Derek Hough: A Day in the Life – January 12, 2017

We haven’t seen much of Derek today, but what we’ve seen has been HOT. 🙂 And I’m not talking about this instastory… 🙂

I’m talking about these instagrams…photos we’ve seen before, but dang. Ya know, he’s being all inspirational, but he shouldn’t use great booty pics when he does it…cuz that’s all I can concentrate on. 😉

F.E.A.R Face Everything And Rise #MoveBeyond #WOD #back

A photo posted by Derek Hough (@derekhough) on

#movebeyond #WOD #front

A photo posted by Derek Hough (@derekhough) on

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Derek Hough On How To Stay Creative, A DWTS Season 19 Flashback

How about a little Dancing With The Stars flashback? In this Ryan Seacrest interview from Season 19, Bethany Mota talked about what it was like to work with Derek. In doing so, she remarks how Derek seems younger than her. Listen below for what Derek says when he chimes in at the end. It’s so key for how he stays so creative.

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Will We See Derek Hough Dance on “World Of Dance”?

You betcha!! Hooray! PDH reader Linz asked Nappytabs about Derek dancing and this was their response.

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Behind the Scenes Video of “Breathe You” Starring Derek Hough

This is a cool look behind the scenes from Big Man Productions of an amazing video created by Derek.

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Derek and Julianne Hough’s Utah Family Photo Shoot (Article)

This was a blog by the gentleman – T. J. Dreschel – who photographed the Houghs in Utah over the holidays. He’s a travel and destination photographer and it sounds like it was a fun job! You can read the whole article, but I’ve put an excerpt below.

And like any successful traveler, Drechsel was able to mix a little business with pleasure.

Through a mutual friend, he was introduced to Julianne and Derek Hough, the brother-sister celebrity duo from the television show “Dancing With The Stars.” The Houghs, who are from Utah, were also in Park City and Drechsel was in charge of shooting a family portrait.

“They are pretty down-to-Earth Hollywood people,” said Drechsel, who took photos of the family outdoors in multiple locations with the snowy Utah mountains in the backdrop.

“There was Julianne, Derek, their mother and three sisters. It was the first time they had all been together in a really long time and I had my camera with me so the whole photo shoot came together organically.”

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Derek Hough Pictured In Los Angeles, California – January 11, 2017

Check out Rex Features when you can. They have some new pap photos of Derek….and he’s gorgeous as always!!

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Francois…Er, Derek Hough’s Day in Wardrobe

This was too hilarious not to post right away – I assume he’s at World of Dance in the last two shots and he’s at his funny best. Go with the stripey shirt – it’s kinda cute and if talks about Baguettes all the time, the mores the better. 😉 Oh, and buy the piano for the new house. 😀 It’s pretty.

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Score Free Tickets to “World Of Dance” Featuring Derek Hough!!

You can get them to several tapings via 1iota. You have to be 16 or older. Looks like they are taping on the following days:

January 16th – late and early tapings
January 20th – Late taping (5pm)
January 23rd – Late taping
January 30th – Late taping
February 4th – Late taping
February 12th – Late taping

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“Breathe You” – By Derek Hough (New Video)

Wow. Just. Wow. Fantastic work!!

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World of Dance and The Bachelor – How Derek Hough Spends His Days (and Nights)

🙂 In very hilarious ways. Julianne’s Bachelor video from last night was so hilarious it was covered by Yahoo. 🙂 She couldn’t stop laughing watching Derek get a massage while all of them watched the Bachelor. And honestly, I had a hard time watching the video because I was afraid we were going to see too much of Derek suddenly. Not that that would be a bad thing, but I don’t think I was emotionally ready for it. LOL 😀 I need to be prepared for such a momentous occasion. 🙂

Today? Today was just World of Dance day. We saw a photo of his dressing room door and a video of him with Jenna again. That had me back on solid ground. 😉

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