DWTS Season 15 Statistics | All-Stars

Partner – Shawn Johnson
Gold-Medal Gymnast, 2008 Winner of Dancing With the Stars

Shawn Johnson is a television correspondent, Nike Athlete, and a retired Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics.  She won gold in 2008 on the balance beam and silver medals in all around and floor exercise. In 2009, Shawn won Season 8 of Dancing With the Stars with partner Mark Ballas, beating out Gilles Marini and Cheryl Burke in a very close contest, and winning by less than 1%.

Derek’s Season-by-Season DANCE RECORDS [CHARTS]. Click here.
S-15 TRIVIA about DEREK. Click here.
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Statistics and Trivia prepared by @donamadrina

• Derek and Shawn danced second, performing a fun and lively FoxTrot, a dance Derek usually dances after week 5.
• Though the dance was a FoxTrot, the music was anything but. It was Owl City’s “Good Time”. No one understands why.
• Non-traditional choreography accompanied the music, with Derek delivering an extremely fast-paced dance, with an abundant variety of moves.
• Bruno characterized the dance as “a cha cha with a little sex appeal”.
• Carrie Ann joyfully declared, “That is what all-star season is all about. Fabulous.”
• Despite the fabulousness of the dance, it did not score that high. The judges were lowballing all the couples, undoubtedly because this is an All-Star season, and the standards are different.
• Derek and Shawn’s scores, however, included an “8”, which was one of only 6 given out last night. Most scores were lower.
• The audience evidently loved the dance, ooing and awing at the tricks, and Derek and Shawn were trending on Twitter after the dance. 🙂
Collage – Week 1

• This week, Derek’s choreo, which was an homage to Hairspray: the Musical, included plenty of tricks, and flips, and even somersaulting down the stairs!
• And at the end of this ambitious routine, it was Derek, not Shawn, who was huffing and puffing, and out of breath. Hilarious!
• Bruno loved Derek and Shawn’s Jive, calling it “vibrant, exhilarating, eye-popping…”
• He also said, “The synchronicity between the two of you, under a microscope, you couldn’t fault it.”
• Carrieanne agreed with Bruno, enthusiastically declaring,”I dub you guys the All-Star Sweethearts.”  Awwwww!
• And Len….well, he was just being Len. Enough said.
Collage – Week 2

WEEK 3 – Iconic Dance Week
• Derek and Shawn’s iconic dance was a recreation of Julianne and Helio’s banana-suit Quickstep, S-5.
• This routine was full of high-energy flips, leaps, kicks, taps, splits, lifts, and even a drop into the orchestra pit. Amazing!
• Derek and Shawn danced to ‘Hey Pachuco’ from ‘The Mask’. Pachuco is Latino subculture for a person who is flamboyantly dressed or who belongs to a gang or the streets.
• Derek’s costume, chosen by Shawn, was hardly pachuco, but they both looked sooooo cute, didn’t they? 🙂

• Bruno – “Spectacular, unforgettable…One of the best dances, if not the best dance, I’ve seen in 15 seasons in America!”
• Carrie Ann – “That was by far the best dance we have ever seen on ‘Dancing With the Stars’.”
• Len – “I’ve never enjoyed a routine more.”
• The audience showed their appreciation of this recreated dance by giving the couple a standing ovation that lasted 43 seconds.
• Tom – “Look at that! Two out of the 3 judges standing….”. Len did not stand, but clapped enthusiastically.
• Derek and Shawn received their first 9’s of the season, and the first 9.5 of the season. No 10’s, however, for this “best dance” of the show.
• The judges, though praising the dance, felt forced to dock Derek and Shawn for their blatant breaking of the rules. Meh!
• Derek’s response backstage – “One thing I’ve learned on this show is that I want to have really good dances that I can go back to and enjoy…I don’t go home 2 years from now and look at my 7’s, or my 9’s, and my 8’s.”
• After performing the ENCORE on Tuesday’s results show, Derek playfully threw Shawn into the orchestra pit, but helped her out. Ha ha! She then retaliated by pushing him in too. 🙂
Collage – Week 3

