“Are You Guys Ready To Move?” – Broadway Move Live On Tour Fan Blog By Cathy

What another fun review of the “Move Live On Tour”!! Like our other blogs, this fun read by Cathy will captivate you from the beginning until the end. You can feel her excitement and love for Derek, Julianne, the other dancers, Nappytabs, and the “Move Live On Tour” production in every word. Also note the tidbits of new info she gives us on Julianne, Derek, and Dancing With The Stars next season for how “they want Julianne back, there will be changes next season, and that he doesn’t know yet (if he’ll do the show)”. Also, Cathy shared a fabulous gallery of new photos she took at the show. They are beautiful to say the least. So, without further ado, here’s Cathy taking us back to “Broadway”. Be sure to thank her for her time…

MOVE Live on Tour
Beacon Theatre, Broadway, NYC
6/21/14 – Matinee
Derek and Julianne Hough Make Their Broadway Debut!

Dynamic, electrifying, sensational, amazing, outstanding, spectacular, awesome, fantastic, incredible, superb, energetic, magnificent, phenomenal, extraordinary, wonderful, unbelievable, fun, entertaining, one-of-a-kind, inspirational,…totally out of this world!!! Honestly, MOVE Live on Tour is above and beyond all of the above! I LOVE this show! Yet it is more than just a show; it is an experience with a message of inspiration for the future.

The day I bought my Ultimate VIP ticket online, I was ecstatic knowing that I would not only see Derek and Julianne dance, sing, and perform live, but I would actually get to meet them as well. I was looking forward to this show for several weeks, especially after reading so many positive blogs from fans who attended previous shows. Then the excitement really began for me on 6/18 when I received an email from VIP Nation outlining all the details about the Ultimate VIP package. Then it hit…3 days and counting! Then things got even more real when I received as second email about MOVE…this time from Beacon Theatre the day before the show! I could hardly contain my excitement!

Then suddenly…Saturday, June 21…SHOW DAY!! The big day was finally here! In the email all the VIPs (Ultimate and regular) were told to arrive at the theater between 11:30am and 12 noon. I arrived at 11am and saw that a few Hough fans had already started to line up. Precisely at 11:30 all the Ultimate VIP ticketholders were asked to come forward and sign in, at which time we were given the laminate, a tote bag with the autographed program (at that point I was already going crazy seeing the program with Derek and Julianne’s signatures!!), and finally a wristband for the backstage tour. The regular VIPs received a very nice plastic cup with a lid and straw with the MOVE logo on it instead of the tote bag and signed program. Once we all signed in and picked up our MOVE items, we met our hostess Ann, who escorted us further into the lobby, near the merchandise table and theater. At that time I bought several MOVE items, and it truly was crowd-free merchandise shopping…what a pleasure!! While we were waiting inside to begin the backstage tour, we had a chance to meet and talk with other Hough fans! Then all of a sudden we could hear Derek, Julianne, and the cast rehearsing in the theater, which was just a few feet away from us! Wow…now it was becoming REAL! Our hostess Ann explained the schedule/procedure for the events leading up to the show…the backstage tour, Q&A session, and the photo op, and she told us that no pictures were allowed during the walking tour or the Q&A session. By 12pm we started the backstage tour, which began with a walk around the block behind the theater, where we saw the truck that carries all the equipment and we even met the driver, then we saw all the tour buses, and Ann explained some details of who stays where, etc. I must add that we were blessed with an absolutely gorgeous day! We then walked toward the theater, where she pointed out the dressing rooms. Then she explained that Derek and Julianne also have special quick-change rooms behind the stage because sometimes they have as little as 40 seconds to change for the next number! We all then entered the theater and sat in the seats for the Q&A session. Once again Ann explained what was going to happen from now on and also reminded us of some of the rules and regulations…no pictures during the Q&A,no personal questions, but we could take pictures and videos during the show as long as we did not use a flash or a professional camera. She went on to explain how the photo op worked…either she would take a professional photo or we could take a selfie with Derek and Julianne. Then she explained the process of “step and repeat,” which meant we would literally have a few seconds with Derek and Julianne as we would STEP up to them, get our picture taken, then they (the staff) would REPEAT this procedure with the next person!! I asked her if we could have a minute or so to talk with them, and she said that if it were up to them, they’d talk to us forever since they love their fans! So I just kept thinking positive!! Then at the last minute there was a slight change in the order of events. Ann informed us that because of union rules at the theater (I think it had something to do with the time of day or lights had to be out for a certain period), we would have to do the photo op first. No problem. Just then Derek and Julianne made their grand entrance into the theater!!! Derek slid down the railing and Julianne followed by walking down the steps, and everyone was cheering, clapping, and going crazy!!! I, on the other hand, was basically star struck and just stared in awe for a few moments as they enthusiastically greeted us all. They continued to walk toward the back of the theater and into the lobby, where the MOVE backdrop was set up for the photos. The Ultimate VIPs were told to line up first for the individual photos. Then the moment was here…I was about to meet Derek and Julianne in person!! How incredibly exciting!!! When it was my turn to actually meet Derek and Julianne…WOW!! I was kind of in shock for a split second, but then I knew I had to be focused because I wanted to appreciate every second or minute I had with them in person!! So I hugged Derek and then Julianne, and I started to hand them gifts that I brought for each of them, at which point their security promptly took the gifts and put them on a table nearby. After that, we hugged again.As I was standing between them waiting for the picture, I had a few special moments of conversation with them. At one point it was almost a surreal moment…I was thinking…Am I actually standing next to and talking with THE Derek Hough AND THE Julianne Hough in real life??!! WOW…yes I was!! Ann took our pictures, and then we continued our conversation for another few moments. Just such a special time! Derek and Julianne truly are sweethearts…so incredibly warm, genuine, and gracious. What a beautiful Meet & Greet…truly memorable!

