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  • Derek has danced Jive every season, but he’s NEVER danced it in Week 1.
  • This season is only the third time that he’s received all 8’s the first week.
  • Derek’s timeline was moving so fast after their dance, it was like the autobahn super highway.
  • Derek has gained over 12,000 followers on Twitter since partnering with Bethany (and still climbing).
  • And girlfriend Bethany has some moves! Re-watch this really cute Jive here:-)
  • You would have never known that Bethany was performing on an injured ankle.
  • It was wrapped only 10 minutes before performing live.
  • Singer Taylor Swift was fan-girling on Twitter after the dance, tweeting “Oh my God, LOVE HER, oh my God,” and she hash tagged #BAEthany. ☺
  • Bethany and Derek, #TeamMotough, and #BAEthany trended on Twitter worldwide during the night.
  • Derek won a mini-Twitter competition in which his first audition was shown. Watch a very young Derek here. So funny.

FACTS – About Derek’s partner, Bethany

  • Bethany is part Portuguese and part Mexican, and she’s 5′ 4″ tall.
  • She invented the term, Motavatour, to describe her tours across the USA to visit her motavators, the name her social media fans call themselves.
  • She shares in common with Derek that she’s an extreme perfectionist… that she was bullied at a young age, and that they have the same agent, Max Stubblefield of United Talent Agency.
  • One of Bethany’s favorite TV shows is Pretty Little Liars starring Janel Parrish. :-)
  • Bethany is a “haul” video star; haul videos review products that were recently purchased.
  • Beth also has videos that are tutorials on hair and makeup, decorating, and DIY craft projects.
  • Bethany has an amazing social media presence just from her haul videos and tutorials.
  • She has more followers on Twitter than Glee’s Amber Riley – 1.97 million.
  • She has more subscribers on her primary YouTube channel than MileyCyrusVEVO or LadyGagaVEVO – 7.26 million
  • She has more subscribers on her secondary YouTube channel than UsherVEVO – 1.94 million.
  • She has more followers on Instagram than Vampire Diary’s Nina Dobrev or Ian Somerhalder – 3.83 million.
  • She has more likes on her Facebook than Whoopi Goldberg or Kelly Ripa – 1.43 million.
  • And just who was it that said Bethany Mota’s not a “star”? :-)


  • Len gave a 9 to Derek and Bethany’s Foxtrot, the highest score he gave out for the night — and the only 9 he gave for the night.
  • Being compared to Bob Fosse by Bruno is quite the compliment to Derek’s choreography.
  • Fosse won an unprecedented eight Tony awards for choreography, and was nominated for four Academy awards for choreography.
  • Derek and Bethany received a boost to their partnership. Prior to the show, singer Meghan Trainor tweeted: “Make sure you guys watch tonight’s episode …. @BethanyMota’s #MyJamMonday is All About That Bass.”
  • Then after the show, she tweeted: “AHHHH did you guys see @BethanyMota & @derekhough’s performance?? LOVED the choreography to All About That Bass on @DancingABC tonight.”
  • Bethany’s ankle was still hurting this week, yet she managed to carry off their Foxtrot with total swag. Watch it here.
  • How did Beth injure her ankle? Evidently, sparring with Randy Couture. :-)
  • On Access Hollywood this week, Taylor Swift talked about the Jive that Bethany and Derek did on last week’s show to her song “Shake It Off”. Neat! Check it out here at 1:40


  • Singin’ in the Rain, a song from 1929, is most memorable for being sung and danced in the film of the same name in 1952.
  • The film starred Donald O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds, and of course, Gene Kelly, who also directed and choreographed the film.
  • Derek had the privilege of meeting Gene Kelly’s widow, Patricia Kelly, in November of 2012 at a special event, Choreographers Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.
  • A few days later, Derek tweeted:

    “Again privileged to be honored by Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire’s Wives with Kenny Ortega and Paula Abdul. A memorial night.”

  • Patricia Kelly tweeted him back:

    “It was so nice to hear you speak about the art of dance. Thanks for the nod to Gene. He would be proud of you. xx Patricia Kelly.”

  • The Gene Kelly Estate and the Image Trust own the copyright to the song Singin’ in the Rain, and so the song had to be cleared by them for Derek and Bethany to perform to it.
  • Derek spoke about getting clearance in his TV Guide Blog:

    “The cool thing is Patricia Kelly, Gene Kelly’s widow, wrote a beautiful email to me, allowing us to use the song and saying, “I’d be happy for you to use the song and to do the dance.” It was really lovely. Normally, it’s hard to get clearance for music in general, so it was really wonderful and humbling to get that from her.”