• The All-Star Sweethearts danced a sizzling, bouncy Mambo to Para Los Rumberos by Santana, an absolutely perfect song for the vigor and athleticism of this pair.
• A “rumbero” is a party-goer, a person who likes to have fun, and the choreography of this Mambo surely simulated two fun-loving party goers.
• Their dance provided crowd-pleasing flips, lifts, kicks, hips, lots of sassy thrown in, and tons of mambo content. 🙂
• Shawn also broke the heel of her shoe before the performance, and yet danced through the entire dance! The only thing that kept that shoe intact was the exterior fabric. See here. Amazing!
• Carrie Ann proclaimed, “I know this is the All-Star season, and everyone is bringing their A game, but if I were the other contestants, I’d be a little scared right now.”
• Team Shawnough earned their first 10’s of the season, 3 in fact, which changes Derek’s total of 10’s to 101 in 10 seasons, still far more than any other pro.
• Derek and Shawn’s Mambo was near perfect, only five-tenths of a percent away from 40 out of 40. Not sure why Len docked them when he described the dance as “brilliant”.
Collage – Week 4

WEEK 5 Guilty Pleasures Week
• Shawn chose as her guilty pleasure Celine Dion’s, My Heart Will Go On, the main theme song from the 1997 blockbuster, Titanic.
• Performing on a raised platform, surrounded by “ocean”, Derek and Shawn danced a breathtakingly beautiful rumba that perfectly captured the romance of the Titanic characters, Jack and Rose.
• This beautifully choreographed reenactment of their love story ended with Jack (Derek) holding Rose’s (Shawn’s) hand…as Jack slowly sinks into the depths of the ocean (in a smoky mist).
• Derek says that this ending came about when he mentioned it to the producers as a joke, but they liked the idea……so he did it. 🙂
• It seemed the entire ballroom was on it’s feet after the performance of this tender, sweet dance, and so no one was prepared for the argument that erupted afterwards among the judges.
• During the dance, Shawn ran to Derek, and jumped into his arms. Carrie Ann characterized this as a lift and wanted to “send them to their room”, but Derek argued that it was a catch. Bruno agreed with Derek.
• Len then accused Shawn of having no hip action, but Carrie Ann and Bruno vehemently disagreed.
• The audience showed their strong disapproval of both Len’s comments…and his scoring… with their extended booing.
• Despite Len’s disapproval, this moving and amazing rumba sparked a trending of “Derek and Shawn” on Twitter.
• For the first time ever on Dancing With the Stars, the couples danced a Freestyle Team Dance with Derek’s team dancing to Carly Rae Jepsen’s, Call Me Maybe.
• The theme for the dance was Football and Cheerleaders, and exhibited the fun and thrill of a rip-roaring football game, with cheers, fast action, flips, and even a swinging human jump rope.
• With Team Call Me Maybe’s win of  the team dance competition, Derek’s record for always being on the winning team remains intact. Yay!  
Collage – Week 5

