Pictures of Team Jenougher, Finale Week

First up though is a video from CNN about the Finale. They don’t allow embedding so you’ll have to follow the link. :-)

Zimbio has a bunch of pictures from GMA – I’ve put a select few below, but visit his site to see the rest.






Derek fans, Derek and Sabrina have a history of dancing together that you might not be aware of. They danced together on tour AND they were fantastic!!! Here’s a video put together by a group of Sabrina fans:

Derek and Sabrina have a history of hot dancing. Very hot. So, very hot that I need to see it again. Do you??? Ya’ll we can win this for Derek. We can see Derek and Sabrina dance like nobody’s business. They are hot, they are sexy and I wanna see some more!!! You can vote as often as you like. When you’re sitting on the couch watching TV, vote – over and over and over – that’s how I do it. :-) Just think – we can see dancing like this -

I’ll post more videos in the coming days. But remember this – Derek is the King of the Paso Doble. Sabrina is one of the best female dancers to appear on this show. They are HOT together. Do you want to see these two hot blonds dance an intense, sexy dance together? I sure do!! So, what you have to do is VOTE!!!!!

DWTS Tour 2009 – Nashville

Okay, these are the videos I took in Nashville. Some are short – I was living in fear of the (nonexistent) video police. I’m used to concerts. ;-)

DWTS Tour 2008

Miscellaneous videos from the 2008 tour.

DWTS Tour – Soul Man – January 2008

Derek and Genya Mazzo dancing to Soul Man.  I believe Mark was hurt during this time, but he does come in late on one of the videos – I didn’t take any of these so don’t yell at me for screaming Derek’s name. ;-)

DWTS Tour 2008 – Columbus

Derek’s samba with a bunch of other pros – the guy stands out.  Hot.

One of my favorite videos from this tour – wait for Derek. TOTALLY worth it. Need to study the major muscle groups? This video is a great place to start. ;-)

Derek and Sabrina – this is when Mark had been injured, I believe.