  • Derek and Bethany were surprised by a visit from Patricia during their Jazz rehearsal. Patricia gave Derek a truly special gift. Watch this brief clip.
  • What we didn’t see in the clip is the touching message that was written on the gift.

    “Dear Derek, Thank you for continuing Gene’s legacy. Love, Patricia Kelly.”

  • In the rehearsal package, we hear Patricia paying Derek yet another amazingcompliment. She said,

    “When Derek dances, I can definitely see a little bit of Gene out there.”

  • Wasn’t it cool that DWTS produced the rain effect for Derek and Bethany’s dance? Watch this happy dance hereDon’t you just smile and smile? I do. :-)
  • Here’s a quote for you that was made by the head of music of MGM about Gene Kelly, but who else does this sound like? Ask Bethany if you’re not sure.  :-)

    “Gene is easygoing as long as you know exactly what you are doing when you’re working with him. He’s a hard taskmaster and he loves hard work. If you want to play on his team you’d better like hard work, too. He isn’t cruel but he is tough, and if Gene believed in something he didn’t care who he was talking to….and he had a good record of getting what he wanted.”

  • Both “Bethany and Derek” and “Singin’ in the Rain” trended on Twitter after the performance of Team Motough.
  • And here’s a bit of trivia. Gene Kelly was only 5′ 7″. Fred Astaire was 5′ 9″. Derek is 5′ 10″.
  • In some way, Derek has come in contact with both of his dance heroes, Gene and Fred. He just had this amazing series of experiences with Gene’s wife, and at the Choreographers’ event in November 2012, he was fortunate to meet Fred Astaire’s wife, and — to share the stage with Fred’s long time dance partner, Barry Chase. Watch here. (He was honored at this event for his choreography skills.)


  • Bethany’s Most Memorable Year reflected upon her experience of being emotionally bullied by her so-called friends.
  • Derek choreographed a moving, heart-felt dance in order to reenact Bethany’s emotionally charged story.
  • Vocal and piano accompaniment was by Colbie Caillat herself, who was also visibly touched.
  • Trending nationwide on Twitter was Bethany and Derek and #ilovewhoiambecause, and trending worldwide was #MOTOUGHMONDAY
  • Why the lowball scoring, despite the amazing comments and viewer reaction?
    Julianne said, “Sorry, Derek,…..There wasn’t enough Rumba content.
  • Bruno said, “The hip action in the Rumba wasn’t quite right.”
  • Carrie Anne, “In the beginning you stumbled a little bit, because you were dancing, and once you let go and were telling your story, it was gorgeous.”
  • Some ballroom and Latin dances are supposed to tell a story. The Rumba is one of them.
  • Traditionally the Rumba tells a story with the following components:
    1) the man woos the woman
    2) the woman ignores him at first
    3) lots of flirting then occurs between them
    4) the couple end up engaging in a sensual relationship
    5) then unexpectedly, the woman rejects the man.
  • The pros on DWTS do not seem to follow this formula totally – if at all.
  • Most all of Derek’s Rumba’s tell the story, though not fully. He has closely approachedthe authentic Rumba storyline in Seasons 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, and 18.
  • In the seasons above with JennieBrookeJoannaNicole (W-4), Nicole (W-10), JenniferMaria, and Amy, the man pursues the woman; they have a sensual and/or flirtatious relationship, but in the end, the woman “does not” reject the man.
  • With Shannon, the man and woman pursue each other, and after hesitation on both parts, and attempts to resist each other, they succumb and walk off into the sunset together.
  • As an aside, it was after this Rumba with Shannon that Derek lost his temper on national TV and criticized the judges.  Awww! Derek defending his woman. :-)
  • In a twist on the storyline with ‘Lil Kim and with Amber, it is the woman who pursues the man.  In Amber’s dance there is even a dominatrix theme/storyline.
  • In the Rumba with Ricki, there are many struggles and lots of drama in the relationship, but the relationship somehow survives.
  • In the Titanic-themed Rumba with Shawn, the man and woman pursue each other, engage in a romance, but sadly the man drowns at the end.
  • With Kellie, the storyline is totally different; the man and woman woo each other; the man ends up walking away, and the woman goes off happily to another man.
  • My favorite Rumba of all seasons is that with Jennie. Why? Just check out what happens at the 1:03 mark. You can check it out two or three times, if you want. Go ahead. It’s okay. ☺


