Derek Hough Attends NBC Press Day for “World Of Dance”

Stay tuned! Derek Hough is attending the NBC Press Day for “World Of Dance”. We’ll try and post pics, info, etc. as soon as we can, so keep checking back for updates. Thanks to Jennie, Cath, and Kristyn Burtt for photos and info…

Some tweets with quotes from Derek or about Derek:

@NBCWorldofDance: “It’s an amazing time for dance.” -@DerekHough #WorldOfDance #NBCUSummer

@KristynBurtt: “Being a part of the movement over the last decade, this is the next level.” Derek Hough on #WorldofDance #NBCUSummer

@ReelCritic: “America has been educated over the last decade and this is the next level dance competion show”. – @derekhough #NBCUSummer

@TVMusicNetwork: @NBCWorldofDance Derek says that this is an amazing time for dance. He is excited, @DerekHough #NBCUSummer

@HollywoodLife: @derekhough says #WorldOfDance takes a dance show to the “next level” #NBCUSummer

@NBCWorldofDance: The judges are discussing how proud they are to be a part of discovering the next generation of great dancers. #WorldOfDance #NBCUSummer

@TVMusicNetwork: All were available. All the judges have been dancers so they know what dancers actually have to go through.@NBCWorldofDance #NBCUSummer

@TVMusicNetwork: @derekhough said that the dancers are working with the best so just being on the show is prize it itself. #worldofdance #NBCUSummer

@SamanthaOfole: ‘There are numerous moments in this show we are clenching as there are death defying stunts happening’ @DerekHough #WorldOfDance

@HollywoodLife: There are “literally death-defying moves and stunts happening.” — @derekhough on how intense dancing gets on #WorldOfDance #NBCUSummer

KristynBurtt: There is no dancing by the judges this season. It’s something they wanted to do, but crunch time with schedule. #WorldofDance #NBCUSummer

NBCWorldofDance: “Did you go through tough times in the beginning of your dancing career?”
“YES!” -All four judges #WorldOfDance #NBCUSummer

@NBCWorldofDance: Derek Hough makes it clear: The passion for dancing exceeds all the risks. #WorldOfDance #NBCUSummer

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3 Responses to Derek Hough Attends NBC Press Day for “World Of Dance”

  1. Cathy says:

    Great pics! Love all this press for World of Dance! So looking forward to this incredible show!! 🙂

    Thanks, Vogue, for sharing all these wonderful pics, along with the many tweets of quotes from Derek! 🙂

  2. Lucie says:

    That second picture tho… this look, so handsome!

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