How To VOTE for Nastia Liukin and Derek Hough on DWTS Season 20

It’s that time once again, folks! Time to dust off your voting accounts, make some new ones and get ready for season 20. Derek has an OLYMPIC ATHLETE, Nastia Liukin, this season – they need your votes and it’s time to get ready!  It’s up to YOU to make sure Nastia’s fans see this tutorial and learn how to vote!  This is the same tutorial I’ve used for many seasons now, so excuse any instance of the wrong person’s name. Just bring it to my attention. :-)  Watch this post, also, in case they change any of the rules as we get closer to the premiere. We won’t know the actual phone number until right before the premiere, so check back!! 

The Short Version

Call 1-800-868-34** As soon as the show starts – you get the same number of votes as there are dancers. So week 1 you get 12 votes. We’ll find out the full number a few days before the show, so watch this space!!

Go to and vote for Nastia and Derek (look for the big “Vote Now” banner)- and keep going with as many accounts as you can until 8 PM Eastern time on Tuesday evening.

Don’t forget calling in via Skype and Voting Using Facebook

Detailed Instructions for beginners: Continue reading

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“New York Spring Spectacular” – New Video featuring Derek Hough!!

Awesome…part of the drumming scene with Laura Benanti!!

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MOVE Live on Tour TWO with Derek and Julianne Hough – AOL Live stream!!

Check it out peeps!! And don’t forget Ellen next week!! ETA: I don’t know what the live stream is about, really, but I think they are probably talking about MOVE Live 2 – I don’t think you actually get to see the show. We’ll have to wait and see.

Move Live2

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Derek Hough and Nastia Liukin – BTS of the DWTS Photoshoot

Thanks to Shade Global Inc for tweeting out this photo from the photoshoot. Can’t wait to see the official version!!

Derek and Nastia

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Nastia Liukin and Derek Hough – Scared to Salsa? Don’t Be!

You’ve got Derek, girlfriend. It will be okay. :-) From

Salsa is not high on Nastia Liukin’s list of favorites.

No, not the food. The dance.

The 2008 Olympic gymnastics champion told USA TODAY Sports she’s looking forward to some of the more classic dances she and partner Derek Hough will perform on the newest season of Dancing with the Stars. She’s particularly excited for the tango, which was the music she’d picked out for a floor routine that she never got to use.

But the salsa? That’s a different story.

“I’m kind of scared about the salsa,” Liukin said with a laugh. “I don’t really dance like that.

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New Photo of Derek Hough and Laura Benanti in New York Spring Spectacular Rehearsals!!

Two weeks!!! I can’t wait much longer! Great photo of their rehearsals courtesy of the Rockettes.

derek as Jack

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Derek Hough And Nastia Liukin Photo From Photo Shoot

Can we marvel at this promo shoot photo? It’s magical. I can’t get enough of this couple. Photo from twitter courtesy of @NinasyKim…


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Mark Ballas Is Glad Derek Hough Is Back For Dancing With The Stars

Mark Ballas was one of the first to know Derek was coming back to Dancing With The Stars this season. He talks all about it with Fox Latino. He says he’s glad Derek is back. He’s also happy Nastia will be dancing as he’s known her a long time. I can’t find the embed for this video, but, you can watch it at this link.

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Cool Dance Moves From The DWTS Promo Shoot With Derek Hough And Nastia Liukin

Wow…check out this cool move from the Dancing With The Stars Promo Shoot today! Too awesome. Go Derek and Nastia!!

ETA: Just added another thanks to Jenn and TeamHoughkin…

#DWTS promo day @derekhough

A video posted by Nastia Liukin (@nastialiukin) on

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More Media Mentions, Why Derek Hough Came Back To Dancing With The Stars

Good Day, Everyone!! I still can’t believe Derek is on Dancing With The Stars this season. It will be a “Perfect 10″ season after all! #DanceHeaven

So for starters today, we have some more media mentions with Derek and Nastia. First, see ABC for a cool article on them. It details for what they said at the Good Morning America announcement yesterday.

“I definitely have a gymnastics background, but I have never had a dance class in my entire life … so he’s in for a treat,” Liukin said on “Good Morning America” today live from New York after the entire celebrity cast was revealed.

Hough’s return is also a huge surprise for fans since he previously announced he would not return to perform in the Radio City Spring Spectacular. Hough will be on both shows at once and the duo will fly back and forth between New York and L.A. every week to make their schedules work.

“This all happened literally two days ago,” Hough said. “I will be doing the show in New York and flying back and forth to do the show [‘Dancing With the Stars’] on Mondays. She is going to school at NYU so it worked out perfectly. It all was very serendipitous. We will practice [here in New York City] and Radio City will be practicing.”

Liukin is studying sports management at NYU and will be juggling school and the show simultaneously.

“I have about a year left of school and ever since I finished my competitive career that’s always been a big goal,” she said. “So that was kind of my first thing: I would love to do this, but I can’t just drop a semester. So, I have to go to class right from here. So we’ll fly Sundays, take the red eye back Monday. He’ll go to his show Tuesdays and I’ll go to class.”

Despite the challenge of a cross-country lifestyle, Hough says he’s grateful that people “moved mountains” to make season 20 a reality.

“I had a little heartbreak not being able to a part of the 10th anniversary, the 20th season. It’s such a huge milestone for ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ It’s my family, so I wanted to be a part of it,” he said on “GMA.” “I’m so glad we made it happen. Let’s make it the best season ever.”

The Daily Mail and Just Jared Jr. wrote about them too.

Also, see these ET Online (Thanks Elmari) and Extra videos for why Derek came back and more…

Continue reading

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