Derek Hough: The Week in Twitter – February 11, 2018

World of Dance, working out and meeting up with Hayley is what Derek’s week was made of…at least, according to social media. 😉 I’m sure there was more.

This first photo is from MOVE 2015 by Jo Swafford…she called it “funny” I call it hot. 🙂

Thanks @Coolhaus for treating everyone at @worldofdance today! #Coolhaus

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3 Responses to Derek Hough: The Week in Twitter – February 11, 2018

  1. Cathy says:

    Another thrilling week, full of adventure, excitement, and fun between work and play. What gorgeous pics of him at World of Dance…that burgundy jacket looks stunning on him, his hair is absolute perfection, and his smile just radiates pure joy. Cute pose of him with Jenna…reminds me of the pose he did with Amber for DWTS! And that glittery cup with his name on it is so special and unique!! His everyday activities of working out, jumping in the cold pool, and running are always awesome to see. And his travels always lead him to exciting places and activities. How thrilling that he was in Minneapolis last Sunday to watch the Super Bowl live! And I love watching this artistic athlete on the ice…so fearless, challenging himself by doing tricks, and totally enjoying every moment!! And listening to him play the piano just warms my heart…just so beautiful. Just love how he shares his genuine passion for music everywhere he goes. And the fans who seek him out…so awesome to see how he is loved by so many, and he graciously greets each and every one, creating lasting memories for all. His IG posts along with their profound messages just touch my heart. In one…he certainly is living on the edge…literally!! What a creative, fascinating, and eye-catching post, along with an incredibly brilliant caption. In Petra, the extraordinary contrast between ancient history and modern-day dance…what an epic combo!! And the IG he posted today of him sitting at the edge of the cliff is very symbolic about life. What a breathtaking pic, accompanied by his beautiful, profound, powerful, and deep message. Because of his words of inspiration and encouragement, I have transcended fears and limitations and have allowed moments of beauty, excitement, and adventure to fill into my soul…and I am most grateful to Derek for that. I truly cherish these valuable life lessons. He leads by example, and what a blessing that he shares these powerful, meaningful, and life-changing lessons with us. Just love his view on life, always empowering us along the way. He is a true light in this world…beautiful both inside and out. #LiveWithPassion #MotionEqualsEmotion

    Thank you, Miss Heidi, for this incredible twitter roundup…totally reflective of the amazing life that Derek leads. Nice throwback pic to MOVE 2015…very intense and focused expression, and definitely gorgeous! 🙂

  2. Gina says:

    I agree that picture is hot too.

  3. Voguerista says:

    I call the first pic hot too! And omg to that Instagram where he’s hanging. The one where he’s jumping n Rose City is so cool too. Amazing photos. What a great week!!

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