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WEEK 11 – (November 22) – Season Finale


  • Derek and Marilu’s Season 23 Wrap-Up
  • Such an interesting season of ups and downs – manipulations –  disappointments — and highs and lows. And in between all that, we got to enjoy Derek performing his “Kairos” passion creation. Sweet!
  • Marilu was Derek’s 16th wife, you know.  I mean, partner. 🙂 And together, she and Derek went to Week 9 of the competition. Woohoo!
  • Six of Derek’s partners have made it all the way to Week 9, but not to the finals. Week 9 was the quarter-finals for Marilu and Lil’ Kim in an 11-week season. For Jennie, Joanna, Maria and Nastia, Week 9 was the semi-finals in a 10-week season. Making it all the way to the finals were ten of Derek’s partners. Great record, eh?
  • In all the seasons of the US version of DWTS, Marilu is the only female over the age of 60 to have successfully danced to Week 9. Now that’s quite an accomplishment.
  • Jennifer Grey was 50 when she partnered with the 25-year-old Derek in Season 11. Marilu beats Jennifer by 14 years. And safe to say that Marilu is in much better health than Jennifer was. (“Motion is the lotion” is Marilu’s motto.)
  • At 64 years old, despite injured feet in Weeks 7 and 8, Marilu got through her dances without many even knowing about it — a credit to her acting ability – and her determination!
  • Derek and Marilu earned seventeen 7’s this season. Now, That’s a record number of 7’s for Derek, and that is 42.5% of all their season scores.
  • For co-measurement, there were an awful lot of 5’s and 6’s given out this season. (Derek and Marilu only earned one of those guys, a 6, and Derek has never earned a 5 with any partner.)
  • Though Derek and Marilu earned no 10’s this season, another 40% of their scores were 9’s. 🙂
  • Their best and most entertaining routines were their Samba and Jazz performances which earned their very highest scores, a 36 for each (27 normalized).
  • Derek fans are surely going to miss the lovely Miss Marilu Henner; she has been the most accessible on social media of all of Derek’s partners.
  • And you gotta love what Derek said to Marilu on Instagram:

    Thank you @therealmarilu for demonstrating so elegantly, that age is just a number when it comes to living with passion. Your spirit and joy for life is something to behold. Thank you for all the random pieces of knowledge. I’ve already began to share them with others. “Almonds , the number one nut!” 😂love it I’ll see you very soon Neighbor Love D #ButThoseLegsThough

  • So long, Marilu! — May the wind always be at your back! 💨
  • And that, folks, is a wrap on Season 23 of Dancing With the Stars! Thanks for reading. 🙂 

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(September 12, 2016)


  • Dance: Jive | Dance Order: 1 | Score: 7-7-6-7=27 (20.75 normalized)
  • Rank: 2nd Place, tied with one other couple | Status: No Elimination
  • Judges’ Comments:
  • Carrie Anne – “Dayam, girl! What a way to represent. You were so in control, so tight.”
  • Len – “Full of energy, full of vitality…full on, flat out, and fabulous!”
  • Julianne – “It was quick. Your footwork was super sharp….Great job!”
  • Bruno – “I love to see someone who takes the stage like a true trooper.”
  • Music: “Can’t Stop Dancin” by Captain & Tennille
  • Dance Package: Click here. (It may take a while to load.)
  • Derek’s Week 1 Average on DWTS: 22.84
  • Derek’s Overall Jive Average: 25.57
  • Season’s Points: 27/40 – Season Average: 20.75
  • Judges: Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman,Julianne Hough, Bruno Tonioli
  • Week’s Trivia:
  • Derek is partnered with his oldest partner ever. See the ages of his partners here.
  • Did you catch Marilu’s reaction to Derek? Hilarious! Let’s watch again!
  • Derek has danced first in the season opener 6 times, with an average of 20.79 for W-1.
  • In Season 16, he performed first — and he won that season! 🙂
  • Dancing the Jive in Week 1 is tough, but he’s done it twice before: S-19 & S-21 (Bethany & Bindi).
  • And speaking of sparkly jackets (we were, weren’t we?), remember this one?