  • Derek and Sadie’s sassy and fun Charleston earned them 1st place for the night, but Sadies and Mark’s score from last week (37) puts her and Mark in 2nd Place for the combined two-week total.
  • So funny! “#DerekDynasty”, a term Derek coined as a take-off on Duck Dynasty,  trended worldwide on Twitter.
  • Bethany and Mark’s feisty Hip Hop routine put them in 4th place for the night, and with Bethany and Derek’s score from last week (33), they remain in 4th place from the combined two-week total.
  • Despite the awesome judges’ comments and Bethany’s breakout moment, her scores were lower than expected, as most of the scores this night were.
  • Shortly after their dance, Mark tweeted: “So proud of @BethanyMota she did such a great job… Judges must have it out for me, cos she was underscored.. #dwts.”
  • Last season’s Switch-Up was in Week 4, and Derek switched to NeNe Leakes for a Jazz routine, with NeNe earning her highest score to that date, 32/40.
  • This season, Sadie’s Charleston score with Derek earned her just one point shy of her highest score of this season, which was 37/40.
  • Last season, Derek’s partner, Amy Purdy, danced a Salsa with Mark for a 34/40, which was her second highest score to that date.
  • Bethany’s score with Mark is tied with her lowest score of this season, 32/40, but the dance was most definitely underscored. :-(
  • This has been only the second season that Derek has danced the Charleston. He did so twice before in Season 17, Weeks 3 and 11, with Amber Riley.
  • Their scores were 27/30 and 30/30 respectively. Click on the scores to re-enjoy those fantastic Charlestons.
  • For those who know the history, how ironic is it that Derek performed his Charleston to a song by Cheryl Cole? :-)


  • Despite having to travel to Australia this week, Derek and Bethany were able to pull off a beautiful, classic Tango — having had only 7 hours of rehearsal. Amazing accomplishment.
  • Derek, by iPhone, talked to the producers about creating the laser show that he had at the beginning of their performance.
  • Hard to believe that as beautiful as the Tango is as a dance that it was considered the dance of the lower classes when it was first introduced in the dance halls of Argentina in 1890.
  • The Tango is characterized by lead and follow, head snaps, staccato movements, and with space between the bodies.
  • Argentine Tango the other form of Tango done on Dancing With The Stars, is also lead and follow, but with closer chest-to-chest embracing.
  • Watch here to see if you can see the lead and follow, the head snaps, and the staccato movements.
  • This is Derek’s ninth season of dancing the Tango. He has had the either the Tango or the Argentine Tango every season he has been on the show.
  • Derek and Beth have the second highest cumulative scores of the season, and therefore will be team captains for next week.
  • Guest host, Leah Remini, joked about Derek having never received “5’s” or “7’s”. Well, Derek has received his fair share of “7’s”, but it’s true, he’s never received a “5” in any of his 14 seasons. And he has only received five “6’s.” Maybe Leah was referring to his “5” mirrorballs. :-)
  • According to @DWTSStats, the most viewed YouTube video from last week’s Switch-Up was that of Sadie and Derek’s Charleston at 456,000 views, with the 2nd most viewed being Bethany & Mark’s at 151,000 views.
  • Now for a Week 6 Twitter follower update. Derek has gained 34,000 additional followers since taking on Bethany as a partner. That’s 13,000 more since Week 3’s update. Wow!


  • Derek and Bethany just slayed this week’s Pasodoble: mesmerizing, entertaining, and so well staged.  Watch here.
  • Like the Rumba, the Pasodoble (double step) is a dance that tells a story.
  • In the traditional story, the man is the bullfighter (el matador), and the woman is the cape (el capote) that he majestically uses to make passes at the bull.
  • Sometimes the woman represents the bull or a fiery flamenco dancer who dances around the bullfighter.
  • Although considered a Spanish dance, did you know that the Pasodoble actually originated in FranceReally, it did!
  • If you go to Spain you won’t find night clubs with people dancing the Pasodoble. It is almost strictly a ballroom dance, due to the fact that it takes up so much space, and due to its music.
  • Unlike the music generally used on Dancing With The Stars, traditional Pasodoble music is what you hear when a bullfighter enters the ring in the paseo ceremony, or just before the bull is killed.
  • In this week’s Paso, our out-of-the-box thinking Derek featured Japanese taiko drums
  • Taiko drums are the same drums that figured in his movie, Make Your Move. Head over to to read about them and about Derek’s movie.
  • We Derek fans love his Pasodobles, because he always choreographs such fantastic ones, and his scores reflect this. They usually range between 27/30 to 30/30.
  • Ironically, his two lowest Paso scores were earned with two of his winning partners, Brooke Burke (24) and Jennifer Grey (20).
  • For the team dances, Bethany became one of the team captains, due to her second highest cumulative average for the season, 206/240.
  • Derek’s partners have been team captains, 7 out of 12 seasons. They were Joanna, Nicole, Ricki, Shawn, Kellie, Amber, and Bethany. See Group Dances, #5.
  • Carrie Anne said that she preferred Team Creepy’s dance, because she had seen Derek’s performance before [the team dance choreography].
  • With only two days to choreograph and to learn a dance, does it matter if there were similarities to other Derek routines? 
  • With it’s blend of ballroom and hip hop, the team dance was so well performed, so beautifully staged, and oh so synchronized.
  • And how is this for coincidence. Last season, just like Derek and Bethany, Derek and Amy also earned a 36 and 39 on Week 7. Neat, huh?
  • Don’t you just love the name Team ItsyBitsy? It was named by team member Val Chmerkovskiy.
  • Oh, just in case you didn’t hear it said a million times on Monday night,  Derek has never lost a team dance. :-) Watch their team dance here to see why the man dominates.