After the photo op, we all returned to the theater for the Q&A session. Derek and Julianne came in a few minutes later, stood in front of us, and they were just so relaxed and happy. They answered several questions from what is your favorite sport, who inspired you, what is your most memorable moment, season 18 with Amy Purdy, their time spent in London to of course…Are you coming back to DWTS in the fall?…to which Derek kiddingly replied at first “Yes, I’ll be the trophy!!” and he impersonated a statue!! Then he went on to say that they want Julianne back, there will be changes next season, and that he doesn’t know yet. The interaction between Derek and Julianne is just so special…what a truly loving family. After the Q&A session, Ann told us that we had free time (about an hour) until the doors open for the show. Ann was truly a wonderful hostess…very organized and personable, and everything ran very smoothly.

During that free hour I decided to remain in the lobby of the theater because I did not want to miss out on anything! And I’m sure glad I stayed. I went back to the merchandise table and bought a couple more items. Then I saw a table set up promoting Derek’s book, Taking the Lead: Lessons from a Life in Motion. It was an excellent promotion…Derek’s publicist was there, there were big posters about the book, and the staff was handing out postcards with a barcode so we could preorder the book. There was also a barcode for a free download to Derek’s original song “Move,” which is so gorgeous…if only he would sing it during the show!! I had the opportunity to talk with the publicist, and she explained that Derek would be going on a book-signing tour in August and that he would be in the NY/NJ area for 3 days…YES!! She said that he would be listing more specific dates on the various social media sites. What a wonderful promotion!

Now on to the SHOW!!! The doors opened at 2:30 for the 3pm show. I found my seat…4th row from the stage dead center…excellent! Then 3pm…SHOW TIME!! Suddenly the lights went out…everyone started clapping…then we hear Derek shout…”ARE YOU GUYS READY TO MOVE???”…and everyone is now screaming, the curtains open, and Derek and Julianne are at the top of the stairs center stage with the spotlight on them!!! What a spectacular sight!! The other 10 dancers join them immediately for the opening number, which is absolutely epic. It is just so difficult to put this show into words. It is fast-paced, dynamic, and electrifying, combined with gentle and emotional performances. It is a perfect blend of dance, singing, audience participation, dialogue, and humor with a truly inspirational and encouraging message. The brilliant variety of dances…ballroom, contemporary, country, tap…plus slow and emotional to fast and precise, along with the variety of styles of songs…all make for a perfect contrast. All along Derek has been calling this MOVE Live on Tour a Rock Concert for Dance…and it absolutely IS, plus more!! It is more than just the sum of the performances… there truly is something magical, a special quality that is intangible. From the very beginning of the show, the theater was bursting at the seams from the amount of energy and love in the room…and it just kept increasing as the show went on. Derek and Julianne’s connection with the live audience is absolutely amazing…and totally natural.

The entire show was an extravaganza with each performance equally as outstanding as the rest. I do, however, want to make a few side comments: the Argentine Tango…breathtakingly exquisite, “Holy Grail”…need I say more??!!, “Say Something”…perfect blend of 2 gorgeous voices, “Beneath Your Beautiful”…so reminiscent of Kellie Pickler’s emotional freestyle, “Mustang Sally”…fun and entertaining with audience participation, “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better”…Derek and Julianne’s interaction with each other is just priceless, Derek’s tap solo.…high level of difficulty just like in his movie “Make Your Move,” quickstep to “Hey Pachuco”…Emmy award-winning routine performed with Shawn Johnson, jive to “Great Balls of Fire”…one of the first dances that Derek and Julianne did together on DWTS, Julianne’s own song “What Are You Waiting For?”…such an incredibly powerful message and beautiful performance. Every single number was exceptional and worthy of praise in its own right.

