“After you ‘move’, don’t you feel good?” – Move Live On Tour Blog By Voguerista

Well, first of all…..when you run into pictures of this guy everywhere, you know what city and State you are in, right?

LOL! Hi all!! I’m back and wow wow wowwww, what a night in Denver! Let’s just say, my “Move Live On Tour” experience could not have been more spectacular. Talk about “Motion=Emotion”….I think I went through every emotion there could be while “moving” through each and every single song and dance performance with this awe-inspiring, entertaining, passionate, and joyful cast.

Like so many of you have written, it started with a fun backstage tour with the amazing Ann. She couldn’t have been more welcoming to all of us and informative. I found the part about the buses especially interesting as most nights after the show, they travel on to their next destination so they are at the next town early. They sleep as they travel and are welcoming to hotels when they have a day off. Then right at the end when Ann was about finished, I heard these Michael Jackson type squishy and beating sounds on the speakers. It was a familiar voice to us all. Guess who had just entered the theatre while Anne was wrapping up? Yes, Derek himself with Julianne…both looking so cool and beautiful! At that moment in time, I think a million sparklies must have shot straight through me. We all went nuts while they yelled a “hello” to all of us.

MoveLiveOnTour 015

So, right afterwards, we were told to go into the Photo Op. I knew it would go fast from what Miss Heidi told me. So, I was quick to introduce myself and told them that I worked for Pure Derek Hough and that I also reported at PureDWTS. He and Julianne both knew the sites, hugged me, and thanked me so graciously. I also gave them both big hugs and little bracelets and told them thank you for how they’ve touched on so many lives this summer and for being so inspirational and heartwarming….and that Heidi and I and all of our readers have been so “moved” by them. I asked Derek if he had read our tour blogs to have seen this and he said yes that he checks into Pure Derek Hough regularly. Julianne (like with Heidi) said she did too. We hugged again. After that we took not one picture,…but, Derek wanted to take TWO pictures (wha?)….one serious and one crazy (lol). I gave them both hugs again and they hugged me after we were finished. (omg, did Derek really just call me “Sweetheart” like three times too? *dies*)

MoveLiveOnTour 097

So, after the photo op, we did the Question and Answer session. Here are some tidbits for what I can remember:

– Julianne was asked on which of her movies she liked the most. She loved Safe Haven as she had so much fun, but, in the end, she picked Footloose as being her favorite.

– I congratulated Derek on his new Emmy nominations (I messed up with my wording here for how many Emmy’s there were as I was so nervous, but, he was so cool about it) and then I asked if there could be another choreographer dance in the works. As of right now, he didn’t know yet. I told him that it was the best part of the Emmy show last year and everyone agreed. He thanked everyone.

MoveLiveOnTour 171

– Derek was also asked if he was doing Dancing With The Stars again. He said that he would always be a part of Dancing With The Stars …though at this time, he wasn’t sure on what role it will be yet.

-He and Julianne were also asked on costuming for Dancing With The Stars. They also commented how there were $1 million worth of costumes in the wardrobe department.

– Derek was asked on how he was inspired with choreographing. He said he likes to get that first feel when he first hears the music and then he runs with it. He gave an example with he and Amy’s table dance.

MoveLiveOnTour 106

-Julianne was asked on her favorite type of dance and music. She likes Contemporary the best and just random dancing at clubs. She showed some goofy moves which Derek had to chime in how she and Nina both do the same goofy moves. It was cute and funny.

-They were also asked about make up and when they get ready for the show. Julianne said she starts putting on her make-up at 5:00pm. She likes to take her time and just relax with Lexie and Harley while doing so.

– Derek was asked if he has ever studied psychology as he seems to know so much about people. He says he’s taken some motivation type courses and listened to self help tapes. This lead to a conversation about Amy and how he utilized one of the things he learned on her. For instance, before performing, she would get really nervous. So, he’d tell her to go through all the the things, people, etc she was thankful for in her life. Doing this would then help calm her and make her feel positive and happy and chase away the nerves and scary feelings.

MoveLiveOnTour 190

Just a few more notes….

– About 2/3rds of the way through the questions, Derek seemed to twinge a little and he started warming up, moving his neck around and doing some stretches. I wondered at the time on his injury from the night before was giving him an issue still? If there was an issue, it didn’t show during the concert that I noticed.

– it pays to get an aisle seat. Derek slapped my hand twice while returning to the stage after being in the audience. He also grabbed it at the very end of the show before going up the stairs and held it tight and I did the same. *maybe that hold was just for a second or two, but, it told me a lot about this man and how genuine he is.

MoveLiveOnTour 279

MoveLiveOnTour 295

– The Denver audience might not have got up on their feet to dance much (this I hated, I wanted to get up so badly and dance), but, they weren’t afraid to YELL. Derek and Julianne commented how we were the noisiest bunch they’ve seen yet. They also loved all the handmade signs which eventually someone in the venue took them away. Derek yelled and commented to bring them back.