WEEK 6 – Country Week
• Uh uh! It just got personal. (Read on.)
• Derek and Shawn danced a crowd-pleasing Cha Cha that head judge Len Goodman lowballed once again this week in his scoring. 🙁
• Derek’s choreography was a fusion of country two-step, cleverly blended with Latin style Cha Cha.
• Add in a tractor, a fake cow, Derek and Shawn appropriately dressed in western attire, and you’ve got the theme for the week, country.
• However, despite it being Country Week, Team Shawnough were one of only two couples who actually dressed or danced the theme for their individual routines, though they all went country for the Group Dance Freestyle. See Group Dance Chart below.
• Of course, Bruno and Carrie Ann loved the cutsey dance, praised it highly, and scored it accordingly with a 10 and a 9 respectively.
• Len, however, assigned an 8.5, the lowest score of the night, saying, I have no hidden agendas here. I thought the choreography was fantastic; the movements brilliant. Derek! Too much frippery, too much gimmicks. Let’s just get dancing along, can we?”
• Derek, always the gentleman responded, “I’ll guarantee you, next week. It’s for you, Sir! For you!”
• Backstage, however, Derek expressed different sentiments, “I’ve reached the point where it’s kind of personal now. Two weeks in a row, you give us an 8, now come on!”
• In his backstage confessional, Derek said he was offended. Watch here at the 1:44 mark.
• Shawn re-injured the knee that knocked her out of Olympic competition, and caused Carrie Ann to say she appeared a little stiff during her solo.
• Derek danced injured, as well, this week, suffering from a recurring bulging disc in his vertebrae that he says will eventually require surgery.
• Always the trooper, Derek said, “If you can’t play through the pain, you can’t play the game.” That’s our Derek!
Collage – Week 6

WEEK 7 Fusion Week
• The dance this week was a first-ever fusion of two dances, Tango and Pasodoble, two dances in which Derek has traditionally exhibited his most creative choreography.
• Saying in rehearsals, “This is for Len.” and keeping to his word, he was careful to keep this week’s choreo simple, with no ‘frippery’, and technically perfect.
• He said, ” All season long, I felt really strong about performances regardless of the scores, and this week were dedicated to doing choreography that was clean and more traditional…and I think that paid off tonight.”
• This week’s dance was a seamless experience of the sensual Tango which originated in Argentina and the majestic Pasodoble from Spain.
• Len was finally pleased………and the couple earned a perfect score of 30.
• Unfortunately, Derek fans were unable to see him dance with Shawn as he was not cleared by his doctor to dance until Monday morning. 🙁 Hear Derek. Shawn danced a technically perfect dance with Mark Ballas.
• Derek, who admits to being a control freak, was so into creatively controlling this dance, that Shawn and Mark joked that they physically “tied him down” to prevent him from injuring himself further. (Not shown, shucks! lol)
• Shawn and Mark earned an additional 8 points in the Swing Marathon competition, performing movements from their S-8 freestyle. See Group Dance chart below.
Collage – Week 7

WEEK 8 A Tribute to Veterans
• In honor of Veteran’s Day, and with military servicemen in the audience, Derek and Shawn danced a gorgeous, emotive Viennese Waltz to Sarah McLachlan’s Angel.
• All three judges earnestly praised the dance, and rewarded it with high scores, only .5 of a point away from perfection. Sweeeeeet!
• The real controversy for the night came, however, when Team Shawnough, along with Mark Ballas, danced their trio dance.
• For this dance, Derek surpassed himself with amazingly inventive choreography to a pure percussion piece entitled Jungle Jazz by Les Tambours du Bronx.
• The music was appropriate for a Samba as Samba has its origins in the jungles of Africa, though it is now recognized as a Brazilian dance performed during Carnival.
• For an incredible 46 seconds (3 seconds longer than for Derek’s W-3 Quickstep), the entire ballroom was on its feet applauding after the performance of this rhythmic interpretation of a Samba.
• Despite the audience’s strong endorsement of the most ingenious Samba in the history of DWTS, Len panned it, saying it had no Samba content.
• For 7 seconds, the audience showed its disapproval of Len’s comments by booing LOUDLY.  (So did I.)
• For 20 funny seconds, Len and Carrie Ann were actually standing and arguing over the integrity of the samba elements.
• For 16 seconds, the audience, in agreement with Carrie Ann’s wonderful assessment of the dance, applauded her comments.
• Then with a 7 paddle, Len pulled out another hammer by giving Derek and Shawn the lowest score of the night, and one that hasn’t been awarded since W-2.
• At least Derek’s Samba score this season is 1 point higher than last season’s Trio Bollywood Samba, and it wasn’t the lowest trio score of the night as in last season either. It was just the 2nd lowest. LOL
• For 14 seconds, with Derek and Mark prodding them on from the celebraquarium, the house erupted in boos over Len’s lowball scoring.
• Len said to Shawn, “If you go home tomorrow, don’t blame it on me. Blame those two”, pointing to Derek and Mark.
• But, as we know, Derek and Shawn didn’t go home; they are heading to the semi-finals, baby!!!!!
• This is Derek’s 8th trip to the semi-finals: Seasons 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, and now. (He did not compete S-12.)
• Derek is currently the only pro to make the semi-finals 6 times in a row, an AMAZING record.
• Derek also has the best record of “all” the pros, taking 8 of his 10 partners to the semi-finals or better. 🙂
Collage – Week 8

