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Partner – Maria Menounos
Television Host, Actress, and Journalist

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Derek’s Season-by-Season DANCE RECORDS [CHARTS]. Click here.
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Statistics and Trivia prepared by @donamadrina

• Derek and Maria, in their stunning royal blue costumes, were the 1st couple down the DWTS staircase and the 1st to dance for the new season.
• In Seasons 5 & 8, Derek also danced 1st.
• The sexy duo danced a well-choreographed Cha Cha. This dance has been Derek’s 1st dance 4 times before.
• Derek and Maria earned a respectable 21, setting the tone for higher scores for the rest of the night.
• Derek and Maria found themselves tied for the 2nd lowest score of the night, tied with 1 other couple, but the night was full of amazing dancing.
• Three couples were below them, with a score of 20. Eight couples were above them: 2 tied at 26, 1 at 24, 4 tied at 23.
• Derek earned the score of 21, in Week 1, with 3 of his former partners; two went on to dance all the way to Week 9 and one to Week 7.
• This is stacking up to be a very highly competitive season. Here’s to Derek and Maria dancing all the way to Week 7 and beyond. 🙂

• Dressed as masked bandits, Derek and Maria’s high energy Bonnie and Clyde themed Quickstep was a crowd pleaser.
• Bruno said their dance was “nearly spotless”; he and Carrieann complimented Maria’s frame, Bruno saying, “That’s a frame we can frame.”
• Len praised their balance, speed and control.
• Derek and Maria’s Quickstep was amazing, especially considering that Maria danced with injuries from the prior week’s rehearsal.
• Maria ripped her intercostal muscles (between the ribs) doing a dip, and then fell on Derek’s knee twice to break two ribs.
• Derek and Maria earned their first 9 of the season. 🙂 There were only 4 couples that received 9’s this week, 6 receiving 8’s.
• The couple’s two week total was the 4th highest score, placing them as one of the top 6 couples. 🙂
• Derek and Maria were the most improved couple of the night, improving by 4 points from the prior week.
• Only 4 other couples upped their games from the prior week, 3 received the same scores, and 4 others took a dip.
• Derek performed with the other pros in an absolutely amazing Pro Dance. Watch here.

WEEK 3 – Theme: The Most Memorable Year
• Derek and Maria continued their upward ascent, improving upon last week’s score by 3 points. Had they danced later in the night, the score might have been higher.
• Twitter lit up, as did the media the next day, wondering, “Did-they, didn’t-they?” kiss during this highly romantic dance. You be the judge.
• The audience erupted in a standing ovation, complimenting the execution of this dreamy, beautiful, sensual, and totally sexy version of the Rumba.
• After the dance, Tom turned to the judges and said, “Week 3, week 3Wow!
• According to Len, the dance was a “mix of the ballroom, with a little touch of the bedroom going on…”, and Carrieann added that the dance was “a true vertical and horizontal expression of the true vertical desire.”
• As a side note, Derek had asked the fans if they wanted a sweet or a sexy Rumba for Wk 3. We got Sexy, with a capital “S”. 🙂
• As a testament to Maria’s dancing, and to Derek’s choreography, Bruno pointed out that there was no rhythm in the song, only melody, which is very difficult to dance to.
• Bruno further said, “You’ve done something on Wk 3, I’ve never seen.”
• Derek showed his creative gift in that he added “sunlight” to their Rumba through effective lighting, which created a very ethereal, dreamy mood. He also had the novel idea to slow down the music to one of Maria’s favorite songs, Material Girl, and to add violins to it.
• Traditionally, Derek’s Rumbas earn high scores, but this could possibly be considered his best EVER in terms of viewer satisfaction.
• Derek and Maria had spent the prior weekend on red-eye flights, flying to and from Miami, where Maria wrestled her way to win a WWE Tag Team match, and still managed to dance to near perfection on Monday night.

WEEK 4 – Theme: Rock n’ Roll Week
• For what can arguably be considered the best Tango of the night, Derek and Maria enjoyed a standing “O”, and earned the 2nd highest dance score of the night. Yay! 🙂
• Derek’s Tangos have traditionally earned high scores, with this week’s score of 26 being tied with Jennie’s score, S-5, Week 3. (Undoubtedly, the rock music theme may have contributed to this week’s score not being higher.)
• Maria, the stalwart Greek warrior, danced beautifully, despite having a stress fracture on her right foot, and multiple bone bruises on her left foot.
• In celebration of Rock n’ Roll week, Derek once again styled his hair to reflect the theme. See here.
• At the beginning of their Tango, Derek had Maria’s school teacher costume blown off of her with a loud bang and smoke, revealing a sexy, sultry, see-through Tango dress. See here.
• Though executing some amazingly choreographed dances, the 10 paddle has eluded Team Menough so far this season.
• In the past, for 5 out of 8 seasons, Derek earned his first 10 by week 4. (He also earned a 10 in the 2nd week of Season 10, and in the 3rd week for Season 7.)
• The standard of dancing for this season has been incredibly high.

