Score Free Tickets to “World Of Dance” Featuring Derek Hough!!

You can get them to several tapings via 1iota. You have to be 16 or older. Looks like they are taping on the following days:

January 16th – late and early tapings
January 20th – Late taping (5pm)
January 23rd – Late taping
January 30th – Late taping
February 4th – Late taping
February 12th – Late taping

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4 Responses to Score Free Tickets to “World Of Dance” Featuring Derek Hough!!

  1. Katie Morgan says:

    Oooh pick me!! What an honor it would be to even be in the same room as you. You’re so creative, talented, & such an inspiration to people all over the world. I love watching you accomplish your goals throughout your journey! Oh & I love how perfect your family is.. so much fun watching videos of you with your family. Family over everything! What incredible role models the Hough family is!

  2. Carole Hall says:

    You are an unbelievable choreographer Derek! I know every woman would love to have a dance with you!

  3. ter says:

    WOD tapings are all standing-room-only.

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