Derek Hough’s New Video for “Hold On” is Out!

Be sure to check out Derek’s new video for his song, “Hold On” – it’s wonderful.

Hold On (if you have issues playing it, try the “Chrome” browser)

After releasing my last video “Hold On” I received so many stories of people losing their loved ones to suicide. It made it even more evident how common this subject is, especially with men. One particular story moved me to tears and I felt compelled to share his story. I want to thank Connor for being so vulnerable and brave in sharing his story so authentically. It’s that vulnerability and openness that I believe can save lives especially with men who find it difficult to open up and release their pain. A special thank you to Stephanie Mincone and of course the amazing @tessandrachavez for Choreographing this powerful and important piece. If you are going through something or know a loved one who needs support, please reach out to them. Connection, communication and love can save lives. And remember you are Never Alone HOLD ON @rivnow Watch the full video Link in Bio

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ETA: A few more things to go with this post. Shirley’s tweet is making me cry….

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16 Responses to Derek Hough’s New Video for “Hold On” is Out!

  1. Scott MacDonough says:

    “Be sure to check out Derek’s new video for his song, “Hold On” – it’s wonderful.
    Hold On (if you have issues playing it, try the “Chrome” browser)”
    For the past 24 hours, this computer klutz has tried every possible way to view Derek’s new “Hold On” video on my desktop computer (I’ve noticed others are having the same problem) but in each case, the most I’ve been able to glimpse has been the now-you-see-it-no-you-don’t seconds-long preview. Could someone please send me a link or step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish this feat before, for the first time in my 25+ years of trying to outwit my p.c., admit to TOTAL DEFEAT and simply give up. It would be very much appreciated since 2017 has been the sparsest year yet when it comes to Mr. Hough displaying his extraordinary talents.
    Many thanks!

  2. Dee(upclose22) says:

    It was so powerful.Left me speechless.. Amazino song, message and performance. Connor poured his heart out in that piece. Truly rare, raw and amazing!! Wow Tessandra & kudos to everyone involved. 👏👏 Riveting Entertainment

    Thank you Derek for lending your voice to such a needed and sensitive subject – Mental Illness & Suicide Awareness-powerful. Hoping this song & video obtains national attention & acclaim. Hold On. Proud of you D!!🙌🏽

  3. nobleze says:

    Compelling storytelling through dance. Tessandra did a great job choreographing to Derek’s inspirational song. Connor is a brave young man, sharing his story after such a tragic loss. Glad he held on.

    • nobleze says:

      *Hit submit too soon.

      His story is not just of tragedy and loss. It is also a story of survival, coping, healing, and living–a testament that we all can see the light and bask in it. Just hold on.

  4. ette says:

    Such an emotional video. Connor Gormley is a very brave young man to face his tragedy and then be able to share it through this dance. Tessandra Chavez truly did an extraordinary piece of choreography. Derek Hough you never hold anything back when you want to express your thoughts. You strive to find the most extraordinary and effective way to create your ideas. Congratulations well done.

  5. Lucie says:

    Very powrful video, another masterpiece from Mr.Hough! Just wish he danced here more (nothing against the other dancers though)

  6. Cathy says:

    Heartbreaking, painful, compelling, powerful, beautiful, hopeful, breathtaking…so many emotions define this painful and true story, which is brilliantly portrayed through dance. The emotional torment, anguish, and sorrow that Connor is suffering can be felt in his every word and seen through his tears. I applaud Connor for sharing his life-shattering story with us…opening up deep wounds, reliving this devastating experience, and being so vulnerable. And I commend Derek on shedding light on this sensitive topic and bringing awareness to suicide prevention by telling this story through dance. This video shows the devastating impact that suicide has on one’s family and friends in a very real and vivid way. But there’s hope, and it’s that sense of hope that encourages us to HOLD ON. Through this incredibly creative piece, Connor, Derek, Tessandra, and all involved are making a huge difference and will save lives, and that’s what matters. Life is precious, and I hope that through sharing his story in such a powerful way, Connor will begin the healing process knowing that he and Derek are helping others by offering them to reach out and reassuring them that they are not alone. Derek and Connor’s hug at the end…beyond powerful. I shed so many tears. And while Derek was telling this story at AOL Build last month, he could barely contain his emotions..his eyes were welling up with tears. So raw, so vulnerable, so real. Thank you, Derek, for writing and singing this beautiful and meaningful song, for bringing awareness to this serious topic, and for encouraging people to feel free to open up and share their innermost feelings. And thank you, Connor, for sharing your painful and sorrowful story with the world. Love you both, and may God bless you. #holdon

  7. Joanne B. says:

    Another Derek masterpiece…gutwrenching

  8. It is incredible loved the emotion the feeling brilliant. Derek Hough you are greater in our time………………………’re talent unbelievable.

  9. Cathy says:

    I’m still not able to see it. 🙁

  10. Voguerista says:

    I have no words. It’s just beautiful! and emotionally powerful!

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