Derek and Julianne Hough Get Ready for MOVE Beyond (Video)

Get excited folks!! Won’t be long before MOVE Beyond is on the road. Sharpen your pencils – we’ll want your blogs about your experiences with Derek and Julianne. 🙂

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11 Responses to Derek and Julianne Hough Get Ready for MOVE Beyond (Video)

  1. Teresa gault says:

    Can’t wait charlotte

  2. Joanne B. says:

    Have a wedding on April 22, so I will be traveling to St. Louis on June 3 to see the show. Can’t wait for the excitement in this show.
    Kelly, raise the roof with your celebration of good health, and congrats!

  3. Nina says:

    You guys can count on a blog from me! Got tickets for the day after prom! Best early birthday and before surgery present a girl could ask for!

  4. Cathy says:

    And we’re all ready to MOVE!! 🙂 🙂 So looking forward to attending shows in April and May! Beyond excited for this new tour!! 🙂

    Thanks, Miss Heidi, for this exciting news! And you can count on a blog from me! 🙂

  5. KellyK says:


    Ya know I got Supreme VIP for the show in Columbus Ohio on 4/28!! So, yeah, be ready for my report! I might need a Xanax before I meet them THAT personally! I’m giddy just thinking about it! EEEEK! I’ll be 5 years cancer-free on 4/26 so THIS is the PERFECT reason for celebration!!

  6. Voguerista says:

    So awesome. Bring this show on!

  7. Kim says:

    I’m going to see it at Radio City in May. My first show and I am soooooo looking forward to seeing them perform. Well I might be a tad more excited to see Derek. Lol

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