WEEK 5 Latin Night
• Team Menough brought sizzle to the ballroom when Maria planted a full-on kiss on Derek’s lips during their sexy, saucy Salsa.
• What did Derek do to earn this? Apparently, he took his shirt off to reveal his 6-pack. 🙂  Watch.
• Carrieann felt their kiss was too much, telling Derek that he was “selling out” and that they should have saved it for backstage. Hmmm.
• Despite the controversy over the appropriateness of the kiss, Derek and Maria were selected to do the Encore dance for the Result’s Show.
• In an entertaining twist, Derek laid a big one on Carrieann, who was floored, and Maria kissed a very willing Bruno. Watch.
• Maria had a slight wardrobe malfunction after their dance. Her top had ridden up on one side, exposing part of her left breast.
• During a rehearsal, Derek dropped Maria face first to the floor, hurting her chin. Ouch!
• By the way, that was Dr. Drew who had the honor of having Maria shimmy down his legs at the beginning of their dance on Monday.
• Meanwhile, Derek danced with Dr. Drew’s very youthful looking wife. 🙂
• Derek and Maria escaped having to participate in this season’s Dance Duel, in which the two lowest couples do a dance off.
• Derek and Maria’s 5-Week Average of 25.2 is thisclose to matching Nicole’s 5-Week Average of 25.8 and Brooke’s of 26. Nice!
• Derek maintains his record of taking ALL of his partners past the halfway point in the competition. Congrats, Derek!

WEEK 6 Motown Special
• Wow! What an intense Monday and Tuesday for Derek and Maria……….and all Team Menough fans! Photo of our favorite couple.
• Derek and Maria danced a beautiful, well framed Foxtrot, but unfortunately Maria tripped on her dress.
• The mishap caused Maria to misstep on the stairs, thus losing her timing. The result? Points off of their dance score.
• It is possible that Martha Reeves, who was singing live (sans the Vandellas), was too close to where they planned to dance.
• On Tuesday night, to the horror of fans, our beloved duo was placed in jeopardy. The look on Derek’s face said, “We’re going home”.
• Other than producer drama, how did they land in jeopardy? They were 3rd from the bottom on the leader board. Yikes! 🙁
• To the surprise of most everyone, during the Cha Cha Marathon, Derek and Maria were tapped to leave second.
• Earning only 4 points out of 10, combined with 26 for their Foxtrot, Derek and Maria’s total points for the night were 30 out of 40.
“I don’t know,” Derek said. “I was bummed. I’m not gonna lie. My pride was hurt. I’ve only ever come first or second in that thing.”
It’s okay, Derek fans! In Season 7, Brooke and Derek earned the low score of 21 in the semi-finals, but …we know how that season ended. 🙂

WEEK 7 Classical Night
Woo hoo! It happened! Team Menough finally got a good view of a 10 paddle, earning themselves the first perfect score…of the season!!!!!!!!!
• Derek and Maria owned the night due to their fiery, passionate, well-orchestrated and choreographed Pasodoble. Ah yeah! 🙂
• It was heartwarming to see Derek’s ‘brother’ Mark, his partner Katherine, and Roshon Fagan, all jumping up and down for glee.
• Mark later said, “…she went for it tonight and killed it, and she deserves it.” Mark’s partner, Katherine, added, “I’m really, really proud.”
• Derek and Maria were deliriously happy, as they watched each judge slowly and dramatically hold up their 10 paddles. Watch this brief clip.
• Team Menough’s vampire themed Paso was danced to Prokoviev’s Montagues and Capulets. See photos.
• As a side note, Derek pushed Maria particularly hard this week, with Maria complaining that it wasn’t as much fun during rehearsals.
• Derek joked, “…With all my previous partners, all the weeks I’ve gotten really hard on my partners, and they kinda hated me, is (sic) weeks when we’ve done really well.”
• Len called their dance “…sharp as a razor, crisp as a Pringle, and had more tension than my grandmother’s knicker elastic…Fantastic!
• On GMA, fellow pro Tony Dovolani said that Maria so deserved the 1st perfect score for her execution and for staying in character.
• Karina Smirnoff chimed in, adding that “she did difficult choreography, and delivered every single line.”. Watch Tony and Karina here.
• The teams were up next, with Derek and Maria’s team nailing their Tango, earning them an additional 27 points. Click on the link below: Weekly Dance Scores.
• Team Tango had winning choreography, great synchronization, unique costuming, and two stand-out celeb performances by Maria and Roshon.
• To date, Derek’s team has won all 6 team dance competitions in which he has competed.  See the Group Dances chart here.
• Team Menough’s combined score for both dances put them at the TOP of the leaderboard for the first time all season. Menough said. 🙂
• And folks, for the 2nd time this season, Derek and Maria performed the encore dance, their Pasodoble, but it had an alternate ending, just as their salsa encore had.