Blog: “Too Much of a Good Thing? | Derek’s 2016 Astrological Update. Click here.

WEEK 2 (September 19-20, 2016) – TV Night


  • Dance: Foxtrot | Dance Order: 12 | Score: 7-8-7-7=29 (21.75 normalized)
  • Rank: 4th place, tied with 3 other couples | Status: SAFE!
  • Judges’ Comments:
  • Carrie Anne – “You have so much expression when you dance, and the lines were beautiful.”
  • Len – “It was smooth, stylish, elegant….You, Derek, did a terrific job with the choreography. I thought it was smashing.”
  • Bruno – “Lovely lines today, lovely shapes, very, very graceful.”
  • Music: “The Theme from ‘Taxi'”
  • Dance Package: Click here.
  • Derek’s Week 2 Average on DWTS: 23.94
  • Derek’s Overall Foxtrot Average: 25.54
  • Season’s Points: 56/80 – Season Average: 21.25 (normalized)
  • Judges: Carrie Ann Inaba, Julianne Hough, Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli
  • Week’s Trivia:
  • Derek and Marilu danced a beautiful, smooth Foxtrot to the theme from ‘Taxi.’
  • Dratz! Unfortunately, this Foxtrot earned Derek his lowest Foxtrot score ever, and the lowest score in Week 2 since Season 9.
  • Derek suffered a choreography block this week, which is really rather early in the season for him. But he says in his TV Guide Blog that the music was the cause..
  • He’s had a choreography blocks before: Week 9 (Season 21), Week 4 (Season 20), Week 10 (Season 19), Week 5 (Season 16).
  • Woo hoo! Derek starred in two pro dances. One with all the pros, and one with the two other most popular returning pros, Maks and Cheryl. Watch here and here.

WEEK 3 (September 26-27, 2016) – Face-Off For Immunity


  • Dance: Tango | Dance Order: 6th Pairing/6 | Score: 7-7-7-7=28 (21 normalized)
  • Rank: 5th Place, tied w/1 other couple, 2nd out of the non-community couples.
  • Status: SAFE!
  • Music: “Battle Cry” by Imagen Dragons
  • Dance Package: Click here.
  • Derek’s Week 3 Average on DWTS: 25.29
  • Derek’s Overall Tango Average: 27.08
  • Season’s Points: 84/120 – Season Average: 21.00/30
  • Judges: Carrie Ann Inaba, Julianne Hough, Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli
  • Week’s Trivia: “Start Thinking 10’s”
  • Shucks! This week’s Tango score is Derek’s lowest Tango score ever. This makes two weeks in a row that Derek has earned his lowest scores ever for a particular dance.
  • Usually Derek’s Tangos are performed later in the season, and they earn in the range of 27-30 out of 30.
  • For co-measurement, so as not to get discouraged, Jennie Garth, Lil’ Kim, and Joanna Krupa all started off slow. And Jennifer Grey hovered at the same score of 24 for three weeks before breaking out.
  • For those who have read and understood my numerology posts on PureDWTS.com, I can tell you that both Derek and Marilu had challenging numbers last night. Well, we saw how that manifested!
  • So start thinking 10’s, folks. Let’s tell the universe to turn these scores around. 🙂
  • Below is what Courtney said in her Power Rankings. (She lists Marilu and Derek first.)
  • Marilu & DerekAfter watching Laurie & Val, I already knew there was no way the judges were gonna let Marilu win this one – although I will say that Marilu & Derek seemed to make better use of light and shade, and seemed to make the most of their music. Really liked the finesse Marilu had in her lines – she was really stretching some of those arm and neck lines well, and made her more interesting to watch, for me, than Laurie. Maybe a slight wobble here and there when moving from closed to promenade position, but overall, I liked the general staging and theme of their dance better than Laurie & Val’s – and I think anyone that had to face-off against Laurie was already kinda screwed from the get-go, but Marilu made the most of it.

