HQ Photos Of Julianne And Derek Hough And Cast In Finale Move Live On Tour Show

Oh, wowwww! Is this what we were all hoping for the last show of the Move Live On Tour or what?? Beautiful!!! Be sure to see Getty Images for way more!!! To Julianne and Derek Hough and this awesome awesome cast, thank you for this incredible tour and ride! Please, LET THERE BE MORE!!

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Derek and Julianne Hough: MOVE Live on Tour – FINAL UPDATE, July 26, 2014

Well, as much work as it’s been, I’m sad that the tour is coming to an end. We’ve been blessed with a never ending stream of Derek dancing and just being Derek all summer long. But, I get the sense that it will be happening again next summer. Now we’re on to the book tour and the twice-yearly song and dance of “will he or won’t he be on DWTS?” :-) I personally can’t imagine how anything could top Miss Amy Purdy in terms of inspiration and all around amazingness – but Derek will do what Derek will do. :-) We’ll enjoy it either way. Next week we go back to our usual Sunday twitter round up and me and Vogue start our investigations into the cast and pros of DWTS. Or…I start and Vogue continues. :-)

Note: I’ve taken down the top post about blogging about Move – but that doesn’t mean you can’t still send me a blog if you want to. We’ll take ‘em. :-)

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MOVE Live on Tour, Heart to Heart – Fan Blog by JoAnna

We have another lovely, tear inducing blog, this time from JoAnna who went to the show the other night in San Jose. Not only did she get a lap dance (see the video below) but she got an honest-to-goodness heart to heart hug from Derek. Couldn’t have happened to a better person!  Thanks, JoAnna!!

MoveLiveonTour is coming to an end with the San Francisco and LA shows remaining, but for me it’s a new beginning.  I’ve been following the blogs @PureDerekHough and keeping up also thanks to @MoveLiveonTourFan, so I’ve learned about so many incredible experiences others have had – and thank you all so much who have shared them! So I had good sense of what a great experience seeing it for myself would be, but could never imagined what a thrill it would turn out to be!

First, thanks go to Heidi for posting about the pre-sale way back in March.  It was on a Monday night and I was occupied on Twitter like I am every Monday during the DWTS season, following the progress of the show & voting.  Anyway, the presale was the next day & I was able to be ready to purchase tickets as soon as ticketing started.  I didn’t know anything about VIP tickets never having purchased them before, but I have to admit, I always wondered how people got to sit up front at performances. Well, I got three “regular” tickets then just had to go for Ultimate VIP because I would get to meet Derek.  Last July, I saw Derek perform with the California Philharmonic at Santa Anita with @ElmariL (who I also got to share Move with) & it was phenomenal – check out @Elmari’s CalPhil blogs and videos at PDH!) There was no opportunity to meet Derek at CalPhil, and seeing him perform then was really the motivation to get the Ultimate VIP ticket.  So happy I did; not only did I get to meet Derek last night, experience the Q&A session with Derek & Julianne, but I also got an almost lap dance from Derek (Ok it wasn’t a lap dance but it was the next best thing J ) and two hugs, one of which will forever change me. More on that later. Continue reading

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Derek Hough A “Quadruple Threat” And “Beyond”

AXS has written a super piece about Derek and what a “quadruple threat” he is to Dancing With The Stars and beyond. Below is a just little take, but, read the link for much more. It’s really well written and mentions the tour and Derek’s new book as well.

Derek Hough may be best known for the astounding body of work he’s created during his tenure on the ABC hit reality dance competition “Dancing with the Stars,” but the Emmy winner’s talents extend far beyond the ballroom. The gifted performer is a bona fide entertainment quadruple threat, with legitimate claims to fame in singing, dancing, acting and writing under his belt.

After spending his early life with family in Utah, Hough moved to the U.K. to live and train with renowned ballroom dance experts Corky and Shirley Ballas. He went on to earn an IDSF World Youth Latin Championship title in 2002 before first appearing on “DWTS” as a guest coach alongside sister, Julianne in the spring of 2007. He debuted as a series regular during season five, finishing his debut effort in fourth place with “Beverly Hills 90210″ alum Jennie Garth. The couple’s impressive placement cemented his status as a legitimate mirror-ball trophy threat.

