The 2017 Emmy Awards are Coming Soon – Does Derek Hough Have a Shot at a Nomination?

More than 1. More than 2. I think we’re up to three. 🙂 Possibly more, depending on who all is credited for choreography of his and Julianne’s dance on DWTS Season 24. Then there’s Kairos. And Hairspray. And dances with Marilu.

Hairspray would be Primetime Emmy’s, probably, while everything else would be at the Creative Arts Emmys Ceremonies. Yes, plural – there is one on September 9th and one the the following day. Nominations are announced, streaming live on, on July 13th.

The Creative Arts ceremonies, honoring outstanding artistic and technical achievements in television, will take place over two consecutive nights — Saturday, September 9, and Sunday, September 10 — at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

Bob Bain Productions has also been tapped to produce the 69th Emmy Awards Nominations, streaming live on Thursday, July 13 on the Academy’s website ( at 11:30 AM ET/8:30 AM PT, as well as the Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards on Saturday, July 22. Both events will be held at the Television Academy’s Wolf Theatre at the Saban Media Center.

Meanwhile, the Primetime Emmy Awards will be broadcast live on September 17, 2017. Hairspray Live is going all out in a bid for nominations, holding a “For Your Consideration” screening on June 9th with most of the cast (excluding Derek, of course, due to his tour). Not only that, but they have a big ole Billboard in Hollywood!

I suspect that all the men sans Harvey are going for the “best supporting” category and I think Derek is the best supporting actor in the cast…but I’m not sure how strong the competition is in this category or if he has a legit shot. All we can do is cross our fingers. Hope Hairspray Live gets ANY nominations – that would be a victory of sorts. Last year, Grease Live was in the “Variety Special” Category, so I would expect Hairspray Live to take the same route, although I think the producers pick their category. For some of the Categories, Grease Live was in the “VARIETY, NONFICTION OR REALITY PROGRAM” Category. Grease got no acting nominations and I suspect that is due to the acting categories being very tight. I doubt that changes this year, but you never know.

That brings us to DWTS and it’s three possible nominations for Derek. Or two. Hard to tell until it happens. Why? Well, I’ve seen Tessandra Chavez and Kyle Hanagami claim choreographic credit for for Unsteady, but I have a hard time believing that a dance that was Derek and Julianne’s concept would leave either of them shut out of a nomination (and they seem to have a hard time with the word “co-choreographer”) – yes, choreographic teams are limited to three members. Last time, it was Derek, Julianne and Tessandra – I have a hard time believing this time would be any different (Derek, Julianne and…?). Why is it a possible three nominations? Well, his dances with Marilu would be solo. Kairos is either solo (in which case it would go with Marilu’s dances as part of a single nomination) or it’s a team choreography – I’m thinking specifically of Allison’s part and how she could have been involved in that number, particularly as a somewhat regular partner of Derek’s.

So, here are the possibilities:
Hairspray – acting
Solo Choreography (Marilu and Kairos)
Team Choreography (Kairos)
Team Choreography (Unsteady)

So, that’s either three or four possibilities for nominations. Honestly, I think his only shots are Kairos and Unsteady. Why? Well, with an acting nomination, that category for Hairspray Live is likely Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie which means that last Awards the nominees were big name(ish) actors from dramatic roles. No comedy, no musical. There is no acting category under “Variety”, so I don’t know where else it could possibly go.

As for choreographer? Well, with Unsteady and Kairos out there, not to mention all of SYTYCD and other miscellaneous stuff on TV, none of Marilu’s dances stand a chance – and neither do any of the other DWTS pros. I mean, I can’t remember a single dance on DWTS that truly compares to either Kairos or Unsteady, can you?

Mandy Moore might sneak in there, but no one else from DWTS. Even if the academy doesn’t like the kids season of SYTYCD, the choreography group is now being voted on by Peer Group which means a lot more choreographers have a voice and strange stuff can start showing up in the category – like last year. Will that happen again? Hard to say. Either way, Derek is pretty much DWTS best shot this year and going forward. Not saying he’ll go back, just that he’s their best shot, especially since World of Dance is so amazing. All those additional choreographers are going to challenge SYTYCD as well. World of Dance could bring the choreography category down to two shows, exclusively, and DWTS ain’t one of them. Unless they either get Derek back or start investing in Lindsay, Sharna, Emma and some of the other women. The men ain’t got it. There is hope for Sasha, but that’s about it.

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13 Responses to The 2017 Emmy Awards are Coming Soon – Does Derek Hough Have a Shot at a Nomination?

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  2. Kandy says:

    The quality of choreography and movement is so top notch in both Kairos and Unsteady, it’s hard to believe they wouldn’t both be nominated. Hairspray was so well done, it was right up there with Grease. After the ABC Dirty Dancing debacle I appreciate even more the high level of entertainment the Houghs bring to the masses. Thanks so much for the overview. My fingers are crossed.

  3. Voguerista says:

    Loving this post. I so hope these dances get nominated! *Keeps fingers crossed!

  4. ann says:

    Hope he gets a nomination for Kairos or Unsteady . They were phenomenal routine.

  5. elaine says:

    i hope hairspray live cast gets all nominations
    i hope they win iam a big fan of the show

    iam vrey happy that there going to win soon.
    i love you all.
    your fan elaine

  6. elaine says:

    i hope hairspray live cast gets all nominations
    i hope they win iam a big fan of the show

    iam vrey happy that there going to win soon.
    i love you all.
    your fan elaine go hairspray live forever

  7. Sue says:

    However, Derek and Julianne are the BEST dancers in the world so they have a shot at Unsteady. They are in a league of their own, not touched by any other.

  8. Sue says:

    I am so hopeful Derek wins another Emmy and I think it will be for Kairos. That was simply amazing. Actually, Derek is simply amazing!!!

  9. Linz says:

    Kairos was great but a lot of people were involved. The part with Allison was choreographed by her partner in that number, MariePoppinsDancer. Casey & Kelsey taught Derek the tap and body percussion. I think Ekaterina’s partner choreographed the Argentine Tango.
    But these were for the video he made. If Derek adapted the dance performed on DWTS from his original video, does everyone still get credit for their parts? The only original part was the mirror image with Allison and Marie.

    • HeidiHo1013 says:

      No, you only get credit for what was shown on TV. “Involved” doesn’t quite matter – producers were involved, as were others in the staging of both dances. And “taught” doesn’t count – you have to have made a “significant contribution” to the *choreo* shown on TV – which should mean that Derek is in no matter what. It might also mean that Allison’s partner is out – that was a few seconds of a much longer dance. Kairos on DWTS was much different from what was in the video. Much like Unsteady during Move is a good bit different from what was shown on DWTS.

      That’s why someone who helps you with 6 steps in an entire dance isn’t going to be included in a nomination. It’s not significant.

  10. Abby says:

    I agree about Kairos and Unsteady, I think those two will get nominated. Can’t wait for the nominations to come out!

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