WEEK 8 Trio Dances With Another Pro
• Team Menough had another week of drama, and part of that drama was landing 2nd from the bottom in scoring. Yikes!
• In the pre-dance package, a very frustrated Derek had to be bleeped several times in rehearsal with Maria.
• He later apologized to Maria for being “a jerk”, and said, “Sometimes you hurt the ones you love the most…”.
• Derek and Maria danced a romantic and beautifully choreographed Viennese Waltz. See picture.
• The audience seemed to be loving Derek and Maria’s on-air chemistry.
• Carrieann remarked, “Something magical is happening between you…There is the emotional connection to…each other that makes it so special.”
• Maria cried after the dance, from the emotion of it all, and Derek seemed to have a tear in his eyes as well.
• Len, however, grumpier than ever, didn’t appreciate the beauty of the dance; there was not enough dancing in hold.
• At least, Len is consistent in his criticisms; he gave Derek the same critique for his waltz with Jennie. Brief clip.
• Derek and Maria were lucky to get an “8”, because in S-9, Len gave Dimitri and Mya a “5”. Hear the brutal chastisement.
• For their “trio” dance, Derek and Maria danced a Samba with troupe member Henry Byalikov.
What a unique Samba it was! The dance was choreographed to a Bollywood inspired theme.
Of course, of course, Len didn’t like the Samba-Bollywood fusion, saying that there was not enough Samba.
• Len chastised Derek again, and gave the dance a “7”. Derek and Maria haven’t scored “7’s” since Week 1. 🙁
• Team Menough’s trio dance earned the lowest trio dance score of the night (25). (The others were 28, 27, 29, 27, 27.)
• Len had trouble sleeping that night, feeling upset about his scoring of the dance. Hear a brief clip of his comments.
• Love that Len said, “I don’t say this word often, but Derek as a choreographer is a genius. He’s a genius.”
• Despite all the drama of the week, a happy conclusion: Team Menough is going to the semi-finals! Yea, Baby!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

WEEK 9 The Semi-Finals
• The judges were handing out 10’s like they were going out of style on Monday, and fortunately Derek and Maria were the recipients of 5 of them.
• Derek severely hurt his back while practicing the Argentine Tango, yet for a dance loaded with complicated lifts, they still earned a perfect 30.
• Derek is a master craftsman for Argentine Tango choreography; he has never earned less than a 27.**
• Monday’s perfect score adds to the perfect score for their Pasodoble, making it two 30’s for the season.
• In his winning seasons, Derek has had more than two perfect scores, three in S-7, four in S-10, and six in S-11.
• In his non-winning seasons, he had one 30 in S-5 and two 30’s in S-13.
• The same team of specialists that have helped Maria through her injuries this season, worked on Derek’s back, plus there were 3 doctors backstage for him.
• Maria has had laser treatments, cryotherapy, massage, lymphatic drainage, and bone stimulation.
• During camera blocking, Maria suffered yet another injury, this time to her quad, adding to her broken ribs, fractures, and broken toes. 🙁
• Derek has had some kind of trauma to his person during every season, except Season 11.

