Derek Hough Discovers the “Culprit” and Rehearses for the Tap Dancing Part of MOVE Beyond

I am SOO Excited for the tapping part of MOVE!! I can’t wait for it. This looks to be serious, and not a light version so Julianne can be involved also. Nothing wrong with that – but I love the serious tapping. 🙂 And that puppy…so cute. As for the Culprit…dude needs to put a cover over that mirror. The bird is clearly OCD. 😉

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10 Responses to Derek Hough Discovers the “Culprit” and Rehearses for the Tap Dancing Part of MOVE Beyond

  1. Cathy says:

    Derek’s reaction to the bird on his car window is so priceless!! 🙂 And his tapping…WOW!! 🙂 Love it! So thrilled he’s incorporating so much tapping into the show, including body percussion, which was amazing in “Kairos”! And his love for dogs is just so special! 🙂

    Thanks, Miss Heidi, for these great instastories! MOVE BEYOND certainly is going to be beyond!! 🙂

  2. Rena Parks says:

    So disappointed tonight. Watched DWTS and no Derek so I won’t be watching it anymore!!!!!

  3. nobleze says:

    Love watching Derek tap dance. Love seeing him with puppies. (heart eyes)

  4. Susan smih says:

    As far as the bird Derek, they see themselves in car mirrors and think it is their mate. My husband had to cover his mirrors every night in the spring because a cardinal kept flying into it and knocking himself out. Good luck because birds are very insistent. Love your tapping you need to do more.

  5. KellyK says:

    Can NOT wait!!! This tour is gonna be EPIC!

  6. Voguerista says:

    Thanks Heidi for these always. And bring on the tap for Move beyond. Can’t wait!

  7. Joanne B. says:

    I am just so concerned at this point…..what happened to Singin in theRain? Will it ever happen?

    • scott macdonough says:

      Joanne, your concern regarding “Singin’ in the Rain” (“Will it ever happen?”) is more than justified. If all had gone as originally planned, Derek Hough would be on a Broadway stage right now (where he belongs), singing, dancing and tapping to sold-out performances. But it’s now been over a year since producer Harvey Weinstein officially announced his plans to star Mr. Hough in a lavish Broadway production of that classic Hollywood musical (and even got Derek to perform two songs from the show at Weinstein’s pre-Oscar party, which Derek did to thunderous applause). Moreover, it has been one-and-a-half-years since Derek first broke the news of his upcoming Broadway debut to Heidi during his 2015 “Move” tour. And the media was just as enthusiastic about Weinstein’s announcement as Derek’s fans, including the New York Times whose editors felt Derek’s Broadway debut was newsworthy enough to accord it a special feature story, accompanied by a great color photo of Derek.
      But I began to worry when Weinstein began to backtrack, first by claiming the show had been postponed due to the shortage of suitable Broadway theaters (Duh? There are and have been plenty of available Broadway theaters, thanks to so many highly-touted shows opening to negative reviews and quickly closing). Next, Weinstein issued yet another postponement, using the same dubious excuse but failing to mention as much as a projected opening date or theater. (One would think that such a savvy producer as Harvey Weinstein would have booked a theater BEFORE announcing his plans for “Singin’ in the Rain” but, oddly, such was not the case.)
      Since Weinstein has not to my knowledge said a word about “Singin’ in the Rain” since its second postponement, it fell to poor Derek to fend off interviewers’ questions about the show’s future. For awhile, he repeated Weinstein’s story about the lack of Broadway theaters and claimed the show was still “in the future”. But recently, during a TV interview to promote his & Julianne’s third “MOVE” tour, the reporter got off the subject and asked Derek about the delay in “Singin’ in the Rain”. For a moment, Derek seemed taken aback, and his usual sunny smile disappeared from his face, replaced by a forlorn look. Instead of dodging the question by replying about the lack of Broadway theaters, Derek said something about the people involved with SITR having trouble getting it together, and then politely changed the subject.
      I hate to sound negative and sincerely hope “Singin’ in the Rain” might still happen (only if Derek plays the lead role, however!). But a few days ago, the Deadline website ran an article about how ecstatic Harvey Weinstein’s company is about the success of their recent movie “Noah” (which has so far grossed over $50-million on a measly budget of $12-mil). Since Deadline Hollywood is widely read by those in the show business community (and accepts–but doesn’t necessarily print–comments), I put my two cents in, congratulating Harvey Weinstein on his financial windfall, and suggesting that he use a portion of the profits to finally make the Broadway production of “Singin’ in the Rain” starring Derek Hough “happen”. The website printed my remarks, but so far they remain unanswered.

      • scott macdonough says:

        Please excuse my error in calling the title of Harvey Weinstein’s current hit movie “Noah”. It is, of course, “Lion”.
        And while $50-mil is its U.S. gross so far, it’s worldwide gross is an astounding $120-mil. It would only cost a tiny portion of this amount to finance “Singin’ in the Rain” which, if it’s the Broadway hit I expect it to be, is virtually guaranteed to make another huge profit for Mr. Weinstein.

  8. Dee(Upclose22) says:

    Would love to see Derek do a solo tap number.. I think the audience would love it too. He’s so talented!! .. This makes me excited for Singin In The Rain.. You know he’s going to be amazing in it!! 🙂

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