Lindsey Stirling Talks On Derek Hough And Inspiration Of “The Arena” Video, Stat Report, And More

Good Day, All! Miss Heidi and I hope you had the best 4th Of July. Did you do anything fun? My hubby and I went to visit a very dear old friend of our family (and my Dad’s best friend) where I first grew up in Southern Utah (Moab). It was a quick (and emotional) trip with lots of driving, but, Hubby and I love our road trips. Speaking of road trips and vacations, don’t miss this new Pop Quiz created by Miss Heidi here if you haven’t replied yet. It’s fun as it looks like us Derek Hough fans are travel minded in some way just like the guy himself. After you take the new Pop Quiz, read a new interview with Lindsey Stirling at My Record Journal. Below is a take from the link where she talks on Derek and how she was inspired to make “The Arena” video.

Can you talk a little bit about the inspiration behind that first single? Where did you find inspiration for that and the video, obviously you said “Mad Max”, but can you elaborate a little bit?

Stylistically, that spurred from… wanting it to be this post-apocalyptic feeling arena. The inspiration for the concept of the video and the concept for the song is when I went in the studio to write this song, I brought in with me the quote that’s in the very beginning of the video, but it’s a shortened version of this amazing quote by Theodore Roosevelt about not caring what the critics think. It’s not the critics who counts. It’s not the one who laughs when the strong man stumbles and falls, the credit goes to the one who is actually in the arena.

It’s this amazing quote, I wish I had the whole thing memorized… but it just really inspired me so I wanted to create a video that shows people being in their arena. Whatever they’re doing. Me and Derek Hough were supposed to dance in representing relationships and feeling judged in relationships. There were the fighters representing masculinity, and then there was the mother and daughter, they were representing that relationship between mother and daughter. They’re all different scenarios but they’re all in the arena and they’re all feeling judged by the people that are watching

Then it takes it one step further, … suddenly the audience is empty except for themselves, they are the ones watching and they’re judging themselves so that is supposed to represent self judgment and how we’re our own worst critic.

In the end they all rise to the occasion and they finish their routines… and they’re all alone in the arena now and that’s where we all hope to get. We hope to get to a space where we don’t care what others think and we don’t judge ourselves.

That’s our goal, and it’s so hard to do and so this is about the journey of how to get to there.

Beautiful and I think they did just that. More at My Record Journal on Lindsey’s new album and tour.

Speaking of “The Arena” video, it now has 3,434,590 views. Amazing!! I’m also loving this fan’s reaction to the video. I can relate, can you? So cute!

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4 Responses to Lindsey Stirling Talks On Derek Hough And Inspiration Of “The Arena” Video, Stat Report, And More

  1. Cathy says:

    What an outstanding interview with Lindsey Stirling about her amazing career, upcoming tour, and epic music video with Derek to “The Arena.” What a true masterpiece, and its message is so powerful. Such incredible vision and so extremely profound. Together Derek and Lindsey are extraordinary…just love their passion, positive energy, and love for life. And for this music video to have well over 3 million views already…what a major accomplishment! So well deserved! 🙂

    Thank you, Vogue, for this wonderful interview with Lindsey! And on a personal note…so glad you had a nice, albeit brief, trip to Utah to visit a dear family friend. It must have been a real emotional time without your Dad on this trip, but he was with you in spirit. Wishing you many blessings.

  2. Lucie says:

    Thank you so much for posting this, I was really hoping either her or Derek explains us the meaning of every bit of this masterpiece 🙂

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