Afterbuzz TV And Corky Ballas Review Derek Hough And Bethany Mota DWTS19 Week 4

Where she would start today as Miss Heidi’s new photo post with Derek has me in a “daze”. See what she and Derek does to us? The good kind…HOT!! A good place to start if you haven’t seen them yet.

And then there is Derek’s first appearance in “Nashville” tonight! Have you got your DVRs set?? So exciting.

So, enough chatter from me. Let’s see what Kristyn Burtt and the gang had to say on the new Afterbuzz TV show about Derek and Bethany. You’ll be able to see their review at the 20:44 mark. Note how Corky Ballas was their guest and he didn’t hold back. He said something about Bethany’s dancing that struck me too (but, I couldn’t find the words for until now) for how Bethany has a “wall” up. I didn’t agree about Bethany’s footwork though. I thought it was fine. But, wow, the opinion I really disagreed with was Anna’s. Wha? She would have only given them a “6” and compares her to Jonathan? As much as I like Anna, that was way too harsh. More below. Let us know what you think…

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29 Responses to Afterbuzz TV And Corky Ballas Review Derek Hough And Bethany Mota DWTS19 Week 4

  1. Cathy says:

    I honestly wish we could all just look at Derek and Bethany’s performance and appreciate the beauty of this dance and the significance of the message behind it. We all know that Derek is a brilliant choreographer, and in his blog he clearly wrote that he made a choice to prioritize…that the message of self-worth and empowerment, along with the lyrics of Colbie Caillat’s song “Try” were more important than the actual rumba beat. Bethany completely opened up about being bullied and how it affected her, she showed us her vulnerable side, she was emotional, and she and Derek performed the most heartfelt, beautiful, and meaningful routine that moved us all to tears. Also the positive and inspirational message that they left us with about loving yourself is totally life changing. To use one of Derek’s quotes…”What you’re looking for is what you’re looking with”…and I’m looking at a breathtaking performance that touched many people’s hearts and will change many people’s loves forever. Thank you, Derek and Bethany, for sharing your personal stories with us. Love you guys.

    • TamRo says:

      I don’t comment often but I just had to say I agree with everything you wrote. I really enjoyed this weeks dance and the message behind it. Bethany is a young women who is trying to adjust to a whole new dynamic while learning something new in front of millions of people. To literally go from posting videos in her bedroom that she edited before posting to YouTube, to being on live TV with no retakes has to be a major adjustment. I think Bethany is slowly opening up and will improve as the show goes on.

    • Cathy says:

      …change many people’s *lives* forever!!!

  2. Sara says:

    I’m feeling a little sad about the comments that people continue to say week after week about bethany. But I get it, The words of Corky had is a good point. But they don’t say anything positive and thats does not help. I admire Bethany, she have the courage to dance with derek and participate in everything that the brilliant mind of derek wants to do, in week 2 with the bass, then everything with Singing in the rain and now this. The truth is that I could not imagine a Rumba (in definition) danced by a teenage girl in front so many people and at week 4. For me was enough. (I’m waiting for Sadie to dance the Rumba… that kind of dance are to awkward to watch when are danced for girls that dont even feel the love, pasion and emotion of be on a relationship ).

    I don’t know, but it makes me sad that people are not connecting with Bethany … I don’t know what to think ….

    • KellyK(@RNCCRN9706) says:

      I have a gut feeling that TPTB might not give Sadie the Rumba just like Zendaya didn’t have to dance it in S16. They’re both 17 🙁

      I’m not seeing how people are STILL saying they aren’t connecting with Bethany ESPECIALLY after this week!! I thought she let her wall down this week especially at the end. Didn’t Derek say in the live interview on DWTS that they do with Lacey and that other guy that Bethany came down the stairs at the end of the dance and she was crying?? Like for real crying?? SMH……it’s like they don’t WANT to connect with her. And for Kristyn to compare her to Amy Purdy? Not even remotely similar….Amy is almost TWICE Bethany’s age. Bethany is *18* as Heidi stated. I was SO different at 18 than I am now at 42. Bethany doesn’t have much life experience…is NOT a TV or Movie Star like most of the other Celebs on the show.

      I didn’t care for ANY of the panel’s comments about Team Motough at ALL! NOT liking AfterBuzz this season.

      • Grace says:

        Not even going to watch anything from AfterBuzz this year!! How can anyone not relate to this cute and well spoken young lady.

