Season 13 – Derek Hough and Ricki Lake

Derek took Season 12 off to film ‘Make Your Move’ but returned to Dancing with the Stars in Season 13 to partner Ricki Lake. Interestingly, Ricki starred in Hairspray…and Derek just landed the role of Corny Collins in Hairspray Live! Derek and Ricki made it all the way to third place, continuing Derek’s trend since season 6 of never finishing lower than fifth – and that only happened once since Shannon. If you want to read all about Derek and Ricki’s season, see Dona’s DWTS Season 13 Statistics and Trivia Page. The videos are below, pro dances at the bottom of the page – and again, there are a few that I had just forgotten about. As always, if you want to see more from this season, see the link to DWTS Seasons 11-14 on the right hand side of the main page.

ETA: I added a video of all the dances, sans judges and packages, to the bottom of the page.

Week 1 – Viennese Waltz

Ricki Lake & Derek Hough – Viennesee Waltz by Codebear2

Week 2 – Jive

Ricki Lake & Derek Hough – Jive by Codebear2

Week 3 – Rumba

Ricki Lake & Derek Hough – Rumba by Codebear2

Week 4 – (Psycho) Tango

Ricki Lake & Derek Hough – Tango by Codebear2

Week 5 – Foxtrot

Ricki Lake & Derek Hough – Foxtrot by Codebear2

Week 6 – Quickstep/Broadway Group Dance

Ricki Lake & Derek Hough – Quickstep by Codebear2

Dancing With The Stars – Group Broadway Dance by Codebear2

Week 7 – Paso Doble/Team Paso

Ricki Lake & Derek Hough – Paso Doble by Codebear2

Dancing With The Stars – Team Paso Doble by Codebear2

Week 8 – Waltz/Instant Jive

Ricki Lake & Derek Hough – Waltz by Codebear2

Ricki Lake & Derek Hough – Instant Jive by Codebear2

Week 9 – Samba/Argentine Tango/Cha Cha Dance off

Ricki Lake & Derek Hough – Samba by Codebear2

Ricki Lake & Derek Hough – Argentine Tango by Codebear2

Week 10 – Cha Cha/Freestyle/Tango

Ricki Lake & Derek Hough – Cha-Cha-Cha – Finale by Codebear2

Ricki Lake & Derek Hough – Freestyle by Codebear2

Ricki Lake & Derek Hough – Tango – Finale by Codebear2


Season Opener, complete with technical difficulties

Week 2 – all Male Pro Dance

Week 4 – Derek and Julianne Hough dance to Shake Your Tail Feather

Week 7 – Derek and Allison Holker Argentine Tango/Flamenco

Week 9 – Design a Dance – Derek and Anna Trebunskaya