Derek Hough’s “Hold On: Behind The Slate”

If you go to RIV, you can see how they made Derek’s “Hold On” video. Very well done…and fascinating. Thanks to Cathy for sending us the link.

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One Response to Derek Hough’s “Hold On: Behind The Slate”

  1. Cathy says:

    Powerful, raw, and heart wrenching watching the behind-the-scenes of “Hold On” as it is watching the entire dance concept video. It’s always intriguing and fascinating to watch what goes on BTS and how videos are so carefully and meticulously put together…especially under Derek’s direction.

    This song, video, and message to “Hold On” really hit home with me on a very personal level, especially seeing it again right now. A friend of mine…a classmate of her son took his own life the night before last. So when Derek posted this BTS video yesterday, it was especially meaningful, evoked so many emotions, and had a huge impact on me. He was 22 years old, a great athlete, and “seemed” perfectly fine. Family and friends are all devastated and shocked as no one saw this coming. It’s so painful to witness the grief that his family and friends are experiencing. And to know he only had to reach out, ask for help, talk to someone, and hold on because he had his whole life ahead of him. My heart breaks for this family. I thank Derek once again for his beautiful and caring heart and for sharing this powerful message to help people and save precious lives. There is hope.

    Thanks, Vogue, for posting this invaluable video.

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