Cartoon Video Blog (2:43): We Explain How the Tango Conquered the World

WEEK 4 – (October 3-4, 2016) – Cirque du Soleil Edition


  • Dance:  Pasodoble Dance Order: 4/11| Score: 7-7-7=21/30
  • Rank: 7th Place | StatusSAFE!
  • Judges’ Comments:
  • Carrie Anne – “You have everything it takes to do extraordinarily well….What’s happening is you’re trying to force the dance, dancing next to Derek, as opposed to dancing ‘with’ Derek. Derek is there for you, if you will let him in. Then the two of you will merge, and something beautiful will happen.”
  • Julianne – “That was beautifully done. The creativity was out of this world…You nail every step that you do, …but I feel like you’re in your head.”
  • Bruno – “That was a very hard and difficult routine….When you’re left alone on the stage, somehow the energy drops…Own the stage!”
  • Music“Battlefield” from the Cirque du Soleil show KÀ,
  • Dance Package: Click here.
  • Derek’s Week Average on DWTS: 26.44
  • Derek’s OverallPasodoble Average: 27.01
  • Season’s Points: 105/150 – Season Average: 21.13/30
  • Judges: Carrie Ann Inaba, Julianne Hough, Bruno Tonioli
  • Week’s Trivia:
  • In Derek’s weekly TV Guide blog, he comments on the producer edit from last week that made it seem like he was upset with Marilu’s performance. Read here.
  • Derek stated on All Access that he agrees with the judges’ comments this week on Marilu’s performance (see above), but that she is improving and doing better and better. Just like Derek not to concentrate on scores.
  • Marilu blames her Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory for not being consistent in her performances. Somehow, it’s working against her. Read about this syndrome here.
  • Surprisingly, this Pasodoble’s ’21’ is not the lowest Pasodoble score Derek has received. The lowest was in W-6, a ’20,’ with Jennifer Grey. Really?
  • Oh, and this week, we got “Double the Derek,” as Tom said. Ooo-la-la! Derek performed on drums, danced tap and an Argentine Tango all to a song he wrote himself. Watch the incredible routine here.

Derek’s New Concept Video: “Kairos.” Awesomeness! Check it out here.

WEEK 5 – (October 10, 2016) – Most Memorable Year


  • Dance: Viennese Waltz| Dance Order: 6/9 | Score: 9-9-9=27
  • Rank: 2nd Place, tied with 1 other couple | Status: No Elimination
  • Judges’ Comments:
  • Before the judges commented, Carrie Anne gave Marilu a hug; then Julianne did, and then a group hug. Bruno hugged Derek. 🙂
  • Carrie Anne – “You were a different person. Instead of trying to be great, you just allowed yourself to be great.”
  • Julianne – “You did it! You absolutely did it tonight.”
  • Bruno – “You are another woman tonight. You hit the floor and you never stopped. Brillant!
  • Music“Surprise Yourself” by Jack Garratt
  • Dance Package: Click here.
  • Derek’s Week 5 Average on DWTS: 26.93
  • Derek’s Overall Viennese Waltz Average: 27.36
  • Season’s Points: 132/180 – Season Average: 22.30/30
  • Judges: Carrie Ann Inaba, Julianne Hough, Bruno Tonioli
  • Week’s Trivia:
  • Aannnnd! She’s BACK! What a breakthrough for Marilu — and how gorgeous was that Viennese Waltz? Derek’s choreo…breathtaking!
  • Now Derek and Marilu are back in 2nd place as they were the very first week with their Jive.
  • Marilu said on All Access that she was not only dancing for her mother, but she was dancing ‘as’ her mother. Hear more.
  • Derek on Instagram – “So very proud of @therealmarilu. Took a different approach this week and she delivered beyond expectation.”
  • In last week’s TV Guide Blog, Derek talked about his new approach to training Marilu in order to bypass her highly superior autobiographical memory.
  • And don’t we just love Derek in tails? Here he is in the Opening Pro dance, a ballroom dance, mind you. You remember what those are, don’t you? 🙂  Click here.