Hough earned his first win with model and TV personality Brooke Burke at the close of season seven, and went on to score four more trophies, a feat unmatched by the show’s cast of pros. His success on the show is largely thanks to his tremendous versatility as a choreographer, which was rewarded with an Emmy in 2013.

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National Dance Day Express Yourself Pure Derek Hough Questionnaire

Hey All! July 26th is National Dance Day! In honor of dancing and one of THE GREATEST DANCERS OF ALL TIME, answer these questions if interested. See you in comments. ;)

1. What dance memory comes to your mind first when you think of Derek Hough? Oh so many. I know, but what pops up first?

2. What song would you like Derek to choreograph a dance to…either for Dancing With The Stars or his next dance tour? You can name several if you like.

3. Should Derek and Julianne tour again? On your knees, let’s hear it!

4. Lastly, why do you love Derek Hough?

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Notice: Derek Hough “Taking the Lead” Book Signing In Connecticut

We have another “Taking The Lead” book signing to add to Derek’s Calendar. According to Derek’s Facebook, he will be at the RJ Julia Booksellers in Madison, Connecticut on August 7th. Be sure to attend if you can! Be sure to see our Calendar for other book signing dates. It’s located in the top or side bar.

Taking the Lead signing @ RJ Julia
August 7 at 7:00pm in EDT
Madison, Connecticut

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Have you Ordered Your Copy of ‘Make Your Move’ Yet? Another Reason Why You Should…

…is all the great bonus features. You’ll remember several days ago we linked to a behind the scenes clip that’s on the DVD. Well, here’s another one. Order yours today!!

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Derek Hough Makes Statement On Irresponsible And Inaccurate Journalism

Today Derek Hough made a statement at twitter about “irresponsible journalism” …not only that, but, journalism that is INACCURATE and INFLAMMATORY!

For any media outlet to read and excerpt my upcoming book, Taking the Lead, and to report that I claimed I was mistreated in any way by any member of the Ballas family while they were parenting, loving and teaching me during my years in the UK is not only inaccurate, it is also irresponsible, inflammatory and unfair to the people I call my family.

WELL SAID Derek! We know the man that you are…without you even having to say anything.

I also wonder when some people are going to learn to not believe everything just because some online source reports on something…and a “tabloid” one at that? :|

ETA: Furthermore, Derek also had this to say at his instagram! Go Derek!:

Amazing people who have forever changed my life and have given me the skills , love , support and opportunities to soar . Love you mom and dad #2. #ballas #family #reality


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MOVE Live on Tour in Phoenix!! Fan Blog by Melissa

Can you believe that Melissa apologized that her blog was so long? :-D Girl, we love long blogs, we love short blogs, we love any detail that people are willing to share with us. Great Job!! Loved reading every single bit! Be sure to thank Melissa and all the people who share with us – just imagine the summer without them! I’ve put some video below, but if you want to see all her instagram videos, click the link!

I don’t even know where to start! There aren’t enough superlatives to describe how INCREDIBLY AMAZING this show is and how I felt/feel after getting to experience this wonderful production. I had been anticipating this day for so long that when it finally was the day that I would get to see Derek & Julianne, I couldn’t believe it. As soon as they had announced the tour and the tickets went on sale, I was literally holding my phone, on the Ticket Master website and kept clicking refresh until it would allow me to buy the tickets. When it was finally 10 A.M. that day, I was clicking through as fast as I could to get my tickets before they sold out and I ended up getting some of the best seats I could’ve ever imagined!!! I didn’t get VIP because I was tight on money at the time but I was going to the show so no complaints here! Continue reading

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Move Live On Tour Cast Visits The Santa Rosa, California Wineries (Pics)

Yesterday, the Move Live On Tour cast visited the Santa Rosa, California Wineries!!! From all the pics coming out, it looks like they all had great fun!!! Derek Hough’s Mom Marianne was there too. Beautiful and thanks to them all for some fantastic shots. I visited this area while on vacation once. It’s lovely. If you ever visit California, be sure to put the California wine country on your “must see” list.



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