  • Derek and Bethany danced such a fast, cute, and down right sassy Salsa routine this week, ala Ricky and Lucy Ricardo! I clapped out loud afterwards. :-)
  • Silly Derek drummed on hanging skillets as if they were congas. :-) Want to enjoy watching him again and listening to his really bad Cuban accent? :-) Click here.
  • Remember on I Love Lucy, how the “real” Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz) would play Mambo music with his orchestra at the Tropicana, later Club Babalu? Yea, it was Mambo music; Salsa wasn’t around yet in the I Love Lucy days.
  • The Salsa, as a dance, more or less replaced the Mambo on Dancing With the Starsbeginning about Season 7. The two dances are similar.
  • Mambo originated in Cuba in the 50’s and it’s more like ballroom dancing in its look and feel, because of the proper dance frame, straight spine, and straight leg in Latin Motion.
  • Salsa, however, is a street dance. It’s way looser in movement. It’s origin is from Spanish Harlem and from Cuba, being a mutation of Danzón from down there.
  • Look at the slight difference in steps. The Mambo is danced on two (wait, 2, 3, 4), and the Salsa is danced on one (1, 2, 3, wait).
  • Immunity and the Dance-Off, as was done in Seasons 16 and 17, returned this week.
  • Remember, Derek won Immunity twice before, but did not actually end up with the highest score of the evening as a result? In those seasons, they didn’t assign extra points to the Immunity winners. It took ’til this season to correct that flaw.
  • In this week’s Dance-Off, Derek and Bethany competed against Sadie and Mark, dancing a Cha Cha. Team Motough won too — but barely.
  • Sadie’s Cha Cha had lots of pizazz, but Bethany’s had more Cha Cha content. The judges were split as a result. So were the fans.


  • Viennese Waltz 
  • Don’t you just love Derek’s Viennese Waltzes? Always so light, graceful, and charming.
  • Their America’s Choice Viennese Waltz had almost everything a Viennese Waltz should have with its the requisite twirls, heel leads, and rise and fall, but as I knew he would, Len also wanted a fleckerl, a classic move in Viennese Waltz.
  • A fleckerl is when the partners go to the middle of the floor, and spin in place.
  • And by the way, did you know that The Viennese Waltz, with its ¾ time, has the same rhythm as the beat of the heart? Neat, huh?
  • Viennese Waltz differs from the standard Waltz, because it is faster, usually done all in hold, with constant turning in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction.
  • You can spot the difference between the two styles of waltzes based on how many turns you see the partners performing around the ballroom floor. Take a look at the throwback video for this week. :-)
  • Wasn’t Bethany just breathtakingly beautiful in her most gorgeous, flowing, soft pink dress? And Derek! What can I say? As usual, he looked hot. :-)
  • And how about the connection between Derek and Bethany? They have really developed a tangible chemistry over the weeks. So nice to see.
  • Bethany said, “When it comes to my emotions, I keep that in, and through this dancing, it’s really allowed me to show another side of myself, the more emotional side….I’m kinda enjoying showing America.”
  • To watch again this emotive waltz that tells a story of lost love, click here.
  • Trio Dance
  • This week, saw the return of the Trio Dance, with Derek and Bethany and Tony Dovalani dancing the Argentine Tango.
  • Tony was chosen by Derek due to his ability to execute lifts, because Derek’s back was hurting. However, thank goodness, Derek didn’t seem to be in any pain during the dance. Yay! 
  • Derek’s Argentine Tangos quickly became a fan favorite because he is so good at choreographing them. His are sharp, powerful, and intense.
  • Usually, you can recognize the Argentine Tango by its characteristic walking step, where the feet glide across the floor, and where there are intricate foot and leg movements.
  • Imagine in your mind Derek doing the following steps in one of his typical Argentine Tangos. Go ahead. Can’t you just see him and his partner doing these movements?
    – crossing one foot in front of the other
    – pivoting plus a forward step or a back step
    – the man pivoting and the lady stepping around the man
    – walking in parallel in front of the partner
    – walking in parallel to one side of the partner
    – the man’s right leg moving in synch with the woman’s left leg
  • The Argentine Tango this week, with three people, admittedly deviated somewhat from what we would normally see in an Argentine Tango. Take a look at the differences. Click here.
  • For his Argentine Tangos, Derek has never had a score less than 27/30 or 38/40. Neat! See, even the judges love his Argentine Tangos!
  • And folks, for the 12th time in 14 seasons, Derek is headed to the semi-finals!!! Hope you’re voting like crazy. :-)


