DWTS Season 10 Statistics

Partner – Nicole Scherzinger
Lead singer of the Pussy Cat Dolls

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Derek’s Season-by-Season DANCE RECORDS [CHARTS]. Click here.
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Statistics and Trivia prepared by @donamadrina

• Derek and Nicole ranked at the top of the Leaderboard, earning the 1st 9’s of the season.
• Derek’s waltzes typically earn high scores, ranging from 25 (Nicole) to 30 (Brooke).
• Nicole dubbed themselves Sir Derek and Lady Nicole. 🙂

• Derek and Nicole retained their position at the top of the Leaderboard for the 2nd week in a row.
• Derek and Nicole earned their first 10’s of the season .
• The only other couples to earn 10’s in Week 2 were Stacy/Tony (Season 2) & Joey/Edyta (Season 3).
• No couple has yet to earn 10’s in Week 1.
• Derek and Nicole’s jive earned the encore spot on the Tuesday night Result’s show.

• Derek and Nicole performed a fun, entertaining Quickstep that broke the rules, according to the judges.
• On the results show, Derek performed a fierce, fiery, passionate Pasodoble with Chelsie Hightower.

• This week, scores were given for both Technicality and Performance. A total of 60 points were possible.
• Nicole was upset with her rumba performance this week, though the scores were high. Hear her comments.

• Derek and Nicole reclaimed the top position on the leaderboard with a tango for their Movie Night performance.
• The crowd erupted in a standing ovation after the dance.
• Len gave out his first 9 of the season, and said their tango was the best dance of the season.
• Carrie Ann said they were “super stars”.
• Bruno claimed they danced to perfection; “…two players at the top of their game!”
• Their score of 29 was the highest score of the season to date.
• This score tied with Brooke’s in season 7- week 5, as Derek’s earliest near perfect score.
• Derek danced with fellow pros to Debi Nova’s Drummer Boy on the result’s show.

• Derek and Nicole remained on top of the leaderboard for the second week in a row.
• Len criticized their sexy samba for lack of voltas and botafogos. ????
• Len awarded only a 7 to their dance, and to every other couple that night, except Chad/Cheryl. (8)
• In addition to their regular dance, couples performed in a Swing Dance Marathon.
• For the second season in a row, Derek and his partner won the marathon, earning an additional 10 points.
• Derek continues to be the only pro who has taken all of his multiple partners to week 7 in the competition.

• Derek and Nicole remained in 1st Place for their waltz, though tied with another couple.
• Team Gaga (the team Derek was on) won the Cha Cha competition.
• This is the 4th season in a row that Derek has been on the winning team.
Season 7 – PasoDoble, Season 8 – Team Tango, Season 9, Team Argentine Tango
• Team Gaga performed the encore the next night.

• Derek and Nicole remained in 1st Place, combining their two scores to total 59 out of 60.
• They earned their first 30 of the season for their 50’s Pasodoble.
• The audience was on their feet for both their Foxtrot and their Pasodoble.
• Derek was praised for the choreography of the 50’s Pasodoble. See Choreography on this site.
• Tom quipped that Derek’s challenge for next season will be a Quickstep from the Renaissance. 🙂
• Derek and Nicole performed the encore of their Pasodoble.
• Derek has now taken all of his partners to Week 9, except Shannon Elizabeth in Season 6.

• Derek and Nicole were at the top of the leaderboard again, this time tied with another couple.
• Yeah!  Derek and Nicole made it to the finals.!!!!!!!
• They received their second 30 of the season for their sultry Argentine Tango.
• The standing ovation and roar from the crowd for their Tango went on and on and on. 🙂
• Prince cleared his song “Kiss” for them to use for their Cha Cha, indicating that it was for Nicole and Nicole only.
• At this point in the season, Derek’s average is 27.16, compared with 26.54 for his championship season with Brooke.
• Derek suffered a neck and back injury during the prior week, making it hard for him to practice.
• Monday of this week was Derek’s birthday.

• Derek and Nicole WON Season 10 of DWTS, breaking the trend of the Olympian always winning. 🙂
• This win means that the Ballas Hough family now have won 6 trophies, two a piece.
• Derek won his 1st trophy on November 25, 2008, his 2nd trophy on May 25, 2010, in the 25th year of his life.
• Thanks to @catebabygirl for noting the above stat. 🙂
• Derek & Nicole danced the dance the judges felt needed redemption from earlier in the season, their Rumba.
• The judges docked them for an illegal lift that occurred when Derek thought the music had stopped.
• Their amazing Freestyle was a combination of Ballroom and Latin: Lindy Hop, Salsa, Jive, Quickstep.
• An improperly executed lift cost them 3 points from an otherwise perfect Freestyle.
• All 3 couples danced the Argentine Tango, with Derek & Nicole earning the top possible score.
• Derek and Nicole earned their 3rd perfect score for the season for their energetic Jive to Proud Mary.
Total Points: 438/480 Season Average: 27.53

Derek and Nicole’s Weekly Dance Scores

1 V. Waltz 9-7-9=25 Ranked #1 out of 11 couples
2 Jive 10-8-10=28 Ranked #1 out of 11 couples for 2nd week in a row
3 Quickstep 8-6-9=23 Ranked #2 out of 10 couples / tied with one other couple
4 Rumba T – 9-8-8=25
P – 8-8-9=25
Ranked #2 out of 9 couples
5 Tango 10-9-10=29 Ranked #1 out of 8 couples
6 Samba 9-7-10=26 Ranked #1 out of 7 couples
Swing 10/10 Took 1st Place in the marathon.
7 Waltz 9-9-9=27 Tied for 1st Place with Evan & Anna
Team Gaga 9-9-9=27 Team Gaga won the Cha Cha competition
8 Foxtrot 10-9-10=29 Ranked #1 out of 5 couples by 1 point.
50’s Pasodoble 10-10-10=30 Ranked #1 out of 5 couples for the era dances.
9 Argentine Tango 10-10-10=30 Ranked #1 out of 4 couples.
Cha Cha 10-9-10=29 Tied for 1st Place with Evan & Anna
10 Rumba 9-9-10=28 Tied for 2nd Place with one other couple.
Freestyle 9-9-9=27 Ranked #1 out of 3 couples.
Argentine Tango 30 Received the top score. 30, 28, 26 available
Jive 10-10-10=30 Ranked #1 out of 2 couples.