Derek and Julianne Hough “Unsteady” on DWTS Season 24 (Video)

Here’s the full video of the dance and Tom’s talk with Derek and Julianne afterward. Also, Derek at the judges table before the dance, kissin’ on Len. 🙂

Derek at Judges Table by PureDerekHough

Derek and Julianne Unsteady 040317 by PureDerekHough

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13 Responses to Derek and Julianne Hough “Unsteady” on DWTS Season 24 (Video)

  1. Lucie says:

    wow….so powerful.

  2. della says:

    Wow! No words! Just tears. Two beautiful souls, completely open for all to see. Reminds me of Kellie and Derek’s freestyle! Amazing!

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  4. Kelly K says:

    Amazing! 24 days till I get to see it!!!

  5. Cathy says:

    WOW!!! I just wept throughout this entire performance…truly heart wrenching, moving, powerful, passionate, riveting, compelling, breathtaking, beautiful, and emotional. I could feel every single ounce of the pain, heartache, uncertainty, and confusion that Derek and Julianne felt as youngsters, and what a blessing to see the joy, comfort, courage, and strength they felt having each other throughout this very difficult period in their family’s lives. After the performance was over, to see Derek get so emotional, along with seeing their Mom in tears in the audience, shows just how authentic, real, and raw their emotions still are. But this brilliant work of art helped them throughout the healing process and is giving them a sense of closure. It takes truly special people to be able to bare their souls out there on the dance floor and share with the world their own personal story through dance, and Derek and Julianne are two of those extraordinary human beings. What a beautiful message of love, hope, and encouragement they expressed throughout their performance, and Derek and Julianne continue to inspire others and change people lives through their example. They are clearly in a category by themselves, and this special performance was without a doubt the highlight of the evening. Epic, brilliant, creative, captivating…a true masterpiece. Absolutely Emmy worthy!! This performance has such a profound effect on me just watching it on TV, I can’t even imagine watching it live during their MOVE BEYOND tour. Many, many tissues will be on hand. Thank you, Derek and Julianne, for sharing your beautiful hearts and souls with us, along with your extraordinary gifts. Love you both. #LetThereBeLight #HoldOnToEachOther #MotionEqualsEmotion #MoveBeyond

    Thank you, Miss Heidi, for posting this truly heartfelt performance for us. There really are no words…

  6. ette says:

    Beautiful and very emotional along with very challenging movements. So excited to see the show on April 22!!

  7. Catherine L (@allisgood4ever) says:

    Ok for once I’m speechless – Heidi we need to bring a couple boxes of tissues with us – oh my gosh.

  8. We need to invent a better word than awesome. We could use that word for this dance!!!!!!! Love it you two. Thanks xxoo

  9. lena749 says:

    Thank you for the videos – performance was just amazing!

  10. Mary says:

    Amazing and very heartfelt. I had tears when it was over. I can’t wait to see your show when you come to Phoenix.

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