Derek and Julianne Hough Meet the Shibutanis!

What do you think? Is Derek doing some more ice skating choreography? The Shibutanis are a big deal right now – I’m not a follower of ice skating and even I know that. Seriously, I wonder what this is about – the Shibutanis are another big brother-sister duo. That would be an interesting promotional thing.

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3 Responses to Derek and Julianne Hough Meet the Shibutanis!

  1. Cathy says:

    How awesome seeing these two sets of super talented siblings together!! Interesting that the reigning U.S. Ice Dancing Champions were watching a MOVE BEYOND rehearsal!! Perhaps for ideas in choreography or to ask Derek to choreograph one of their upcoming dances??? Or maybe just hanging out as friends! Time will tell!! Love how Derek and Julianne have such a wide variety of friends from all different professions! 🙂

    Thanks, Miss Heidi, for this interesting news! Four mega talented people all in one photo! 🙂

  2. Voguerista says:

    That would be so awesome! I’ll never forget how he helped Meryl and Charlie.

  3. Dee(Upclose22) says:

    I’ve seen them communicate with Derek several times on Twitter. They seem to be fans of each other!! 🙂 Derek congratulated them after their win.. Wouldn’t surprise me if they worked together at some point.. Would love to see that.

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