Five Questions with Derek Hough

Derek answered five questions for Steve Duffy at, an online event resource. No real new information, but click the link to read the whole thing. Thanks to @Derekluv05 for the heads up.

SD: How did the idea for the tour happen?

DH: I missed performing live. I love the energy of the audience. I really feel at home on stage. I wanted to create something that would give me that feeling. My sister and I were always being asked when we were going to do something together. What I love about this show is all about what we want to do with no “Hollywood formula.” It’s entertaining and fun. It is a mission to get people moving.

SD: How is your recovery going? What have you been doing to get physically ready for the tour?

DH: It is all about stamina and conditioning, plus running routines over and over again. Nutrition plays a big part for me – lots of green, protein and no sugar. For recovery, ice helps. I take a lot of 10-minute ice baths.

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How “Mere Mortals” Can be Like Derek Hough

This a fun blog from – thanks to Gitte for the heads up. Click the link to read the whole thing.

Derek Hough: World Latin Dance Champion, five-time mirror ball trophy winner, and extraordinary choreographer, the epitome of pure perfection in the dance world. Many a time, he has left us completely speechless and wonder struck with his performances. But how? What is it about Derek that enchants us and demands the attention of our eyes (other than his shirtless body)? What is it that Derek has and we do not? And can it ever be attainable? Fortunately for us, the answer to the last question is YES! Yes it can!

True, maybe we’re not all world-renowned champions (yet…), but there are definitely still elements we can take from those who are and apply them to our own dancing. The following is a collection of some of Derek’s performances, each with its own suggestion on how to give your swing, rumba, tango, etc. that little bit of something extra. And with the Summer Showcase right around the corner, maybe this will give you some inspiration.

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“A Magic Kingdom” MOVE Live On Tour In Orlando, Florida – Fan Reviews, More Photos, Videos


What a magical show it must have been last night in Orlando, Florida like the city itself! First, have you seen Miss Heidi’s first report? It’s a “Derek Hough when you wish upon a star” keeper with stunning photos and videos. See it to see what I mean. Below is more including some fan reviews, but, first, see Rex Features for a few more photos from the Hollywood, Florida show. No matter where you sit at this show, the view is incredible in a different way. Be sure to hit up out “MOVE Tickets” link in the top header for tickets if you haven’t bought them yet and/or if you’d like to see the show again as once is not enough!!

kwilkes822: MOVE was A M A Z I N G!! Such a great night with my big thank you @juleshough and @derekhough for the most incredible show!!

meganxanne: What an amazing show..@derekhough and @juleshough are even better in person!

olivia_wester15: Move Live on Tour with @derekhough and @juleshough was even better this summer!!!

mkselz: One of my favorite performances to date. They were absolutely amazing! Talented. Funny. Interactive. Sassy! I didn’t grow up dancing but they sure made me wish I did.

gdotson1001: I can’t even begin to describe how amazing this show was tonight! The choreography, the costumes, the dancers, @juleshough and @derekhough were all fantastic!

Melissa Beall ‏@melissaabeall I have never been so in love in my whole entire life. @MoveLiveOnTour was seriously amazing!

As always, click on the photos for a bigger size and credits…

Continue reading

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Derek Hough, Julianne Hough and MOVE Live on Tour in Orlando

Their last Florida stop and they clearly had a good time. :-) I didn’t check to see how Orlando sold, but I can tell you there are less than 150 tickets left for tomorrow night in South Carolina. After that it is North Carolina (Raleigh) which has quite a few seats available. But what I’ve noticed is the outdoor venues (Raleigh) in the south don’t sell as well as the rest. For obvious reasons, if you’ve ever been to the south in the summertime. Or, technically, the mid-south when in Raleigh.

Anyway, just a few goodies from Orlando. First, a gorgeous photo from @acarterx5.

Derek Hough MOVE Orlando

Then a great one from @MsAmyNunez – gorg.

Derek Hough MOVE Orlando by MsAmyNunez


A video posted by Elvin Zayas (@elvinzayas_73) on

A video posted by Ana -titi- Ayala (@coachtiti) on

A video posted by Deana Mathes (@deanahmathes) on

Mmmm some yummy @derekhough doing his thing! #moveliveontour

A video posted by @meghudson23 on

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Derek Hough and the MOVE Live on Tour Cast in the Land of Harry Potter

….so not fair. I would kill to go to Diagon Alley. :-) The gang hits up Universal Orlando and the world of Harry Potter. I am soooo jealous.

Having fun with the crew at Diagon Ally before the show tonight. @universalORL @universalorlando

A photo posted by Derek Hough (@derekhough) on

Oh man…Platform 9 3/4….I know what books I’m going to start re-reading this weekend…

A photo posted by Matt Marr (@mattmarr_) on

Butterbeer!! Am I the only Harry Potter fan in the house??

Here's to Butter Beer, Universal Orlando, Move Live on Tour and Good peeps #moveliveontour #InstaSize

A photo posted by Matt Marr (@mattmarr_) on

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New ‘Move Live On Tour’ Interview Kyle Hanagami

Julianne posted a new interview with Kyle Hanagami at her blog. As you know, he’s one of the choreographers for the Move Live On Tour. He answers for what his favorite moment on the tour is so far and more…

How did you get into the business of dance?

I started dancing when I was 18, which is late compared to most professional dancers. I was in college at UC Berkley when I met a group of street dancers. I thought, “I want to do that.” So I did and I loved it. I started uploading my dance videos to YouTube. My channel caught the eye of an agency in LA. They approached me about representation so I went for it. It was a slow build but it was great.

And now you are now working with NappyTabs! How did that happen?

