PDH Exclusive: Sasha Farber Talks On The Samba With Derek Hough And Bethany Mota

Hey All! Would you like to know how Dancing With The Stars Sasha Farber felt about his Samba with Derek and Bethany Mota? In a new exclusive interview coming up later today at PureDWTS, Sasha talks all about it. Here is a sneak peek. Enjoy and be sure to check PureDWTS for the full interview in a bit as he is a blast. ;)

ETA: Here is the link for the full interview at PureDWTS.

We sure enjoyed Season 19 of Dancing With The Stars. You were a “ball of fire” to watch as always. What were the biggest highlights of the season for you and what were your favorite performances?

I choreographed a lot of the bumpers this season on the show! I love to create dance steps. I do it in my sleep sometimes lol! So to answer your question, one of the highlights that everyone always talks to me about is the Samba that I was apart of with Bethany and Derek and the yes BIG KISS WITH DEREK. I’m a very cheeky and happy guy, and I can always play funny characters cause I’m pretty much playing myself. :) So I felt at home with that number! All the bumpers and opening numbers this season where a big highlight for me! I love being apart of all those big dance numbers. Most of them choreographed by the amazing Mandy Moore who I love!

One of my favorite performances was your dance with Derek Hough and Bethany Mota. Can you tell us how that dance was put together and any other details? Who thought of the kiss at the end? That was the cherry on top of the ice cream.

HEHEHEHEHEH It all came together in the fist day of rehearsals. Bethany and Derek had such a great work ethic and we had a lot of fun in the rehearsals. Derek had a great concept for this samba.
This was the number that EVERYONE was talking about for a long time! :)

It truly was one of the best dances of Season 19 and Sasha sealed it with even more magic and charm, didn’t he?!! I’ll never forget that kiss at the end and my eyes popping out of my head. loll Too fun!

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The Twelve Days of Derek Hough – Day 3

Day 3 brings us to Season 7 and Derek’s first MBT. :-) This is actually the season where I REALLY sat up and took notice of Derek. Sure, I’d noticed how cute he was before, but this was the first time I saw the HOT. Which dance made me see the light?? This one…

I think it was the shirt ripping…and that ending pose. I was like “hello!”. And that was all she wrote.

Speaking of shirt ripping – loved this foxtrot very much, but be sure to watch this video all the way to the end. :-D

I think this is the season where Derek truly began to set the bar for not only team dances, but freestyles. And then he raised the bar every season after. This team dance still stands as one of my very favorites but I couldn’t find a video for it. So here’s the freestyle – which also stands the test of time.

And who could possibly forget the dance that resulted in Derek’s first Emmy nomination? :-) I remember voting my fingers to the bone and most Derek fans were convinced we hadn’t beaten the Mark fans for this FIRST Design-a-Dance. Another thing Derek had a habit of winning. ;-)

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Derek Hough: The Week in Twitter, December 14, 2014

Slim pickins this week, but what we have is gorgeous as usual. ;-)

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The Twelve Days of Derek Hough – Day 2

How on earth am I going to find a dance related to “seven geese a laying”?? And you can forget about the two turtle doves as well. I could just do “lords a leaping” every day… :-) Lot’s of examples of “drummers drumming” too. :-) For day 2 we take a trip back to Season 6.

Another of my favorite pro dances! Lots of gold…not sure about the rings. :-)

See, this was back in the day when they not only crafted GREAT pro dances, but they really knew how to open the season. Paging Rob Wade.

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New Gorgeous Photos Of Derek Hough In Florida

How about some new pictures of Derek today? If you head to the Daily Mail, you can see two really gorgeous pictures. Though ignore the story itself as it’s all bullarchy. And by the way, wasn’t this a stunning new instagram posted by Derek yesterday?! #Wowing #SoArtistic #ThankfulForDerekHough


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The Twelve Days of Derek Hough – Day 1

Yes, I know that the real “Twelve Days of Christmas” starts on December 25th, but this is the Twelve Days of Derek Hough we’re talking about. It has it’s own rules, but is equally festive. :-) So, today is Day 1 and we’ll count up to Christmas.

Day 1?? How about some lords and “ladies dancing”?? :-) One of my favorite pro dances of all times…jump in the way back machine to Season 5.

One of my favorite dances – if not my favorite – with Jennie Garth.

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**Pure Derek Hough Christmas Card: Christmas Message From Fans To Derek Hough**

. . . . . . . DEREK HOUGH. . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . * . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . .*^*. . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . *^*^* . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . *^*^*^*. . . . . . .
. . . . . . *^*^*^*^*. . . . . .
. . . . . *^*^*^*^*^*. . . . .
. . . . *^*^*^*^*^*^*. . . .
. . . . . . . . . . [::] . . . . . . . . .

Would you like to give Derek a shout out for Christmas?? In comments, write would you’d like to send him for Christmas. Also, what would you write on a card for him? Put your thoughts and ideas in comments and maybe he’ll read them.

Thanks to Miss Heidi’s tweet for the inspiration of this post. Text image above created by Rose Rus!! Thank you Rose!! And thank you all for you love and support of Derek and Pure Derek Hough!xxx

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Derek Hough Featured In Amy Purdy “On My Own Two Feet” Video

This is such a beautiful new promo for Amy Purdy’s new book “On My Own Two Feet”. Derek is in this too. People is featuring an article and the video as well. To preorder this book, see this link. #AngelOnEarth

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Paparazzi Video of Derek Hough Arriving at and Leaving the 2014 Jingle Ball

I’m not ordinarily one for Pap videos, but desperate times and all that. Plus, more views of the glorious hair. :-)

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Sharna Burgess Chats About Her Routine With Derek Hough For Goldie Hawn’s Inaugural “Love In For Kids” Benefit

Would you like to know more about Derek’s dance with Sharna Burgess for Goldie Hawn’s Inaugural “Love In For Kids” Benefit? If so, read below for how they came up with the routine. She also talks of Goldie and what she was like.

I’d love to hear more about your performance for the Goldie Hawn’s Inaugural “Love In For Kids” Benefit. It was so cool to see you dancing with Derek Hough again as you both have a special unique way of steaming up the dance floor and bringing on the passion. Fan Lynnette would like to know some details for how you all put that performance together? Also, what was Goldie like?

Goldie is such a sweetheart and truly so intelligent and genuine! Working with her was a treat and definitely an honor.

Derek came to me the week before and asked me to help him with the number because he was so busy with the show. This performance happened the Friday before finale so you can imagine my stress in putting this together and trying to get our troupe to be a part of it. There was definite anxiety in wondering how I was going to make it happen, AND the day before we all received a rehearsal schedule for that evening… Sooo much stress and moving things about but… Somehow it came off beautifully! Thank goodness!!

After Derek and I chose a song I was in the studio with everyone on the Tuesday laying down the choreo and figuring out what Goldie should do. Wednesday morning we had Goldie in rehearsal with us, Friday was the performance! That entire week between choreographing the Monday opening, the Jennifer Hudson number AND being in the other 100 numbers that were happening I was doing around 13hr days all week… Total craziness.

More in a new exclusive interview at PureDWTS.

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