MOVE Beyond Live on Tour with Derek and Julianne Hough “Exceeds Expectations” – Fan Blog

Everyone give it up for Leigh (Ginleigh on IG) for taking the time to write us blog about her experience at MOVE Beyond. And yes, that Birthday boy sure smells fantastic. 🙂

Well. It FINALLY happened! I was able to see Derek and Julianne on tour! I missed the first two tours as I was in Europe during the first and my dad was having health issues at the time of the second one. I was beyond excited when the Move Beyond tour as announced and they were coming to Sarasota as I live about five miles from the venue. I bought my VIP tickets the first day they were available and settled back to wait impatiently for May 14th to roll round. Needless to say, I was devastated when they cancelled due to Julianne’s conflict with the Miss USA pageant. I looked onto the show’s the day before in Clearwater and I was lucky enough to score VIP tickets to the matinee show!

I’m not sure of this is standard for them on days when they have two shows, but we were instructed to be there two hours early and we were able to see the memorabilia and take green screen photos and shop crowd free, while the meet & greet was after the matinee and before the evening show. I thought this made that process a little crowded and by the time those of us at the matinee were able to wend our way back to the VIP area, all the good seats were taken, so we were in the back couple of rows making pictures during Q&A a tad difficult and I was unable to be seen with my hand up with so many ahead of me, which made actually being able to ask a question impossible. If I had been able to ask them a question, I would like to have asked if they would ever consider doing a variety show, with singing, dancing, etc.

But, in the scheme of things, this was minor. To actually get to meet both of them and hug them (especially Derek, mmmm he smelled so good!) was exciting! I was wearing a pink shirt and told them that I was part of the #pinkshirtgirlposse (thanks Courtney Larkin) and Jules replied, “hey I’m wearing my pink too”. (cute pink dress). One side note, I couldn’t believe how tiny Jules is, I was afraid she would break in two if I hugged too hard, LOL.

One question someone asked, which they both said they had never had asked before, was if they were celebrities and they were asked to do DWTS, what pro would they want as their partner. Julianne said Derek or Mark because they are the best! Derek said either Emma (according to him the “sweetest, funniest person”) or Lindsay (“sweet and creative” were how he described her).

All I’ll say about the show, as so many others have went into great descriptive detail, is that it far exceeded any expectations that I had! It was non-stop MOVEment; their dancers are amazing and to say that Derek and Jules are mega-talented is an understatement! Their genuineness just shines from within; you could see at the end of the show how moved they were by the audience’s response!

I look forward to, hopefully, seeing them again and although it wasn’t cheap, I would probably do the VIP again and maybe even the Supreme just to spend more time so them!

Here are a couple of her videos!

Derek Julianne Unsteady by PureDerekHough

Derek Julianne Samba by PureDerekHough

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10 Responses to MOVE Beyond Live on Tour with Derek and Julianne Hough “Exceeds Expectations” – Fan Blog

  1. HoughfanPatty says:

    Leigh, thank you so much for writing this blog! I love to hear each persons prospective of their experience. I’m glad you were finally able to go to one of their shows. They have amazing talent such loving personalities.

    • Leigh says:

      Houghfan Patty, you are right about their talent! I’m beginning to think there is nothing they, particularly Derek can’t do!

  2. JoAnna says:

    Thanks so much for recounting your experience at Move Beyond Leigh! Sounds like you had a great time!!! Very happy for you that you got to go to a different show after the first one was cancelled 🙂

    • Leigh says:

      Thanks JoAnna, sorry I didn’t respond sooner. I left Florida at 4am today driving to NY!

      I am so glad that I decided to drive and go to the other show! I would do it again in a heartbeat, and I hope I will be able to when there is a fourth Move!

  3. Jane5 says:

    Happy that you were able to reschedule the show – sounds like you had a wonderful time!

    • Leigh says:

      Hi Jane, yes I had a fantastic time, even though I went alone, I met a lot of great people! Derek (and Jules too) really inspire people their kindness and friendliness inspires others!

  4. nobleze says:

    Leigh, so glad you finally had the chance to meet Derek and Julianne and see the tour. I say Julianne and Derek have great choices for their pros. Those are the ones I’d choose, too, if I were a celebrity dancing on DWTS. Thank you for sharing your photos and videos.

    • Leigh says:

      Yes, Nobleze, I am so thrilled that I was finally able to meet the two of them and I am hoping and planning to meet them again. Another thing I forgot to post (which I mentioned in the Pure power rankings) is that Derek talked about having two names for most of his partners. Nastia was Anastasia; Nastia for when she needed to be strong and passionate and Anastasia for when she needed to be vulnerable. I thought of that when Julianne asked Simone who she felt like during her jive and Zoe appeared. Too bad that didn’t come up earlier in the season and maybe Simone could have connected to the dance and audience sooner.

  5. Voguerista says:

    Aww Leigh, I’m so glad you had such a great time (and that you got to smell Derek too lol). Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I loved your photos and videos too! THANK YOU!!

    • Leigh says:

      Thanks Vogue, it was quite the experience and I truly hope I get the chance to meet them again. I’d love to do the Ultimate VIP just so I could talk to them, particularly Derek more (and maybe do some surreptious sniffing, LOL)!

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