different shows into this one blog.  The past 2 weeks have been crazy but so insanely awesome!       I did not originally plan to go all these shows but it just kind of happened, and worked out perfectly.

From the start I planned to go to the July 4th show in Niagara Falls.  As soon as tickets went on sale we got front row ultimate VIP. Since the show was in NY you got to pick your tickets. We chose the aisle tickets front row on stage right. It ended up being really nice because that was the only set of stairs up to the stage.  A week before the show I randomly checked on ticket sales and saw that they added a show on July 5th at the same venue.  Since we had already planned to be at the hotel then, we got tickets for that night as well. These tickets were last row but I just wanted to see the show again! We arrived at the hotel on the 3rd which was nice because it over looked the falls and we could see the fireworks from our room.  It was a perfect start to an amazing weekend. Continue reading

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Move Live On Tour “Pure Beauty” – Indianapolis, Indiana Fan Reviews, More Photos, Videos

Move live On Tour by aclapprun

Once again, the “Move Live On Tour” amazes and this time in Indianapolis, Indiana!! Don’t miss Miss Heidi’s first report if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s delish. :D Then below is more including some fan reviews and a few extras from previous shows thanks to all the fans out there on social media. You’ve been credited in the photos.

angel_lover_222: Thank you @derekhough and @juleshough for a great time tonight!!! I LOVED the show.. You all are amazing!! Thank you for a great hug Derek.. You are such a sweetheart

elizabethahaywood: What an awesome night at #moveliveontour ! The Houghs are so talented and still so very kind and humble. Definitely a must-see for dance lovers!

chenoaann03: I can’t express how grateful I am to have gotten to experience something so great. The show was amazing and as a young dancer it made me realize how much I wanted to learn! Loved the inspiring words from @derekhough and @juleshough . It was great to meet two wonderful role models. I highly recommend going to a #moveliveontour .

janelandvalareroyalty: IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN #moveliveontour YOU. ARE. MISSING. OUT. This show —– on the dwts live tour tbh. This show just flows better, is more versatile, actually includes production yet still feels amazingly simplistic, and the dancers are I n c r e d I b l e. I mean Julianne & Derek couldn’t have chosen a better cast. This paso doble which is a rendition of Bethany and Derek’s is my favorite number of the show, along with elastic heart J & D’s argentine tango, the big salsa number & the Work Song contemporary piece. But yes, it’s STUNNING & I just thought that y’all should know

brittnichole23 (she danced with Derek, videos below): Thank you @derekhough for making this the best night of my life!! Unbelievable show!!!

allison_goings: Move Live on Tour was the most inspiring experience! Derek & Julianne have such warm, grateful hearts ️ we love their interactions during the show but most of all their dances! Pure beauty! Thank you for the selfie @derekhough

Continue reading

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MOVE Live on Tour “MOVES” to Indy!!

Indianapolis, as you may recall, had very few tickets left as of yesterday. The tour is rolling right on and very successfully. Just a few tidbits before bed tonight. :-)  Stay tuned, I have great fan blogs from Courtney and Sharon coming over the next couple days!!

Julianne Derek Hough MOVE Indy by thescenefromme

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