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  • Derek is currently starring in 10 shows a week (Wed. through Sun.) of the off-Broadway production of the New York Spring Spectacular.
  • For this DWTS season, he and Nastia will practice in New York, fly to LA for the show, and then fly back on a redeye. Wow!
  • This week, unfortunately, Derek’s return plane to LA for the show was delayed and finally arrived at 4:00am.
  • Hey, 4:00am is the same hour of his birth. Maybe the number “4” will be lucky for Derek this season.
  • After all, numerologically, Derek’s birth month and day reduce to the number “4”*.
  • And…Nastia’s birth date reduces to a “4”*, and her birth month and day reduce to a “4”, as well. That’s a lotta “4’s.”
  • This pair is especially compatible this season numerologically, even though Derek has never had a #4 partner before.
  • And here’s another “4” for you. Derek and Nastia’s voting number ends in the number “4”. (855-234-5604)
  • What does the number “4” mean? Fours are determined, practical and hard working, experts at their skill.
  • So will all those “4’s” win them that new-fangled golden mirrorball trophy? That remains to be seen. 🙂
  • Nastia thinks that their lucky number is “5”. Watch the video below to see why.

[*Nastia’s Birthday (October 30, 1989): (1+0+3+0+1+9+8+9 = 31 = 4) and Nastia’s Birth Month and Day: (10+30 = 40 = 4), and Derek’s birth month and day (May 17): (5+1+7 = 13 = 4]


Derek Trivia – Name That Team!

  • Derek has had fifteen partners on Dancing With the Stars!
  • And if you’re a diehard Derek Hough fan, bet you can name each of his ‘wives’ per season.
  • But…do you remember their team names as well?
  • Try to match the partner with a team name. Their names are below to jog your memory. Good luck!
  • Derek’s partners have been: Jennie Garth, Shannon Elizabeth, Brooke Burke, ‘Lil Kim, Joanna Krupa, Nicole Scherzinger, Jennifer Grey, Ricki Lake, Maria Menounos, Shawn Johnson, Kellie Pickler, Amber Riley, Amy Purdy, Bethany Mota, Nastia Liukin
  • Click on this link for the answers to the team names.


Derek Trivia – Derek’s Partners!

Click here to print out the puzzle and clues.
Derek's Partners Crossword Puzzle Clues to Derek's Partners

Click here for the answers.

Derek Trivia – Look At Derek Go!

In a singin’ mood? Try this one on for size. It’s a song written by a Derek fan in about 2008. I took the liberty of changing some names, but I’m sure she won’t mind. ☺ Enjoy!

Look at Derek Go!
by Futrimagineer17
(To the tune of Frosty the Snowman)

Derek, the dancer, was a hot and hunky man
With awesome pecs and some famous pants
He made me a loyal fan.
Derek, my hero, is a dancing god, we say,
With his bright blue eyes and his great blonde hair
Thoughts of him will fill our day!

There must have been some magic in those
FLCs* he wore-
For when we saw him in those pants
TV ceased to be a bore.
O, Derek the best Hough
Is as sexy as can be,
And you all know as well as I
He makes a perfect fantasy.

Bumpetty bump bump,
Bumpetty bump bump
Look at Derek go.
Bumpetty bump bump
Bumpetty bump bump,
To the top of the board like so!

Derek the heartthrob knew
How to make his partners shine,
He turned [Bethany]into a
Dancing queen
But I wish that he was mine!
Now paired with [Nastia],
We are sure he’ll kick some butts
If he shakes his fun stuff
And shows a lot of skin, he’ll
Make us all go nuts.

Now I am warning Carrie Ann
To give him his fair praise
For if she keeps his scores down low
There will be some hell to pay!
For Derek, our boy toy
Has to win the trophy this time
Because if He does not,
I’ll tell you this-
It would be an awful crime.

Bumpetty bump bump,
Bumpetty bump bump,
Look at Derek go.
Bumpetty bump bump,
Bumpetty bump bump,
He’s our favorite pro!

*Fast Life Crew


Derek Trivia -The Women in Derek’s Life

Revised Match Questions

For the answers, click here.


Derek Trivia – Eleven Weeks of Derek

screen-shot-2014-10-07-at-9-51-05-pmICYMI – Is it at all possible that you missed any of the myriad of fascinating and little known facts about our man that we covered, discovered, and uncovered in Season 19’s DEREK TRIVIA. You know, such things as his astrology, his career trajectory, his obsessions, his gene pool, and so much more? If you missed any of it…or you want to review something, click this linkEnjoy catching up on our Derek! This man moves fast. Don’t miss a beat. 🙂


Derek Trivia – The Astrology of an Injury…and Other Good Stuff

Derek Hough_InjuryAs a result of Derek’s recent injury, I’ve had people ask me if his astrology and numerology were “bad” on the day he suffered the broken toe on his right foot, and the ankle sprain and bruise on his left. Well, you might be surprised to know that both his astrology and numerology were rather good that day. Continue reading here.