I took their class about four years ago. That led to me assisting and now, doing choreography for them.

What is your favorite moment so far of the MOVE Tour?

It’s cool getting to watch from the lighting pit. I love turning to the audience to see how they engaged and excited they are. Their faces light up. It’s really cool!

He’s so talented. I’m so glad Derek and Julianne had him help with this tour. More at

KyleJulianne Hough

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109-Year-Old Woman Meets Derek Hough And Julianne Hough On Tour

Local 10 of South Florida published an article about Derek and Julianne meeting a woman who was 109 years old. This is so cool. Be sure to read the full story and see a sweet pic at the link.

The great-great-grandmother of three hoped for the chance to meet “Dancing with the Stars” performers Derek Hough and Julianne Hough. As part of their “Move Live on Tour,” the Utah-bred siblings were scheduled to make a stop in South Florida just days before Ford’s birthday.

With the help of Marla Oxenhandler, associate director of public affairs at Nova Southeastern University, and the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Local 10 News played matchmaker and succeeded.

Ford, accompanied by her daughter, Johann Levinson, met the dancing duo, took pictures and shared a brief conversation.

“I was very excited,” remarked Ford. “I’ve been watching them since the program started and I felt as though I knew them.”

“They were very sweet and gracious,” she added.

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“Derek Hough Brings Me To Tears AGAIN” – Move Live On Tour Guest Blog By Elisabeth

Give Elisabeth a huge hand, Everyone! Even with some health issues with her fur baby these last few days, she worked tirelessly to get this new guest blog to us. She also sent us pictures. This previous posting yesterday was just a teaser for what was to come as below are even more photos. Enjoy as Elisabeth takes us on her and her 12 year old daughter’s “Move” adventure in Hollywood, Florida…and not without a few road blocks along the way. THANK YOU for your wonderful and passionate blog, Elisabeth!!! Heidi and I can’t thank you and all of our Guest Bloggers enough for all you do!xx

On June 26 I saw the Move on Live Tour at the Seminole Hard Rock Live Arena in Hollywood, Florida with my 12 year old daughter. This was the second time we had the opportunity to see Derek perform live in three months. We were fortunate that we, along with my mother, saw him dance in Radio City Music Hall’s Spring Spectacular on April 4 before he injured himself. We were also lucky to meet and talk to him and get some pictures with him. At the time I blogged about the incredible feeling of meeting Derek whom my family has watched on Dancing With The Stars since his first guest appearance with Julianne Hough and Apolo Ohno and how he is without a doubt our favorite pro. That blog is called Seeing Derek Hough and New York Spring Spectacular on April 4 (posted April 12) which you can still read in the Guest Blog section. The reason I mention this blog is because I have now reached the conclusion that seeing Derek Hough in person brings me to tears! I’m sure Derek has no idea of this fact and I struggled to figure out why, but concluded that Derek is just so special in every way that he touches something deep within me. In my previous blog I said, “Meeting Derek was different, maybe because when you actually meet him, not just see him on stage, you feel how special he is, how gifted and kind to everyone. There is truly an aura that seems to emanate from him.” Seeing him again just reaffirmed that for me. All around us everyday we see horror, people committing horrendous acts of inhumanity. When I see Derek I see something so pure, so filled with kindness and good, an abundance of love and joy for all that radiates from him. More about that later so keep on reading!


So our seeing the show was not without drama. Last year we missed the show when I tore my retina with a huge hemorrhage and was unable to drive. This year my family was scheduled to be away from the June-July Florida heat and humidity for a month and we could not make any tour dates work at any of our northern destinations. On June 7 I was diagnosed with a peptic ulcer and severe anemia and the doctor told me we couldn’t travel as I needed to be under medical care for at least 6 weeks. Although extremely disappointed, taking a page from Derek’s book of optimism I got tickets from Stub Hub for the show. So on Friday my daughter, the third generation of Derek Hough fans, and I drove the 60 miles to Hollywood and went to the show. Imagine our shock when our tickets were scanned and we were told someone was already in the show with the same tickets. After dealing with the incredibly great security and box office at the Hard Rock and speaking to Stub Hub, we were told the tickets were sold more than once so we had no seats. Stub Hub immediately refunded our money. You can only imagine the feelings we felt, tears filled my daughter’s eyes and mine but the Hard Rock ticket office quickly had me purchase incredible seats (I’ve always heard they hold back house seats) and we were quickly ushered to seats right on the center aisle 11 rows back (one row behind our original seats but right on the aisle.) We were so excited and grateful and sat down just as the show started and what a show it was! I knew it was going to be an amazing experience from reading everyone’s blogs this year and last but until you are actually sitting in the audience (or jumping up screaming, dancing and clapping) you really can’t do justice to the show in writing. It definitely is a must see show. Continue reading

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Derek Hough And Julianne Hough “Move Live On Tour” Florida Extras

Elisabeth’s new guest blog is coming up shortly. In the meantime, how about just a few more extras coming out from the recent Move Live On Tour shows in Florida? As always, you can see the credits when you click on the picture.

A video posted by Pedro Garcia (@discotetris) on

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Amazing Photos From The Move Live On Tour In Hollywood, Florida


Elisabeth (@LabFmly at twitter) is writing a new ‘Move Live On Your’ Guest Blog for us from the Hollywood, Florida show. She sent Miss Heidi and I gobs of fun photos too. Below is just a small teaser for what’s coming soon by Elisabeth. Aren’t these beautiful and she even caught Derek, Julianne, and the cast in mid air in several shots. Beautiful! Thanks Elisabeth!! More coming soon!!

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