New “Hold On” Video Coming From Derek Hough – This Week

You’ve probably all seen Derek teasing a new video on Twitter. Coming this week!!

“HOLD ON” Dance Story December 4th @rivnow @tessandrachavez

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4 Responses to New “Hold On” Video Coming From Derek Hough – This Week

  1. nobleze says:

    Cannot wait for Dec. 4th.

  2. Sue says:

    Ii cant wait to see this. Derek is amazing and his talents know no bounds. I know this must have been so hard for this young man but it looks like he did a beautiful job.

    Thanks for all you do to keep us close to our Derek.

  3. Dee(upclose22) says:

    Definitely moved.. This is going to be a tough one to watch. Proud of Derek and the young man performing who unfortunately experienced this first hand. Powerful..

  4. Cathy says:

    Nothing but tears…so real, raw, and heart wrenching. And this is only a brief excerpt. Wow.

    Thanks, Miss Heidi. Looking forward to seeing the full video tomorrow.

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