ICYMI: Derek has been on an incredible creative streak lately. Take a look at his Choreography page on this site. Click here.

WEEK 6 – (October 17, 2016) – Latin Night


  • Dance: Cha Cha | Dance Order 5/9 | Score: 8-9-9-8=34 (25.50 normalized)
  • Rank: 4th Place | StatusSAFE!
  • Judges’ Comments:
  • Carrie Anne – “This was your dance. This was the best I’ve seen you in your confidence and your radiance.”
  • Pitbull – “Qué rico!…That was very sexy.”
  • Julianne – “Your legs were absolutely beautiful….Great job!”
  • Bruno – “You managed to be graceful, yet sexy. I loved the armography…Way to go, my darling.”
  • MusicEcha Pa’lante” by Thalia
  • Dance Package: Click here.
  • Derek’s Week 6 Average on DWTS: 26.72
  • Derek’s Overall Cha Cha Average: 25.50
  • Season’s Points: 166/240 Season Average: 22.83/30
  • Judges: Carrie Ann Inaba, Pitbull, Julianne Hough, Bruno Tonioli
  • Week’s Trivia:
  • You know what? I just realized that Derek has never danced a Cha Cha in Week 5 before. In fact, (Get this!) 47% of his Cha Cha’s have been danced in Week 1. Forty-seven percent! And 24% were danced in Week 9, and 18% in Week 10. Uh! We’ve just covered 89% of his Cha Chas, folks! 🙂
  • Since so many of his Cha Cha’s were danced in Week 1, Cha Cha is the dance with the lowest dance average. But that’s okay. A 25.50 / 30 is still pretty high, don’t you think?
  • By the way, the song that Derek and Marilu danced to, “Echa Pa’lante” (shortened version of Echa para adelante), is Puerto Rican slang for “Go for it!” (and they did, didn’t they?) 🙂
  • What you probably don’t know is that that song is a political song about corruption, and is sung by Thalia, Queen of Latin Pop and also the Queen of Telenovelas (soap operas).
  • Oh, and did I mention that Derek calls their dance a Chalsa? Yep! The music was more Salsa than Cha Cha. Read about it here (and about his thoughts on Marilu’s breakthrough from last week).

Video: Derek and Marilu on All Access: See these goofballs acting out a soap opera, Derek getting a ball in a hole and singing a song from Hairspray (that ABC blocks), watch Video #1 here.

