Pennsylvania is Gearing up For Julianne and Derek Hough

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It seems there is no place they won’t dance.

“The other night we went and had dinner, my father was in town after his 60th birthday, and we decided we were going to go see a movie,” said Julianne Hough with a giggle during a recent phone interview. “It was like eleven at night and so we literally started dancing in the lobby of the movie theater, nobody was around, but even if they were, we would have done it anyway. We’ll break out anywhere. You name it, we’ve probably danced there.”

Thankfully Julianne, 25, and her brother Derek, 28, will be bringing their moves to the stage in MOVE Live on Tour, which is headed to Pennsylvania this month. The famous brother-sister-duo will headline a full-fledged dance tour complete with solo and group performances, striking costumes and set design all while highlighting a wide range of dance styles like salsa, hip-hop, contemporary and ballroom.

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2 Responses to Pennsylvania is Gearing up For Julianne and Derek Hough

  1. Cathy says:

    Dancing, singing, and entertaining are their heart and soul…and life. What beautiful gifts they are giving to us!

  2. Voguerista says:

    So cute. I love how they danced in the lobby. They are just going to dance everywhere. Go for it! It’s fine by us!

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