DWTS Season 13 Statistics

Partner – Ricki Lake
Actress and Television Host

Derek’s Season-by-Season DANCE RECORDS [CHARTS]. Click here.
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Statistics and Trivia prepared by @donamadrina

Derek returned to the ballroom after an absence of one season due to the filming of his leading role in the movie Cobu 3D: New York Nights. The movie is due to release in 2012.
Despite receiving the lowest dance score Derek has ever earned in Week 1, Derek and Ricki landed in the top 4 for the season premiere. Yeah!
In Derek’s past three wins, he coincidentally had the highest score of the night in Week 1. In Season 5, he had the top score in Week 1, and ended up going to the semi-finals. In Season 9, he also ended up in the semi-finals, even though his first week score placed him in 4th place.  So Team Drickilous is looking pretty. 🙂
• Derek named his team, DRickilous. Here he is wearing a fan-made tee with the name, and here is a song created by the New York PS 22 Chorus about his team name.

Derek and Ricki landed at the TOP of the Leaderboard this week.
Derek and his partners have been at the top of the Leaderboard in Week 2 for Seasons 7, 10 and 11, all the seasons he won. 🙂
Derek and Ricki danced the encore of their fun and energetic Jive for the results show. (See Jive link under Weekly scores.)

Derek and Ricki earned the highest score of Season 13 so far, 3 nines, landing for the 2nd week in a row at the top of the leaderboard.
Week 3 is the earliest that Derek has ever danced the Rumba, a dance difficult to do well. In Season 10, he danced it in Week 4.

This week was “My Most Memorable Year Ever” week. Ricki’s memory was of her house burning down, her failed marriage, and the subsequent finding of a love she never expected to find again.
Derek’s choreography told Ricki’s love story, in the vain of So You Think You Can Dance choreo. Len Goodman congratulated Derek on a great routine, and Bruno said, “…every step was as expressive as a word in a a poem. Every move was absolutely essential to the dramatic tension of the story.” See for yourself in the Rumba link below.

Derek and Ricki earned the first 10’s of the season!!!! 🙂
This week was Movie Theme week, with Derek’s choreography to the Psycho movie theme being the reason for the judges’ 10’s, as much as Ricki’s wonderful execution of a tango to this piece of music that has no melody.
Derek and Ricki’s tango earned them a prolonged standing ovation, and Carrie Ann Inaba was so in awe of it, that Len had to remind her to score them. (See the Tango link below for the entire package.)
Bruno’s comments: This was a blockbuster performance worthy of three sequels. The thrill of the chase, the build up of tension, the chilling ending. It really was an immaculate tribute to the master of suspense. (Alfred Hitchcock)
The score of 29 is the highest Derek has ever earned in Weeks 1-4, earning it only once before with Jennifer Gray in Week 4.
Derek’s tangos have consistently earned high scores, with the lowest being a 27. See Dance Score Comparisons below.
Derek’s sister, Julianne, returned to the ballroom to a much anticipated and entertaining Jive with Derek.
Derek danced the Jive despite having dislocated his left shoulder in rehearsals. He had Cortisone shots to help him through it.

Team Drickilous fell from the top of the leaderboard this week, when they had to dance a Fox Trot to a song that was more like a Cha Cha.
This was 80’s Week, and Derek tried to choreograph some 80’s moves (the Roger Rabbit) into this ballroom dance, unfortunately, the judges didn’t like them. (See the Weekly Scores to view the dance.)
Derek’s Fox Trot earned him the lowest Fox Trot score he’s ever earned, but not the lowest score for Week 5.
For the 3rd week in a row, Derek and Ricki were declared “safe” in the beginning of the show.
Derek’s record remains in tact for having taken all of his partners past the halfway mark in the competition.
Derek danced a pro dance with a Mark Ballas, and a young lady by the name of Charm. Watch here for her moving story and the fantastic Hip Hop dance.

Yea!  Derek and Ricki are back at the top of the leaderboard, tied with one other couple.
The score of 29 is the highest score ever earned by Derek in week 6, and the highest for any of his Quicksteps. 🙂
The theme was Broadway Week and Derek and Ricki danced to Luck Be a Lady Tonight from Guys and Dolls.
Team Drickilous did a Quickstep with such rapid speed that Ricki looked like a pro dancer. (See Weekly scores to view this FANTASTIC dance.) The audience gave the pair a prolonged standing ovation, as did Carrie Anne and Bruno.  Bruno said that the dance had outstanding choreography.
All the celebs and pros danced in a group dance that was a medley of Broadway show tunes.
This week, Derek was inadvertently criticized by friend and fellow pro Maksim Chermskovskiy, when Maks called out the judges for their harsh, and sometimes inappropriate, comments. He felt that Derek supported the judges because he gets good partners like Nicole, Jennifer, and Ricki. This created a controversy among fans. You be the judge of whether Derek supports Maks’ opinion, the judges’, or both. (At the 1:06 mark here.)

For the 5th time out of 7 weeks, Derek and Ricki landed at the top of the Leaderboard.
This week was Halloween themed, and Ricki was costumed as Little Red Riding Hood, and Derek was the Big Bad Wolf, fangs and all.
Traditionally, Derek has choreographed amazing Pasodobles that earn high scores, though his average is skewed by the 20 he earned in Season 10, when Jennifer Grey had an uncharacteristically off week.
Ricki performed this Paso with bruised ribs. Her doctor had told her that she needed 2-3 weeks of rest, but Ricki would not consider that option.
Derek choreographed a synchronized and beautiful Pasodoble, for Team Paso.
Derek showed himself to be quite the gentleman when he helped Hope Solo to learn her part of the individual dance for Team Paso when Maks was not available.
For the results show, Derek choreographed an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Latin infused dance of Argentine Tango, Flamenco, and Pasodoble. Musicians, including violins, were on stage during the performance, playing Black Violin’s “Gypsy”. Derek danced this Emmy worthy dance with Allison Holker (SYTYCD).
• Both Len and Bruno pounded the judges’ table in appreciation of Derek and Allison’s dance, with the audience giving a prolonged standing ovation, as well. Brooke said, “Wow!”
Besides being sharp, crisp, and artistically breathtaking, the highlight of this dance was the sight of Derek’s well toned chest. View here (the dance, as well as his chest). 🙂
As a side note, Derek had lost 6 pounds this week, and was concerned about going shirtless. He need not have worried.