Seeing this show LIVE…there is nothing like it!! As much as I’ve enjoyed and appreciated reading all the fans’ blogs and seeing the fabulous photos and videos of the show, seeing this show live gives it a whole new meaning; it is at a whole different dimension. There are certain things that are more visible during a live show that are not as apparent on TV. I’ll point out just as few that I observed. The beautiful bond and genuine love between Derek and Julianne are so evident as they smile at each other between and during performances. They clearly both love what they’re doing. Because Derek puts every single ounce of energy into every single step and move he makes, he was literally dripping wet within the first 6 minutes of the show and still had the whole rest of the show to do PLUS another show right after this one. And seeing Derek’s muscles LIVE…totally unreal, like UNREAL!!! TV doesn’t even do him justice! And I noticed Derek put his hand on his heart as a gesture of expressing love and appreciation to the audience. Audience members were enthusiastically dancing near the stage throughout the show because Derek and Julianne encouraged us to MOVE!! Through their connection with live audiences, they are touching so many people’s lives.

One very poignant and special moment in the matinee show was when a lady named Linda Diane shouted out to Derek from the audience and asked him to dance with her “one time before she dies.” Those words touched Derek’s heart, and he replied, “Get over here! How do you say no to that?” So he helped her up on stage and began to spontaneously dance with her while the audience clapped lightly.When the dance was over, she whispered something in Derek’s ear, and we could see by his reaction that he was very touched by it, and all we could hear him say to her was, “I’m sure he’s looking down. He loves you very much.” As Linda Diane was walking back to her seat, Derek told the audience, in a very emotional voice,“Wow! It’s moments like that…that is why we do what we do. She said that I remind her of her son who is in Heaven. That means…wow.” Derek became very emotional, as did the entire audience. Her story, Derek’s reaction…a truly unforgettable moment. To this day, each time I watch this…it brings me to tears…every time. So powerful. The love and compassion in Derek’s heart make him the beautiful person that he is.

This brings me to the fact that I videotaped the entire show, which I am most grateful for. After seeing so many pictures and videos that fans took during previous shows, I was thrilled to know that I would be allowed to take pictures and videotape throughout the show, which Ann also confirmed. I was not going to miss taping this show for the world, so I came prepared with 2 iPhones and a Mophie juice pack for extra battery life. I successfully recorded the wholeshow from start to finish…yes, beginning to end, and it actually did not distract me whatsoever from watching and enjoying every single second of Derek and Julianne perform live!! I now have those memories captured on video to cherish for a lifetime. And while I was videotaping the show with my iPhone 5S, I was able to take stills simultaneously…thank you, Apple, for that bonus feature!! As much as I love the stills, nothing quite compares to the video…it is a priceless treasure.

At this time I would also like to acknowledge how amazing all 10 of the additional dancers are! They are magnificent, and they add so much to the overall show. The choreography by Nappytabs is simply outstanding…they did an exceptional job, as always. And the entire production…from the numerous backdrops to the lighting to all the costumes…pure perfection!

The whole atmosphere was so positive, friendly, and upbeat…a real easy environment to make friends. In fact, thanks also to my photography, another family and I exchanged phone numbers and email addresses so that I could send them pictures and videos of the show. And what is our common bond? Love for the Houghs!!

Actually the whole atmosphere of positive energy and love was felt throughout the entire show. At the very beginning, Derek and Julianne sent out a message to the audience that we’re all a team, and this sense of oneness was carried out until the very end, when they gave the message that they’re doing this tour to go back to their roots where they used to dance in their living room with their family…and now it’s a bigger living room, a bigger family on Broadway!! WOW!! Their love and passion for dance, singing, and performing is engrained in every fiber of their body. I can honestly say that this MOVE Live on Tour show is the best show I have ever seen, and it was truly one of the best days of my life. Yet it is more than just a show…it is a life-changing experience. The inspirational message that Derek and Julianne give to all of us to seize the day and to follow our dreams and our passions is so powerful and meaningful. Then they dare us to love, to try, to feel, and to MOVE! From being company dancers with the DWTS Live Tour 7 years ago to now being on Broadway with their very own show…what perfect role models and examples to follow.

So…after the show I wanted to see if I could greet and congratulate Derek, Julianne, and the cast, but security clearly informed us all that they would not be coming out since the Meet & Greet for the evening show would be starting in an hour! Derek and Julianne had 2 back-to-back SOLD OUT shows on Broadway in NYC that day!! Unimaginable! But yes…totally imaginable with the multi- and super-talented Hough siblings! Another sign of extraordinary success…the Beacon Theatre marquee read “MOVE LIVE ON TOUR TODAY SOLD OUT.” What an enormous accomplishment…something to be immensely proud of. Derek and Julianne are true stars that shone brightly on the Broadway stage!

