Derek, Julianne and Mark on The Insider – Pros Backstory

Derek, Julianne and Mark as kids – cute. :-) I predict next year at this time, we will be hearing about DEREK Hough the triple threat, not just Julianne.

Vintage Ballas Hough Band

Here’s a little compilation video of BHB from 2009 that was recently uploaded to YouTube by Tanyap03. I think I’m starting to like the short hair better than the long hair. Shocking, I know. ;-)

I’m Baaaack…and so is Derek!!

He tweets, therefore he lives!!  :-)  Since he tweeted before 4 am LA time, I’m assuming all our previous assumptions were correct. ;-) Then there’s that tweet about the airport earlier – but don’t know if that’s real or not.

ANYWAY, Alexa sent me this video that has Derek and Jennifer at the very end – I don’t recall seeing it or posting it before, although my memory sucks. :-)  Be prepared for a lot of Maks, before you get the hot blond.

Been watchin’ some stuff…

Ahhh…Derek’s Music video that he created with the Cast of DWTS Season 8, along with girlfriends, wives and assorted Kardashians. :-) Love it. I miss BHB.

He sings…and he’s extremely goofy. :-)

Don’t care for the hat, but love the singing. :-)

Hee – forgets the words but so good. Great voice – wish he would do his own album.

Derek and Jennifer – Miscellaneous Pictures

Over the past few days, I’ve found some pictures, screen capped some pictures and had pics from extra sent to me.  Some of those pictures can be seen at Meet The Famous (Derek has cut his hair again) and others are shown in the gallery below.

New Derek Interview with Fancast

Go to Fancast to read the whole thing. Excerpt below.

Why do you think Jennifer is doing so well? You’ve been on top the leader board for the first two weeks and tied for second in Week 3.
She’s not a trained dancer by any means, but she definitely has dancing in her body and she’s in great shape, which helps. She’s physically fit, willing to learn, and has a great head on her shoulders, so it makes it easier for me to teach her. You can do a lot with that. Hopefully we can maintain that.

What’s the hardest part of working with Jennifer?
Honestly, I keep forgetting she’s 50. So when I start choreographing and throwing her around and I’m doing this and I’m like, ‘Wow. She looks really exhausted. Oh, yeah. Oh shoot, she’s 50! Crap. I gotta slow down a little bit.’

How do Jennifer Grey and Nicole Scherzinger differ?

With Nicole, if I made her mad, she would dance great. With Jennifer, if I make her mad or upset, she shuts down completely. I have to constantly adapt how I am with my partners. One thing I love about Jennifer is she’s here to dance and to learn how to dance. She’s really here for the process and I feel that, I love that.

And the most intriguing part:

What’s up with the Ballas Hough band?

Right now Mark Ballas has an album coming out. I have some other things I’m doing – not music-related – but I can’t really talk about it yet.

BHB on the Vampire Diaries

I think a lot of you know this already, but the Ballas Hough Band’s song “Together Faraway” was used in The Vampire Diaries tv show this week. :-)  It was the episode 204, titled “Memory Lane”.

The complete song list for the episode can be found at  That’s pretty cool – now if we could just get Derek to work on some solo music. :-) In addition to a movie or his own TV show. What? I don’t ask for much! Heh.

I guess I’ve gotten very used to the short hair, because Derek looks a bit strange in this picture now. ;-)

Ballas Hough Band – The Brits Secret Project

Anyone who’s followed BHB, knows the Brits and that they’ve been talking about a “secret project” for some time now. Well, Emily posted it earlier and it’s VERY good – loved it. See below. :-) If you want to follow the Brits on twitter to find out what they’re up to now, Emily is @emilygraceUK, Sam (I’m cheating on Derek with him ;-) ) is @Sam_Marder_BHB and Harry is @HarrySullivanBHB – for new fans, Harry’s the really tall one. :-)

The Fans Favorite Derek Videos – Fourth Place

Fourth Place goes to….The Ballas Hough Band at the Grove from last spring. :-) Hyper Derek who can sing and dance….often at the same time. (Anyone recognize that quote? :-) )

This first one is one of my favorites too, although Derek doesn’t sing much. His dancing is just amazing. Mark may win the rapping, but Derek takes the dancing EVERY time. :-)

Couldn’t figure out why this one was picked until about the 2 minute mark. LOL Yep, one of my favorites too. :-) Shirtless with black calvins. Goodness.

This one only got one vote but I love it and hadn’t seen it in a long time.

The Best of Derek Hough and Friends – Fan Video

Another very nice tribute video created by 1AV8TRIX! Well done – and you found two pics that I don’t recall seeing before. :-)

What Happens When Derek Disappears…Part II

This seems like a million years ago – so much has happened since then!!

He would be huge in Country Music. Seriously.

Love self-deprecating Derek – and he out dances Mark every time I see this video. :-)

Early in the Grove Series, when Derek still played guitar a lot –

Later in the series when Derek became the all around performer –