  3. Kate says:

    I think Corky had some very valid comments but he still seemed a little biased and a kind of too harsh for me personally. I prefer Shirley as between the two of them, she is more the expert and seems less biased and willing to find something positive to say about every couple usually. She is a tough teacher and task master but Derek says she taught with love and I see that in her critiques. She is more balanced in her views. Granted, we’ve seen her on here maybe 2-3 times so have more to compare with. I was a little surprised at his lack of discretion given that he still works in this field, but his comment about “haters don’t bother to send hate tweets – I won’t respond” shows his general mindset. I’m giving it to you straight-up and its just my opinion – don’t realy care what you think. Watch Shirley’s 50 year birthday video and you see their history together or read about them. Corky started dancing later in life and Shirley was the champion and others felt she was crazy for taking him as a partner but after many years he showed them wrong. He was honest but too harsh for me. He seemed to find no constructive words for Mark/Sadie – only positives and for Artem too. I have to hand it to Mark though – his Samba was absolutely perfect. Re-watched it 4x. Sadie is natural and that will help them. I thought Corky was a little harsh with the comments about Janel and I’m the last person to be her fan but she wasn’t as bad as he made it sound either.

    I will say I enjoyed the message of this Rumba and that it affected Derek and Beth. I don’t agree that her dancing was really bad but I do think there was too much with the words and not enough dancing – for me. I think she opened up. She is guarded and the comments about the wall – I see somewhat but I think she is gaining confidence and I think Derek will have a “vulnerability is strength” show your emotions to connect with audience if you want to advance (ala Kellie Pickler, Shawn Johnson) talk – on or off camera. I watch them closely too in interviews and body language speaks also of a good relationship – interlaced fingers, cheek to cheek, tight hugs, rubbing her arms, both arms around her while they wait for their fate, both arms around her with fingers interlaced at the beginning of a George P interview (maybe last week), her tweets about “her incredible partner”. She is reserved and guarded but if anyone can get her to let loose more, let her hair down it is D.

  4. Mindy says:

    Lucia, I love your admiration for Derek. I think we all feel the same way, but it just happened to suck that they couldn’t get contemporary instead of Rumba for that dance, cause just imagine what Derek could’ve done with that song, dance, and message. He wouldn’t have been so limited, and if they got Rumba later down the road, he could’ve been able to fully choreograph a Rumba to another song and make it lovely. 🙂

    I admire their relationship though, I think Derek cares about her a lot, hence he took care of her and watched out for her when she was injured, and you can tell she really respects him and admires him too, she always praises him on social media. I think they have a special relationship, and now that she’s starting to open up more, it’s gonna get even better from here on out.

    • Maria says:

      Right?! That dance would have been all 10’s if Derek could have made it contemporary! But I guess it could have been worse. They could have had jive this week haha!

  5. Lucia says:

    I agree with some of the comments here. I also think that Bethany is used to doing things on her own, not relying on anybody else. To be honest, I was thrilled when I heard about this pairing for the first time, I thought it would be awesome, she seemed really cute and outgoing to me and I though with Derek they would have perfect connection. but now I think they’re not a good match at all. I don’t see any connection between them, even a friendship, although Derek’s used to having good chemistry with most of his partners. and I really don’t think it’s the age difference now, because Shawn was very young too and their relationship was just so genuine. I think it’s just all because of Beth. she just doesn’t rely on anybody else. you can see it during their interviews, Kellie or Amy always looked at Derek when he spoke and it seemed that they really listen and that they are interested in what he’s saying. Beth doesn’t, it seems like she’s just trying to express herself, no matter what Derek wants to say, they’re standing beside each other almost like strange people, she could just easily do the interview on her own.

    now to their dancing: like I wrote here earlier, I wasn’t expecting a full-of-chemistry rumba, so I wasn’t so disappointed. but, I was expexting a better contemporary piece than that. I truly love Derek and his work, but in this dance a lacked not only the rumba content, but also the dance content. compared to what Janel and Val did, it was just……I don’t know, a little boring? maybe it’s because Derek sacrificed the dance so that he could create something really emocional, but as I don’t connect with Beth, it wasn’t worth it. the only moment that was really touching to me was when Derek teared a little bit when Jules was commenting. my heart just melted and it was more genuine that the whole performance.

    • Catherine L @allisgood4ever says:

      Lucia, your comments shock me, & I can’t believe you actually thought that dance was boring much less a little bit.

      • Lucia says:

        I’m sorry if it shocked you, I was just trying to express my feelings. You know, I admire Derek so much, so I was expecting more from this dance. I’m not the only one who doesn’t connect with their performance so much and even the judges gave them lower scores. And yes, compared to what Derek choreographed for some of his previous partners, it wasn’t so stunning, maybe boring is too strong, but I was just a little bit disappointed.