-There was an 81 year old lady named Bearnice. When Derek realized she was in attendance, he took an instant liking to her and showered her with love all through out the question and answer session and the concert too. He threw her his ripped up sweaty shirt and he even kissed her hand. He also asked her to dance with him on stage and wow, Girl brought it and then some. It was so cute. I felt blessed too as I hung out with Bearnice and her daughter the whole time as we were the first in line at the concert and we also sat near each other. They were so sweet and kind. In fact, I just want to say that between them, two other couples, and another girl (who also sat near me), they were just as much a part of my “Move Live On Tour” experience as the cast. We all made instant friends and had fun talking about Derek, Julianne, and Dancing With The Stars before the show and during the intermission (interesting as they all complained on Maks like we do). I don’t know if I will ever see any of them again, but, they will remain etched in my mind forever when I look back at this entire “move=emotion” experience. This is Bearnice, her daughter, and Caroline (one of the other girls)…

MoveLiveOnTour 009

-Be sure to purchase a Tour program! I’ve bought a lot of tour books from concerts in my time and the “Move Live On Tour” program is one of the BEST I’ve ever seen. The pics inside are glorious. I also loved the interviews.

Before I wrap this up, I also want to give huge props to the other dancers. I just LOVED them!! I can’t go on enough of how each and every one of them brought something different to the show. For instance: Nika worked the stage and wasn’t afraid to look at the audience. Her blonde hair FLEW like Julianne’s except she had long hair. From all the girls, I’d pick her as a pro for Dancing With The Stars. I loved her quirkiness too.

MoveLiveOnTour 042

Paul is full of total joyfullness and never stopped smiling unless it was a serious dance.

MoveLiveOnTour 099

Armen was full of passion, power, and muscle. Ooola.

MoveLiveOnTour 142

Jordon had such sweet faces and could get gritty too…such an intense and fun dancer.

MoveLiveOnTour 077

Ashley was so full of zest and silliness. Jake was in a future space of his own. So modern and clever. Brittany, Haley, and Hayley were all so fun, beautiful, and passionate too. Jason was so strong and wasn’t afraid to bring on the sexy with Julianne.

MoveLiveOnTour 089

MoveLiveOnTour 187

MoveLiveOnTour 344

I can see why Derek and Julianne went with such a cast. You can tell they are surrounded with love as well as with the wonderful stage hands, back-up crew, and security. I talked with two of the security guards and they were so cool too.

Quotes I loved during the show:

Dance like there is no tomorrow” – Julianne

Move = Emotion” – Derek

I love to love” – Julianne when discovering her pick for a dancer from the audience had “heart” in his name.

After you “move”, don’t you feel good?” – Derek at the end of the show getting the audience up on their feet dancing and talking about how important it is to “move” and why.

MoveLiveOnTour 255

And that is it all. Thanks so much for reading about my experience. And thank you Julianne and Derek and your wonderful cast. Huge props to Nappytabs as well. I will never ever forget this experience and show. My only regret is that I didn’t buy tickets to see the “Move Live On Tour” in Sandy, Utah. Seeing this show once is just not enough!!!! I was also born in Salt Lake City and I grew up a couple of hours near there for part of my youth. So, going back again would have been fun. Lesson learned for next time! ~Vogue

Here is a gallery of pictures. I have more too, but, I’ll save them for another time. Thanks to my hubby too as he took pictures of the venue after I went inside. He was in awe of the theatre and how busy the area was for the show…

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46 Responses to “After you ‘move’, don’t you feel good?” – Move Live On Tour Blog By Voguerista

  1. jess says:

    Wow, aMAZing photos! I really enjoyed reading about your wonderful experience.

  2. Voguerista says:

    Thanks so much All. And I meant to add how I wished I had gotten better shots of the Paso. I was torn because I wanted to watch it and take pics at the same time. It was so powerful and so incredible. I could go on and on.

  3. Dee(upclose22) says:


    I absolutely loved your blog and the photos are incredible. Geez…

    I’m so glad you had such an amazing experience with this AMAZING tour. It seems everyone, including myself, walked away moved, inspired and a little different.

    Thank you also for recognizing the dancers-very sweet.

    Derek & Julianne are true gems.. So proud to be fans of both of these incredibly talented, caring individuals.

    Vogue, you rock!!

    • Voguerista says:

      Thank you so much, Dee. And this is so true: “It seems everyone, including myself, walked away moved, inspired and a little different.”

  4. Sharon1 says:

    Wow Vogue. What a great rewarding time you had I could feel your enthusiasm through your writing. Again what jumps out with each blog is how caring and down to earth Derek and Julianne are-so great to hear.
    I ‘m also glad you mentioned PDH as I so appreciate this site.
    Your pix are great. I so hope there is a tour next year think I’ll start my Derek tour money jar.
    Again thanks Vogue

  5. Rosemary says:

    Oh Vogue, thank you so much for such a marvelous blog of your Live experience, it is so filled with so many details and just made me feel like I was there…

  6. Deena says:

    Thank you, @Voguerista, for your fantabulous review and your outstanding photography. So happy you were able to meet the Hough siblings. Thanks for also recognizing their co-cast members – Derek and Julianne really seemed to have chosen well.

  7. Grace says:

    What a fun read. Derek’s has the best fans.

  8. Voguerista says:

    YW Guys! Glad you liked. Thank you so much!!x

  9. vered w (@Vered_W) says:

    WOW, Vogue !!!

    I loved it, your blog is so vivid, so alive and full of details – simply great.

    If you still dreaming – you should have ask D to punch you 😉

    Well I’m not going to hold back because Derek, Julianne (and Bruce too) are reading PDH at times 🙂 …. they should know better 🙂

    The pictures are SUPERB!!!

    If they will do a tour next year – I will try to make the trip, not going to miss it again.

    Thank you !

  10. carolyn says:

    Amazing! So much detail and I can feel you joy. Thank for sharing with us. Also amazing pictures. Wow! I felt like I was sitting next to you 🙂

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