WEEK 7 – (October 24, 2016) – Eras Night


  • Dance: Charleston | Dance Order: 3rd/8 | Score: 7-7-8-7=29 (normalized 21.75)
  • Rank: Last Place| Status: SAFE!
  • Judges’ Comments:
  • Carrie Anne – “Lifts are okay, but you didn’t get in or out of them very gracefully. What was lacking in this one was a looseness….You felt a little bit tense.”
  • Len – “It was fun; it was entertaining; it was energetic. It did lose a bit of synchronicity in places, but you absolutely captured that 20’s vibe.”
  • Julianne – “I definitely felt the fun and energy…and I don’t mean this in a bad way, but you are the oldest person in our competition, so I think you do a really great job at keeping up with Derek….”
  • Bruno – “The feisty flapper, the spirit of the Roarin’ 20’s…I loved the tap routine, but you missed the ending.”
  • Music“Never Forget You” by Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox featuring Addie Hamilton
  • Charleston Dance Package: Click here.
  • Team ‘Future’ Dance: Freestyle| Score: 8-9-9-9=35 (normalized 26.25)
  • Judges’ Comments (Team Dance):
  • Carrie Anne – “I loved that you went for the challenge….but the shapes were not all there.”
  • Len – “It had great imagination. I liked those little touches of Tango and Pasodoble. I thought it was a great job and I congratulate you.”
  • Julianne – “It was such a cool concept, and I loved your guys approach…but there were a few moments when you were out of sync…. It was really poignant and beautiful.”
  • Bruno – “The team from Star Trek tangoing their way to Pandora….When the music slows down, it really brings out all the details, and the synchronicity wasn’t quite there.”
  • Team Dance Music: “Embrace” by Armin Van Buuren featuring Eric Vloeimans
  • ‘Team Future’ Dance Package: Click here.
  • Derek’s Week: 7 Average on DWTS: 27.47
  • Derek’s Overall: Charleston Average: 25.95
  • Derek’s Overall: Team Dance Average: 27.75
  • Season’s Points: 230/300 Season Average: 23.13/30
  • Judges: Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, Julianne Hough, Bruno Tonioli
  • Week’s Trivia: A Night of Hits and Misses
  • Not such a good night for Team Hennergy, was it? 🙁 Choreography, ✔great. Dancing, ✔good. Scores, ❌way too low. Derek and Marilu landed in ❌ last place for the night. In 17 seasons, ❌ Derek has never fallen to last place before.
  • Plus, this week’s Charleston earned him his ❌ lowest score out of the five Charlestons he’s performed on the show.
  • For the team dance, the normalized score of 26.25 was ✔ good, and not his lowest team dance score. That occurred in Season 16 (a 25), but surprisingly, that score won the team dance any way. Go figure.
  • Derek had his hand in choreographing this season’s futuristic team dance, along with Val, the team captain. Unfortunately, Derek had Hairspray Live rehearsals this week, and so the usual synchronization that he tries to perfect was ❌ not present in this dance. However, the judges appreciated the dance for its ✔ cool concept.
  • The music, once again this season, ❌ was ‘weird’ to choreograph for. But, by in large, Derek is so creative that back in S-10, Tom Bergeron said of him, “Next season, they’re gonna have Derek do a Quickstep from the Renaissance!” 🙂 And Courtney from PureDWTS added: “Somehow, I think Derek could pull off… a Samba from the Stone Age, a Foxtrot from Medieval times, a Jive from the American Revolution…I could go on and on…”
  • Out of 17 seasons, he’s performed in 15 team dances; he’s ✔ won 13 of those team dances; he’s ✔ tied once (S-20) and he’s ❌ lost only twice (S-21, S-23). ✔Pretty good record, don’t you think? 🙂
  • The really good news, folks, is that Derek and Marilu are ✔SAFE and are moving on to Week 8! Woo hoo! 🙂
  • To date, ✔ Derek has taken every one of his partners to at least Week 7, and he has taken 16 of his partners to ✔ Week 8 and beyond. ✔ No other pro can claim this. 🙂

WEEK 8 – October 31, 2016) – Halloween Night


  • Dance: Argentine Tango | Dance Order: 3/8 | Score: 7-8-8=23
  • Rank: Last Place| StatusSAFE!
  • Judges’ Comments:
  • Carrie Anne – “I love how you came back this week, you looked great, you looked confident, although there were a lot of missteps.”
  • Julianne – “That was like black widow sexy, hot mama….but honestly, the same thing that Carrie Anne said… you second guessed yourself.”
  • Bruno – “Those killer legs! Use them more. Look at the assets you have. Why all the hesitating when you have all the equipment to use it at maximum effect…Trust your partner!”
  • Music“Sweet Dreams” by Emily Browning
  • Dance Package: Click here.
  • Derek’s Week:8 Average on DWTS: 28.54
  • Derek’s Overall:Argentine Tango Average: 27.43
  • Season’s Points: 253/330 Season Average: 23.11/30
  • Judges: Carrie Ann Inaba, Julianne Hough, Bruno Tonioli
  • Week’s Trivia:
  • Tough week again for our team, huh? Unfortunately, Derek and Marilu did not win America’s Dance Off, so they landed in last place again. Boo! 🙁
  • Derek can do no wrong, however, when it comes to choreographing for the Argentine Tango, can he? No, siree!
  • Their Argentine Tango was AWESOME in concept and in entertainment value, and Marilu was so happy with her performance.
  • Due to a few minor mishaps that the judges chose to concentrate on, the dance was scored too low, in my humble opinion. It deserved at least two 8’s and a 9.
  • A 23 for an Argentine Tango score for Derek is unheard of. Prior to this week, his lowest score had been a 27.
  • But hey, that low score of 23 in Week 8 is not the first 23 Derek’s earned in Week 8. That honor goes to Season 9. 🙂
  • The really fantastic news of the night is that Derek and Marilu are heading into Week 9, folks, and the quarter-finals. Woo hoo!
  • It can now be said that Derek has taken 16 of his 17 partners to Week 9 or beyond. This is an amazing stat, and NO OTHER PRO can claim this.