  6. Thiana says:

    I don’t mind if they bring Corky back. Shirley Ballas would be even better. I agree with most of his comments. I disagree with Anna though. Giving 6 to Bethany and Derek is a bit harsh. She was saying that Julianne should’ve judge Bethany, not Derek because there were no hip action, etc but if the judges would’ve judge solely on the Stars the only deserve score was Alfonso and Sadie. Sadie should have gotten more 10, I think. Ok here’s what I think about Derek and Bethany after hearing Afterbuzz comments about how they are more connected to Amy than Beth. I watch and re watched their interviews and dances. I don’t know whether it’s the age factor but I think Amy is surely more mature and really opened up to learning and she’s an Olympian. I’m sure she has the work ethics and discipline to be that kind of athlete. Bethany on the other hand used to do her own thing, just like Jake had mentioned. She does her editing, producing, etc (she’s her own boss). I kind of have the Antonio vibe coming from Bethany. She’s very successful at her age but she needs to remember Derek has way more experiences than her even when it comes to editing or producing. We all see how he did with Mark’s video. I’m not saying she’s disrespecting Derek but watch their recent interviews when the reporter asked them who would they want for the switch up. Derek was saying he think Bethany is getting Mark and Bethany was like ” that’s what you think. But who I want is….”(btw,why do I get the feeling she really wants Val instead of Mark?). Anyway, I think Derek knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s a sweet person who doesn’t want to hurt his partner’s feeling. I kind of know what’s going on during rehearsals just by listening to Derek’s responses during their interviews. Oops, now everybody is going to hate me.

    • Mindy says:

      Haha, in the access hollywood interview, I think she doesn’t mind either Mark or Val. She even said in the Badie video that she doesn’t think she can handle it if Val was her partner, cause he’s intense. LOL. I think they have a fun relationship and you can tell Derek respects and admires her a lot and vice versa. She gushes about how amazing of a partner he is all the time on instagram. She might not profess it as well in interviews, but she’s just getting used to it.

      • Thiana says:

        Yeah I watched access hollywood too. Believe me, I love Bethany and I’m voting for her till the end. I still think they are a cute couple.

    • HeidiHo1013 says:

      Bethany is *18*. No more should need to be said.

      I was an 18 year old girl at one point. I knew everything then, too. 😀

      • Thiana says:

        I think I may got carried away by Afterbuzz talks and how mature Bethany speaks on interviews that I have forgotten she’s only 18.

    • MK says:

      In the Access Hollywood interview Bethany isn’t even the one who say’s who do you actually want the INTERVIEWER SAID IT !!!!!! Then Bethany is the one that ask’s Derek who he thinks she will get so of course she would answer with what she thinks after . Derek probably already knew she got Mark but she clearly has a crush on Val ( who wouldn’t) and that’s why she kept saying Val not because she wasn’t agreeing with Derek’s advise or opinion. So sad to see some of the comments on here about Bethany especially after a week that was really personally and effected her in a big way seeing as she struggled with depression as a result as well . Is she Derek’s best partner NO but MY GOSH the girl is trying .

    • MK says:

      Ok this is the last comment i’m going to make but how is Bethany giving the Antonio vibe ? I haven’t heard her say ohhhh this is just another reality tv show and act like she doesn’t care . And lets be real for a sec last week when Derek got stressed out and frustrated with her she did’t have an attitude with him from what we saw and what Derek himself said . I have seen even Derek’s best partners get into serious arguments with him when he gets like that and Brooke B said in her interview with Enews a while back that she wasn’t even talking to Derek at one point after the argument they had during the show .

  7. Carrie says:

    I did not agree with the footwork comment or the “6” comment, but did agree about her hips (being mental) and the “wall” – it is all realted. I think we did see her opening up a bit during this dance and hopefully she will open up some more. I think it is like Carrie Ann said that when she just dances she is shaky, but when she just lets go and is in the dance she is amazing. I agree with Anna in that she just needs to “lay it out on the dance floor”. But I understand Beth being guarded with her emotions and not wanting us to see her vulnerable. Derek is getting a little more out of her each week and I think his comments during the interviews after the show on Monday about him seeing this emotion in her after the dance and that him telling her to stand there after the dance and looking at the “I love who I am” and really soaking in how far she has come, is his way of telling her that (at least that is my opinion). As Derek told Shawn – to show vulnerability is to show strength.

    • Mindy says:

      I agree with this. I think if she got the Cha Cha or Samba, or Salsa even, we would be able to get to see her loosen up and have fun. I think that’s going to be the breakthrough for her. I do agree with the wall being put up, I think Kellie had somewhat of the same thing too and she just let it all out during the Freestyle and it was amazing.

      This is why out of all the pros for the switch up, I’m glad Beth gets Mark. He and Derek are both great choreographers and teachers and I think Mark can teach Beth some stuff too. Wonder what dance they have. I hope it’s an upbeat one.

  8. DW says:

    I really enjoyed this episode of Afterbuzz TV, especially Corky’s commentary. I don’t know if TPTB ever asked Corky to be a DWTS judge but I think he (and of course Shirley) would be an asset. I didn’t really agree with his comments about Bethany’s footwork, but agreed about her “wall”. However, I thought Anna wanting to give Team Motough a 6 was a little harsh. I agreed with Corky’s opinion about Allison looking uncomfortable dancing in ballroom heels and it explained why it looks like she is balancing on the edges of her feet and not in the center, which gives her legs a slightly bowed appearance. I found it really interesting that Corky’s opinion was that
    ballroom dancers can dance other styles but not so much vice versa. Thanks so much Vogue for posting this video!

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  10. Loree says:

    I am not agree with Anna either.Jonathan’s story didn’t come out at all

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