Derek Hough Contact Info

If you want to write Derek or ask for autographs, use the following address:

Derek Hough
c/o Guttman Associates
118 S Beverly Dr. #201
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

For Personal Appearances:

Mike Esterman

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  1. Lori Andersen says:

    I’m so disappointed that your show is not coming to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. We have many great cities here, that no doubt contain countless fans of the HOUGH machines! Perhaps more dates and locations will be added. I can only hope….

  2. Caitlin says:

    I adore you, Derek Hough. To me you are the most amazing dancer and choreographer. You are the reason I watch DWTS. In fact, one year you were not on and I did not watch the show. Your posture and the way you carry yourself is even miles above your peers. I hope I receive a lot of notice about when you will be in Vegas…..I would not want to miss that.

  3. Paula J. Garber says:

    I would like to request a picture and autograph for my Mother, Mary Frances Jenkins, for her 91st birthday on July 19. She adores Derek and would be thrilled. Email me for a mailing address.

  4. Darlene Finocchietti says:

    Dear Derek, I am 23 a Song Writer. Writing songs from the time i was eight. My songs are different! they range from pop,country and daunting arrangements. I can picture you dancing to a few of these songs. I no you only perform to music that is out there but i thought you would like to give my arrangements a Shot! Thank You…..

  5. Gary Willden says:

    Derek, FYI, I am a 67-year old retired professor. In 1968-69 my then best girl (now wife of 45 years) and I were members of the BYU Ballroom Dance Team that first became World Champions. I LOVE ballroom dance! I’ve been a fan of yours since Day 1 of DWTS. I have great admiration for your phenomenal dance/choreography skills, but even more so for your personal style. You appear to still be gracious, generous, polite and self-deprecating. I just want to implore you not to succumb to what I’m sure must be significant pressure. Please don’t: get any tattoos, style yourself outrageously (like your good friend Mark has done), or follow your beautiful sister into worldliness. You are a refreshing exception to many of the “rules” of modern entertainment – Stay that way! There are millions of us out here who’d be devastated if you “lost it”. 😉
    With great admiration, Gary

    • Kimberly says:

      Absolutely LOVE what you wrote and agree with every word! I love Derek because he is just as you described. And after Mark got all those tattoos, I lost most of my respect for him. You cannot find many celebrities like Derek, they are very few and far between and I would be devastated if he gave into Hollywood pressure…he is perfect just the way God created him.

      • Nadine Chapman says:

        I agree with it all. I myself am not too much of a fan of tattoos although I don’t mind one or two but to lose respect for someone cause they like it I think is unfair and a bit harsh. That being said I do hope that Derek stays the easy he is. He appears to be so respectable and he is truly an amazingDancer and choreographer and can communicate and adapt to all ages.

    • Nancy Medina says:

      Well said! My feelings exactly.

    • Rose Rus says:

      Gary, first of all, I would like to say Congratulations on your 45 year marriage! Sadly, few marriages make it 45 years these days. 🙁 I enjoyed reading your comments. I join you in encouraging Derek to stay true to himself and not ruin the phenomenally perfect physical beauty with which he is blessed! I too, admire his dancing and unique choreography skills. His personal style is unequaled in either category. Len stated in a televised interview, “As a choreographer, Derek is a genius.” Len knows and I agree! I join you in your great admiration of Derek Hough! 🙂 A Forever Fan! 🙂

  6. Nancy Brooks says:

    I just absolutely love watching Derek dance and perform.
    He comes up with the most amazing dances and can do anything!
    He is so funny and personable too.
    He just seems like a wonderful guy.

  7. Lauren Rongo says:

    Dear Derek;

    Most likely you will never see this… but I hope you do. I have enjoyed your dancing skills and teaching since the beginning. But this season has been beyond anything… working with your partner who has prosthetics. I am amazed at her and you… because I know it is difficult enough to teach a student who is disabled. I teach flute lessons and I once had a deaf student.. it was difficult but we succeeded. My oldest son has aspersion syndrome.. and my brother had cerebral palsy… so I know how tough it is.

    When I 1st saw you .. and still.. you remind me of my youngest son. He also is into the arts. He plays jazz saxophone. You are about the same age… under different circumstances…… I think the 2 of you would be friends. You are both over achievers. You are both confident performers.. but not cocky.. and you both are good teachers. I told my cousin the 1st night I saw you.. he reminds me of Adam.

    I just knew you would be winning a lot.. cause you are at the top of your game. I wish you the best of luck in your future. Also.. one more thing… I am glad that all of the instructors were not happy with that dance lady judging. I do not watch her show…. but I have seen commercials…. that is the wrong way to teach. I too like you am a tough teacher and my students do well… but I also would never put them down or yell. I hope that they don’t use her again on the show.
    Thanks for listening! Lauren Rongo

  8. Barbara Beaubien says:

    I bought my 86 year old mother, Katie Beaubien, VIP tickets to your Move Live Tour at the Winstar in Thackerville, OK June 1st. We just lost my dad and I know he would have also loved seeing the show. I guess he will be watching from heaven but please know, one of your biggest fans will be in the audience on June 1st. She has raised 5 daughters and is an incredible person… has been a privilege to be her daughter but its humbling at the same time since I have big shoes to fill! A shout out to her would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!

  9. Bernadette Dillon says:

    your an amazing choreographer and dancer. Your inspiring and just a gift to the dancing world. What your doing with Amy this season is nothing less than brilliant.
    You take criticism extremely well even when it is not deserved from people who really sometimes have no clue what they are talking about. Great job and I love to watch you dance. keep going

  10. Melissa Sheketoff says:

    Hi there,
    My name is Melissa, I have a younger sister named Annie Lyn. She’s the baby of our five kid family and all she’s ever wanted to do her whole life is be an amazing ballroom dancer. She currently dances in New York City, and has been training with Jose Decamps and Joanna Zacharewicz for three years. She absolutely loves Derek and Julianne. Their pictures are all over her walls, she watches their videos and mocks their every move, she may not have their faces on t-shirts, but she is very much a fan and idolizes them. She has tickets to their show June 22nd at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. They were given to her as a birthday gift. I know this is a shot in the dark, but what can I do to get my sister to meet them? I can only imagine how many people want to just see them in person but this is everything for my sister. There are so many children that are lost in this world, and at 14 years old, dance is saving my sister from getting in to trouble and keeping a good head on her shoulders to have a bright future and I credit a lot of her passion to this brother sister duo. Please help me give this to my sister, please help me arrange her to just meet them. Even if that means paying for her to meet them. This is her life and as her sister I want to do everything I can to help her make it in this world and grab any and every opportunity she can to be in the dance world.
    Just to entertain the thought of them meeting, take a gander at her work, you won’t be disappointed:
    Thank you for reading this and I hope to hear from you soon!
    Melissa Sheketoff

    • Derek Hough says:

      I would love to meet your sister. Let me know if she wants to come to to LA and see the show. I can leave VIP tickets at the door. Plus have her come backstage and meet the rest of the cast (including my sister).

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