Pure Derek Hough Media Tidbits: DreamYard Project Interview, Move Live On Tour Teaser

Happy Sunday, Everyone! And for a media starter today, check out this find by Elmari. You might remember when Derek judged “Mad Over You” Poetry Slam Finals while in New York City in February. Below he is interviewed by All Def Poetry and how inspiring the event and the kids are. So moving. Derek is making me cry for what a good person he is….

And how about a little Move Live On Tour costume teaser? Below is Matt Marr and Angelo Saunders trying on one of their costumes courtesy of Matt Marr’s instagram. Is this not going to be the coolest tour ever again? #TourOfTheSummerToSee 12 more days and counting down….


Ok, that is all for now!!! More later!xx

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10 Responses to Pure Derek Hough Media Tidbits: DreamYard Project Interview, Move Live On Tour Teaser

  1. Voguerista says:

    Well said and thanks, Everyone. You rock!! x

  2. Rose Rus says:

    Derek shows his beautiful heart best when it comes to his charity work. He is always careful of the way he speaks of or influences the young. He makes the sun shine on our hearts with comments such as the ones he expresses in this interview. No where does the milk of human kindness flow, as from the lips of Derek Hough. His tenderness is palatable when he speaks of the creativity of these kids. He is the best at raising awareness of causes we may not have know about before. So proud of you, D-Man!

    We are all ready to jump out of our skin in anticipation of MOVE2015! This sneak peak of the costumes is another detail to whet our appetites for this fantastic show. I have to wait until July 21 in Columbus, Ohio . . . I’m so excited!

    Thanks Vogue for this post. I appreciate the efforts and contributions of all those responsible for this wonderful PDH Website and it impeccable maintenance . I love having this place to share the comings, goings and all things Derek with other fans. 🙂 Thank You! Thank You! xx 🙂

  3. Sharon1 says:

    I could listen to Derek talk all day. I love when he describes going back to childhood thoughts-his is so caring and has such a beautiful soul. So love this man and getting so excited for Move-suing it in July.

  4. nobleze says:

    Always love listening to Derek talk, especially about things that excite him, motivate him, inspire him. He radiates.

    I’m loving the costume teaser! Man, Move’s going all out this year, even with costumes!

  5. QueenieofHearts says:


    You guys probably already saw this this morning but in case u didn’t then I wanted to share it with you :). It’s giving me “the hots” this morning!!! lol

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  7. Cathy says:

    What a beautiful interview…so profound, deep, touching, and personal. It moved me to tears. Derek speaks from his heart and with such conviction. I love his beautiful soul. What a true inspiration he is for all of us. And the sneak peek of the costumes for MOVE…awesome!! This tour is definitely going to be epic! 🙂

    Thank you so much, Vogue, for starting our Sunday with such uplifting news, and thanks also to Elmari for the find! 🙂

  8. Jennifer (livelyhood) says:

    Wow Vogue I see how this made you cry. Made me cry too. Derek has an amazing heart. That is one of the many reasons why I love him. OMG the pic teaser. I cant say it enough. I cant wait for Move.

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