  • Derek wrote in his weekly TV Guide blog (out Fridays) that he was experiencing a ‘creative block.’ Well, we all knew what that was going to mean – some awesome dances were coming right up, thank you, mam! ☺ And we were not disappointed!
  • Amy Purdy tweeted that when Derek went through a creative block with her in Week 10, she introduced Derek to the following brilliant talk by the author of “Eat, Pray, Love”, Elizabeth Gilbert. Here is the talk: Your Elusive Creative Genius. Fascinating, informative piece!
  • Samba
  • Derek and Bethany danced a Samba that was just soooo cute and fun to watch, thanks also to some help from Sasha! Loved it! Did you?
  • With such an inventive, clever routine, who’d a thunk that Derek had experienced a choreography block earlier in the week?
  • Carrie Ann said in her weekly blog that she didn’t think it was his best choreography. Hey, but it was memorable, wasn’t it? That’s what Derek strives for — the entertainment value for the fans.
  • As Bruno pointed out, it is unusual to place a Samba, which is a Brazilian party dance, and done at Mardi Gras festivities, in a Central Park setting. Only Derek would think of doing such a thing. It’s called “thinking outside the box.”
  • To my surprise, by the way, Len wasn’t being grumpy about whether Derek had included sufficient promenades, rolls, voltas, or botofogos in their Samba.
  • He just wanted less “cotton candy”, but we expected that, right?
  • This Samba had entertainment value, Samba content, and even a “kiss.” 🙂   Let’s watch this playful routine again.
  • Contemporary
  • What about that ‘picture perfect’ Contemporary dance! I mean was that amazing or was it a-m-a-z-i-n-g? I think the latter.
  • Were you thinking another Emmy nod — possibly? I sure was.
  • Derek chose the ‘picture frame’ theme to complement the song, “I Want You Back” — as a couple looking back in time at their relationship by looking at their old photos. So clever! That’s our Derek!
  • And how about that ending? The girl leaving (through the photo frame) — and the guy holding her back. [“I want you back.”] Clever, I say again!
  • And who doesn’t appreciate a ‘Shirtless Derek’? Let’s watch him (I mean, the dance) again.
  • And — Derek is going to the Finals, baby! This is the 9th time in 14 seasons!
  • And Derek chalks up another record, folks: this is the 5th consecutive time that he’s going to the finals. No other pro has done that.  🙂


Derek and Bethany’s Season 19 Wrap Up

  • Number of 9’s: Derek = 32 , Bethany* = 28
  • Number of 10’s:  18
  • Number of Perfect Scores: 3
  • 1st Place on the leader board: Derek = 3x, and Bethany* = 2x
  • 2nd Place on the leader board: 3x
  • Season Average: Bethany = 36.27 (tied with Janel on the night of the Finals)
  • A cute GIF of Team Motough.
  • An amazing video that captures the essence of Derek and Bethany’s journey during Season 19. This is so well made; I promise you will enjoy it.
    Credits to Paige Carlson, aka @DerekInspires.
  • beautiful video with sweet Derek and Bethany momentsHeartwarming.
    Credits to TrueLove4Every1, aka @prettybeaches.
  • Derek’s Amazing Numerical Accomplishment Record
  • Derek’s Season-by-Season Accomplishment Record
    *Different results are due to the Switch Up Week.

Archived Season 19 Weekly DEREK TRIVIAClick here.

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