Special Blog: “The Mirror Effect: Derek and Marilu’s Numerology”. Click here.

WEEK 9 – (November 7, 2016) – Showstoppers Night


  • Dance: Samba | Dance Order: 1/6 | Score: 9-9-9-9=36 (normalized 27)
  • Rank: Last Place | Status: Eliminated
  • Judges’ Comments:
  • Carrie Anne – “What I loved the most was to see the partnership come together.”
  • Idina – “You looked like you were having an amazing time…and you did an amazing job.”
  • Julianne – “Yes! Finally!.…Oh, what a night for you, Marilu!”
  • Bruno – “Your legs!”
  • Music: “December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night)” from Jersey Boys, featuring guest performances by Mark Ballas and The Four Seasons
  • Dance Package: Click here.
  • Team-Up Challenge (Duo Dance): Jazz | Score: 9-9-9-9=36 (normalized 27)
  • Music“Big Noise from Winnetka” by Bette Midler
  • Duo Dance Package: Click here.
  • Derek’s Week: 9 Average on DWTS: 28.22
  • Derek’s Overall: Samba Average: 26.03
  • Derek’s Overall: Jazz Average: 28.00
  • Season’s Points: 325/410 Season Average: 23.82/30
  • Judges: Carrie Ann Inaba, Idina Menzel, Julianne Hough, Bruno Tonioli
  • Week’s Trivia:
  • Let’s give it up for Marilu, shall we? I mean really! This gal, at 64 years old, danced her way to Week 9. That’s an amazing feat.
  • Out of the 17 other celebrities, age 60 or over, who have competed on this show, she is the only female celebrity to make it to week 9 in the competition.
  • age-chart-for-season-23
  • And how neat was it to have Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, I mean, Mark Ballas and three former Jersey Boys performing while Derek and Marilu danced their energetic, fun, party Samba. Such a joy to watch that Samba!
  • No doubt about it, that Samba was Marilu’s best dance! And she look absolutely gorgeous! 64 years old, folks. Amazing.
  • It was hard not to LOVE that duo routine with Sasha and Terra. Entertaining; fun; high energy; great concept; so broadway! As Julianne said, “Talk about a showstopper!”
  • What a way to go out! Two a-m-a-z-i-n-g routines. Derek and Marilu can hold their heads high with their final showstopping offerings. Aren’t we ever so proud of them?  Two thumbs up!  👍 👍
  • So, let’s end this week by reviewing two of Derek’s other duo dances. How about this awesome Jive routine performed in Season 18 by Derek and Amy with James Maslow and Peta Murgatroyd? From Season 21, here’s the Bob Fosse-ish Charleston, danced by Derek and Bindi with Alexa PenaVega and Mark Ballas.
  • While we’re at it, let’s mosey on down Memory Lane to highlight a few of Derek’s especially awesome Jazz routines. Here’s his well-synchronized Jazz dance with Amber Riley; his too-darn-hot one with Amy Purdy; his Gene Kelly Singin’ in the Rain routine (1:34) with Bethany Mota; and of course, his creative trio-box dance with Bindi and Mark Ballas.
  • Well, until Week 11, when Derek and Marilu return to the ballroom on Final’s night, that’s a wrap for now. Thanks for reading so far. Later!

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