WEEK 9 Michael Jackson Week
• “Shut up! Close the door! Call me Mary!  I tell you, this dynamite [Shawn] was fantastic!” A quote from Bruno? Nope. That would be from LEN, folks! 🙂
• Bruno was equally excited, however, about Team Shawnough’s dance this week, shouting during its execution, “I love it! I love it.”
• The audience in the ballroom….and maybe those of us at home too…clapped for almost a full minute after viewing another Derek Hough MASTERPIECE.
• Derek’s choreographic genius caused Twitter to be throttled, with Shawn and Derek trending worldwide.
• And the dance that caused all this excitement? It was a Knight Rider Bhangra, which was a fusion of two incompatible themes, mismatched like “mustard and ice cream” (a quote from Derek).
• What is Bhangra? It is a buoyant dance that blends Punjabi music from India and Pakistan with Hip Hop, Reggae, and Desi (a graceful Indian dance).
• Bhangra is so upbeat and decidedly energetic, that it led Derek, who was out of breath after dancing it, to quip, “Forget Zumba….Bhangra!!!”
• What is Knight Rider? It was a TV crime-fighting character played by David Hasselhoff during the 80’s. Knight Rider was known for his highly teched up car.
• Though frustrated that he could not use a car in the dance, Derek incorporated the theme in costuming.
• During the week, Derek had a hard time fully envisioning the best choreographic elements for the Bhangra, and had not fully choreographed it even by Monday.
• He and Shawn expected that it would be a bomb. It clearly wasn’t.
• Their second dance of the night, the Argentine Tango, was also not fully completed by Monday, and turned out to be bad, as in Bad by Michael Jackson, which is really good. Got that?
• Evidently Carrie Ann got a memo that she should be the person to create some controversy around Team Shawnough this week; she nitpicked their Argentine Tango, and got into a huge fight with Bruno.
• On Tuesday’s result’s show, Derek danced a breathtakingly beautiful contemporary piece that he choreographed with Allison Holker.
• This genre of dance, which is new to him, he danced along side Allison, Melanie Moore, Katherine McCormick, and Jessica Lee Keller, all brilliant contemporary dancers.
• Derek created the music for this dance in a music studio by matching music to the dance steps, rather than the other way around. Pure genius. That’s our Derek!
• Tom Bergeron, who had seen the dance in practice, tweeted that it was “jaw-dropping and brilliant”. It was. Watch here.
• Derek even got a Twitter mention from the famous choreographer Mia Michael, who called the dance, “brilliant” and a “game changer.”
• Derek and Shawn were clearly jubilant after being the first couple to be called SAFE on Tuesday night….This means, folks, they are headed to the FINALS!!!!!! …….Derek’s 5th time in 10 seasons. 🙂
Collage – Week 9

WEEK 10  &  SEASON WRAP-UP  The Finale
• “Shocking” and “Unexpected” were words used by the media to describe the win for the All-Star season of Dancing With the Stars.
• Though not the winners, Derek and Shawn had some of the most memorable and sensational dances for this, or any, season.
• Derek’s body of choreographic work has been outstanding, and absolutely amazing.

