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Partner – Jennifer Grey
Movie Actress & Star of “Dirty Dancing”

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Statistics and Trivia prepared by @donamadrina

• Derek and Jennifer danced a moving and beautifully acted Viennese Waltz to “These Arms of Mine”, which was the same song that was playing before Johnny and Baby made love for the first time in the movie, Dirty Dancing.

• Despite receiving the highest scores of the night for their dance, the audience booed the judges for what they considered to be an underscored jive. News media inaccurately reported that the booing was for Sarah Palin, a guest in the audience.

• Derek and Jennifer earned the score of 24 for the 3rd week in a row.
• The theme this week was “Story Week” and Derek’s dance told the story of his crush on his 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Fox.
• Derek was praised for his complicated samba choreography, but a mis-step at the beginning of the dance caused the score to be lower than it otherwise might have been.

• Derek and Jennifer finally earned a score other than “24”. :-), returning them to the top of the leaderboard.
• Their Argentine tango earned them their first 9’s and………the first 10’s of the season for any couple.
• The judges’ praise was effusive: CAI-The precision was incredible. L-Excellent technique. B-Primetime delight. Fantastic.
• Derek’s tango scores in 7 seasons  have been his highest dance scores, not including his freestyle scores.
• Derek and Jennifer re-danced the tango, with a slightly different beginning, for the Result’s Show ENCORE. Tom commented that it was even better the second time around, if that were possible.

• For TV Theme Week, Derek and Jennifer danced the Foxtrot to Frank Sinatra’s Love and Marriage song, the theme song for Married With Children.
• This week’s dance was overshadowed by a producer edit that included a minor tiff between the couple.
• Derek and Jennifer found themselves in jeopardy for the first time this season.

• It was a rough week for Team Jenougher (Baby Derek, Grough), with Derek & Jennifer falling to 5th place.
• The score of 20 for their Pasodoble was only the second time Derek has ever received a score lower than a 21 for any dance. Prior to this week, Derek’s Pasos had an average of 27.6.
• His Futuristic Paso from Season 9 won 6th place in DWTS’s Top Ten Dances, with his 50’s Paso from Season 10 winning 4th place.
• Though coming in 2nd in the Rock n’ Roll marathon, this is the first time Derek did not actually win.

• Derek continues to be the only pro who has taken all of his multiple partners to week 7 in the competition.
• Derek and Jennifer returned to the top of the Leaderboard with an awesome tango, which was the recreation of the tango done by Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke in Season 4.
• Apolo Anton Ohno (from Season 4) was one of the captains for the cha cha team dance. The first person he chose to be on his team was Derek (Jennifer’s name was mentioned after Derek’s.)

• For the second week in a row, Derek and Jennifer landed at the top of the Leaderboard, but tied with one other couple once again.
• Derek and Jennifer earned the season’s first perfect score of 30 for their hot, sexy  “Insta-Dance” rumba.
• This was the first 30 Derek has earned for any of his rumbas, and one of only three rumbas to earn a 30 in the history of Dancing With the Stars (US).  The others were Joey Lawrence/Edyta Sliwinska and Mel B/Maks.
• Since season 5, Derek has earned 8 other 30’s. One for his cha-cha (S-5), Foxtrot (S-7), V. Waltz (S-7), Freestyle (S-7), 50’s Paso (S-10), Argentine Tango 2x (S-10), and Jive (S-10). (Thanks, Dee!)
• Derek and Jennifer performed an awesome, entertaining Quickstep, in which Derek did a few tap moves taught to him by Jennifer’s father, dance and entertainment legend, Joel Grey. Bruno said it was like watching a vintage Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers classic Quickstep.
• Dance Center had a fun spoof on Derek and Jennifer this week.

Yeah!!!!!!!! Derek and Jennifer made it through to the finals.
• In seven seasons on the show, this is the 3rd time Derek has made it to the finals. The last two times, he won the prized Mirrorball Trophy. (By the way, he has made it to the semi-finals with 5 of his 7 partners.)
• This week, Derek and Jennifer returned to the top of the Leaderboard with two perfect 30 scores for their sexy, energetic cha cha and their smooth, flowing, romantic waltz.
• This is the 1st time that Derek has earned two 30’s with any of his partners before week 10.
• This was the 6th time in 9 weeks in which Derek and Jennifer topped the Leaderboard, and the 4th time that they did not share this honor with any other couple.
• Derek won the Design-A-Dance with fellow pro, Cheryl Burke! This is the 3rd time out of four competitions that Derek has won. Their performance to a rock n’ roll concept, envisioned by a viewer, was sooooo cute. 🙂

• After combining the viewer votes with the judges’ scores for 4 dances, Derek and Jennifer were proclaimed the winners of Season 11. 🙂
• Derek joins Cheryl Burke and Julianne Hough as the only pros with back-to-back wins, but….he is the only pro to have a hat trick, three wins!
• On the 1st night, Derek and Jen danced a splendid and beautifully choreographed pasodoble as their redemption dance, most definitely redeeming themselves from the 20 they earned for their previous paso in week 6.
• Their crowd-pleasing freestyle was inspired by the watermelon scene from Dirty Dancing. (Is Jennifer really 50 years old?)
• On the 2nd night, Jennifer informed the audience that she had ruptured a disc in her spine from performing the freestyle, however, a nerve block, placed in her spine, allowed her to complete the season’s 2 remaining dances, earning herself and Derek the mirrorball trophy.
• Derek and Jennifer chose, as their favorite dance, their opening night  Viennese Waltz to These Arms of Mine, from Dirty Dancing. (See Week 1)
• Their insta-dance was a cha-cha, performed in tandem with the two other finalist couples.
• Combined with last week’s scores, Derek and Jennifer earned a record setting 6 back-to-back 30’s. Previously, the most 30’s earned by any pro and his celebrity partner have been five, but the most back-to-back 30’s have been 3 (Mark and Kristi in Season 6).
• Jennifer’s season average with Derek is only .31 of a percent less (27.22) than that with Nicole (27.53), and .16 of a percent higher than that with Brooke (27.06).
• And that’s a wrap on this season, the most controversial season since the Season 1 Dance-off debacle!
Season’s Points: 472/520 Season Average: 27.22

And the winners are…………………..!

Derek and Jennifer’s Weekly Dance Scores

1 Viennese Waltz 8-8-8=24 Ranked #1 out of 12 couples.
2 Jive 8-8-8=24 Ranked #1 out of 11 couples
3 Samba 8-8-8=24 Ranked #2, tied with two other couples
4 Argentine Tango T-9-9-9=27


Technique and Performance were scored this week

Ranked #1 out of 9 couples

5 Foxtrot 8-8-9=25 Ranked #2 out of 8 couples
6 Pasodoble 6-7-7=20 2nd lowest score for individual dances
Rock ‘n Roll Marathon 9/10 Ranked #6 for the week out of 7 couples
7 Tango 10-9-9-9=37


Drew Lachey was the guest judge for their dance.
Team Apolo Cha Cha 9-9-9=27 Ranked #1, tied with one other couple
8 Quickstep 9-9-9-=27
Rumba InstaDance 10-10-10=30 Ranked #1, tied with one other couple
9 Cha Cha 10-10-10=30
Waltz 10-10-10=30 Ranked #1 out of 4 couples –  moving on the the finals
10 Redemption Dance


10 Freestyle 10-10-10=30 Ranked #1 out of 3 couples.
10 Favorite Dance

Viennese Waltz

10 Insta-Dance

Cha Cha

9-9-10=28 Winners of Season 11.

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