Even More Coverage Of The Move Beyond Live Tour From Akron, Ohio With Derek Hough And Julianne Hough

What a great first night for Derek, Julianne, and the cast of the Move Beyond Live Tour. Be sure you see our first three posts here, here, and here. Afterwards scroll below for more including some fan reviews….

@HoughfanPatty: This show exceeded all of my expectations! It was an awesome show from beginning to end! Thank you for dancing your heart out for us!
@arica: #movebeyondliveontour was INCREDIBLE. 10/10 would recommend!! .@juliannehough .@derekhough
@cldancer5: #MOVEBEYOND is incredible!!!!!!! @derekhough @juliannehough #moveliveontour #pinkshirtgirl https://www.instagram.com/p/BTFxvnYh9i6/
@ja_rizz: tonight I was blessed to see two of the greatest dancers of my gen perform live. thank you for the experience, @derekhough & @juliannehough
@iStay4Selena: Amazing first show, you both always exceed my expectations. Good luck on the rest of tour! @derekhough @juliannehough #MoveBeyond

And these too. Goodness….

Also, Courtney Larkin has been uploading videos of the new Move beyond Live Tour to her You Tube channel. Feast your eyes on these. For even more. see her You Tube Channel and her Instagram.

Soooo much fun last night! @derekhough @juleshough #MOVEBEYOND #pinkshirtgirl #moveliveontour

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Heidi here with a bit more….

#akroncivictheater #derekhough #movebeyond #hairspray

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9 Responses to Even More Coverage Of The Move Beyond Live Tour From Akron, Ohio With Derek Hough And Julianne Hough

  1. Windy says:

    Derek, I am so touching watching you singing “Why does my heart cry” you read my request. It’s one of the song in Moulin Rouge. I told my daughter about it, she’s very exciting to see both of you in June 11. I love you and Jules more and more. I lost my son 35 yrs ago, I never have a son again.

    I always wish you’re my son

    God bless both of you.

  2. Lucie says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for these amazing videos Courtney!

  3. Cathy says:

    What a awesome wake-up call this morning…reading all these rave reviews and watching more awesome videos of their epic performances on opening night!! They certainly are off to a magnificent start, and this is only the beginning!! Just love these two! So looking forward to my first show next week!! #movebeyond

    Thanks, Vogue, for sharing all these fine reviews and more superb videos with us! Love this show! 🙂

    • Cathy says:

      And thank you, Miss Heidi, for all the new additions! And thank you to everyone who is sharing all their fabulous videos of this epic show! Love all these gems!! 🙂

  4. HoughFanPatty says:

    I’m so excited that I can watch these dances over and over and relive the magic that is MOVE BEYOND LIVE ON TOUR! I loved everything about it. If you don’t have tickets yet…..MOVE fast! Thanks for posting these for us and thank you to the videographers for sending them!

  5. ette says:

    OMG, I can’t wait till Saturday night at Chicago Theater!! Thanks Vogue, Heidi, Courtney Larkin and all the other fans who posted such wonderful previews. So glad the many people who won’t be able to go see the show are able to come here and at least experience some of Move Live Beyond. Great job to all!!

    • Cathy says:

      ette, how exciting that you’ll be attending the show this Saturday in Chicago!! Hope you have the best time ever! Looking forward to hearing all about it! Enjoy!! 🙂

  6. nobleze says:

    Thank you to Emily and Courtney for sharing their videos from the 1st show of Move Beyond! I am very grateful, as this is the only way I can see this amazing show. Thank you to PDH, too. Always.

    Hours before the 1st show, I checked the tickets. Only 26 were left and most of these, if not all, were verified resale ones. I’m sure these grabbed right before the show started. For the 2nd show tonight, there were still around 300 tix left. Pretty sure these will be sold out before tonight’s show.

    Congrats to Derek, Julianne, and the entire crew!

  7. Abby says:

    Loving everything so far! LOVED the third video with the sibling duel thing, that was awesome and funny! Thanks for posting everything so far.

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