  • Who can forget his Brazilian Mambo in which Derek played the conga drums? Watch it again here.
  • Or his Quickstep that Bruno and Carrie Ann said was the best they’ve seen in 15 seasons? Watch here.
  • Or his rumba featuring the Titanic characters Rose and Jack, with Jack drowning at the end? Watch here.
  • Or his wildly energetic Knight Rider inspired Bhangra? Watch here.
  • Or the Tango-Pasodoble fusion dance that he choreographed, but could not dance? Watch here.
  • Or his tribal Samba Trio dance with Mark Ballas? Watch here.
  • Or his contemporary piece to Heart Cry, choreographed with Allison Holker? Watch here.
  • Or the Insta Cha Cha that was choreographed and learned in only an hour’s time? Watch here.
  • And what about the Supersized Freestyle danced during the finale with the Olympian Fierce 5? Watch here.

• Once again this week, Derek and Shawn trended worldwide on Twitter after their incredibly inventive freestyle.
• This freestyle, featuring Gabby Douglas, McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman, Kyla Ross and Jordyn Wieber, was not even fully choreographed until the girls arrived in town on Monday.
• At the beginning of this season, Derek called this season his “swan song”. Hmmm. So will he return next season? Hear what he has to say.
• In addition, he said recently “Ten seasons of this. I’ve won three times and the times I haven’t won, I’ve been more than proud. It’s been extraordinary…I feel like it’s conquered, and now on to the next [project].”
• During rehearsals, a producer asked Derek to talk on camera about what would be his “final dance”; this shocked Derek, and caught him off guard. Hear his emotional response (though edited to show only his comments about Shawn).
• Derek also tweeted this special message that hints even more that this was his final curtain call. Read here.
• If this is truly Derek’s final season, he is exiting out the front door. (See collage at the top of the page.) He is leaving as the most inventive, creative, and memorable professional dancer/choreographer in the history of DWTS. (Fan made video)
• And to Derek, from those of us at Pure Derek Hough: Thanks for all the amazing memories. We will miss you! 
• To learn more about this incredible man and his accomplishments, visit the links on this site.
Season’s Points: 389/430 Season Average: 27.94

Derek and Shawn’s Weekly Dance Scores
Click on the Dance Name to see a video of the dance.

1 Fox Trot  8 – 6.5 – 7.5 = 22  Tied for 4th place with one other couple.
2 Jive  8.5 – 8 – 8.5 = 25  Placed 3rd place out of 12 couples.
3 Quickstep  9 – 8 – 9.5 = 26.5 Placed 2nd behind two couples tied for first.
4 Mambo   10 – 9.5 – 10 -10 = 39.5* Tied for 1st place with one other couple.
5 Rumba   9 – 8 – 10 = 27 Tied for 2nd place with 3 other couples. There was no elimination this week.
Group Freestyle  9.5,10-10=29.5 Placed 1st.
6 Cha Cha 9.5 – 8.5 – 10 = 28 After factoring in last week’s scores, the couple landed in a 4th place, with a score of 84.5
7 Tango-Paso Fusion*** 10 – 10 – 10 = 30 Placed 1st in the individual dances, and 2nd for the night after the Marathon. Danced w/Mark Ballas
Swing Marathon*** 8/10 Placed 3rd. Danced w/Mark Ballas
8 Viennese Waltz 10 – 9.5 – 10 = 29.5 After factoring in last week’s scores, the couple landed in 2nd place, with a total combined score of 93.5
Samba Trio 10 – 7 – 9 = 26 Placed 6th.
9 Bhangra 10 – 10 – 10  = 30 Placed 1st for the night out of 5 couples.
Argentine Tango 9 – 10 -10 = 29
10 Quickstep  9 – 8.5 – 9.5 = 27 After factoring in the viewer votes and judges scores for both nights, Team Shawnough placed 2nd for the All-Star Season. 
Supersized Freestyle  10 – 10 -10 = 30
Insta Cha Cha 10 – 10 -10 = 30


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