This show was so entertaining, meaningful, emotional, inspirational, powerful, humorous…all within one show…that there was so much to reflect upon. The day after the show I read both Derek and Julianne’s Instagram messages about their NY shows, and both of their messages touched my heart. Derek wrote: “Wow wow wow!!! New York you blew us way with your love and incredible energy!!! Thank you so much. Love you.” And Julianne wrote: “After the ‘first’ show at the Beacon Theatre in NYC…’First’ time performing on Broadway…Thank you so much to our ‘first’ audience! You guys rule!” And her tears said it all.

Derek and Julianne, I feel honored to be part of your FIRST audience on Broadway! You not only lit up the stage, you lit up our lives as well, and your joy and happiness are contagious. This show, the entire experience, and your inspirational message have changed my life, and I thank you for that. Thank you for making this MOVE Live on Tour a reality and for encouraging and inspiring us. It was truly a blessing to have the opportunity to attend this show and watch you both share your beautiful and extraordinary talents with us. You definitely left your heart on the Broadway stage. Performing for and connecting with live audiences everywhere is clearly your calling, and this is just the beginning of an incredible future for you both. May you continue to be blessed as your share your talents and message of hope and encouragement with your countless number of fans. I love you both.

photo 20

photo 28


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22 Responses to “Are You Guys Ready To Move?” – Broadway Move Live On Tour Fan Blog By Cathy

  1. Jane says:

    Beautifully written blog, Cathy! The story about Linda Diane was very touching. Ten more days until I get to MOVE!

    • Cathy says:

      Thank you, Jane! Yes, that was an incredibly touching and emotional moment. I experienced so many different emotions throughout the show! Just unbelievable! Hope you enjoy the show!!

  2. Deena says:

    Cathy, great blog and photos. Glad you had fun.

  3. Eniko says:

    All of us who went to see the show, know how you feel right now. I feel the same. 🙂
    And my favourite part of your blog is this:
    “it is a life-changing experience. The inspirational message that Derek and Julianne give to all of us to seize the day and to follow our dreams and our passions is so powerful and meaningful.”
    That’s the point!!!

  4. Sharon1 says:

    What an exciting blog, thank you Cathy. I felt like I was on this wonderful Hough journey with you. I truly believe there aren’t anymore superlatives to describe this dynamic duo and this Move Tour.
    I’ m so glad they took the tour route and are doing things their way. They are so humble , genuine, caring individuals and glad to see they haven’t fallen into the Hollywood trap .
    Thanks again and thanks Vogue for posting.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks, Sharon. You’re absolutely right. They’re doing their own tour their way, and it’s an enormous success because their talent is off the charts and because they are such beautiful and genuine people. And add a message of inspiration to it all…total perfection!

  5. catherine l says:

    Cathy – great blog, made me feel like I was there – great job!!!

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  7. Kelly K(@RNCCRN9706) says:

    Great blog! Wonderful pics!! I’m still trying to process MY experience from last night!! WHAT A SHOW!! The Houghs are truly wonderful people!!

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks, Kelly! As you know, this show cannot be put into words! So glad you had a blast last night! I know how much you were looking forward to it!!

  8. nobleze says:

    Cathy, your photos are all amazing–so clear and you captured great moments. Loved reading your blog: so detailed, so wonderfully written. I could feel your excitement for the show. Thank you so much for giving other details to the show. For those of us who are too far away to see any of the shows, what you have shared are truly precious! I am very happy that you got to hug Derek and Julianne more than once. I am thrilled that you were able to have your Hough moments during the photo-op. And I am very grateful for a fellow fan like you. Once again, thank you!!!!

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks so much, Nobleze! I’m glad the pictures came out as well as they did since I was taking them while recording the show. Otherwise I would have really zoomed in!! And all this from an iPhone…great camera lens! Hopefully they’ll make a DVD so you can watch this show from afar!! There’s going to be real high demand for it!

  9. vered w (@Vered_W) says:

    WOW ! WOW!! WOW!!! what a superb blog Cathy.

    It seems that there are not enough superlatives to describe the MOVE show.

    I love to read them all, each of the blogs emphasis Derek’s & Julianne’s (I need to think of the work in English… wait…..;) ) genuine and sincere love and connection they have for their audience.

    Thank you for sharing your fab blog & pictures with us.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks, Vered! I still couldn’t adequately describe the tour even with all those superlatives!! It would be ideal if they could make a DVD, especially for all of you long-distance Derek fans!

  10. Abby says:

    Great blog! Very nice pics. I would LOVE if Julianne comes back to DWTS.:D

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks, Abby! That would be great if Julianne came back to DWTS! Her dancing was sensational!

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