Media And Fans Rave About Derek Hough And Michael Buble’s “I Believe In You” Video, Bloopers, And More

Run to ET Canada as soon as you can. They have some fun bloopers behind the scenes of Michael Buble’s “I Believe In You” video with Derek. He’s a hoot to say the least. I love how they rave on Derek as well. Derek and the new video is capturing attention everywhere. Entertainment Tonight has a nice piece up HERE. Same with Broadway World. The Sun is calling it Michael’s “music comeback” as his son continues to improve. Lot’s more HERE. Also, the Daily Mail did a nice feature on the new video with fans comments from all over the world. They also some great screen shots. People has a fun article up on the video as well. Also note that not even 12 hours out with it’s premiere, the video has garnished over 51,000 views at this time. What a great premiere for it’s first day!

Fans flocked to social media to express their emotion at the video, calling it ‘heartwarming’ and ‘an inspiration’.

One wrote on Twitter: ‘That was absolutely beautiful, chills and tears!!’ while another added: ‘Heartwarmimg song, lyrics and video.’

Yet another penned: ‘Incredible, moving, beautifully done!! You guys are the best in the industry! Artistry at its best!’

Many wished their best to Michael’s son Noah, writing: ‘Love your song and love the video – speechless! Continued prayers for your family.’

Another added: ‘Michael’s music is an inspiration. Noah is a brave boy and I’m glad everyone came together to help support them.’

Derek Hough, who stars and directed it, was asked to step in for Bublé as one half of the couple in the video, as the singer has vowed to take a break from career commitments.

ETA: Here’s the blooper reel. Meant to get it yesterday and forgot 🙂 ~Heidi

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6 Responses to Media And Fans Rave About Derek Hough And Michael Buble’s “I Believe In You” Video, Bloopers, And More

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  2. Dee(upclose22) says:

    Umm, how cool is it to know that Warner Bro. Records asked Derek to do this project – That’s so awesome.. He’s so incredibly humble.. 🙂

  3. Dee(upclose22) says:

    Bravo Derek!! He really is tops at telling the most beautiful love stories through dance.. Directing seems like a nice transition for him!! Really love this video so beautiful & romantic!! 🙂

  4. Cathy says:

    Love reading all these rave reviews about Michael Bublé’s new music video, “I Believe in You”! We all delight in watching, hearing, and reading something positive, and this beautiful and heartfelt story, which expresses joy, love, and hope, perfectly reflects that positive and upbeat spirit. We are all very familiar with Derek’s extraordinary talents as a dancer as well as a choreographer (a 2-time Emmy winning one!), but with this piece we took notice of his amazing directing skills. We now saw Derek in a completely different light, and this music video speaks volumes about his talents and gifts as a director. So thrilled that this special music video has had such enormous success within a few hours of release. And the segment of bloopers is hilarious!! Always love Derek’s sense of humor…the way he adds his touch of humor is so special. So down-to-earth and grounded. I trust there will be many more rave reviews up ahead.

    Thanks, Vogue, for sharing all this good news with us, along with the various links to articles. What an awesome day today has been!

  5. Liz(LabFmly) says:

    We LOVED this video in every sense, from Michael’s singing, the acting, it embodies love and life. I could go on and on. It made me fall in love all over again with someone very special that I’ve been through a lot with over decades. My mom who lost her husband, my dad, of 50+ years in 2013 cried at the older couple. Derek did an amazing g job on all fronts and did justice to Micheal’s beautiful song. One question though-who plays his wife?

    • Maria says:

      That’s Jenya Shatilova who is engaged to Dmitry Chaplin, we got to see her in Vegas when we saw Dmitry in Shall We Dance on Ice. I also met her when Dmitry was doing Forever Tango in San Francisco, she is very lovely and such a sweetheart

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