  • Season 5 – first fall ever on DWTS
  • Season 6 – neck injury / food poisoning
  • Season 7 – head injury / black outs
  • Season 8 – knee injury
  • Season 9 – flu (possibly the swine flu)
  • Season 10 – neck / back injury
  • Season 13 – dislocated shoulder

• Derek and Maria danced a Jive that Len called non-traditional, but said it didn’t matter, and gave them a 9.
• Uh! Remember last week? For their non-traditional Samba, Len was very upset and gave them a 7.  ?????
• Maria said that she and Derek had had a tough week: she wasn’t getting the dances, they lost one day’s rehearsal to Wango Tango, Derek couldn’t get the choreography down, and they weren’t really prepared to dance.
• In spite of the hard week, they found themselves at the top of the leader board, with a near perfect score of 59 out of 60. See photos of Derek and Maria.
• To the surprise of many, and with an audience booing in disapproval, Derek and Maria were eliminated.
• Derek and Maria trended worldwide on Twitter, with commentary that they were robbed.
• This was probably not the 27th birthday present that Derek had hoped for. (Birthday: May 17)
• This was only Derek’s 3rd time that he did not advance to the finals after being sent to the semi-finals.
• He missed the opportunity to dance freestyle with Jennie (S-5) and with Joanna (S-9).
• We will see Derek and Maria dance one more time, when they return to next week’s season finale.
• Ten weeks of seeing Derek dance! How fortunate we are! 🙂

WEEK 10 The Finale
• Team Menough returned to the ballroom for the season finale, and re-danced their amazingly beautiful Argentine Tango.
• This re-performance was even more awesome than the first; the movements were sharper, crisper, more intense. Fantastic job! See here.
• Earlier in the evening, Derek participated in a combination pro and celebrity opening number. See here.
• Derek and Maria’s two perfect scores for the season extended Derek’s total record of perfect scores to 17 in 9 seasons, more than any other pro.
• He had 3 perfect scores with Brooke, 3 with Nicole, and 6 with Jennifer.
• Derek and Maria had a total of ten 10’s, extending Derek’s overall record to 98, far more than any other pro.***
• He had 19 with Brooke, 19 with Nicole, and 22 with Jennifer.
• Derek and Maria’s Rumba, Pasodoble, Viennese Waltz, Argentine Tango and Jive had the highest scores for those particular dances this season.
• And finally, the nicest stat of all, Derek still remains the winningest pro on Dancing With the Stars, with 3 wins in his 9 seasons.
• And that, folks……….is a wrap! (Stay tuned to see if Derek will be back for All-Star Season 15.)
Season’s Points: 321/360 Season Average: 26.75

FUN FACTS about Derek (Season 5 to Season 13)
• Derek took Season 12 off to star in the feature film, Cobu 3D: New York Nights, along with Asian pop star BoA Kwon. It is due in theaters in late 2012.
• Derek remains the only pro who has taken all of his multiple partners to week 7 in the competition, and 7 of his partners to week 9.
• Derek is the first and only pro to win with a model, having broken the axiomatic model curse.
• Derek partnered with the oldest female celebrity to win DWTS. (Jennifer Grey, age 50)
• Derek is the only male pro with back-to-back wins. (Seasons 10 & 11)
• Derek has to his credit, 4 trips to the finals, 3 wins, and 2 trips to the semi-finals.
• None of Derek’s wins were with athletes, in fact he’s never had an athlete as a partner.
• Derek has partnered 3 models (one win), 3 actresses (one win), and 2 singers (one win).
• As a point of reference, past winners of DWTS include 3 actors, 3 singers, 1 model, and 6 athletes.
• Derek had 6 wins in a row for the group dances he’s helped choreograph.
• Derek and his partners have come in first for 3 out of 4 dance marathons.
• Derek is the only sexy, blonde, male pro. But of course!  🙂

Derek and Maria’s Weekly Dance Scores
CLICK on the name of the dance to see the performance.

1 Cha Cha 7-7-7=21 Tied with one other couple for the 4th highest score. No elimination. Danced 1st out of 12.
2 Quickstep 8-8-9=25 Tied with one other couple for the 2nd highest score. Danced 8th out of 12.
3 Rumba 9-9-9=27 Placed 3rd out of 11 couples. Danced 2nd out of 11.
4 Tango 9-8-9=26 Placed 2nd out of 10 couples. Tied with one other couple. Danced 9th out of 10.
5 Salsa 9-9-9=27 Tied with one other couple for the 2nd highest score. Danced 3rd out of 9.
6 Foxtrot 8-9-9=26 Placed 3rd lowest, tied with one other couple. Danced 2nd out of 8.
Marathon 4/10 Placed 7th out of 8 couples.
7 Pasodoble 10-10-10=30 Placed 1st out of 7 couples. Danced 6th out of 7.
Team Tango 10-8-9=27 Won the team competition.
8 Viennese Waltz 10-8-10=28 Placed 2nd lowest. Danced 2nd out of 6.
Samba 9-7-9=25 Lowest “Trio” score of the night.
9 Argentine Tango 10-10-10=30 Placed 1st out of 4 couples. Danced 4th. eliminated
Jive 10-9-10+29


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