Derek Trivia – Teeny Tiny Tidbits of Derek Trivia

Let’s take a look at a teeny tiny sampling of Derek facts: attributes and tendencies that make Derek Derek. 🙂 You’re bound to find something that you didn’t already know…or had forgotten. Enjoy!

The Blessed Arrival
The Dawning – May 17, 1985 at 4:00am
Appellation – Derek B. Hough
Birth Spot – Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT
Star Placement – Taurus Sun, Aries Rising, Aries Moon

Tiny Derek Hough

Roots and Pedigree
Birth Status – 4th child, 1st boy
Kith and Kin – 4 sisters, 1 foster brother, 9 step-siblings, 15 nieces and nephews
Mumsy – Marriann Heaton Hough Nelson; dancer, artist, and painter
Pappy – Bruce Robert Nelson; President and Co-Founder of Neutraceutical Corp, and Republican National Committeeman from Utah
Bloodline – Danish, Swedish, French, French Canadian, German, English, Scots-Irish, Scottish, and Welsh

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 8.49.19 PM

The Brass Tacks
Elevation – 5’ 10” (178 cm)
Density – 157 lbs (71 kg).
Tresses – bleached blonde to dirty blonde (darkened by hair gel)
Optics – baby blues, near sighted (lasik surgery to correct)
Distinctive Features – thick neck, large, smooth hands, and a scar on his back about a foot and a half long
Kicks – Size 10
Weighty Honors – Hottest Bachelor, Sexiest Man Alive (twice), and Hottest Body (of Work)

There’s a whole lot more here. Don’t go away! 🙂


Derek Trivia – Dona’s Picks: Derek’s Top 10  Showpieces

Despite being on two coasts most of the season, Derek was still able to do what Derek does best, choreograph some pretty awesome numbers. For Derek, choreographing is not just about the order of the steps of a dance. It’s about having his hands in every aspect of creating a performance: camera angles, staging, costuming, lighting, scenery, and of course, the details of a the dance’s movements, mood and feel.

Shawn Johnson once said, “I’m biased, of course, but Derek is phenomenal. He has a vision. He works with the band. He’ll change the music. He designs props, and has input into the sets and lighting.”

Head Judge, Len Goodman also said, “I don’t say this word often, but Derek as a choreographer is a genius. He’s a genius.”

And despite the scores meted out by Len and the others judges this season, Derek’s performances continue to be spot-on for detail. Below I have a list of my personal favorites from Season 20, his Top Ten showpieces based not only on the good dancing, but also on what I see as their total overall production value.

Whether or not you agree with my ordering, click on each of the links to watch again some of Derek’s fantastic and masterful creations from this season🙂 Pay attention to all the production details, too. 🙂

#10 Showpiece – Sultry RumbaWeek 2 – 34/40

#9 Showpiece
 – Argentine TangoWeek 4 – 36/40

#8 Showpiece
 – Disney’s Frozen JazzWeek 5 – 38/40

#7 Showpiece
TangoWeek 6 – 34/40

For the next 6 Showpieces, you gotta Click Here. 🙂


EliminationGate TRIVIA

      • This is not the first time that Derek and one of his partners have been eliminated before making the finals. However, this is probably the first time that fans were really upset by it. It is due to the nature of this elimination.
      • Fans of Nastia and Derek were not happy the producers chose to show a package of Nastia having a frustrating moment, and playing that moment again and again over two nights and on a Dance Center episode.
      • Many believe that this package, portraying Nastia in such an unfavorable light, was a major contributing factor leading to the eventual elimination of the couple.
      • Derek addressed this in his TV Guide blog. He wrote:

To be completely honest, I feel like in a way, we sort of got eliminated last week with that package. Like I said last week, when I saw that, I was like, “Oh wow, that was a complete left field,” especially when you know it’s so not reality. That was a terrible representation journey of our week. And to see that, it was like, “I see what’s going on here.”

      • Executive Producer, Rob Wade, evidently sees no harm in falsely painting a picture of someone based on a frustrating off-moment, and presenting that as the reality of who a person is.
      • Afterbuzz TV Host, Kristyn Burtt confronted Rob at the Paley Center event on Thursday, May 14th. See here how Rob explained that package, calling it “compelling” TV.
      • A fan mentioned that she missed reading the predictions of the winner that Vogue and I normally do each season based on astrology and numerology. There’s a reason for that.
      • For me, I chose not to do a write-up this season, because I found that the numbers I was seeing just were not matching the results we were getting on the show, especially when it came to Derek and Nastia. I will say no more.
      • For more on this story about EliminationGate, read Courtney, Voguerista, and Heidi’s comments in a post on PureDWTS, click here. (You may want to read the comments section too.)

Archived Season 19 Weekly DANCE TRIVIA. Click here.

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