Derek and Ricki danced a lovely, romantic, slow Waltz, that highly pleased the audience, but Len was upset due to the lack of heel leads. Derek was pleased with the dance, and didn’t think the lack of heel leads mattered.
This week saw the return of the InstaDance, with the couples dancing the Jive. Ricki was upset due to a few mishaps in the dance, but she and Derek still earned a respectable 24.
Derek and Ricki landed in 2nd place this week, 8 points behind 1st place and 8 points above the lowest score for the night.
• Yeah! For the 6th time in 8 seasons, Derek will be in the SEMI-FINALS with his partner. 🙂
Derek continues to be the only pro who has taken all of his multiple partners to week 7 in the competition, and 7 of his partners to week 8.

Yeah!!!!!! Derek and Ricki are going TO THE FINALS! 🙂
This is the 4th time that Derek has gone to the finals. Of course, he’s always won, when he did. (Fingers crossed.)
Derek and Ricki earned their first 30 of the season for their Samba, the highest score Derek has ever earned for one of his Sambas.
In prior seasons, when Derek has won the coveted mirrorball trophy, he earned his first 30’s in weeks 7 or 8.
Derek’s Argentine Tangos’ consistently have earned high scores, and this week’s fiery Tango was no exception.  (See Weekly Scores)
Team Drickilous earned 8 points out of 10 for their Cha Cha relay dance; this is the first time that one of Derek’s group dances did not come in 1st place.
Derek won this season’s Design-A-Dance, along with Anna Trebunskaya. Derek has won 6 out of the 7 times that he was eligible. (Click to see this intense Pasodoble.)
• This week, Derek appeared in People Magazine as one of its Sexiest Men Alive. He also earned this honor in 2010.  (He also was selected, with Mark Ballas, in 2008 as one of People’s Hottest Bachelors.)

• With the combination of Monday night’s and Tuesday’s first dance, Derek and Ricki landed on the top of the Leaderboard for the 7th time this season, before being eliminated by lovable and worthy opponents.
• On Monday night, Team Drickilous danced a fun, energetic and sexy Cha Cha.
• Their freestyle was a blend of Salsa, Cha Cha, and Quickstep, accompanied by lifts, spins, and twirls. The audience was pleased by the energy of this freestyle, as were the judges, but there were a few mistakes.
• On Tuesday night, Derek and Ricki re-danced their Tango to the Psycho theme, earning them another perfect score for the season.
• Derek and Ricki were the King and Queen of Classiness during their elimination.
• Here is their dance together on Good Morning America, the next day, and on The View.
And that’s a wrap on Season 13!!!
Season’s Points: 400/450 Season Average: 26.66

FUN FACTS about Derek to spout off about:
• Derek remains the only pro who has taken all of his multiple partners to week 7 in the competition, and 7 of his partners to week 9.
• Derek is the first and only pro to win with a model, having broken the axiomatic model curse.
• Derek partnered with the oldest female celebrity to win DWTS.
• Derek is the only male pro with back-to-back wins.
• Derek has to his credit, 4 trips to the finals, 3 wins, and 2 trips to the semi-finals.
• None of Derek’s wins were with athletes, in fact he’s never had an athlete as a partner.
• Derek has partnered 3 models (one win), 3 actresses (one win), and 2 singers (one win).
• As a point of reference, past winners of DWTS include 3 actresses, 3 singers, 1 model, and 6 athletes.
• Derek had 6 wins in a row for the group dances he’s helped choreograph.
• Derek and his partners have come in first for 3 out of 4 dance marathons.
• Derek is the only sexy, blonde, male pro. (Had to throw that in.) 🙂

Derek and Ricki’s Weekly Dance Scores

1 Viennese Waltz 7-6-7=20 Ranked #3 out of 12 couples, with 2 tied for 1st place.
2 Jive 8-7-8=23 Ranked at the TOP of the Leaderboard, out of 11 couples.
3 Rumba 9-9-9=27 Ranked at the TOP of the Leaderboard, out of 10 couples.
4 Tango 10-9-10=29 Ranked at the TOP of the Leaderboard, out of 9 couples.
5 Fox Trot 8-8-8=24 This score tied for the 3rd highest score.
6 Quickstep 10-9-10=29 This score tied for the 1st highest score.
7 Pasodoble 9-9-9=27 Ranked at the TOP of the Leaderboard, out of 6 couples. 53/60
Team Paso 9-8-9=26 Highest ranked team dance this week.
8 Waltz 9-9-10=28 Ranked #2 out of 5 couples.
Jive InstaDance 8-8-8=24
9 Samba 10-10-10=30 Ranked at the TOP of the Leaderboard, out of 4 couples
Argentine Tango 9-10-10=29
10 Cha Cha 9-9-9=27 Ranked at the TOP of the Leaderboard before Dance Off.
Freestyle 9-9-9=27
Favorite Dance


10-10-10=30 This dance ranked 1st – Possible scores 30, 28, 26


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